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Nevada Press Association honors Sun, GMG publications and journalists


The Las Vegas Sun won top place in the 2018 Nevada Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest for Best Page One Style.

The Sunday stopped publication in January; its content combined with Las Vegas Weekly.

“We aim all year to bring the most credible, informative and pertinent news and info to Southern Nevada readers. To see our personnel rewarded with this award for quality in their craft is heartfelt and much appreciated,” said Brian Greenspun, owner, editor and publisher of the Sun.

GMG had 2 sweepstakes winners for the statewide awards: Elizabeth Brown, editor and imaginative director, as outstanding visual reporter for her design of Las Vegas Weekly; Ricardo Torres-Cortez as reporter of merit of city weeklies for his work in The Sunday magazine. Elizabeth Brown Of Brown’s work, which also included first place for total design of The Sunday in the urban weeklies category, judges stated,”Effective images. Remarkable eye for presentation.”Torres-Cortez’s profile on summer season crime for The Sunday was chosen as the best news feature for urban weeklies. He also won first place in the exact same class for social work, a story he wrote with associate April Corbin on the worth of employing veterans.

“Not only were these stories well written, but they were well crafted,” a judge said of Torres-Cortez. “I didn’t seem like I had actually checked out pieces about evolving senseless gang violence or a mass shooting– however rather was taken on a psychological experience. This work is extraordinary in every way.”

Other GMG winners consist of:

Urban daily

(All awards for Las Vegas Sun)

First place: finest editorial page, Brian Greenspun, Ric Anderson and Mike Smith; best page one design, Sun personnel;

finest sports newspaper article, Mike Grimala Second place: basic excellence, staff; best sports newspaper article, Ray Brewer; finest overall design, Sun staff; best

explanatory journalism, Kim Palchikoff Third location: best explanatory journalism, Yvonne Gonzalez; best sports column, Ray Maker; best editorial cartoon, Mike Smith; finest function picture, Steve Marcus

Urban weeklies

(All awards for Las Vegas Weekly)

First place: finest entertainment writing, Brock Radke; finest local column, Brock Radke; finest picture, Wade Vandervort; finest graphic designer, Ian Racoma; best numerous image essay, Wade Vandervort; best explanatory journalism, Chris Kudialis, C. Moon Reed and Geoff Carter; best feature photo, Wade Vandervort

Second place: best digital news function storytelling, Mikayla Whitmore and C. Moon Reed; best marketing development, personnel; best investigative story, staff; finest local column, Mike Prevatt; general excellence, personnel; finest specific niche publication, staff; best portrait, Wade Vandervort; best graphic designer, Corlene Byrd; best special section, personnel; best nonstaff story, Danielle Kelly; advertising general excellence, personnel; best breaking news reporting, C. Moon Reed; finest business spot news story, C. Moon Reed; finest function photo, Wade Vandervort; finest detailed photo, Christopher DeVargas

3rd place: finest overall design, personnel; finest niche publication, staff; best several photo essay, Mikayla Whitmore; finest page one style, staff; finest critical writing, C. Moon Reed; best feature writing, C. Moon Reed; social work, personnel; finest business function, Mike Prevatt; best function photo, Wade Vandervort

Urban weeklies

Click to enlarge photo

Greenspun Media Group’s Elizabeth Brown was awarded Impressive Visual Journalist in the 2018 Nevada Press Association’s Better Paper Contest. Her collection of her work is revealed here.

(All awards for The Sunday)

Top place: best editorial page, Ric Anderson and Mike Smith; best editorial writing, Ric Anderson; finest print ad, Dany Haniff ; finest unique section, personnel; best sports include writing, Ray Brewer; finest nonstaff story, Rob Miech; best editorial cartoon, Mike Smith; finest in-house promo, Dany Haniff; community service, Ricardo Torres-Cortez and April Corbin; best organisation area news feature, Mick Akers; finest illustrated photo, Elizabeth Brown and Christopher DeVargas Second location: best print advertisement, Dany Haniff; finest ad series, Elizabeth Brown and Emma Cauthorn; best editorial writing, Ric Anderson; finest general design, Elizabeth Brown; best numerous image essay, Mikayla Whitmore; best sports include writing, Ray Maker; finest editorial animation, Mike Smith; social work, staff; finest explanatory journalism, Adam Candee; finest news function story, April Corbin

Third location: best print advertisement, Dany Haniff; finest ad series, Elizabeth Brown, Emma Cauthorn and Sean Rademacher; basic quality, staff; best graphic designer, Elizabeth Brown; best sports feature writing, Jesse Granger; marketing basic quality, personnel; best news function story, personnel


(All awards for Las Vegas Publication)

2nd place: advertising general excellence, staff

Third place: finest page one design, personnel; best portrait, Christopher DeVargas; general online quality, personnel.

GMG publications, reporters make statewide honors


Las Vegas Sun Liz Brown, associate innovative direction, who was named Finest Graphic Designer for her work on The Sunday. By Sun Staff( contact )Published Saturday

, Sept. 30, 2017|9 p.m.

Updated Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017|9:53 p.m.

Click to enlarge photo

Click to enlarge photo

Benefit in the Urban Weekly category. That award goes to one journalist in each of the contest’s 4 classes. Las Vegas Sun Mike Smith, editorial cartoonist, who received both the very first -and third-place awards for Best Editorial Animations in the contest’s all-class sweepstakes awards. Smith also won Best Editorial Cartoon in the Urban Weekly class. Led by a best-in-class 28 awards for its weekly news publication, The Sunday, Greenspun Media Group received 76 total honors Saturday night in

the Nevada Press Association’s yearly Better Newspaper Contest. The Sunday earned the General Excellence award in the Urban Weekly class, racking up 14 first-place awards and an overall of 14 2nd- and third-place awards. GMG’s Las Vegas Weekly pulled in an additional 22 awards in the Urban Weekly class during the discussion Saturday night in Carson City.

Combined with awards for the Las Vegas Sun and VEGAS INC, GMG earned more total honors than any other Nevada media company across the extremely competitive Urban Daily and Urban Weekly categories, followed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and its publications in the Urban Weekly classification. Adding in the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s small-town papers competing in the Intermediate and Community categories, the R-J took home the most awards in all classes combined, with 102.

The awards received by GMG were highlighted by Chris Kudialis, who was called Journalist of Benefit in the Urban Weekly category, and Camalot Todd, who got first place for Social work and Finest Investigative Story for her The Sunday cover story about foster care, “Kid on the Cusp.”

For 2018, GMG is requesting the NPA to allow The Sunday to contend in the Urban Dailies category.

“For more than 60 years, the Las Vegas Sun and Greenspun Media Group have actually set the bar for journalism in Nevada and made sure the civic discussion is robust and multifaceted,” said Brian Greenspun, the Sun’s owner, publisher and editor. “We’re proud to continue serving our community with innovative items like The Sunday and Las Vegas Weekly, which are absolutely should reads for the local audience, and Las Vegas Publication, the definitive weekly guide for travelers.”

GMG’s leading private winners include Chris Kudialis, who was called Journalist of Benefit in the Urban Weekly category. That award goes to one reporter in each of the contest’s four classes.

“The most polished of the entries in this classifications,” read the judge’s comment.

Other first-place winners were:

Camalot Todd, whose March 12 cover story for The Sunday on foster care, “Children on the Cusp,” was called Best Investigative Story. Todd likewise won first place for Community Service for the story.

Liz Brown, associate creative instructions, who was called Best Graphic Designer for her deal with The Sunday.

Mike Smith, editorial cartoonist, who got both the very first- and third-place awards for Finest Editorial Cartoons in the contest’s all-class sweepstakes awards. Smith also won Best Editorial Animation in the Urban Weekly class.

Ray Brewer, assistant handling editor/digital and sports, who won for Best Sports Feature in the Urban Weekly class and Best Sports Column in the Urban Daily class.

Mike Prevatt, Las Vegas Weekly associate editor, who won Finest Local Column and Best Home entertainment Composing first-place honors.

Mikayla Whitmore, personnel photographer, for Finest News Photo Coverage and Finest Several Photo Essay in Las Vegas Weekly.

In addition, The Sunday won for Best Editorial Page, Finest Advertising Development, Best Advertisement Series and Finest Overall Style, among other classifications.

“Our goal now and always is to offer our audiences with a varied selection of top quality items and engaging content,” said Ric Anderson, editorial page editor for the Sun and The Sunday, who was called president of the NPA board on Saturday. “It’s really pleasing to see our work recognized by our peers, and we could not be more proud of our staff for its award-winning work.”

GMG’s awards


(all classes)

Finest Editorial Animation: Mike Smith, first place and third place

Urban Daily

(All awards for Las Vegas Sun)

First place

Finest Sports Column: Ray Brewer

Finest News Function Story: “‘The hurricane is about to hit,'” by April Corbin, Mick Akers, Chris Kudialis, Camalot Todd, Ricardo Torres-Cortez and Ian Whitaker

Best General Style: Personnel

Second place

Finest Web Site: Staff

Finest Editorial Writing: Ric Anderson

Best Online Advertisement: Dany Haniff

Best Breaking News Reporting: Ricardo Torres-Cortez

Finest Sports Area News Story: Jesse Granger

Finest Business Spot News Story: Adam Candee

Best Page One Style: LeeAnn Elias

Finest Sports Picture: L.E. Baskow

Finest Editorial Page: Staff

3rd location

Best Graphic Designer: LeeAnn Elias

General Quality: Personnel

Best Editorial Cartoon: Mike Smith

Urban Weekly

Journalist of Merit: Chris Kudialis, The Sunday

First place

General Excellence: The Sunday

Social work: Camalot Todd, The Sunday

Finest Function Writing: J.D. Morris, The Sunday

Best Organisation Spot News Story: Adam Candee, VEGAS INC

Finest News Feature Story: Eli Segall, The Sunday

Finest Investigative Story: Camalot Todd, The Sunday

Finest Regional Column: Mike Prevatt, Las Vegas Weekly

Best Sports Function Writing: Ray Maker, The Sunday

Finest Home entertainment Composing: Mike Prevatt, Las Vegas Weekly

Finest Editorial Page: Staff, The Sunday

Best Editorial Animation: Mike Smith, The Sunday

Best Overall Design: Liz Brown, LeeAnn Elias, The Sunday art staff

Best Page One Style: Las Vegas Weekly design personnel

Best Graphic Designer: Liz Brown, The Sunday

Finest News Picture Coverage: Mikayla Whitmore, Las Vegas Weekly

Finest Feature Picture: Yasmina Chavez, Las Vegas Weekly

Finest Multiple Picture Essay: Mikayla Whitmore, Las Vegas Weekly

Best Illustrated Image: Liz Brown, Mikayla Whitmore, The Sunday

Finest Print Ad: Dany Haniff, Las Vegas Weekly

Best Advertising Development: Emma Cauthorn, Liz Brown, Sean Rademacher, The Sunday

Finest Advertisement Series: Emma Cauthorn, Liz Brown, Sean Rademacher, The Sunday

Finest In-House Promotion: Dany Haniff, Las Vegas Weekly

Finest Niche Magazine: Las Vegas Weekly

Advertising General Quality: Las Vegas Weekly

Best Web Site: Las Vegas Weekly

2nd place

Best Function Writing: Daniel Rothberg, The Sunday

Finest Company Function: Geoff Carter, Las Vegas Weekly

Best Explanatory Journalism: Valerie Miller, The Sunday

Best News Function Story: Ricardo Torres-Cortez, The Sunday

Finest Investigative Story: Megan Messerly, The Sunday

Finest Editorial Composing: Ric Anderson, The Sunday

Best News Image Protection: Mikayla Whitmore, Las Vegas Weekly

Finest Function Picture: Steve Marcus, Las Vegas Weekly

Best Sports Image: Mikayla Whitmore, Las Vegas Weekly

Finest Special Area (Editorial): Giving Guide 2017, VEGAS INC

Finest Internal Promo: Dany Haniff, The Sunday

Finest Specific niche Magazine: Top Doctors 2016, VEGAS INC

Advertising General Excellence: The Sunday

Third place

Finest Feature Writing: Daniel Rothberg, The Sunday

Finest Organisation Function: Jackie Valley, VEGAS INC

Best Explanatory Journalism: J.D. Morris, The Sunday

Finest News Feature Story: April Corbin, The Sunday

Best Regional Column: Brock Radke, Las Vegas Weekly

Finest Staff Non-Local Column: Stacy Willis, Las Vegas Weekly

Best Critical Composing: Leslie Ventura, Las Vegas Weekly

Best General Design: Las Vegas Weekly

Best Page One Design: The Sunday

Best Graphic Designer: Corlene Byrd, Las Vegas Weekly

Finest News Photo Coverage: Mikayla Whitmore, Las Vegas Weekly

Best Feature Picture: L.E. Baskow, The Sunday

Finest Several Picture Essay: Mikayla Whitmore, The Sunday

Best Print Advertisement: Dany Haniff, The Sunday

Finest Specific niche Magazine: Market Weekly, Las Vegas Weekly


(All awards for Las Vegas Magazine)

Second place

Marketing General Excellence: Staff

Best Web Site: Staff

Best Page One Style: Wesley Gatbonton, Marvin Lucas, Joshua Nelson, Christopher DeVargas

Finest Several Image Essay: Christopher DeVargas

Best Entertainment Composing: Kiko Miyasato

Third location

Finest picture: Christopher DeVargas

Best Feature Picture: Christopher DeVargas

Preseason publications see cellar-dwelling period for UNLV football

The college football preview magazines are clear concerning their expectations for UNLV this season.

Of the 6 major publications, 5 forecast the Rebels to finish last in the West Division. Just Lindy’s holds some wish for the home town team, anticipating a fourth-place finish.

So it won’ $ t be a shock if UNLV is selected last in the West when the conference preseason poll is exposed Tuesday morning as Mountain West media days begin at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Low expectations are hardly a surprise to those who even from another location follow the Rebels. First-year coach Tony Sanchez has brought a lot of pizzazz to the program, however what he does not have– in the meantime, at least– is a solid complement of gamers.

That’s what happens when a program is coming off its 8th two-victory season in 11 years. A turn-around might happen under Sanchez, however he’ $ ll most likely need time to pull it off. His job this period is made even harder by a schedule that opens at Northern Illinois on Sept. 5 and is followed by a home game against UCLA and a trip to Michigan.

He’ $ s aiming to attend to the program’ $ s drawbacks, and has actually protected eight dedications for the 2016 recruiting class, adding two more in current days.

Quarterback Jack Hillside of Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix committed Monday. Smith (6 feet 1 inch, 185 pounds) passed for 4,052 backyards the past two seasons, with 46 touchdown passes and 21 interceptions.

He singled out Sanchez, offending organizer Barney Cotton and quarterbacks coach Ron O’Dell as crucial factors for selecting the Rebels.

“That’s something that could not be neglected for a player preparing for his future,” Smith stated. “People make a terrific program. It was a chance I couldn’t decline.”

Likewise, protective end Rodney Jones (6-4, 225) of Lincoln High in Stockton, Calif., dedicated to the Rebels, according to Rivals.com.

Those players assist represent UNLV’ $ s future. Today and Wednesday at The Cosmo have to do with the present, and if the voting by Mountain West media reflects the numerous magazines, it’s clear which teams will be the favorites.

Defending conference champion Boise State is selected in all six publications to win the Mountain Division, and San Diego State is the unanimous option to take the West.

The Mountain Department is the more foreseeable side amongst the publications, with Utah State and Colorado State consensus options to finish second and third, respectively. Flying force, Wyoming and New Mexico are expected to occupy the bottom half of the division, the order differing by magazine.

There isn’ $ t nearly the same consensus in the West aside from San Diego State. UNR is chosen to finish 2nd by 4 publications, third by Sporting News and fifth by Lindy’ $ s. Fresno State and San Jose State likewise are competitors to complete in the top half.

UNLV is expected to battle Hawaii to stay out of the cellar.

Contact Mark Anderson at [email protected]!.?.! or 702-387-2914. Follow him: @markanderson65.