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New prepare for solar users needs careful, professional review

Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015|2 a.m.

Envision living in a neighborhood served by just one grocery store that had actually broadened throughout the years to accommodate the region’s development.

One day you decide to welcome a healthier lifestyle and produce your very own food. Some next-door neighbors do the very same. You patronize the grocery store only when your own kitchen runs low. In truth, your garden occasionally doings this well, the store’s produce manager purchases your additional vegetables and puts them in a bin to sell to others.

The owners of the grocery store grumble; they never ever prepared for a handful of abandoner customers would grow their own vittles. So the shopkeeper say, if you come back to the shop, you’ve got to pay to park, and not just pay for your groceries but likewise pay a fee making sure the shelves will be stocked. Their logic: Someday, your stylish garden will certainly go to seed and you’ll be back filling your grocery cart to the brim, and if you believe we’re going to have all those items on our shelves for you to buy whenever you seem like it, you’ve got another thing coming.

This is an easy metaphor for how NV Energy wants to deal with consumers who have actually relied on rooftop photovoltaic panels to create most, although not all, of their electricity. The business is asking the state Public Utilities Commission– 3 individuals appointed by the governor– to keep solar-energy customers on the hook for helping to cover the expense of the utility’s financial investments for many years.

At issue is how much property consumers with photovoltaic panels must pay NV Energy to tap its electrical power at night, on cloudy days or when panels aren’t producing enough electrical energy to meet the household’s needs. Utility executives state solar consumers need to pay not only for the electrical power they manage the grid and a basic service charge that covers administration and incomes but likewise a “need charge”– a monthly cost to ensure the utility will certainly supply them as much electrical power as they have actually ever utilized during a duration of gluttonous power consumption.

We comprehend NV Energy’s expectation that consumers who count on photovoltaic panels still bear some financial duty to the utility’s investors and other consumers. The fact is, until these power pioneers entirely cut themselves off from NV Energy’s power grid– a turning point that might not be that away provided the advancement of industrial-sized solar power batteries– they still should pay toward the cost of preserving that grid.

But we grow puzzled by NV Energy’s decision to base the need charge on the house owner’s past peak use rather than typical use. Routine NV Energy consumers don’t pay the very same rate of need charges since they don’t make use of as much electricity as solar-panel users, according to Kevin Geraghty, the utility’s vice president of energy supply.

In truth, we are puzzled by practically the entirety of NV Energy’s nearly 500-page application to the PUC about how the energy wants to charge a new age of solar-panel customers after the preliminary quota is filled and billed under present law.

NV Energy boasts that its file is “transparent, reasonable and explainable to customer-generators.” It is not.

Reading it, one’s head would spin enough to create its own electrical energy– but then certainly NV Energy would discover a way to bill us for that, too.

Cops: Las Vegas medical professional taped himself raping unconscious females

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A Las Vegas medical professional who is accused of having youngster pornography is likewise accused of tape-recording himself sexually assaulting unconscious women, according to an authorities report released Thursday.

Las Vegas Metro police said officers jailed 41-year-old Dr. Binh “Ben” Chung on Saturday after a teen girl declared earlier this month that she was raped by him in 2013.

According to Chung’s arrest report, a weeping and shivering lady told investigators that she had actually been attacked by Chung under the guise of an acne treatment. The physician selected her up about 10 o’clock the night of the attack and took her back to his office for her treatment. She was given a shot in her arm and began slipping in and out of consciousness. Ultimately, she awoke to discover her pants off and her feet in stirrups. The physician told her she had a bad response to the acne treatment.

Investigators stated they were eventually caused Chung’s spouse, who revealed them videos she had actually found on a hard disk owned by her partner. The videos appeared to reveal a guy, whom she identified as Chung, having sex with subconscious women.

According to the report, the videos triggered investigators to browse Chung’s office. Throughout that search, numerous digital storage devices were seized. A bottle that was identified “ketamine” was likewise discovered in an opened draw with other various items. Ketamine is a prescribed narcotic that works as an anesthetic, and it is likewise a recreational drug known as “Special K.”

Investigators said they discovered hundreds of pornographic videos on the storage devices they seized. Youngsters seemed in lots of the videos.

Chung has actually been accuseded of using a minor to produce pornography and 10 counts of property of visual pornography of a person under the age of 16. He was being held at the Clark County Detention Center on $550,000 bail.

Chung’s medical license has been suspended.

In 2006, Chung was charged with two counts of gross lewdness with a teen. That case was later on sealed.

At that time, it was alleged Chung took down the victim’s bra and underpants and touched her genital areas throughout an assessment, according to Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners Executive Director Edward Cousineau.

“Based on those two files, when the board concerned discover of those in April of 2009 we submitted a two-count management grievance alleging two offenses of medical practice act versus Dr. Chung,” Cousineau stated.

Cousineau said Chung didn’t go into a plea for those sexual assault charges, however did to one count of misdemeanor battery. He said the board needed to dismiss the complaint since of an absence of evidence.

“Sadly, in regards to the plea contract regarding the battery, it required the potential of dismissal due to the fact that if Dr. Chung were to abide by particular terms … eventually he did so and the court dismissed the battery conviction. So based on the info that we had at the time we submitted our management problem, that clearly didn’t exist subsequent to when it was dismissed by the courts, so the board was … essentially their hands were tied and the initial administrative filing had actually basically evaporated,” Cousineau said.

Chung’s clients were put off by the charges against him. Some stated they even admired him.

“In my opinion he was the best. He was intelligent, he understood exactly what he was doing. Each time I went there he was professional,” patient Alan Ross said. The board will fulfill on July 27 to examine the case and figure out if Chung’s license suspension will remain in place. Chung is due in court July 9.

Police stated the investigation of Chung is ongoing, and additional charges are possible in the future. They even more said anyone who believes she or he may have been preyed on by Chung must call the department’s Sexual Assault Section at 702-828-3421.

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Las Vegas medical professional investigated for kid pornography


A Las Vegas physician was reserved into Clark County Detention Center over the weekend as an outcome of a kid pornography investigation.

On Wednesday, Las Vegas Metro cops revealed the Saturday, June 20 arrest of Binh “Ben” Chung, 41. According to police, Chung’s arrest followed an investigation of claims by a juvenile victim.

Metro’s Sexual Assault Section detectives, who began their examination on June 4, learned the claims involved a man who is utilized as a medical physician in the area, police said.

Chung most just recently practiced from an office in the 8700 block of West Warm Springs Roadway. Police likewise stated his medical license was suspended indefinitely by the Nevada State Medical Board.

He deals with 10 counts of ownership of child pornography and a count of utilizing a small over 14 to produce child pornography.

“We just weren’t anticipating that. We found a number of kid pornography videos when we did the search warrants on the computer systems,” Metro’s Lt. Dan McGrath stated.

Police claim Chung sexually assaulted females and kids while videotaping the attacks.

“We have actually identified three individuals today. I have one person who’s not recognized, but as I’ve said, there could be a variety of videos we retrieve,” McGrath stated.

Investigators assert Chung would make home calls after hours and return to his office with clients, sometimes as late as 11 p.m. They stated he would then inject them with a sedative or something to knock them out totally.

“It was extremely disturbing that we consulted with the medical board. As soon as we consulted with them, they immediately suspended his license, and we moved to apprehend and charge him,” McGrath said.

Chung has actually been exercising medication in Nevada considering that 2005. In 2006, he was accused of a sex crime involving a teen, however cops said that record is sealed.

Chung’s bail was set at $550,000. Authorities expect him to make bail.

Police urged any individual who has concerns they or their kid may have been a victim of Chung to contact the Metro’s Sexual Assault Area at 702-828-3421.

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