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Nevada Press Association honors Sun, GMG publications and journalists


The Las Vegas Sun won top place in the 2018 Nevada Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest for Best Page One Style.

The Sunday stopped publication in January; its content combined with Las Vegas Weekly.

“We aim all year to bring the most credible, informative and pertinent news and info to Southern Nevada readers. To see our personnel rewarded with this award for quality in their craft is heartfelt and much appreciated,” said Brian Greenspun, owner, editor and publisher of the Sun.

GMG had 2 sweepstakes winners for the statewide awards: Elizabeth Brown, editor and imaginative director, as outstanding visual reporter for her design of Las Vegas Weekly; Ricardo Torres-Cortez as reporter of merit of city weeklies for his work in The Sunday magazine. Elizabeth Brown Of Brown’s work, which also included first place for total design of The Sunday in the urban weeklies category, judges stated,”Effective images. Remarkable eye for presentation.”Torres-Cortez’s profile on summer season crime for The Sunday was chosen as the best news feature for urban weeklies. He also won first place in the exact same class for social work, a story he wrote with associate April Corbin on the worth of employing veterans.

“Not only were these stories well written, but they were well crafted,” a judge said of Torres-Cortez. “I didn’t seem like I had actually checked out pieces about evolving senseless gang violence or a mass shooting– however rather was taken on a psychological experience. This work is extraordinary in every way.”

Other GMG winners consist of:

Urban daily

(All awards for Las Vegas Sun)

First place: finest editorial page, Brian Greenspun, Ric Anderson and Mike Smith; best page one design, Sun personnel;

finest sports newspaper article, Mike Grimala Second place: basic excellence, staff; best sports newspaper article, Ray Brewer; finest overall design, Sun staff; best

explanatory journalism, Kim Palchikoff Third location: best explanatory journalism, Yvonne Gonzalez; best sports column, Ray Maker; best editorial cartoon, Mike Smith; finest function picture, Steve Marcus

Urban weeklies

(All awards for Las Vegas Weekly)

First place: finest entertainment writing, Brock Radke; finest local column, Brock Radke; finest picture, Wade Vandervort; finest graphic designer, Ian Racoma; best numerous image essay, Wade Vandervort; best explanatory journalism, Chris Kudialis, C. Moon Reed and Geoff Carter; best feature photo, Wade Vandervort

Second place: best digital news function storytelling, Mikayla Whitmore and C. Moon Reed; best marketing development, personnel; best investigative story, staff; finest local column, Mike Prevatt; general excellence, personnel; finest specific niche publication, staff; best portrait, Wade Vandervort; best graphic designer, Corlene Byrd; best special section, personnel; best nonstaff story, Danielle Kelly; advertising general excellence, personnel; best breaking news reporting, C. Moon Reed; finest business spot news story, C. Moon Reed; finest function photo, Wade Vandervort; finest detailed photo, Christopher DeVargas

3rd place: finest overall design, personnel; finest niche publication, staff; best several photo essay, Mikayla Whitmore; finest page one style, staff; finest critical writing, C. Moon Reed; best feature writing, C. Moon Reed; social work, personnel; finest business function, Mike Prevatt; best function photo, Wade Vandervort

Urban weeklies

Click to enlarge photo

Greenspun Media Group’s Elizabeth Brown was awarded Impressive Visual Journalist in the 2018 Nevada Press Association’s Better Paper Contest. Her collection of her work is revealed here.

(All awards for The Sunday)

Top place: best editorial page, Ric Anderson and Mike Smith; best editorial writing, Ric Anderson; finest print ad, Dany Haniff ; finest unique section, personnel; best sports include writing, Ray Brewer; finest nonstaff story, Rob Miech; best editorial cartoon, Mike Smith; finest in-house promo, Dany Haniff; community service, Ricardo Torres-Cortez and April Corbin; best organisation area news feature, Mick Akers; finest illustrated photo, Elizabeth Brown and Christopher DeVargas Second location: best print advertisement, Dany Haniff; finest ad series, Elizabeth Brown and Emma Cauthorn; best editorial writing, Ric Anderson; finest general design, Elizabeth Brown; best numerous image essay, Mikayla Whitmore; best sports include writing, Ray Maker; finest editorial animation, Mike Smith; social work, staff; finest explanatory journalism, Adam Candee; finest news function story, April Corbin

Third location: best print advertisement, Dany Haniff; finest ad series, Elizabeth Brown, Emma Cauthorn and Sean Rademacher; basic quality, staff; best graphic designer, Elizabeth Brown; best sports feature writing, Jesse Granger; marketing basic quality, personnel; best news function story, personnel


(All awards for Las Vegas Publication)

2nd place: advertising general excellence, staff

Third place: finest page one design, personnel; best portrait, Christopher DeVargas; general online quality, personnel.

Sanders aims to turn page, however press sparring continues

Wednesday, July 26, 2017|3:52 p.m.

WASHINGTON– Sarah Huckabee Sanders made her solo launching as the brand-new White Home press secretary on Wednesday, beginning a brand-new chapter at the podium with her signature combination of motherly scolding and practiced rustic charm.

Seeking a reset list below months of controversial relations in between press reporters and President Donald Trump’s press office, Sanders started on a personal note, noting her status as the first mother to hold the position and speaking about how she wished to be a role model for her child and kids across the country.

“We’re wanting to mix things up a bit. From time to time, I ‘d like to offer all of us a little pointer of why we’re here every day, which I think of, for the majority of us, is because we like our nation and want to make it better,” she stated, asking the press to “to indulge me, and let me tell you a bit about what that indicates for me.”

Sanders noted her status as the first mom to hold the task– a fact she said that “says less about me than it does about this president,” whom she applauded as a hard fighter and strong leader “who deeply loves this country.”

“I’ll always do my absolute finest to truthfully address your questions and provide the president’s message,” she stated, duplicating a belief she voiced Friday when Sean Spicer announced that he was stepping down as press secretary after just six months on the job. The statement followed Spicer had actually currently mostly handed over the everyday rundowns to Sanders, and after he insisted for weeks that the once must-see-TV occasions be removed the air.

Sanders likewise checked out aloud a letter from a 9-year old named Dylan who had actually composed to Trump to inform the president that he was his “preferred president” and wondered why many individuals appeared not to like him.

He asked the president about his age, the size of the White Home and just how much cash he had. “Dylan, I’m not sure, but I understand it’s a lot,” Sanders responded to the kid, who stated that everybody calls him, “Pickle.”

Sanders stated she would be reading comparable letters from the podium once in awhile “to advise us a little bit regularly about a few of the forgotten men, females and kids that we’re here to serve.”

However the pleasantries were quickly plowed over as service went back to usual about 6 minutes into the 22-minute rundown as press reporters peppered Sanders about the president’s newest tweets and Sanders skirted questions.

At one point she threatened to end the instruction over a succession of concerns about the president’s surprise tweets Tuesday morning announcing that the United States would not “accept or allow.” transgender individuals “to serve in any capability in the United States Armed force.” Sanders stated that White House and military officials had yet to work out how and when they would implement the policy, consisting of whether existing serving members would be dislodged of their jobs.

Sanders’ reading of the Dylan letter recalled former President Barack Obama’s custom of checking out a random selection of 10 letters every day from normal Americans. It is unclear whether Trump has actually implemented such a tradition.

Sanders’ likewise offered a shout-out to her brand-new boss, communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

“Now I know Anthony’s probably a bit disappointed that he’s not up here today. However because he did some TV today he had the ability to go on and get his hair and makeup done, so I think he’ll be OK,” she stated.

Scaramucci tweeted his approval: “@SHSanders45 killing it from the podium! Hair and make up is on me going forward as long as you don’t take all my hairspray!”

Hawaii lawmaker to press charges for attack in homeless camp


Cathy Bussewitz/ AP

Hawaii Rep. Tom Brower strolls through a homeless encampment on Thursday, July 23 in Honolulu. Brower was going back to the scene where he was assaulted last month to tell the media he prepares to pursue charges versus his enemies.

Thursday, July 23, 2015|9:41 p.m.

HONOLULU– A Hawaii lawmaker stated Thursday he will press charges versus whoever assaulted him in a homeless encampment in Honolulu last month.

State Rep. Tom Brower, who returned to the scene of the June 29 attack to speak to the media, was confronted throughout the press conference by a mother who wanted to clear up reports that her boy was included with the attack.

“I don’t desire my boy to go down or my nephew decrease, for anything that they never ever do,” Rose Puu said.

Brower, a Democrat who represents Waikiki and Ala Moana, said he was strolling and shooting images in the Kakaako encampment after he received an e-mail expressing concerns about public security and health in the area.

There have been various accounts of what occurred, and some residents say individuals who assaulted Brower were distressed that he was taking photos of their houses without their approval. However Brower keeps he not did anything to provoke the attack, which he had not been taking pictures of people.

“I informed the boys I was there to help,” Brower said. “Today, my offer of assistance still stands. But for me to aid you, you need to satisfy me midway.”

Brower motivated individuals who assaulted him to come forward.

“If you reveal us the honesty, we’ll show you the compassion,” he stated.

Puu, whose 14-year-old son has actually said he belonged to the attack, stated she was surprised to learn that Brower was returning to the location which he had actually decided to press charges, potentially versus her son.

Brower said he had not reached out to the families of individuals who may be charged, due to the fact that he didn’t know if they ‘d wish to talk with him and he was respecting their privacy.

Puu informed Brower at the press conference that her son didn’t strike him, and that when her son acknowledged having a function in the attack, he was covering for somebody else.

“Rose, I don’t wish to have to do this,” Brower stated as Puu cried. “There’s a lot of favorable things that can come out of this. … If you request assistance from me, I will certainly provide you help.”

Brower has actually had encounters with homeless individuals before. In 2013, he used a sledgehammer to smash about 30 shopping carts made use of by homeless people to bring possessions in Waikiki. Brower has stated he returned carts marked with a store’s logo.

Some locals of the camp stated Brower’s attackers might have acknowledged him from that incident and fretted that he will damage their valuables.

“When they saw him taking photos, they figured something like that was going to happen,” stated Vito Talo, who’s lives on the walkway about a block away from where the attack occurred.

Brower said he prepared to meet with authorities prior to choosing the number of individuals he will pursue charges against.

“I’m aiming to get my kids off the street,” Brower said. “I just want to repair this entire thing so we can go on. I just wish to know the fact.”

The event is under examination, and the variety of people, if any, who may be charged has not yet been decided, said Michelle Yu, spokesperson for the Honolulu Cops Department. The state chief law officer’s workplace had actually been handling the case up until it was committed cops last week, and it’s unclear whether there suffices proof for prosecutors to press charges, she said.

Study: Intrusive Plants Threaten to Press Animals Out, Wildfires Into Southwestern United States

Welcome to summertime in the desert southwest! Is it hot enough for you out there? Well, brace yourselves because brand-new data released by UNLV researchers reveals that uncontrolled development of intrusive plants in Southern Nevada, California and Arizona is threatening to turn up the heat on wildfires.

Researchers studied Mojave National forest, Death Valley National forest and Lake Mead National Recreational Area and discovered that foreign plants and yards are interrupting the parks’ environments. The intrusive plants are crowding out and exterminating native plants and damaging the animals that consume them, before dying and becoming fuel for wildfires.

The capacity for catastrophe appears, researchers say, considering the research study area spans almost 6 million acres (or 23 percent of national park land in the adjoining United States) and a whopping 82 percent of plots were discovered to harbor at least one intrusive species.

Red brome– a kind of yard understood for altering fire patterns by enhancing flames’ spread and intensity– was the greatest perpetrator, infesting 60 percent of plots and leaving dead stalks standing upright for as long as two years. Other plant intruders included redstem filaree, Mediterranean lawn, prickly Russian thistle, Sahara mustard and saltcedar. Scientists found that 30 percent of plots contained 2 types of foreign plants, 17 percent included 3 and 4 percent included four to 10.

And it’s not simply a problem for forest rangers far eliminated from the intense city lights. Researchers say intrusive desert flora played a role in blazes right here in the Las Vegas Valley, where landscape modifications exacted more than a decade back at the famous Red Rock hiking, bicycling and picnic area on the western borders of town are still visible.

The UNLV paper, recently published in the peer-reviewed journal “Nature Conservation,” offers suggestions to start phasing out non-natives:

Boost visitor education, and present ways for park visitors and staff to report invasions
Conserve cash and time by addressing intrusive problems at the same time as other park issues, such as air pollution
Devote more resources to eliminating non-native plants

But exactly what if that does not happen? We spoke with UNLV ecologist and study lead author Scott Abella about the possible effect on both residents and tourists:

1. How did red brome and other non-natives discussed in the research wind up in these parks?

Lots of non-native plants were introduced to the United States over 100 years back. Some plants were intentionally introduced for functions such as to feed animals. Other plants were accidentally introduced, like “stowaways” in seeds of agricultural crops. A few of the non-native plants in the national forests we studied may have even been presented by Spanish missionaries in the 1500s.

2. Why should we as citizens, travelers or nature enthusiasts care about these non-native plants?

When numerous non-native desert plants pass away, they produce an abnormal quantity of dried product and posture an extreme danger of fire. Several of the wildfires in the previous 10 years around Las Vegas, consisting of in Red Rock Canyon National Preservation Area, were partly sustained by dead non-native plants. Landscapes at Red Rock continues to be changed by fires that happened over One Decade earlier. These non-native plants also have other environmental impacts. One example is that a famous species of the Mojave Desert around Las Vegas– the desert tortoise– prevents consuming non-native grasses whenever possible. Instead, tortoises prefer foraging on native plants, which are being impacted by crowding out by the non-natives. 3. Why should national forest supervisors care?

National parks inhabit just 1.3 percent of the lower 48 states. In this little fraction of the United States, nature is supposed to be authentic – where natural processes and native types predominate. Intrusion by non-native types threatens the very perfect of national parks. As a result, trying to lower non-native plants is among the major conservation techniques being undertaken in national parks.