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Saudi helicopter crash supposedly kills high-ranking prince

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017|3:52 p.m.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates– Saudi authorities say a helicopter carrying federal government officials has crashed in the kingdom’s south, reportedly eliminating a high-ranking prince and seven others.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said early Monday that the crash occurred in Saudi Arabia’s Asir province.

They offered no cause for the crash, but stated a search of the wreckage was underway.

The Saudi-owned satellite news channel Al-Arabiya says the crash killed Prince Mansour bin Murquin and seven others. Prince Mansour is the deputy guv of Asir province.

Prince Mansour is the kid of Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, a former director-general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency and a one-time crown prince of the kingdom. Prince Muqrin was removed as crown prince in April 2015 by King Salman. The crown prince now is King Salman’s 32-year-old son.

Prince Philip, 96, to bid so long to solo charity appearances


Matt Dunham/ AP In this Thursday, March 30, 2017 file image Britain’s Prince Philip, in his capacity of Colonel, Grenadier Guards, chats to Sergeants from 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards in their Mess at Lille Barracks in Aldershot, England. Britain’s Prince Philip on Wednesday Aug. 2, 2017 retires from solo authorities tasks. Over the decades he has ended up being renowned for his stalwart support of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017|1 a.m.

LONDON– For over 65 years, he has actually been the undeviating presence together with Britain’s longest-serving king, the consummate accompaniment and royal agent.

On Wednesday Prince Philip will make his 22,219 th– and last– solo public engagement. He will be satisfying Royal Marines who have actually finished a 1,664-mile (2,678-kilometer) trek to raise cash for charity.

After that, the Duke of Edinburgh will still appear at Queen Elizabeth II’s side– from time to time– as the 91-year-old monarch soldiers on. In the meantime, the man known for his quips and gaffes has actually currently been joking about his big retirement day.

“I’m finding what it resembles to be on your last legs,” the 96-year-old Philip told celebrity chef Prue Leith at a current palace event.

Philip is patron, president or a member of over 780 organizations, with which he will continue to be associated– however he won’t play an active function by going to engagements. The queen supported the decision, which was greeted with an international press flurry when it was revealed in May.

The occasion marks a significant landmark for the man born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in Corfu on June 10, 1921, to Princess Alice of Battenberg and Prince Andrew of Greece. Amidst the upheaval of the military coup that overthrew his uncle, King Constantine, in 1922, the household left.

King George V, the queen’s grandfather, sent out a Royal Navy cruiser to leave Philip’s family and he was blended to safety in a cot made from an orange box. Later on, he rarely saw his moms and dads and went to school in Germany and Britain.

Philip has had a long association with the military and had actually once had appealing military career. He joined the Royal Navy as a cadet in 1939 and served throughout World War II, winning mention in dispatches for service aboard the battleship HMS Valiant at Cape Matapan, on Greece’s Peloponnesian peninsula. He rose to the level of leader.

2 years after the war ended, Philip wed the future queen at Westminster Abbey when she was 21 and he was 26. He renounced his Greek title and King George VI made him the Duke of Edinburgh. His profession concerned an abrupt end with George’s death in 1952. At the queen’s crowning in 1953, Philip swore to be his better half’s “liege guy of life and limb.” He settled into a life supporting Elizabeth in her role as queen and they had 4 children– Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.

And since, the milestones simply kept falling.

Philip has actually given 5,496 speeches, composed 14 books and gone on 637 solo sees overseas.

He’s promoted ecological and preservation problems, and has interests in science, engineering and industry. An accomplished sportsman, he played polo frequently up until 1971. He made his RAF wings in 1953, his helicopter wings in 1956 and his private pilot’s license in 1959.

All that activity has actually resulted in general health. But Philip has been admitted to the hospital on a variety of celebrations in the last couple of years for abdominal surgical treatment, bladder infections and an obstructed coronary artery.

Many of his health concerns belong to sports. He has arthritis in his ideal wrist and broke a bone in his ankle from playing polo. He established a rheumatic condition of the tendon in the hand after a taking a fall in polo.

He takes the stairs rather than elevators and can still suit the uniform he used for his wedding event. He was just seen wearing hearing aids for the very first time at a palace reception in 2014 at the age of 93.

The palace says his health wasn’t behind the retirement decision.

Philip, who takes pleasure in a slightly wicked turn of phrase, has satirized himself and his advancing years. In a letter to The Oldie publication in 2011, he said he appreciated being named “Consort of the Year.”

“There is absolutely nothing like it for morale to be advised that the years are passing– ever quicker– which bits are starting to drop off the ancient frame,” he composed. “However it is nice to be kept in mind at all.”

Talking Prince, the Revolution and commemorating the music with Wendy Melvoin


Nancy Bundt The reunited Transformation brings Prince’s beloved music to Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas on June 21.

here). We caught up with Melvoin for a discussion about the music and the memories behind Prince and the Revolution.

The tour has been getting a great deal of attention, however how’s it opting for you and the band? It’s been going extremely well. In the beginning, when we were rehearsing in Minneapolis in a warehouse working out the kinks, it was like, Wow, are we going to be able to keep this going? Can we do this? A couple of those practice sessions were pretty damn sketchy, I got ta tell you. However after the first [tour] show we performed in Chicago, nevertheless cheese-ball it may sound, it resembled using an old comfy shoe. And now more than a month in, it’s much more comfy. Everyone in the band is feeling more settled. We’re really aiming to make a point to let the fans know that this has to do with providing these songs back to them, since no artist will ever be him, and no one in our band will ever attempt to be him. And we understand the only way for fans to reconcile his loss is to own these tunes, so we want everyone to come and sing. We’ll be your band.

You have actually been bringing out various visitors to sing different songs throughout the show. Yeah, we’ll have a couple visitors come out. It’s simply great to have other artists that love him come out and share what it is they like about Prince. We had Bilal come out [for a performance], and he done a tribute at Carnegie Hall singing “Sister,” and it was an entirely various arrangement of the tune but it was so deeply touching. He turned it into his own pathos in such a way I’ve never heard anyone do [Prince’s] work before. To head out and play these songs is to recognize how significant this music was to individuals, due to the fact that the Revolution belonged to a period where Prince became himself. We sort of seem like we can sort of offer some place for fans to land and browse their grief … we’re aiming to make sure we give the audience a location to artistically get their sensations out.

Click to enlarge photo

Robert Georgeff Wendy Melvoin You have actually likewise carried out with Stokley Williams, the singer from the R&B group Mint Condition. Is he pertaining to Vegas? Yes, and what a big surprise he was. I had never ever become aware of him or Mint Condition, however Bobby and Matt and Mark understood him and Prince liked him. Exactly what an enormous skill, and a really beautiful man. He has actually done an exceptional job of coming out and belonging of this in a manner that doesn’t remove from Prince, due to the fact that he’s so respectful of the material and the audience’s relationship to it. He’s not [like Prince] at all but Prince truly loved him because he’s so Stokley, and when he comes out and sings a few of these songs, it’s Stokley holding the hands of the audience, and that’s the whole idea of exactly what it is we’re doing.

Every musician I’ve consulted with in the last year fasts to raise Prince and talk about him and his music and effect. Everyone has such an emotional connection to his work. Do the performances with the Transformation continue to be consistently emotional, or have you moved into a different area at this point? The majority of the time it’s not a full-on boo-hoo through the whole thing, but there are moments when the 5 of us take a look at each other and go, Wow, where is he? A program hasn’t gone by without some heavy minutes, that is for sure. We are wearing the pain of our loss a little bit more responsibly now; it doesn’t appear quite as unpleasant. We’re not playing in a puddle of tears, however there are minutes that are hard, and you can tell when the audience reacts in a certain method. There are minutes during “Purple Rain,” due to the fact that it’s such a legendary piece of music, where people are crying and it impacts everyone on stage. However it’s not a disappointment, it’s more recovery and relief.

You’ve done a lot because your original days with the Transformation. Existed a time in your profession when you wished to distance yourself from that notoriety? I never made a mindful choice to distance myself from the Revolution. It was a difficult time for everybody to be apart and it’s been several years, but we tried often times to obtain [together] and get off the ground, and it was close to occurring before [Prince] died. However I needed the time far from them. I’ve ended up being a skilled artist in the years I have actually been away and it’s just helped exactly what we’re doing now. I’m a much better player than I was on Purple Rain by a thousand percent. Bring the weight of those [guitar] solos and specific vocals is not an issue for me.

The factor we are out here now is since he passed away and we had to be together. We simply wished to be together. There are a great deal of people out there who are really mad at us due to the fact that we’re out here, and we don’t have the whole Paisley Park family involved. But this is our form of grief, to be together and do this. I comprehend their anger but this is how we browse through this loss.

Exists a tune that you are enjoying a lot more now than you ever did prior to? “America.” We composed that tune together. There is such a various meaning now with what is taking place in the world today, so when we play, it has a various energy. It would be intense no matter what, however it is fiercer now, and it feels conveniently owned by us on stage.

6 Prince siblings want quick ruling that they'' re his heirs


Matt Sayles/ Invision/ AP In this Nov. 22, 2015, file image, Prince presents the award for favorite album– soul/R&& B at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Prince passed away at his house in Chanhassen, Minn. on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57.

Wednesday, Might 10, 2017|8:37 a.m.

CHASKA, Minn.– A Minnesota judge says he’ll take a request that Prince’s six siblings be declared his lawful successors under advisement.

Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide stated in January he wouldn’t declare the successors of the late rock superstar until appeals run their course for others whose claims of heirship have been rejected.

But legal representatives for Prince’s sibling and 5 half-siblings do not want to wait, stating any more delays will increase costs to the estate and hamper its effective administration. Eide stated Wednesday he’ll take their demand under advisement.

Prince left no known will when he died of an accidental pain reliever overdose in April 2016.

Attorneys for those who have been turned down as beneficiaries say their interests would be damaged if the district court doesn’t wait out the appeals procedure.

Deals make sure money keeps streaming to uncertain Prince estate


Carlos Gonzalez/ Star Tribune by means of AP

In this April 21, 2016 file picture, a rainbow appears over Paisley Park near a memorial for Prince, in Chanhassen, Minn. Court filings in Prince’s estate show that a special administrator, and most likely Prince’s brother or sisters, aspire to explore the lucrative capacity of making a traveler destination out of his Paisley Park house and studio complex.

Saturday, April 15, 2017|8:17 a.m.

MINNEAPOLIS– A year after Prince died of an accidental drug overdose, his Paisley Park studio complex and house is now a museum and performance place. Fans can now stream the majority of his classic albums, and a remastered “Purple Rain” album is due out in June together with two albums of unreleased music and 2 show movies from his vault.

Prince left no known will and had no recognized children when he died last April 21, and the judge supervising Prince’s estate has yet to officially state 6 of his siblings as its successors. Nevertheless, those running the estate have actually taken steps to preserve his musical tradition and keep the money coming in. Here’s a look at where things stand:


The worth of the music deals hasn’t been revealed, and essential financial information in large court filings is sealed.

Universal Music Group was a big winner, reaching significant offers that offered it the licensing rights to Prince’s vault of unreleased music and his independently tape-recorded albums, publishing rights and merchandising rights.

Under related offers, Prince’s music is now offered from significant streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio.

However a suit stays pending against Jay Z’s Roc Country and the Tidal streaming service over alleged copyright violations. Tidal claims Prince gave it the unique right to stream his albums, including his Warner Bros. catalog. Estate attorneys state he offered Tidal minimal rights to only one album, 2015’s “Struck N Run: Phase 1.”


Paisley Park, which is run by the business that runs Elvis Presley’s Graceland, opened for public trips in October. Visitors can see the studios and soundstage where Prince worked and pay their respects at the Paisley Park-shaped urn that holds his ashes. It also hosts dance celebrations and movie and video provings on Friday and Saturday nights.

Close to 100,000 people from all over the world have actually taken the tour, although winter was anticipated to be the sluggish season, said Joel Weinshanker, handling partner of PPark Management, who has a comparable role with Graceland. He wouldn’t release revenue figures.

Weinshanker said he expects several hundred thousand visitors in the first full year of operations, which he stated would make it the No. 2 museum committed to an entertainer behind Graceland.

He said the majority of the cash is approaching maintaining the building, which he said remained in “serious disrepair” when Prince died, and towards securing its contents. He stated the cooling and heating system had to be changed, some rooms where videos were stored had current water damage, and important custom-designed attires were poorly saved on wire hangers.

From April 20-23, Paisley Park will mark the anniversary of Prince’s death with Celebration 2017, which will include shows and other programs. Acts scheduled to appear consist of The Transformation, Morris Day and the Time, New Power Generation, Liv Warfield and Shelby J., with members of 3RDEYEGIRL, the band Prince was nurturing when he died. Weinshanker said it will draw visitors from 28 countries.


Disallowing any surprises, 6 Prince brother or sisters will get equal shares of his estate, which court filings have actually recommended deserves around $200 million. Federal and estate taxes are expected to take in nearly half of that.

Judge Kevin Eide composed last month that he was “reasonably particular” he’ll ultimately state the beneficiaries to be Prince’s sibling, Tyka Nelson, and his half-siblings Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson.

After Prince died, more than 45 individuals filed claims claiming to be his wife, children, brother or sisters or other loved ones. They have actually all been turned down, but Eide has stated he’ll wait on some appeals to run their course prior to making a final ruling, which could take several months or more. The six presumptive beneficiaries have asked him to speed things up. A hearing on that request is set for May 10.


With so much loan at stake, there’s been some infighting. Court files and testament show that the siblings disagreed over who must manage the estate, eventually picking Comerica Bank & & Trust as the administrator.

The older half-siblings– Norrine, Sharon, John and Alfred– likewise wanted a co-executor, previous Prince lawyer L. Londell McMillan, who was a key figure in the offers for generating income from Prince’s home entertainment assets.

But Tyka and Omarr opposed McMillan, questioning his fitness to serve and accusing him of mismanaging a family homage concert last October. They wanted CNN analyst Van Jones, who advised Prince on philanthropy. Mentioning the siblings’ failure to concur, the judge put Comerica in sole control.

McMillan continues to advise Norrine, Sharon and John, though a current filing shows Jackson has actually broken with him. Legal representatives for Omarr and Tyka have subpoenaed a potentially substantial volume of files from McMillan. The judge will think about a movement to quash that subpoena at the May 10 hearing.

Sharon, on the other hand, declared last month that Comerica was being “dictatorial and bullish.” Comerica denied any rude, violent or hostile conduct, however stated the beneficiaries don’t get to vote on how it runs the estate.