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Trump lashes out at Capitol Hill protesters


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Image”/ > Seth Wenig/ AP Protesters rally in front of Trump Tower in New York, Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018. Numerous people rallied in front of Trump Tower then strolled to Times Square to oppose Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Friday, Oct. 5, 2018|10:26 a.m.

WASHINGTON– President Donald Trump lashed out Friday at female protesters who have faced senators over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, identifying them “disrespectful elevator errors” and “paid experts only looking to make Senators look bad.”

Trump’s tweet Friday came prior to a crucial Senate vote on Kavanaugh, who stands implicated of a high school-era sexual assault. In the middle of a national reckoning around gender functions and sexual authorization, protesters have flooded the capitol in current days, with many females madly attending to senators, some identifying themselves as sexual assault victims.

The president struck a more positive note after the Senate pressed Kavanaugh past an essential procedural obstacle, saying on Twitter that he was “really happy.”

As the Kavanaugh election has actually dragged out, demonstrations– and direct lobbying– have grown.

An emotional exchange last week in between Republican politician Sen. Jeff Flake and two women quickly went viral and appeared to contribute to Flake’s demand that a vote be delayed by a week for an FBI background examination. On Thursday a number of ladies approached Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah near capitol elevators to ask why he was backing Kavanaugh. Hatch told them to “grow up.” West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin was also challenged. “How do you know how I’m going to vote?” the senator reacted to criticism from a protester.

All 3 voted Thursday to push the election through.

Taking on the protesters straight, Trump stated in Friday’s tweet: “Don’t fall for it!”

After initially saying that Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, must be heard and speaking very carefully, Trump has grown increasingly frustrated. Putting himself firmly against the #MeToo minute, he has actually alerted that this process could result in incorrect accusations versus males and mocked Ford’s emotional testimony.

Trump has intensely defended Kavanaugh, who rejects the allegations against him. At a rally Thursday night, Trump buffooned previous Sen. Al Franken, a Minnesota Democrat, for quickly abandoning his seat in January in response to a string of sexual misbehavior allegations and amid tremendous pressure from Democrats. Trump admired the speed, stating “young boy, did he fold up like a wet rag.”

Other Republicans have actually echoed Trump’s frustration. On “Fox and Buddies” Friday, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley stated the protests were “a reflection of the incivility of American society normally.” He added: “I think it’s also evidence that individuals will go to any lengths when they are encouraged by individuals on Capitol Hill”

Some of the women opposing are members of or paid staffers for activist groups. Ana Maria Archila, among the 2 ladies who challenged Flake, is co-executive director of the not-for-profit Center for Popular Democracy Action. She stated Friday that if Trump “wants to state I have a job where I promote for justice, he is right.”

To Trump’s criticism, Archila said: “This is what he does, he’s a bully. However you understand what? I am standing next to thousands and thousands and thousands of women who are feeling incredibly powerful in this minute and I am not afraid.”

Protesters: Black individuals should hold R. Kelly liable


Frank Micelotta/ AP In this June 30, 2013, file photo, R. Kelly carries out onstage at the BET Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Spotify has actually gotten rid of R. Kelly’s music from its playlists, mentioning its new policy on hate material and despiteful conduct.

Friday, Might 11, 2018|6:10 p.m.

GREENSBORO, N.C.– R. Kelly insisted on carrying out in North Carolina Friday night, rejecting efforts to silence him over longstanding accusations of sexual misconduct.

The Greensboro performance was among the R&B singer’s first performances given that the #MuteRKelly motion sped up boycott efforts in recent weeks, with help from the Time’s Up campaign against sexual harassment and attack.

Kelly likewise was recently dropped from a Might 5 performance in Chicago, and the music streaming service Spotify removed him from playlists curated by the platform.

Protesters collected outside the Greensboro Coliseum and slammed arena authorities for decreasing to consult with them.

” Money appears be more crucial than people who have experienced sexual violence,” stated Omisade Burney-Scott, with the Sistersong, a reproductive rights group.

” It is necessary for the black neighborhood to stand up and hold him accountable for his actions,” she included. “We do not want to support him economically, to put money in his pocket, to permit him to continue to insulate himself from being held responsible.”

A coalition of ladies’s groups linked to #MuteRKelly released a signed letter this week mentioning exactly what it calls Kelly’s “long term history of sexual misconduct.”

” The coliseum has neglected to think about the Black women and ladies that mainly comprise the neighborhood that depends on them for engagement and home entertainment,” the letter said.

R. Kelly is one of popular song’s best-selling artists, with hits consisting of “Ignition,” “I Believe I Can Fly,” “Step in the Name of Love,”” Same Woman “and” Bump N’ Grind. “He’s also written hits for Celene Dion, Michael Jackson and Woman Gaga.

He’s composed timeless love tunes and even gospel music, but he’s defined by raunchy songs such as “Feelin’ on Yo Booty,” “Your Body’s Calling Me,” and “Sex Me.”

Kelly denies abusing anyone and faces no current criminal charges.

He was acquitted in 2008 of kid porn after a video flowed appearing to show him making love with a teenage girl. But as he continued to score hits and sell out stadiums, more females have actually stepped forward in the last few years implicating him of sexual misconduct.

Kelly said through social media that he would “try and get to the bottom line of it,” which he was looking forward to Friday’s concert.

A coliseum official declined discuss the letter.

” This has struck a nerve in the community,” stated Brandi Collins-Calhoun, director of reproductive and maternal health for the YMCA of Greensboro, among the groups that signed the letter.

Kelly had actually been scheduled to be amongst the performers at a Might 5 show in Chicago, however was dropped as demonstrations emerged. He provided a statement on YouTube saying he didn’t know why his efficiency was canceled.

The organizers of #MuteRKelly say they’ve been aiming to get the singer off the airwaves and concert stages considering that in 2015. The campaign got attention with support from filmmakers in the Time’s Up project.

Spotify, citing its brand-new policy against hateful content and conduct, revealed Thursday it was removing Kelly’s music from its curated playlists. A Spotify representative said Kelly’s music is no longer offered on the streaming service’s owned and run playlists and algorithmic recommendations. His music can still be found by those who search for it, but Spotify will not promote it.

Kelly’s management objected the relocation in a statement to The Associated Press.

” R. Kelly never ever has actually been implicated of hate, and the lyrics he composes reveal love and desire,” the statement read. “Mr. Kelly for Thirty Years has sung songs about his love and enthusiasm for females. He is innocent of the false and hurtful allegations in the continuous character assassination versus him, waged by opponents seeking a payoff. He never has actually been convicted of a criminal offense, nor does he have any pending criminal charges against him.”

Pakistan TELEVISION: Army summoned to distribute Islamist protesters

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017|8:30 p.m.

ISLAMABAD– Pakistan called in the army to bring back order on Saturday, hours after a violent clash in between authorities and crowds objecting a left out referral to the Prophet Muhammad in a parliamentary bill left six dead and numerous lots wounded, state TELEVISION reported.

The Interior Ministry did not define when the soldiers would be deployed, and no soldiers were visible on the streets late Saturday.

Fans of an Islamist group have been at a crucial crossway outside the capital for the last 20 days, and the demonstration has activated comparable presentations throughout the country.

Hundreds of police in riot equipment relocated to clear the crossway connecting Islamabad with the garrison city of Rawalpindi after a deadline ended at midnight, medical professionals at regional hospitals stated.

The violence sent out ratings of police and protesters to healthcare facilities with injuries caused by stoning and respiratory problems from tear gas. Healthcare facility officials said near 200 people were injured, the majority of them cops.

Dr. Masood Safdar of Benazir Bhutto Medical facility said five civilians were shot and eliminated. Dr. Tariq Niazi of the Holy Household Healthcare facility verified the death of a young man who was shot in head.

News of the authorities intervention spread quickly, triggering sympathizers in cities round the country to take to the streets in a program of uniformity with the Islamabad protesters. The situation prompted the nation’s regulatory body for electronic media to take TV broadcasts off the air. Key social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were likewise obstructed. Federal government officials were not right away readily available for remark.

The fans of the Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah party, who have been camped out at the intersection for the last 20 days, are requiring the resignation of a law minister over a left out recommendation to the prophet in a parliamentary costs. The minister, Zahid Hamid, apologized for the omission– an expression stating that Muhammad is the last prophet in Islam– stating it was a clerical mistake that was later fixed.

However protest leaders were adamant and refused to clear the crossway unless the law minister resigned.

Saturday’s action came after a court ordered an end to the demonstration because it was interfering with life.

Television video showed cops initially taking control of the bridge where the demonstrators were encamped. Some protesters might be seen tossing stones at cops. The images revealed an area engulfed in thick smoke from tear gas and black smoke from burned camping tents.

Later on in the early morning, seminary students from Rawalpindi strengthened the demonstrators who pressed back authorities and Frontier Constabulary forces. Witnesses stated a group of baton-carrying protesters took a tear gas gun and a couple of shells from a constable and lobbed them at cops.

Angered protesters also torched 3 paddy wagons, 2 civilian lorries, three 2 motorbikes and harmed 2 television station cars. They likewise rummaged a newly built metro bus terminal near the venue.

Later on in the day, more supporters joined protesters at the site, and civil administrators satisfied to come up with an option.

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, on the other hand, told state television that the federal government had shown perseverance in handling the protesters.

“The administration is taking action under court order but still we are open for talks with them,” he said, referring to the protesters. Ahsan stated that some amongst the protesters wished to create chaos and destabilization in the nation.

Some protesters who got away the operation later gathered at a main street in Rawalpindi blocking it and suspending traffic by tossing stones at moving automobiles.

In Karachi, groups collected at three important places blocking streets in demonstration versus the police action in Islamabad. When police utilized tear gas to disperse them amidst the traffic rush hours, protesters tossed stones injuring 20 people, including two journalists.

Protesters likewise required to the streets in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Khanewal, Layyah, Vihari, Dera Ghazi Khan and others cities in Punjab province and in the northwestern city of Peshawar, as well as in southern city of Hyderabad, to reveal uniformity with the Islamabad protesters.

In Lahore, a rowdy mob torched a car and harmed others with stoning and staged sit-ins at four crucial locations in the city.

Malik Mohammad Ahmed, the representative for Punjab government, stated infuriated protesters in Rawalpindi attacked the home of the former interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar, harming the primary gate. He included that they injured legislator Javed Latif in Shaikhupura, striking him in the head with a stone, which a furious crowd assaulted Law Minister Zahid Hamid’s rental property in Pasroor, ransacking the location.

Protesters provide Bush a hard time in North Las Vegas

GOP governmental enthusiastic Jeb Bush’s newest journey to Nevada might not have gone precisely as he ‘d hoped.

Some six hours after an otherwise uneventful project stop in Reno, dozens of protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter” assisted companion the top-tier Republican prospect out of a town hall conference at a North Las Vegas community center.

Protesters yelling the chant– an apparent reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to draw attention to cops shootings and poverty in black neighborhoods– only briefly and sporadically interrupted the meat of Bush’s approximately half-hour speech to around 150 individuals gathered at the Pearson Community Center.

It had not been up until the last third of that speech– when Bush fielded a smattering of questions on migration policy and recent, prominent cops shootings– that some in that audience appeared to turn on the previous Florida governor, disrupting his responses to some concerns and vocally his response to others.

Bush, making his fourth stop in the Silver State, could not be reached for comment after the event.

A campaign spokesperson said he had actually met with Black Lives Matter advocates ahead of the look. She added: “Governor Bush listened to the group and they talked about obstacles to status seeking in this country, and ways to conquer them as a community by starting to get a couple of things right in government.”

As soon as thought about the front-runner for the Republican governmental election– a candidate equivalent to a possible showdown with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton– Bush has slipped rather in national surveys, which now show property magnate Donald Trump riding a wave of populist rhetoric and round-the-clock media coverage to the top of the GOP’s election field.

Bush, frequently second or 3rd in those surveys, didn’t discuss Trump by name, but made periodic reference to the virtues of running a campaign that isn’t really “taking advantage of people’s worries” and frustrations.

Bush took aim at President Barack Obama’s “absence of management” in foreign policy and complained a recently tattooed, but not finally authorized, nuclear handle Iran– one he said he really hopes Congress will certainly turn down.

When the town hall was opened for concerns, Bush took a few swipes at Clinton, who he has said ought to share the blame for the rise of Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

That discussion turned stressful not long after Bush repeated his belief that undocumented immigrants should be given a path to citizenship through an “earned legal status.” That status would come through a provisional work license and would not necessarily constitute citizenship.

It didn’t sit well with a number of audience members, many of whom would later shout Bush from the structure.

Some screamed for the previous guv– a longtime advocate of deportation relief for young immigrants– to back a complete amnesty plan. Others audibly discounted Bush’s call to “secure the border”– a line that earned him the biggest applause of the night from numerous city center participants.

West Las Vegas resident Jamie Hall asked how Bush could connect to generational poverty and other problems faced by numerous of those staying in and around the city center venue, situated near the heart of Hall’s traditionally black area.

“I relate to it by, as president, trying to create a climate where there’s civility and understanding,” Bush stated, “and by motivating mayors and leaders at the local level to engage so there’s not misery and seclusion in communities.”

The response was consulted with a round of jeers and, a couple of minutes later on, Bush’s clamorous exit from the location.

Afterward, term-limited Nevada Assemblyman and longtime West Las Vegas resident Harvey Munford shook his head in shock. The Democrat stated he appeared mostly due to the fact that he was surprised Bush had chosen to stump in North Las Vegas in the first place.

“He needs a bit more research,” Munford stated. “What has taken place lately is so tense. It’s something virtually verging on exactly what you would see back in the 60s, with the Watts riots and Detroit riots.

“He could make use of a bit more level of sensitivity.”

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Protesters gather at Phoenix mosque under close authorities watch


AP Photo/Rick Scuteri

Protesters gather outside the Islamic Recreation center of Phoenix, Friday, May 29, 2015. About 500 protesters collected outside the Phoenix mosque on Friday as cops kept 2 groups sparring about Islam far apart from each other.

Friday, May 29, 2015|9:28 p.m.

PHOENIX– About 500 protesters collected outside a Phoenix mosque on Friday as authorities kept two groups sparring about Islam far apart from each other.

The rally at first was arranged by a Phoenix guy who says he is a former Marine who battled in the Iraq War and believes Islam is a violent religious beliefs. He led about 250 individuals who offered handguns, attack rifles, American flags and illustrations of the Prophet Muhammad to the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

That group was met by an equally sized group of protesters, some holding indicators promoting love and peace, who pertained to show their support for the mosque and Muslim community.

As the two sides said and yelled, dozens of policeman formed a line between them and kept them separated. There were no reports of injuries or arrests at the protest, which lasted a few hours and obtained attention around the nation on social media. Phoenix police approximated about 500 protesters appeared, roughly 250 on each side.

The protest came about month after a shootout outside a Prophet Muhammad cartoon-drawing contest in a Dallas suburb. 2 Phoenix guys appeared at the event with assault rifles and were killed by authorities. The men previously worshipped at the Phoenix mosque where Friday’s demonstration took place.

Drawings of the Prophet Muhammad are considered insulting to numerous followers of Islam and have triggered violence worldwide.