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Here’s Why Facilities Tops this Ranking as the No. 1 Issue Confronting Property

Investors Have $150 Billion on the Sidelines Waiting to Get In on New Facilities Projects

Pictured: Joseph Nahas Jr., senior vice president with Equus Capital Partners and this year’s global chair of The Therapists of Genuine Estate.When Joseph Nahas, Jr. and his group at The Counselors of Realty, an invitation-only market group with 1,100 members, started to put together its yearly list of rankings of the leading 10 issues dealing with the real estate market, a clear line began to form down the middle of the list. That separation came down in between short and long-term

problems affecting the property market. So, this year, the group’s leading 10 ranking has changed into two, top five rankings to deal with brief or long-lasting problems. The annual list, launched Wednesday at the National Association of Real Estate Editors conference in Las Vegas, is created by the group’s members with input from real estate investors and developers.” When we saw the ranked list, we identified that some of these issues had no instant effect, however

they have much longer term implications,”Nahas, a senior vice president with Newtown Square, PA-based Equus Capital Partners and this year’s global chair of The Counselors of Real Estate, informed CoStar News. “For example, facilities was originally No. 1 and the economy was No. 2, and this continued down the list. They naturally fell

into containers, and instead of jumping backward and forward between short-term and long-term issues, separating them offers us a little clearness for our customers and real estate choice makers.”Which concern might take top priority often can depend upon a real estate executive’s time horizon, he added. Whether it is evaluating the effect of increasing rates of interest on an offer closing in the next 60 days, or a financier considering the redevelopment of a project in the future, Nahas said they are various concerns with various horizons. “Property, by its nature, is a long-lasting property … however there are issues today with an immediate or short-term effect, “he added. Here are the Top 10 issues identified by the group: SHORT-TERM CONCERNS 1. Interest rates and the impacts of that on the economy 2. Politics and political unpredictability 3. Housing price 4.

Generational changes 5.E-commerce and logistics LONG-TERM ISSUES 1. Facilities

2. Disruptive technology 3. Natural catastrophes and environment modification 4

. Immigration 5. Energy and water The Therapists of Real Estate is not an advocacy group for any of these concerns or possible issues dealing with property, however Nahas sat down with CoStar

News to discuss the

issues facing the industry and

what his counselors are advising clients. CoStar News:

Exactly what issues outlined

in the ranking is having one of the most influence on real estate investments today? Nahas:”Real estate affordability … We don’t see a cohesive option existing by any one group. Our role is to advise our customers on ways in which they might deal with local preparation authorities

to maybe get their project authorized, but our organization does not take an advocacy position. Our objective is to fix our

client’s property problems. We tell them they might have some occupancy issues in the near and instant term. CoStar News: There’s billions on the sidelines waiting to invest in infrastructure. Will it actually take an act of Congress to put that cash into action? Nahas: “Depending upon the jurisdiction, it might take an act of Congress to pass funds to carry out projects, however a regional airport broadening or including a runway might just take a county or lower level federal government approval. Regrettably, in the bulk of cases, infrastructure involves public lands and there’s going to be some governmental agency

involved. As an outcome, I can’t sit down with a buyer or seller to work out a deal. The general public officials have to response to their constituents about expanding a runway and the sound concerns that might pop up, or broadening a sewage system treatment plant so you can add in more real estate systems. If they have to be liable mainly to citizens, a different vibrant develops

. CoStar News: Why is there so much cash on the sidelines for facilities tasks? Nahas: “All the money that has actually been raised was because throughout the project for the presidency, both prospects promoted infrastructure costs, so the marketplace said,’Great, there’s going to be jobs and we’ll collaborate in public-private partnerships. ‘So, capital started getting assigned, but it kind of fizzled.

A large portion of that$ 67 billion raised in 2015 is on the sidelines. There have been some

regional deals, like Indiana selling an interest in the Indiana Turnpike to a financier, however there’s$150 billion of facilities financing that’s not being used. That consists of the$67 billion raised last year in 2017. It’s a great deal of fresh capital. However even if tomorrow the federal government awakened and said, ‘We’ll set up $500 million

together with this $150 billion,’these tasks take years. It will take a while to feel the effect of that investment. CoStar News: Does this mean we’ll see facilities top the rankings of concerns in realty in the future? Nahas:”It might bop around to No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3 depending on other concerns that surface area, but it will continue to be on the list. I do not see it going away in the near term.

UNLV Receives Gold Ranking as a Military Friendly University

UNLV received a Gold Score as a Military Friendly university, making it among the best universities in the country for veterans and active military, according to G.I. Jobs Magazine. This is the 8th successive year UNLV has made the designation as an Armed force Friendly university.

Director of UNLV’s Armed force & & Veteran Services Center Ross Bryant said he is exceptionally pleased with the university’s commitment to trainees who are veterans or active duty military.

“The Military & & Veteran Solutions Center has actually enjoyed great assistance from the university and the neighborhood,” Bryant said. “Everyday we make every effort to be a location where this distinct student population can return from their service, get the assistance, advice, and assistance they have to achieve their scholastic objectives and have an effective shift to their future civilian life.”

UNLV was one of 1,400 universities and colleges who took part in the study, which is now in its 17th year.

“This ranking shows that the numerous hours we have worked to make UNLV a welcome home for our military and our veterans has settled,” Bryant included.

Established in 2012 as the Office of Veteran Services, the UNLV Armed Force and Veteran Services Center serves more than 1,800 active-duty, reserve, veteran or military family members on campus. Many have received tuition benefits from the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill.

UNLV is acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a VetSuccess campus. UNLV also provides on-base advising and courses for active-duty military at Nellis Flying force Base.

Last term, the university launched the Rebel Veterans Alumni Club, which offers present and previous trainee veterans a chance to network with one another and learn about opportunities available to veterans in Southern Nevada. Find out more at www.unlv.edu/veterans.

Saudi helicopter crash supposedly kills high-ranking prince

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017|3:52 p.m.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates– Saudi authorities say a helicopter carrying federal government officials has crashed in the kingdom’s south, reportedly eliminating a high-ranking prince and seven others.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said early Monday that the crash occurred in Saudi Arabia’s Asir province.

They offered no cause for the crash, but stated a search of the wreckage was underway.

The Saudi-owned satellite news channel Al-Arabiya says the crash killed Prince Mansour bin Murquin and seven others. Prince Mansour is the deputy guv of Asir province.

Prince Mansour is the kid of Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, a former director-general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency and a one-time crown prince of the kingdom. Prince Muqrin was removed as crown prince in April 2015 by King Salman. The crown prince now is King Salman’s 32-year-old son.