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Is avarice a brand-new religious tenet?

Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018|2 a.m.

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It’s main. We have entered an alternate universe.

A U.S. local and reporter was brutally assassinated by the same nation that gave us the majority of the 9/11 opponents.

Pat Robertson says one male’s murder should not interfere with our monetary deals. Robertson’s empire is developed on Christianity. Jesus Christ was completely murdered. His life was worth 30 pieces of silver to Judas Iscariot, according to the Bible.

While our children enjoy the phony scariness of Halloween, we face the real horror of religion being sold out for politics and money.

Medical, Educational and Religious Utilizes Fortify Southeastern Shopping Centers

Specialist Who Supervises 360 Southeast U.S. Residence Sees Demand From Non-Traditional Retail Tenants

Alex Munoz, managing director with Atlanta-based retail real estate company, The Shopping mall Group.Courtesy: The Shopping Mall Group.On the eve

of the International Council of Shopping Centers’ Florida conference, a specialist who supervises 360 homes in the Southeast U.S. says he’s bullish on retail, thanks to the wave of non-retailers filling shopping mall.

Alex Munoz of The Shopping Center Group stated he’s seeing more non-retail tenants leasing retail areas, which’s assisting enhance markets across the Southeast. “Non-traditional uses are becoming a vital part of retail and are inhabiting increasingly more space,” Munoz told CoStar News.

The growing popularity of “severe regional renters” with a couple of locations also is assisting fill retail areas, in addition to startup sellers, Munoz stated.

“I’m quite bullish on the Southeast right now,” said Munoz, whose group of 25 experts represents retail center owners in marketing and renting their residential or commercial properties. “We’re seeing extremely strong demand for well-located real estate.”

Munoz, a retail veteran based in Charlotte, North Carolina, was promoted recently to handling director of The Shopping Center Group, an Atlanta-based services firm that focuses exclusively on retail property. In his new position, Munoz supervises The Shopping Center Group’s 8 offices in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. The portfolio consists of 34 million square feet of retail in 360 residential or commercial properties.

One of his first assignments will be to attend next week’s ICSC Florida Conference & & Deal Making event in Orlando. While there, Munoz stated he will focus on company development, consult with existing clients and display the company’s readily available properties. “The conference is essential to us” due to the fact that The Shopping Center Group has four offices and several customers in Florida.

In his 17 years in retail, Munoz has seen many patterns, including the effect technology and e-commerce are having on shopping centers and those who own them. As internet sellers and startup companies look for physical areas, property managers are becoming more versatile in their monetary requirements and lease terms, he stated.

Landlords also are welcoming non-retail tenants such as healthcare facilities, urgent-care centers, storage business, religious outfits and instructional outlets to fill spaces in their centers, Munoz stated. “It’s all about these non- conventional tenants making it easier [for clients and consumers] to access their services,” he said.

One week into his new role, Munoz stated he leans on characteristics he got from one of his very first jobs as an instructor with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. “As an instructor I discovered the requirement for persistence, strong communication skills and strong planning,” and the very same uses in retail,” he stated.

Nevada church states school restriction on religious leaflets illegal

Friday, Dec. 1, 2017|2:41 p.m.

RENO– An evangelical Christian church in Nevada says its First Modification rights are being violated by a rural school district’s restriction on promotional leaflets the church wishes to distribute at a school community program together with other charitable companies.

Legal Representatives for Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley sent out a letter to the Lyon County School District today demanding equal access to its community flyer circulation program.

Under the title of “Unconstitutional Censorship of Religious Viewpoints,” they suggest the district east of Reno could deal with a suit if they fail to change existing policy.

The policy embraced in July states the district recognizes that many outside organizations “add to the education and positive development of trainees and their households,” and therefore the district may assist those groups in dispersing leaflets and announcements. But it particularly restricts flyers that are “planned to promote a partisan political cause/candidate, promote a spiritual opinion/belief, are propagandistic or proselytizing.”

District authorities maintain the policy is legal. They said in a statement offered to The Associated Press on Friday they were caught by surprise by the criticism and have provided to consult with church authorities to discuss their issues.

The church in Dayton 15 miles northeast of Carson City is being represented by a private law office and the First Liberty Institute, a Texas-based public interest law firm that describes itself as the largest legal organization in the nation devoted solely to defending religious flexibilities.

Amber Williams, a private Las Vegas-based attorney, stated in the Nov. 28 letter that the district refused to disperse flyers about the church’s “Harvest Celebration” in late October and an “Outside Adventures” program involving “outside activities and Christian mentorship.”

The district has dispersed leaflets about similar activities involving outdoor programs, sports leagues, and Halloween parties from a variety of regional neighborhood groups, including Boys and Ladies Clubs, Williams composed.

But district officials refused to enable the church’s leaflets unless they got rid of pictures of a cross and Bible quotes and changed expressions such as “Christ-centered discipleship/mentoring program” to “mentoring program,” she stated.

The U.S. Supreme Court has actually ruled that “school employees, like all government stars, are needed to remain neutral with regard to personal spiritual speech,” Williams composed. Because the district disperses “considerably similar leaflets from a secular point of view,” she said the school needs to deal with leaflets “from a religious point of view” in the exact same way.

“They may not single out a church’s flyers for censorship, and they may not force a church to scrub the leaflets of any spiritual language,” included Stephanie Taub, a lawyer for Very first Liberty. “That is hostility towards religion.”

District spokeswoman Erika Garcia said in a declaration emailed to AP that the district “has actually always enjoyed a great relationship with this church.”

To name a few things, the district allows the church to host an after-school program at Dayton Elementary School and has offered volunteers to assist establish tables at family nights “while using t-shirts with church recognizing logo designs,” she stated.

An assistant pastor for Calvary Chapel attended one of the 2 public meetings on the policy adopted on July 25, but “did not comment or supply any input,” she said.

Garcia said they wish to consult with church leaders and their lawyers to describe “our view as to why the policy is legal and in compliance with all constitutional requirements and, more notably, to deal with any issues they might have.”

GOP religious conservatives channeling anger toward triumph

Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015|7:50 a.m.

WASHINGTON (AP)– Spiritual activists in the Republican Celebration, bolstered by Residence Speaker John Boehner’s abrupt exit, say the next GOP governmental candidate should share their uncompromising stance on abortion rights, gay marital relationship and other top priorities to obtain to the White Residence.

“You can not win a main then succeed in the basic election without having strength within the ranks of social conservative voters,” said Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council Action. The group’s yearly Values Voter Summit drew nearly 2,700 lobbyists to Washington this weekend.

“Conservatives are on fire at the minute,” said Gary Bauer, a former president of the Family Research Council who spoke at the conference.

Participants cheered Boehner’s announcement Friday that he would resign from Congress by the end of October. That the veteran congressman was viewed by numerous in the party base as reluctant to do everything possible to ward off Democrats, consisting of turning off the government over Planned Being a parent funding, was evidence of the deep divide within the GOP.

A pushed conservative motion signals fresh problem for White Home candidates seen by the exact same celebration members as insufficiently committed to their cause. Chief amongst them is former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, whose assistance of migration reform and Typical Core education standards make him inappropriate to that bloc.

Such hard-line conservatives were deeply dissatisfied with the last two Republican governmental nominees– former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012 and Arizona Sen. John McCain in 2008. The resignation of Boehner, 2nd in line in governmental succession, provides them brand-new hope that the party may choose a prospect who energizes the most enthusiastic conservative voters even if she or he is less appealing in a general election.

Perkins said that in 2012 socially conservative voters chose to stay at home rather than choose Romney, an assertion disputed by other election analysis. However he said he thinks that the characteristics are various entering into 2016 and that a prospect who delights conservatives will certainly emerge.

“Ideally they’ve discovered their lesson,” he stated of the Republican Party.

A co-founder of the tea party motion, Mark Meckler, stated Boehner was simply another facility figure taken down by annoyed conservatives.

“Today, the insurgency is more emboldened than ever and plannings to even further control the governmental elections in 2016,” Meckler said. “Our influence is growing.”

In the congested corridors of the Values Voter conference, 60-year-old Alvin Kaddatz said the turmoil on Capitol Hillside sends a clear message to the presidential field.

“They have to be paying attention to whatever individuals are stating,” stated Kaddatz, who offers farm equipment in Hillsboro, Texas. “They need to follow through on their promises. And if they do not, elections have effects.”

It’s uncertain whether grass-roots conservatives can support their difficult talk. But in a without a doubt anti-establishment climate, the leading presidential competitors seem complying, at least in the meantime.

A lot of support a tea party-backed step to strip federal dollars from the women’s healthcare provider Planned Parenthood as part of spending plan negotiations, even if such a move triggers a partial federal government shutdown as early as today.

Surveys reveal a bulk of voters oppose such brinkmanship over this issue. Republicans were mainly blamed the last time government closed down over financing for the Affordable Care Act, which lasted 16 days in 2013.

Who’s shown a determination to take it that far? Business owner Donald Trump; Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas; former technology executive Carly Fiorina; retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; Govs. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Chris Christie of New Jersey; and previous Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

All those in the race wish to remove the money from Planned Being a parent, but just a few want to do that without risking a shutdown. Put Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Bush because category, a stance that does not assist Bush with conservatives currently doubtful of his dedication to their principles.

Bush was missing from the Values Voter speaking program. He cited a scheduling conflict, and Perkins revealed surprise that Bush didn’t participate in given that Trump, Carson and Fiorina are leading in numerous polls.

“He needs to do well with this voting bloc,” Perkins said. “He needs all the assistance he can get.”

Bush’s group mentioned 14 public and private conferences with religious conservative leaders considering that April, suggesting that his absence from the Values Voter summit did not signify a lack of dedication to their top priorities.

For Arlie Olsen, 64, who raises pigs in Flowering Prairie, Minnesota, Boehner’s departure was “a good omen for where the nation may be headed.”

Olsen offered a message to his party’s 2016 class of White Home hopefuls: “It is going to be truly hard for a candidate to win if they do not have the support of this group.”

Miracle catches turn football into religious experience for Public Relations executive

College football became a spiritual experience Saturday for Las Vegas public relations executive Melissa Warren and family members.

She and hubby, Clark Warren, were enjoying completion of the BYU-Nebraska video game in your home when her nephew, freshman backup quarterback Tanner Mangum, connected on a 42-yard Hail Mary pass to Mitch Mathews to shock Nebraska, 33-28, in Lincoln.

Then a crazy day for the family got crazier.

Mangum’s brother, Madison, a pass receiver for Idaho State, made a one-handed circus catch for among his three touchdowns in a 55-0 thrashing of Black Hills State.

ESPN’s “SportsCenter” was so pleased it rated Tanner’s miracle touchdown No. 1 on its “Plays of the Day” and Madison’s catch No. 2.

“The more fascinating nugget,” Melissa Warren said through email, “is my bro, Michael, dad of Tanner and Madison, along with his better half, Karen, participated in Madison’s game in Pocatello. Provided their sons’ football schedules, they have actually diligently divided the season to go to half of each child’s games.

“When they heard Tanner got into the game, they began watching it on a mobile phone, which died right prior to Tanner’s Hail Mary pass!”

Tanner Mangum, who was an LDS missionary in Chile in June, had actually replaced Taysom Hillside, who hurt his foot throughout a goal run. Mangum, a true freshman, was not your average unskilled backup. Four years ago, he and Jameis Winston were co-MVPs of the Nike Elite 11, representing the top high school quarterbacks in the nation.

“So we constantly understood he was an incredibly talent,” said Melissa Warren, a managing partner of the Public Relations company Faiss Foley Warren.

The Mangum household story has an interesting twist.

“I matured in Salt Lake City and graduated from the University of Utah,” Warren stated.

“My immediate and extended family are divided into 2 camps: red and blue (believe Jack Mormon and Mormon),” she said. “We more defiant Jack Mormons attended the University of Utah while the more passionate of the family participated in BYU.”

Throughout the BYU-Nebraska video game, she received text messages from buddies. Among them was one from former Channel 3 anchor Kendall Tenney, a BYU graduate, minutes after BYU’s impressive surface.

“Melissa Warren, fall to your knees! You might need to go back to the Church after all!”

Most likely not, said Warren, “but I will certainly go as far as to put on BYU blue on video game days.”

When Terry fulfilled Angie

Moved-up wedding strategies didn’t stop Terry Fator from keeping a dedication to his fans.

The Mirage’s headlining ventriloquist got hitched to Angie Fiore on Thursday at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas and brought her on phase to announce it at his program. Then they avoided for his weekend engagements at state fairs in Pueblo, Colo., and Grand Island, Neb.

. The unofficial honeymoon weekend in Pueblo and Grand Island will certainly be defeated by the main honeymoon in Europe in January, he said.

The couple’s Nov. 28 wedding event got moved up when Fator created an emotional touch. Upon learning the wedding anniversary of his wife-to-be’s late father and mothers was Sept. 3, Fator raised the concept of having the wedding event sooner.

They fell in love with the Tuscan-themed chapel at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas and chose to have the wedding within a week.

Angie asked Fator if he would like to use her father’s wedding event ring. “Her moms and dads were married 66 years,” stated Fator, who developed another unique touch. Angie’s daddy was a singer and “among his preferred songs was ‘You’ll Never Stroll Alone,'” Fator said. He sang the tune at the wedding.

A difficult year that began with a divorce from his spouse and phase assistant, Taylor Makakoa, took an unanticipated turn in the spring when he was presented to Fiore, a Dallas caterer, at an event honoring him in Corsicana, Texas. A theater was called after the “America’s Got Skill” winner.

A few nights later on throughout their first supper “actually, lightning struck,” Fator stated. “We had opened the window and lightning struck.”

The big wedding is still on Nov. 28. “I didn’t want to wait that long,” he stated.

“It resembles that line in (the movie) ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ When you fulfill the person you want to spend the rest of your life, you desire the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

The Scene and Heard

Alan Stock, who attended on Jim Villanucci’s talk-show on KNXT-AM 840 recently, will certainly substitute him Tuesday through Friday (3 to 6 p.m.)

On this day

Sept. 7, 1996: Rap artist Tupac Shakur is fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting on Flamingo Roadway near the Strip after going to the Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldon battle. Shakur, who passed away 6 days later on, was riding in an automobile driven by Marion “Suge” Knight. Despite extensive suspicion that the murder is connected to a fight amongst rappers, no arrests were made.


Houston Rockets star James Harden, with friends in a cabana at Repetition Beach Club (Wynn) on Saturday. … “Orange is the New Black” breakout star Ruby Rose and her fiancee, Phoebe Dahl, taking pictures backstage with DJs Diplo, Major Lazer’s Jillionaire and Zedd. … Trey Songz, with guests at Hakkasan restaurant (MGM Grand) on Saturday. … Comedian Russell Peters, with a group of 20 that included UFC announcer Bruce Buffer at N9ne Steakhouse (Palms) on Saturday. … “Jersey Coast” stars Pauly D and Ronnie Magro, reuniting at Rehabilitation (Acid rock) on Saturday. In the crowd: “Chumlee” Russell of “Pawn Stars,” commemorating his 33rd birthday, and Michael Pericoloso of “Dating Naked.” … Ron Yuan of “Boys of Anarchy,” with starlet Cindy Chiu of “Bring It On: All or Nothing,” dining at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse (The D) on Saturday. Also in the restaurant: UFC ladies Arianny Celeste and Britney Palmer, sharing wine, oysters and lobster risotto.

The Punch Line

“I saw that during a city center in Miami today, Jeb Bush attacked Donald Trump in both Spanish and English. And later on that night, Donald Trump responded in both English and much, much louder English.”– Jimmy Fallon

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