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Caution issued after rattlesnakes found in swimming pool noodles


Firefighters in Arizona are cautioning people after a household reported discovering numerous rattlesnakes inside of their swimming pool noodles.

The family stated several rattlesnakes popped out of two swimming pool noodles that were left beyond the swimming pool, up versus their cinder block wall, according to a Facebook post. When they went to get the swimming pool noodles, a rattlesnake appeared. Luckily, the rattlesnake did not attack.

The family stated it was, nevertheless, concerned about the swimming pool noodles as there were a couple young rattlesnakes still within.

The Buckeye Fire Department said after some research, they found reports of snakes laying eggs inside pool noodles or around pool noodles that were left outdoors near bushes or obstruct fences.

On Monday, Diane Hubbard of Phoenix had a rattlesnake removed from her back patio area.

The snake was hiding behind some pool rafts and a grill.

“I looked out and he was entering my house,” said Hubbard. “He was actually half in the house and half out.”

Bryan Hughes with Rattlesnake Solutions said that when the weather condition climbs up above 105 degrees, rattlesnakes frantically search for an area to cool down.

“When it gets really hot, the snakes actually can’t survive, so they’ll search for anything that’s cool and shaded,” said Hughes. “Anything that offers some moisture, like pool equipment, swimming pool toys or outdoor patio grills.”

Here are some tips from the fire department in case you come across any snakes:

Stay calm: Among the worst things you can do is panic due to the fact that snakes depend on vibrations in the ground to figure out where you are. The faster and more abrupt you move, the more you may terrify the snake.Give it space: You can quickly walk it without frightening it. Just bear in mind that rattlesnakes can coil up and jump excellent lengths so provide it a lot of space.Stay still if you hear a rattle: If you’re initially warned of a rattlesnake by its rattle, you already shocked it. Do not run and instead, stay still. It will probably stop rattling and wriggle away if you remain calm.

If you have any concerns about rattlesnakes contact https://www.rattlesnakesolutions.com/

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Den of rattlesnakes take male'' s GoPro– VIDEO

A Montana guy had a brush with danger while attempting to movie a den of rattlesnakes with his GoPro cam.

Michael J. Delaney was checking out the Australian wilderness when he stumbled upon a den of rattlesnakes, he published on Facebook. In order to film video footage of the snakes up close, he stuck his Go Pro right in the pit of snakes.

After allowing Michael to movie a number of seconds of continuous video footage, the snakes appear to obtain flustered with the video camera and start to strongly lunge at it.

A few efforts to strike the GoPro later and the snakes finally handle to nab the camera and drag it down into their pit. Michael was eventually able to obtain the taken cam using a hockey stick to fish it out.

In order to utilize the GoPro once again, he stated had to clean venom off of the camera, Fox8 reports.

Examine it out above.

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