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West accuses Russian spy company GRU of ratings of attacks

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018|9:42 a.m.

BRUSSELS– The United States and other Western nations leveled a gush of brand-new accusations against Moscow’s deceptive GRU military spy firm on Thursday, implicating its agents of hacking anti-doping agencies, airplane crash examinations and a chemical weapons probe as well as introducing cyberattacks that rocked America’s 2016 election and crippled Ukraine in 2017.

The roll-call of GRU malfeasance started at midnight in Britain, when British and Australian authorities accused the Russian firm of lagging the catastrophic cyberattack that triggered billions in losses to Ukraine in June 2017 and a host of other hacks, including the Democratic Party email leakages and online cyber propaganda that sowed havoc before Americans voted in the 2016 governmental election.

Hours later on Thursday early morning, Dutch defense authorities transmitted photos and a timeline of GRU representatives’ botched attempt to break into the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Defense using Wi-Fi hacking devices hidden in the back of a sedan. The chemical weapons watchdog was investigating a Novichok nerve agent attack on a former GRU spy, Sergei Skripal, that Britain has blamed on the Russian government. Moscow has rejected the charge.

The Dutch also implicated the Russian company of attempting to hack into the examination of the 2014 downing of a Malaysian Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine that eliminated all 298 people on board. A Dutch-led investigation group states it has strong evidence that the Buk rocket which brought the plane down originated from a Russia-based military unit. Russia has rejected the charge.

Then came the U.S. government’s turn, with the U.S. Justice Department charging 7 Russian GRU intelligence officers– consisting of the four captured in The Hague– of an international hacking rampage that targeted more than 250 professional athletes, an atomic energy company and a Swiss chemical lab.

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis stated the West has “a wide array of actions” offered.

“Basically, the Russians got caught with their equipment, individuals who were doing it, and they have got to pay the piper. They are going to have to be held to account,” Mattis said, speaking in Brussels where he was consulting with NATO allies.

Moscow provided more denials on Thursday, but the accusations leveled by Western intelligence companies, supported by a wealth of surveillance video footage and extremely validated by independent reporting, painted an image of the GRU as a firm that regularly crosses red lines– and is progressively being captured red-handed around the globe.

The U.S. indictment stated the GRU targeted its victims since they had openly supported a ban on Russian professional athletes in worldwide sports competitors and due to the fact that they had condemned Russia’s state-sponsored athlete doping program. U.S. district attorneys said the Russians also targeted a Pennsylvania-based atomic energy business and the OPCW, which was examining possible war crimes in Syria and the March poisoning of Skripal and his daughter in the English city of Salisbury.

The U.S. indictment says the seven defendants are all Russian people and locals. They include 4 GRU agents expelled last spring from the Netherlands.

They were determined as: Aleksei Sergeyevich Morenets, 41; Evgenii Mikhaylovich Serebriakov, 37; Ivan Sergeyevich Yermakov, 32; Artem Andreyevich Malyshev, 30; and Dmitriy Sergeyevich Badin, 27; who were each assigned to Armed force Unit 26165, and Oleg Mikhaylovich Sotnikov, 46, and Alexey Valerevich Minin, 46, who were likewise GRU officers.

The U.S. indictment says the hacking was frequently carried out from another location. If that wasn’t successful, the hackers would conduct “on-site” or “close gain access to” hacking operations, with experienced GRU members traveling with advanced devices to target their victims through Wi-Fi networks.

The GRU’s alleged hacking efforts on the chemical guard dog firm based in The Hague, Netherlands, took place in April and were interrupted by authorities, Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld stated Thursday. Four Russian intelligence officers were immediately expelled from the Netherlands, she said. Those were Minin, Sotnikov, Serebriakov and Morenets.

The British ambassador to the Netherlands said the guys caught with spy equipment outside OPCW were from the extremely exact same GRU area (Unit 26165) accused by American private investigators of having actually gotten into the Democratic National Committee’s e-mail system before the 2016 U.S. election.

On Thursday, Australian and British spies backed the American intelligence neighborhood’s reported attribution of the catastrophic June 2017 cyberattack on Ukraine to the GRU. The harmful software application break out briefly knocked out cash machines, gas stations, drug stores and healthcare facilities and, according to a secret White House evaluation recently cited by Wired, dealt $10 billion worth of damage worldwide.

The hack and release of sports figures’ medical data in 2016 and the downing of Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014 also allegedly bring the GRU’s finger prints. Dutch investigators said the snoopers snatched outside the OPCW also appear to have logged into the Wi-Fi networks near the World Anti-Doping Firm and the Malaysian hotels where crash investigators had gathered to examine the shooting down of guest flight MH17.

Russia’s interests were at stake in both cases. The OPCW was examining the Skripal nerve agent poisoning, which Russia denied, and Russia was being blamed for the shooting down of MH17 over eastern Ukraine, where Ukrainian forces were battling Russia-backed separatists at the time.

The leaders of Britain and the Netherlands on Thursday condemned the GRU for “negligent” and “brazen” activities worldwide and pledged to safeguard crucial international companies from Russian aggressiveness.

“This attempt, to access the safe systems of a global organization working to rid the world of chemical weapons, shows again the GRU’s neglect for the worldwide values and rules that keep all of us safe,” British Prime Minister Theresa May and Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte stated in a joint statement.

Britain’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Wilson, said the GRU would no longer be permitted to show impunity. Britain blames the secretive company for the March poisoning of Skripal and his child.

The Associated Press, meanwhile, individually proven information that matches details for two of the supposed Russian agents named by the Dutch authorities.

An online database for vehicle registration in Russia revealed that Aleksei Morenets, whose full name and date of birth are the very same as one of the Russians expelled by the Dutch, offered his cars and truck in 2004, noting the Moscow address where the Defense Ministry’s Armed force University is based.

Alexey Minin, another Russian whose complete name and date of birth match the details released by Dutch authorities, had numerous cars and trucks, including an Alfa Romeo, that were registered and sold at the address where the Defense Ministry’s GRU school lies. In some of the filings, Minin listed the main military system variety of the GRU school as his home address.

Previously, British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson branded a series of global cyberattacks blamed on Russia as the careless actions of a “pariah state,” stating that the U.K. and its NATO allies would discover such activities in the future.

“Where Russia acts in an indiscriminate and careless method, where they have actually carried out in regards to these cyberattacks, we will be exposing them,” Williamson told press reporters in Brussels at talks with Mattis and other NATO officials.

Gregory Katz and Raphael Satter reported from London. Nataliya Vasilyeva in Moscow, Raf Casert in Brussels, and Michael Balsamo and Eric Tucker in Washington, contributed to this report.

Box Office Top 20: '' Black Panther ' ratings record Monday


Matt Kennedy/ Marvel Studios-Disney via AP

This image launched by Disney shows Chadwick Boseman in a scene from Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther.”

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018|6:49 p.m.

NEW YORK– With a massive $40.2 million in ticket sales Monday, “Black Panther” has actually set another box-office record: greatest Monday ever.

The Walt Disney Co. once again raised its box-office estimates for the Marvel sensation on Tuesday. The movie’s updated Monday performance– $7 million higher than Disney earlier forecast– narrowly topped the previous record, set by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in 2015 with $40.1 million.

The greater Monday figure provides “Black Panther” the second greatest four-day weekend, behind just the $288.1 countless “The Force Awakens.” With $242 million over the Presidents’ Day weekend, “Black Panther” relocations ahead of December’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in the ranks of four-day starts.

Ryan Coogler’s movie, starring Chadwick Boseman, is the very first big-budget tent pole release including a nearly all-black cast. The movie’s three-day gross of $201.8 million ranks 5th highest of all time, not representing inflation.

Worldwide, “Black Panther,” which cost $200 million to make, is likewise outshining earlier quotes. It has actually made $184.6 million abroad so far, providing it a worldwide total of $426.6 million.

The leading 20 films at U.S. and Canadian theaters Friday through Monday, followed by circulation studio, gross, number of theater places, average receipts per place, total gross and number of weeks in release, as compiled Monday by comScore:

1. “Black Panther,” Disney, $242,155,680, 4,020 areas, $60,238 average, $242,155,680, 1 Week.

2. “Peter Bunny,” Sony, $23,382,931, 3,725 locations, $6,277 average, $54,355,473, 2 Weeks.

3. “Fifty Tones Freed,” Universal, $19,439,120, 3,768 areas, $5,159 average, $78,630,575, 2 Weeks.

4. “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle,” Sony, $10,014,906, 2,800 locations, $3,577 average, $379,693,471, 9 Weeks.

5. “The 15:17 To Paris,” Warner Bros., $8,923,106, 3,042 locations, $2,933 average, $26,670,823, 2 Weeks.

6. “The Best Showman,” 20th Century Fox, $6,527,597, 1,936 areas, $3,372 average, $155,905,953, 9 Weeks.

7. “Early Man,” Lionsgate, $4,260,148, 2,494 locations, $1,708 average, $4,260,148, 1 Week.

8. “Labyrinth Runner: The Death Remedy,” 20th Century Fox, $3,243,854, 1,892 areas, $1,715 average, $54,723,980, 4 Weeks.

9. “Winchester,” Lionsgate, $2,619,156, 1,479 places, $1,771 average, $22,249,335, 3 Weeks.

10. “The Post,” 20th Century Fox, $2,437,992, 1,050 places, $2,322 average, $77,047,364, 9 Weeks.

11. “Samson,” Pure Flix, $2,255,864, 1,249 locations, $1,806 average, $2,255,864, 1 Week.

12. “The Forming Of Water,” Fox Searchlight, $2,055,052, 957 areas, $2,147 average, $53,633,766, 12 Weeks.

13. “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri,” Fox Searchlight, $1,895,019, 780 areas, $2,430 average, $48,364,525, 15 Weeks.

14. “Darkest Hour,” Focus Characteristic, $1,153,160, 602 places, $1,916 average, $53,394,852, 13 Weeks.

15. “I, Tonya,” Neon Rated, $1,120,319, 502 locations, $2,232 average, $27,224,441, 11 Weeks.

16. “Den Of Burglars,” STX Home entertainment, $1,116,790, 730 locations, $1,530 average, $43,618,720, 5 Weeks.

17. “12 Strong,” Warner Bros., $1,108,467, 815 places, $1,360 average, $44,256,673, 5 Weeks.

18. “Hostiles,” Entertainment Studios Movement Pictures, $1,004,135, 767 locations, $1,309 average, $28,480,960, 9 Weeks.

19. “Coco,” Disney, $908,454, 385 locations, $2,360 average, $207,389,121, 13 Weeks.

20. “Phantom Thread,” Focus Characteristic, $891,565, 355 places, $2,511 average, $17,888,189, 8 Weeks.

Sharp drop in ratings for Grammy Awards this year


Matt Sayles/ Assocaited Press Bruno Mars and Cardi B carry out” Skill “at the 60th annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, in New York.

Monday, Jan. 29, 2018|5:55 p.m.

NEW YORK– The television audience for Bruno Mars’ controling night at the Grammy Awards was a sparser one than music’s huge night has actually seen for nearly a decade, and a steep decrease of 24 percent from the program a year previously.

The Nielsen company approximated Monday that 19.8 million people viewed the Grammys, compared to 26.1 million last year. It was the Grammys’ smallest audience because 19 million viewed in 2009.

This year’s program suffered from an absence of star power, with big-selling artists Adele, Beyonce and Taylor Swift missing from the stage. It was billed going in as a big night for rap, and while that might be music’s most popular style now, it may have been off-putting for some casual music fans.

Rap artist Kendrick Lamar opened with a collection that featured a representation of dancers being felled by bullets. Comic Dave Chappelle even used an explanation for audiences who may have been uneasy: “The only thing more frightening than watching a black male be honest in America is a black man being sincere in America,” he said.

The show featured some political material, consisting of a cameo of Hillary Clinton checking out from Michael Wolff’s best-seller on the Trump administration, “Fire and Fury,” as well as commentaries on women’s rights and weapon violence.

It was a popular theory on Fox News Channel that an “anti-Trump diatribe” was responsible for some viewers keeping away.

” I can picture sets shutting off when it gets that political,” stated Ainsley Earhardt, a host on “Fox & & Buddies,” the president’s favorite morning program.

The viewership decline was noteworthy compared with other awards reveals just recently. The most current Golden Globes and Oscars telecasts were down 4 percent from the previous year, while last September’s Emmys viewership was roughly the same as the year before, Nielsen said.

Grammy viewership has typically been in between 20 and 30 million this previous years, from a high of 39.9 million individuals who enjoyed in 2012, when the awards occurred quickly after Whitney Houston’s death.

Ratings of farm employees, activists march on Ben & & Jerry ' s.

Saturday, June 17, 2017|12:36 p.m.

MONTPELIER, Vt.– Ratings of dairy farm workers and activists marched Saturday on a Ben & & Jerry’s factory to promote better pay and living conditions on farms that provide milk for the ice cream maker that takes pride in its social advocacy.

Protesters said Ben & & Jerry’s concurred two years ago to take part in the so-called Milk with Dignity program, however the company and worker agents have yet to reach an agreement.

“We can’t wait anymore. We are going to pressure them and see what takes place,” said Victor Diaz, a Mexican immigrant now dealing with a farm in Vergennes.

Ben & & Jerry’s representative Sean Greenwood stated prior to Saturday’s march from the Statehouse to the Waterbury factory that the business aspired to reach a contract and negotiations were underway.

“We are a values-led service. We frame ourselves as an aspiring social justice business,” said Greenwood. “We try to do excellent with whatever we can with our company. Dairy has actually definitely been one of those issues we have actually done a ton of deal with for years.”

Ben & & Jerry’s promotes its social activism as much as its eccentric ice-cream tastes such as Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey and Phish Food. A lot of its raw materials, like sugar, cocoa, vanilla, bananas and coffee come from producers across the world that register for the Fairtrade program, which promotes greater rates and better working conditions for farmers.

About 85 percent of the milk Ben & & Jerry’s uses in its ice cream made in North America originates from about 80 Vermont dairy farms. Its Caring Dairy program promotes sustainable farming by providing farmers money incentives for keeping up with finest management practices.

The Milk with Dignity program was established in 2014 by farm employees and the Vermont group Migrant Justice to guarantee that farms supply them reasonable salaries and working conditions and decent housing. In 2015, Ben & & Jerry’s agreed to sign up with the program. Since then, the 2 sides have actually been working out over the details.

“We have actually been working out in great faith,” stated Will Lambek of Migrant Justice. “It’s an undesirable delay.”

Greenwood stated Ben & & Jerry’s didn’t get the first details from the employees up until a year back and the 2 sides have actually been working since then to reach an agreement.

“It needs to work for the farmers, the farm owners, and it needs to work for business included and that’s the complex piece,” Greenwood stated. “How do you make certain that it will be operationalized so it’s a win-win across the board which’s what we’ve been dealing with for well over a year now.”

Dempsey ratings two times, U.S. beats Honduras 2-1 to open Gold Cup


LM Otero/ AP

U.S. forward Clint Dempsey takes control of the ball in front of Honduras’ Afredo Mejia during the second half of a CONCACAF Gold Cup soccer match in Frisco, Texas, Tuesday, July 7, 2015. The U.S. won 2-1.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015|9 p.m.

FRISCO, Texas– Clint Dempsey scored twice on headers in front his house state fans, and the United States opened defense of its CONCACAF Gold Cup title with a 2-1 victory over Honduras on Tuesday night.

Dempsey’s objectives in the 25th and 64th minutes were created from crosses from Michael Bradley, wearing the captain’s arm band in his 100th worldwide look.

Dempsey’s big night availabled in the same area where the East Texas native trained as a youth, and he enhanced the Americans to 13-0 in Gold Cup openers. With 43 global objectives, he is 14 behind Landon Donovan’s American record.

Carlos Discua scored his first worldwide goal in the 69th minute for Honduras, a semifinalist in the last three Gold Cups.

“It had not been our finest efficiency, but we’re happy to get 3 points from our first game,” Dempsey said.

It was the first competitive match for the U.S. because losing to Belgium in overtime in the second round of in 2013’s World Cup. The Americans, 29-1-2 in Gold Cup group play, meet Haiti on Friday and Panama on Monday. Haiti tied Panama 1-1 in the doubleheader opener.

U.S. goalkeeper Brad Guzan had a couple of hard conserves in the first couple of minutes on a muggy night before a sellout crowd of 22,357 at the house of Major League Soccer’s FC Dallas.

The very first objective developed when DeAndre Yedlin played a short corner kick to Bradley, who crossed on a bounce to the far post. Henry Figueroa’s clearance effort back to Bradley’s side was received at the side of the 6-yard box by Jozy Altidore, who took a touch and shot. Goalkeeper Donis Escobar kicked the ball out with his ideal foot and it popped up to Dempsey, who nodded it in from 6 yards.

Bradley’s complimentary kick from the flank resulted in the 2nd objective. Escobar remained on his line and an unmarked Dempsey jumped 4 backyards out and headed inside the far post.

After a slow-moving start, the united state controlled the pace in the second half until Discua took an awesome pass from Wilmer Crisanto and touched the ball past a standing Ventura Alvarado prior to beating Guzan over the keeper’s left shoulder. Alvarado, who likewise had been eligible to play for Mexico, played his very first competitive match for the U.S. and became tied to the American national group.

Honduras had a number of excellent opportunities in the final 20 minutes, consisting of when Guzan knocked a ball towards Eddie Hernandez, who had an open internet however couldn’t control the ball before it headed out.

Bradley, a boy of former U.S. coach Bob Bradley, ended up being the 16th American male to make 100 worldwide appearances. At 27 years, 341 days, he is the fourth-youngest American after Landon Donovan (26-96), Cobi Jones (27-239) and Marcelo Balboa (27-320).

If the united state wins the Gold Cup, it would get the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia. If another country wins, it would meet the Americans in a playoff for the Confederations Cup berth.

Honduras controlled the speed early, two times checking Guzan in the very first 6 minutes while outshooting the Americans 6-3 before halftime.

Anthony Lozano forced Guzan to make a diving, one-handed save from close range. Guzan tipped a shot from Andy Najar simply over the crossbar about 3 minutes later on, and Najar was close again just before halftime on another hard shot that Guzan let cruise high.

Research Links Full-Day Kindergarten to Greater Test Ratings, Longer Life Expectancy

Full-day kindergarten may be linked to greater levels of instructional attainment and, in turn, much healthier, longer lives, according to a new research released by UNLV’s School of Community Health Sciences and partners.

The health effect assessment (HIA)– assembled using openly offered data acquired from school districts throughout Nevada, as well as existing literature– examined some of the connections in between full-day kindergarten, scholastic success and health.

According to the findings, students enrolled in full-day kindergarten might go on to attain higher levels of education over their lifetimes. Individuals with higher levels of education are more likely to practice healthy behaviors such as working out, preventing tobacco and consuming nutritiously. These could result in a lowered danger of weight problems, cancer, heart disease and other health conditions, and increased life span.

Scientists also discovered evidence that kids who go to full-day kindergarten, specifically in the short-term, have the tendency to accomplish higher mathematics and checking out test scores than those in half-day programs. This appears especially real among Black, Hispanic, English-Language Learner and low-income students. In addition, in a lot of cases, full-day students have higher access to regular meals, which are likewise connected with favorable academic performance.

The research study provides suggestions to decision-makers and the community. They include executing evidence-informed school-based nutrition education and exercise requirements early on, which is revealed to influence favorable eating routines and health into adolescence and beyond.

“As Nevada considers its K-12 education system, it’s important to think how health fits into the image. Decisions made about full-day kindergarten may have health effects, too,” said Max Gakh, an HIA employee and scholar in residence at UNLV’s School of Neighborhood Health Sciences. “There is that connection to health, which is very important to be knowledgeable about for kids and potentially into adulthood too.”

For close to a years, Nevada has offered full-day kindergarten at some of its schools through a mix of free and tuition-based programs, however the dispute around full-day kindergarten expansion continues at both the state and nationwide levels. The analysis was released just as Nevada lawmakers voted this past session to steer countless dollars toward broadening full-day kindergarten offerings statewide.

According to the research, about 87 percent of Nevada public school students registered in kindergarten are estimated to have access to either publicly-funded or tuition-based full-day programs.

HIAs are gaining in popularity nationally and all over the world as a method for public health scientists and specialists to get in touch with other sectors and neighborhoods to check out the health effect of public policy choices. They bring added information to neighborhood decisions, taking both data and the personal experiences of local members into account.

Search the full report on the UNLV School of Neighborhood Health Sciences web site.

The HIA was enabled by a grant from the Health Effect Job, a partnership of the Robert Wood Johnson Structure and The Bench Charitable Trusts dedicated to promoting the use of health impact evaluations in the United States. More information and a searchable map of HIA activity in the United States are available at www.healthimpactproject.org.

The viewpoints revealed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Health Impact Job, Robert Wood Johnson Structure or The Seat Charitable Trusts.