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Trump presidency faces high stakes in midterm elections


Janie Osborne/ AP President Donald Trump speaks throughout a campaign rally at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018, in Belgrade, Mont.

Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018|9:52 a.m.

WASHINGTON– President Donald Trump has been imitating a candidate on the ballot today, staging everyday double-header rallies and blasting out advertisements for Republicans up for election on Tuesday. Offered the stakes for his presidency, he might also be.

A knot of investigations. Partisan gridlock. A cautioning shot for his re-election bid. Trump faces potentially devastating fallout must Republicans lose control of one or both chambers in Congress, ending 2 years of GOP hegemony in Washington. A White House that has actually struggled to stay on course under beneficial situations would be checked in significant ways. A president who often fights his own party would face a far less forgiving opposition.

On the flip side, if Republicans preserve control of the House and Senate, that’s not just a victory for the GOP however likewise a recognition of Trump’s brand of politics and his non-traditional presidency. That outcome, considered less likely even within the White Home, would push the president as he introduces his own re-election quote.

White House aides firmly insist the president doesn’t spend much time considering defeat, but he has actually begun to try to calibrate expectations. He has actually concentrated on the competitive Senate races in the last days of his scorched-earth campaign blitz, and he has distanced himself from blame should Republicans lose your house. If that takes place, he plans to claim victory, arguing his efforts on the project trail narrowed GOP losses and helped them hold the Senate, according to a person familiar with Trump’s thinking who was not authorized to discuss White Home conversations by name and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Throughout the campaign, Trump has been checking out other explanations– pointing to historical headwinds for the celebration of an incumbent president and grumbling about a rash of GOP retirements this year. He told The Associated Press last month that he won’t bear any obligation should Democrats take over.

At a rally in West Virginia on Friday, a bold Trump rejected the prospect of a Democratic House takeover. “It could happen,” he stated, including, “Do not stress over it. I’ll simply figure it out.”

Meanwhile, his personnel has begun preparations to deal with a flood of subpoenas that could get here next year from Democrat-controlled committees, and the White House counsel’s office has actually been attempting to draw in skilled attorneys to field oversight queries.

Should they take the House, Democrats are currently plotting to reopen your home intelligence committee’s examination into the Trump project’s ties to Russia. Other committees are outlining aggressive oversight of Trump’s administration and his web of business interests. Some Democrats are taking a look at using your house Ways and Method Committee to obtain copies of the president’s income tax return after he braked with years of custom and withheld them from public scrutiny throughout his project for the White Home.

A slim Republican majority in your home would also provide difficulties, most likely inflaming simmering intraparty conflicts. First amongst them would be a potentially bitter management fight in your home to change retiring Speaker Paul Ryan. However a narrowed majority would likewise exacerbate departments over policy– and continued combined control might leave the GOP dealing with the blame for gridlock.

” Clearly there’s a horrible lot on the line in regards to the legal program,” stated Republican politician expert Josh Holmes. “The prospect of a Democratic controlled House or Senate puts a major wrinkle in getting anything through Congress.”

Some in the White Home believe losing to the Democrats might actually be more suitable. They view Democrats’ eagerness to investigate the president as a blessing in camouflage in the run-up to 2020. They view Home Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a potent foil for Trump and think they can tag the party responsible for Washington dysfunction.

Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush’s press secretary, stated Democratic control of the House “has both peril and pledge for the president.”

” The hazard is subpoenas, examinations, legal costs and headaches,” he stated. “The guarantee is Trump will have a simple foil to run versus: Pelosi and Democratic leadership.”

White Home aides have actually gone over floating popular legal concerns, such as infrastructure, to lure Democrats and check the unity of the Democratic opposition.

While keeping your house remains an uphill struggle for the GOP, Trump and Republicans have actually attempted to sell citizens on the possibility of another 2 years of GOP control. They promised hard-line immigration policies and more tax cuts, arguing that Democrats would eliminate two years of progress.

In the closing weeks of the midterms, Trump has actually unleashed a no-holds-barred effort to enhance Republicans as he dipped into the very same undercurrents of anxiousness that defined his 2016 project– from stoking fears about unlawful migration to warning of economic collapse if Democrats are triumphant.

However a House loss will trigger GOP hand-wringing about the divides in the celebration and the battles for moderate Republicans to run in the Trump age, as well as raise concerns about whether the Democratic gains point to a path for governmental hopefuls in 2020.

Democratic specialist Jim Manley stated Tuesday may reveal if Democrats are having any success regaining white working-class citizens in the Midwest who backed Trump in 2016.

” Trump is helping. He’s ending up being increasingly more radioactive,” Manley stated. “There’s a chance to try and win them back over.”

However while the results might expose weak points in the Republican coalition, midterm elections are very various than governmental years. Republicans fasted to point out that the party in power generally suffers beats in midterms. Former President Barack Obama was, in his words, “shellacked” in 2010 and went on to win re-election in 2012.

Said Fleischer: “In the consequences, individuals will overemphasize its significance and in 2 years’ time, everything will have altered.”

Meana all set to put her twist on presidency, and UNLV


Steve Marcus Marta Meana, UNLV acting president, listens to a concern throughout an editorial board conference at the Las Vegas Sun workplaces Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018.


Monday, Aug. 6, 2018|2 a.m. Marta Meana talked to at a variety of universities in the mid-1990s, but none was rather like UNLV.

“There was something about the energy and drive that I felt here– this sensation that anything is possible in this town and at this university,” Meana stated. “Compared to a few of the East Coast universities where the turf is currently defined, this place felt to me like it was so filled with chance and so available to believing differently.”

Talk about chance: 21 years after accepting an offer to sign up with UNLV faculty as a psychology teacher, Meana finds herself at the helm of the university.

Meana was named acting president in June, after having actually served 6 years as the dean of UNLV’s Honors College.

She takes control of the university at a tense time after the departure of previous President Len Jessup, who resigned in the middle of criticism by Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Thom Reilly and several members of the state board of regents. The circumstance triggered an outcry from a variety of prominent UNLV donors, who believed that Jessup had done an extraordinary task and been dealt with unjustly. Recommending that Reilly and the regents interrupted UNLV to the benefit of UNR and Northern Nevada political forces, donors rescinded a number of multimillion-dollar contributions or revealed they were reconsidering those presents.

Go into Meana, whose job is to keep the university progressing while Reilly and the regents look for a long-lasting president.

In an interview last week with the Sun, Meana stated she would press ahead on such crucial efforts as UNLV’s drives to end up being a top-level research study organization and sign up with a Power Five athletic conference.

“I’m attempting to help a location that I love, that I’ve called home for 21 years,” she stated, starting an hour-long conversation in which she covered a variety of subjects.

Edited excerpts follow:

You’re not seeing this as a caretaker function, as we comprehend it.

Not. I would not have accepted the position if I was solely going to be a seat-warmer. I want to be really active in continuing the momentum that we had, which I am very proud of. My intent is to be an extremely active acting president.

Have you been given unlimited freedom by the chancellor and regents?

I have been given unlimited freedom thus far to aim to do whatever I can to continue promoting the university, to continue our development for Leading Tier (research status). I have my twists on the vision of Leading Tier: Every leader has their own design, so I have my twists on it.

Exactly what are those twists?

I have a huge focus on 2 areas of it. One is student success, since to me the primary goal of this institution is to enhance the lives and professions and education of trainees in the state. However the other one is a vision of this university as really completely integrated into the community, so we don’t identify it as being on a specific street corner but that we really have our arms and our fingers into the whole valley.

My vision is that UNLV and Las Vegas are truly kind of interchangeable, and we’re integrated through public-private partnerships, through internships, through cultural occasions, through capability building of nonprofits. We have to be at all these tables. We need to be on everybody’s minds, and the community needs to be on our mind.

I think we’re doing it even physically currently, with the North Las Vegas school, the Harry Reid Research Study and Technology Park. We’re doing it physically, however I want us to be truly at the core of this community in regards to individuals considering exactly what Las Vegas is, that UNLV enters your mind.

In the location of student success, what should UNLV be doing differently or in addition to exactly what it’s doing now? This has actually been a location of emphasis for the chancellor and some of the regents.

I would not state that trainee success is a required from the chancellor or the regents, due to the fact that I consider it a personal required. Who wouldn’t be for trainee success and retention and graduation?

So I think what we’ve done often is discuss the reasons it’s difficult to accomplish student success at a much greater level. What I want to do is alter the discussion to: These are our conditions, and provided the conditions– our high variety of first-generation trainees and low-income students who need to work– how do we move the needle?

That’s an extremely various framing from stating, “Well, these are the conditions we’re handling, what can you do?”

Our framing will be, “Provided those conditions, how do we get innovative around that?”

Does that involve lowering standards?

Not even close. It’s heightening the expectations of trainees, when you increase their expectations, they meet them. I saw this at the Formality College.

It’s about providing trainees the assistance to prosper and to think that they can.

Will that require more resources?

Yes, of course. Everything excellent does, right? However if we can assemble a service plan for trainee success, I believe we’ll get those resources.

Exactly what’s your message to the university’s advocates after the turmoil over Jessup?

I’m reaching out and saying that exactly what we’re betting on is the exact same group of trainees and the very same community. It’s not about banking on any private, it’s betting on a mission that’s larger than any among us.

I have actually started having that discussion with neighborhood members. The message is that our students still need you.

I continue to inquire to invest in a future that I think is extremely intense. Whatever has happened here in the past, we’re a university that in Twenty Years got a law school, a med school and a school of dental medication. We continue to grow in every manner in which matters, and be successful in every way that matters. That’s my focus in my discussions with the neighborhood, and it’s my focus in my work every day.

Len Jessup was UNLV’s 5th president because 2006, including Don Snyder’s year as acting president in 2014-15. How crucial is it to develop connection in leadership?

It is necessary, however to put it in perspective, the connection at universities across the country is not that fantastic, either. These are positions that have actually come to have shorter tenures than in the past when individuals were presidents for 20 years.

And there is a connection here. Definitely, I’m continuing a vision that remained in place a year earlier, two years earlier, 3 years back.

So the faces may have changed, the people might have altered, however the objective, the vision and the mission of this university has not. Which’s far more essential than personalities, is what I ‘d argue.

Did you indicate that you weren’t interested in being considered for the long-term presidency?

I was approached about an acting presidency, which’s exactly what I agreed to handle, to assist as long as I’m required.

Would you consider it?

It would depend on a lot of things that I cannot judge today.

Exactly what are a few of the things you’re delighted about?

We’re a Hispanic Serving Organization, that makes us qualified for some federal funds to carry out research but likewise participate in these type of programs and support to increase retention and graduation rates. So we are going to be revving that up with Barbee Oakes, who’s our vice president for variety. We have an amazing little multicultural center that is academically focused, to again assist our varied students remain connected and navigate.

We’re doing all sorts of cool things. The grad school started a program where we start mentoring undergrads and developing a pipeline into grad school. Naturally, we have the huge objective of everyone getting a college degree, but also we wish to encourage students to go even further.

We have a program where we’re working with high schools to do a dual-credit program where trainees can take up to 30 credits at the university that back-transfer for their high school diploma.

Those are simply a couple of things.

How about on capital jobs?

We’re making great progress on the medical school structure– and I’ll ideally have something more specifically to say about that at the end of the month. So we’re extremely excited about that.

We’ve got an engineering building being prepared. We’re talking about a fine arts building, also.

Then there’s the expansion of the Student Union, which we have actually grown out of.

Exactly what do you want the community to learn about UNLV?

That we’re not stalling out. That regardless of exactly what occurred this spring, we are on course at the very same speed.