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Sentenced to 8; out in 1: Man who killed infant released from prison

(Meredith)– In 2015, Justin Havard was founded guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison for killing a baby in 2013 in Jasper, Texas. Now, he’s out of jail after serving just 13 months.

Inning accordance with KFDM, the Texas Board of Pardons & Parole authorized the 27-year-old’s release on Thursday. The circumstance began in 2013 when Havard called 911, declaring his then-girlfriend’s three-month-old infant was choking. After the child passed away at a Houston healthcare facility, an autopsy was carried out, which revealed the child passed away from “ blunt force injury to the head,”not from choking.

Havard spent two years and 11 months in prison waiting for trial, which counted as time served towards any sentence the jury would hand down. Jurors had a choice to sentence Havard anywhere from 5 years to life in jail.

8 years was the decision. Havard’s lawyer, Ryan Gertz, predicted Havard would be out in one year considering that he ‘d already served

3 years in prison and was eligible for parole after serving half of his eight-year sentence. Samantha McDaniel, the mom of Rylan McDaniel, the baby who died, was distraught after finding out of Havard’s release.

“I got a letter saying that they have consented to launch him and I literally cried from the minute I opened up the letter all the method through the next early morning,” she told KTRE.” I’m terrified since I go to Walmart and he can be in there. And, what I

was told and recommended to do is, just for me, to turn around and leave.” McDaniel told KTRE she and her family are not preparing to challenge the probation board’s choice.

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Bundy kid released to halfway house during Las Vegas trial


STEVE MARCUS Ryan Bundy, kid of rancher Cliven Bundy, participates in a Bundy household” Patriot Party “near Bunkerville Friday, April 18, 2014. The family arranged the party to thank people who supported rancher Cliven Bundy in his conflict with the Bureau of Land Management.

Monday, Nov. 13, 2017|6 p.m.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s eldest kid has actually been bought released to a halfway house throughout trial coming from a 2014 armed standoff against federal government representatives in a public lands livestock grazing conflict.

U.S. attorney’s office spokesperson Trisha Young stated Monday that Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro approved Ryan Bundy’s release ahead of openings Tuesday for exactly what is expected to be a four-month case.

Cliven Bundy, child Ammon Bundy and co-defendant Ryan Payne also sought release, but they remain in custody.

Ryan Bundy is functioning as his own legal representative. He argued he was obstructed preparing his case while in prison.

The four guys are implicated of getting a self-styled militia to defy federal government authority, but defense attorneys say no shots were fired, nobody was harmed and there was no conspiracy.

Temporary limiting order released against Rob Kardashian


Jae C. Hong/ AP Blac Chyna, right, and her attorney Lisa Blossom smile at a news conference outside a court house on Monday, July 10, 2017, in Los Angeles. A court commissioner has actually granted Chyna a short-lived limiting order against her former bride-to-be, reality tv star Rob Kardashian.

Monday, July 10, 2017|3:28 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– A court commissioner on Monday provided a short-term limiting order versus Rob Kardashian in response to the reality tv star’s publishing of specific images of his ex-fiancee on social networks recently.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner James E. Blancarte granted the order based on filings by Kardashian’s ex Blac Chyna, who also claims he hit her in the thigh earlier this year, knocking her down and leaving her bruised.

“Rob has been violent with me in the past and I hesitate to be around him,” Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, composed in court files submitted Monday in Los Angeles.

The order bars Kardashian from calling Chyna or coming within 100 yards or her house, car or workplace. The order also forbids him from publishing images online of Chyna or the baby daughter they share.

Chyna’s attorney Lisa Blossom called the hearing as “a total and total success.

“The judge offered us everything we asked for,” she stated.

The order will stay in effect till an Aug. 8 hearing.

Chyna looked for a temporary restraining order on Monday, less than a week after Kardashian went on a tirade versus her on Instagram and Twitter, including publishing specific pictures of her.

Blancarte sealed exhibits in the event, citing their specific nature. Flower has accused Kardashian of cyber bullying.

Blancarte said his main issue was the previous couple’s infant kid. Flower said in court that baby-sitters would handle custody transfers while the order remains in place.

Kardashian did not appear at Monday’s hearing. His legal representative Robert Shapiro said sorry on his client’s behalf outside the court house.

“We apologize and have used our remorses for exactly what has happened over the past few days,” Shapiro said. “And now we progress to do something and one thing just: Whatever remains in the best interest of the kid.

He said the former couple stays focused on their child, who he said is presently being looked after by Kardashian.

“They’re working this out among themselves as good moms and dads,” Shapiro said.

He said Kardashian consented to the issuance of a momentary limiting order.

Outside the courthouse, Chyna stated, “First and foremost, I wish to thank the judge for granting me this limiting order to safeguard me and I wish to (get) back to co-parenting Dream.”

Kardashian and Chyna revealed their engagement in April 2016 and starred in an E! reality reveal about their relationship.

Their child, Dream, was born last November. The couple broke up a month later.

Kardashian is the younger brother of Kim Kardashian and appeared on several seasons of the family’s reality series, “Staying up to date with the Kardashians.”

Associated Press Writer Joseph Longo contributed to this report.

Missouri male released after 17 years in prison when his lookalike is discovered

OLATHE, Kan. (AP)– A Missouri man who spent nearly 17 years in jail for a 1999 burglary was released after supporters discovered another male who looked enough like him that the victim and other witnesses said they could not make certain who committed the criminal activity.

Richard Anthony Jones, of Kansas City, Missouri, always maintained he didn’t dedicate the robbery and 2 years ago asked two companies that promote for inmates for help proving his innocence.

Legal representatives for the Midwest Innocence Task and the Paul E. Wilson Protector Job at the University of Kansas used up his cause. At a hearing Wednesday in Johnson County District Court, they provided the other guy and argued for Jones’ liberty. After the victim and witnesses withdrew their recognition of Jones, Johnson County District Judge Kevin Moriarty ordered Jones’ release, The Kansas City Star reported. Jones was launched Thursday.

“We were floored by what does it cost? they looked alike,” stated Jones’ lawyer, Alice Craig.

While not saying the other man dedicated the criminal activity, Moriarty found that based on the new evidence, no affordable juror would have convicted Jones.

The other man, known as “Ricky,” testified at the hearing that he did not commit the robbery.

During their investigation, Jones’ supporters found proof that the other guy resided in Kansas City, Kansas, near where the break-in occurred at a Walmart in Roeland Park. No DNA, finger print or other physical proof linked Jones to the criminal activity but he was convicted of worsened break-in based on eyewitness testament.

Private investigators concentrated on Jones after his picture was chosen of a cops database 3 months after the crime by a man who confessed he was on drugs throughout his only encounter with Jones, according to court files filed by the defense.

Jones’ legal representatives argued the lineup of photos shown to the victim and other witnesses was “extremely suggestive,” with Jones’ photo the only one of six photos that looked like the description of the burglary suspect.

After the innocence project lawyers showed the photos of the two guys to the victim, two witnesses and the prosecutor in Jones’ case, all four said they could not tell the two males apart.

At trial, Jones testified that he was with his girlfriend and other family members in Kansas City on the day of the robbery. He was sentenced to more than 19 years in jail and unsuccessfully appealed the conviction and sentence.

Craig said Jones was bitter and angry throughout his incarceration but when he saw the picture of the other male, he comprehended how quickly the witnesses could have been misinterpreted.

“Everybody has a doppelganger,” Craig said. “Fortunately we found his.”


Details from: The Kansas City Star, http://www.kcstar.com

Male pulled from Venetian canal released from medical facility

Two guys who were pulled from an outdoor canal last week at The Venetian are out of the health center, according to a University Medical Center spokesperson.

Metro, Clark County firemens and Medic West paramedics were phoned call to The Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., about 7:45 a.m. August 24 after 2 men aimed to swim across the casino’s outdoor canal.

Gambling establishment security had accompanied the guys from the building for trespassing previously that day, Venetian spokesman Ron Reese stated Monday. Later they were identified in the water on monitoring video cameras. It had not been their first interaction with Venetian personnel.

“They were understood to our security,” Reese stated.

The men, whose ages were not immediately readily available, were pulled from the water and brought to UMC in critical condition, the fire department said the day of the rescue.

Both men had actually been released from the hospital by Monday afternoon, UMC spokeswoman Erica Nansen said.

The casino’s outside “main shallows”– which is 11 to 12 feet deep and sits between Las Vegas Boulevard and the gambling establishment’s front entryway– is the path for outside gondola trips. Those trips do not start till 10 a.m., so they weren’t in operation at the time of the rescue.

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Heat warning released for Sunday

Nestle, Las Vegas. Sunday’s forecast requires heat.

Highs will certainly reach 110 degrees– near record highs– on Sunday and Monday, the National Weather Service said. Lows will dip to about 85 in the evening.

An excessive heat caution enters into result midday Sunday and ends 8 p.m. Monday, meteorologist Caleb Steele stated.

In response to the heat, Las Vegas cooling stations are opening their doors.

The city of Las Vegas has 3 daytime shelters for the homeless: Catholic Charities at 1511 Las Vegas Blvd. South is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Redemption Army at 33 W. Owens Ave. is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the Shade Tree at 1 W. Owens Ave. is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Catholic Charities is providing shelter for men, the Salvation Army is providing shelter to grownups and the Shade Tree is offering shelter for females and children, the city said.

Temperatures are anticipated to drop a couple of degrees by midweek, but the valley will still have above-normal temperatures, the Weather condition Service said. Highs for Tuesday and Wednesday are anticipated to be about 105 degrees.

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Heat strikes Vegas, warning released for Sunday

Nestle, Las Vegas. This weekend’s forecast is bringing the heat.

“Regardless of the extreme heat cautioning beginning Sunday, Saturday is going to be pretty uneasy,” meteorologist Chad Shafer stated.

Staying moisture will make the forecast high of 108 feel even hotter, Shafer said. There’s a small opportunity for thunderstorms – about 10 percent in the valley – but for the most part, Saturday will just be clammy. Nighttime lows need to dip to a warm 86 degrees.

An excessive heat caution enters into result midday Sunday and expires 8 p.m. Monday, Shafer said. Both days ought to see temperature levels climb to about 110 degrees. Lows will certainly be about 85 at night.

Since of the monsoon activity and cooler temperature levels in the recently, the weather condition service is concerned that people aren’t as acclimated to the heat as they usually would be by this time of year, Shafer said.

“We’re looking at a quite prolonged spell of heat,” Shafer stated.

Luckily, the valley will certainly dry Sunday and Monday, Shafer stated. Otherwise, there’s very little relief from the heat.

“We are strongly advising people take preventative measures this weekend,” Shafer said. Those consist of remaining hydrated and taking lots of water to outdoor activities.

Temperatures are forecast to drop a few degrees midweek, but the valley will certainly still be above the normal temperature level for this time of year, which is 102 degrees. Tuesday and Wednesday will come to a head about 105.

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Mortgages released by lenders up this year, nearly on par with national average

Lenders have actually been issuing Las Vegas property buyers more home loans this previous year, however volume still fades in comparison to the peak of the realty bubble, a new report states.

A total of 8,191 home loans were doled out for house purchases in Southern Nevada in the three months ending June 30, up 8 percent from the same duration in 2013, according to RealtyTrac.

The speed was just behind the nationwide average. Lenders issued roughly 738,000 loans for purchases nationally in the second quarter, up 9 percent year-over-year.

At the same time, loan providers have been refinancing mortgages locally and throughout the nation at a fast speed this past year amid historically low rate of interest that, despite increasing because January, remain below in 2013’s levels.

A total of 10,273 refinancing loans were provided in the 2nd quarter in the Las Vegas area, up 40 percent from the exact same duration in 2013, RealtyTrac reported.

Nationally, loan providers composed more than 1.2 million “refis” last quarter, up 32 percent.

The typical rate of interest in June for a 30-year home mortgage was 3.98 percent, up from 3.67 percent in January however below 4.16 percent in June 2014, according to mortgage-finance company Freddie Mac.

Rates climbed up again last month, to approximately 4.05 percent.

In spite of the increase in Las Vegas for purchases, home loan loan providers were far busier here last years prior to the economy broke down, when banks provided cash to virtually anybody to purchase a location. Fueled by simple money, housing costs increased.

Throughout the bubble years of 2004 to 2006, loan providers provided approximately 7,331 loans monthly for house purchases in Southern Nevada, according to RealtyTrac information.

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Flash flood watch released for Southern Nevada

Bolts of lightning hit the ground near Las Vegas on July 6, 2015. (tsclick/FOX5 Report It)Bolts of lightning struck the ground near Las Vegas on July 6, 2015. (tsclick/FOX5 Report It).
A storm moves over the Las Vegas Valley in this image from Monday, July 6. (Ashley Ranan/FOX5 Report It)A storm conforms the Las Vegas Valley in this image from Monday, July 6. (Ashley Ranan/FOX5 Report It).


After storms left much of the Las Vegas Valley flooded Monday night, forecasters alerted of more heavy rainfall for the region Tuesday.

The National Weather Service released a flash flood watch for all of Southern Nevada from noon up until 9 p.m. Tuesday.

According to FOX5 early morning weather anchor Cassandra Jones, slow-moving showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop throughout the area Tuesday afternoon and continue into the night hours. The storms will likely produce heavy rainfall, which will lead to flash flooding.

On Monday, a huge storm that began in the northwest Las Vegas Valley enhanced in strength as it handled main areas of the city. The storm dumped more than an inch of rain on some locations in western Las Vegas, which cause fast increases in water on roadways and in washes.

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By 8 p.m., the storm had actually moved southeast of the city, leaving flooded roads and sending out crews into rescue mode.

At about 6:30, we started getting calls for individuals needing support because they were stuck in automobiles due to floodwaters,” said Tim Szymanski, spokesman for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.” [The water] came down Charleston, Sahara [and] some places on Desert Inn with such force it blew off manhole covers. So, it was a hazard.”

Motorists were reminded that it is never ever safe to drive through flood waters. On July 1, a law took effect in Nevada, which needs motorists who purposefully drive into flood waters to spend for the costs of their rescue.

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