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Dallas cops responding to possible active shooter

Monday, April 24, 2017|10:52 a.m.

DALLAS– Dallas police said officers are responding Monday to reports of an individual with a weapon at an office complex in the north of the city.

Authorities supplied no other information, including whether any shots were fired or any injuries reported in 911 calls Monday morning.

Television video footage showed a heavy authorities action, including a SWAT group, at the multi-story office building along an interstate. A damaged window can be seen on one of the upper floors of the mirrored tower.

Dallas Fire-Rescue stated they dispatched 3 rescue systems to the scene. A Dallas Fire-Rescue representative could not verify whether there were any deaths.

Hannah Greenhaw was among the employees evacuated securely from the workplaces near a multi-level highway interchange known as the High Five.

Greenhaw informed KXAS-TV that individuals from a workplace across the hall came over to warn them to lock the doors due to the fact that there had been reports of an active shooter. Everybody in her office hurried to a corner in the back and ended up the lights, she stated.

Equipped tactical police officers then showed up, entered her workplace and informed the workers to put their hands up, according to Greenhaw. Officers assisted evacuate everybody from the building, she said, with some individuals enabled to utilize elevators.

“There was a few people who could not in fact walk down 10 flights of stairs,” Greenhaw said.

Law enforcement agent shot after responding to incorrect house


Ben Gray/ Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

DeKalb County policeman work at the scene where an Atlanta-based officer was shot Monday evening, Aug. 31, 2015, 5 miles from Atlanta.

Monday, Aug. 31, 2015|9 p.m.

ATLANTA– A policeman was shot and seriously wounded Monday when he reacted to a call of a suspicious person and appeared at the wrong home, authorities said.

The homeowner was likewise shot in the leg and his pet was killed in exactly what DeKalb County cops Chief Cedric Alexander is calling a complicated shooting. Officers fired their weapons, the chief said, however it’s unclear if the house owner had a weapon.

Alexander said his department would normally manage the investigation because it did not involve a death, but because of the unusual circumstance, he asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to check out it.

“We did respond to the incorrect residence tonight and after that these other circumstances unfolded,” he stated.

Alexander stated the scenario happened like this: A community local called 911 at 7:34 p.m. to report a suspicious person and explained a the home of the dispatcher. Three officers reacted to a residence that fit the description the caller provided 911. The officers went to the back of the house and discovered that a screen door and a rear door were unlocked.

“That in and of itself would probably suggest to anybody that it is possible that there could be intruders within, but it ended up not to be the case,” Alexander stated. “Somewhere at the rear of that home, some things occurred that have yet to be identified.”

The officers had actually just entered the home when the gunfire emerged.

“There was gunfire, I simply can not inform you who fired and who did not,” he stated.

An officer was shot in the leg and lost a great deal of blood. He was hurried to the health center and was undergoing surgical treatment. The homeowner was also taken to the health center.

The house owner’s sweetheart was at the home at the time of the shooting and called 911.

Derek Perez informed The Associated Press that he reported the suspicious individual. He stated he was walking his canine when he saw a male knock on a next-door neighbor’s door then just stand in the yard. He said he then heard a loud sound, a pet dog barking and didn’t see the man anymore. There had actually been burglaries in the area just recently, so he called 911, he stated.

Simply as he was about to go into his house, he heard the gunshots, but they didn’t come from your home where he had reported the suspicious person.

Police were still investigating whether there was a burglary at the house where the suspicious individual was found.

All three officers have actually been placed on management leave.

The shooting took place in a community about 5 miles from downtown Atlanta.