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Homeless man believed of sexually assaulting girl at Las Vegas park

Marc Wheeler (Source: LVMPD)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/09/14814036_G.jpg" alt =" Marc Wheeler( Source: LVMPD)"

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” 0″ width=” 180″/ > Marc Wheeler( Source: LVMPD). LAS VEGAS( FOX5) -. A homeless man was jailed on kidnapping, sexual assault, and lewdness charges for presumably assaulting a woman at a Las Vegas park.

According to the arrest report for Marc Wheeler, the victim and her mother were in town visiting household when they decided to have a picnic at Lubertha Johnson Park, near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Lake Mead Boulevard on Aug. 20. The victim was playing with 2 kids she fulfilled at the park while her mother was aiming to take a nap in her car, which was in front of where the kids were playing.

At one point, the woman had to use the bathroom, so she went into the ladies’s restroom but heard a guy’s voice originating from the stall. The lady said she looked under the stall and saw “dirty gray boots” so she left and went to the men’s toilet. After she used the restroom she saw a man, determined as Wheeler, sitting on the sink, who informed her to stop or she would get a “whoopin.” The lady stated she attempted to leave however he stopped her, pulled his pants down, and touched her personal parts.

The woman pressed Wheeler and went out to her mom.

Her mother got out of her cars and truck to confront Wheeler and he asked her “exactly what the little woman implicated him of doing to her.” The mother then asked a couple on a neighboring bench to utilize their phone due to the fact that hers had passed away. The male resting on the bench got up and punched Wheeler in the face, causing him to fall. He got up and ran from the location.

The mom got in her automobile to attempt and find him but she was not able to.

Detectives ultimately discovered Wheeler and in an interview with authorities, he admitted he was at the park and used the restroom however continued to alter his story when discussing what took place afterward.

Wheeler was apprehended on Aug. 23. He is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center.

He is arranged to appear in court on Sept. 6.

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HIV-positive male sentenced after sexually assaulting 9-year-old lady

Source: CCDCSource: CCDC


A Moncks Corner male was sentenced Thursday for sexually attacking a 9-year-old lady and exposing her to HIV, prosecutors said.

Jefferey Lance Whitsett, 27, was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

Authorities found out of the abuse after the victim informed her mom that Whitsett had been attacking her for months, 9th Circuit Lawyer Scarlett Wilson stated in a statement.

The girl’s underclothing was discovered weeks later on in Whitsett’s motorbike store, and professionals found his DNA on the proof.

Whitsett was found guilty on 6 counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and one count of exposing another to the virus that causes AIDS.

Statement that helped trigger his conviction included accounts from experts, the lady’s household and the victim herself.

Circuit Judge Kristi Harrington sentenced Whitsett to 45 years and 10 years on the charges, respectively.

The sexual conduct charge might have brought between 25 years to life behind bars.

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OKAY guy apprehended after conspiring with pregnant lady to sexually abuse newborn

(Source KFOR)< img src =" /wp-content/uploads/2017/06/14138301_G.jpg" alt ="( Source KFOR)"

title =” (Source KFOR)” border =” 0″ width=”180″/ > (Source KFOR). YUKON, OKAY (KFOR)– Daniel Thomas J. Deffner, 39, of Yukon, was jailed after he apparently conspired to sexually abuse a newborn baby.

Deffner traded kid pornography and was participated in a conversation involving child exploitation with a pregnant female, who resides in Midwest City, through Facebook. Authorities say Facebook messages reveal the two planned to rape, abuse and sexually molest the unborn child.

Authorities state the mother of the kid not just agreed to permit Deffner to live out his dreadful sexual dreams on her newborn but specified that she would take part in it as well.

” This is one of, if not the sickest things I have actually ever heard of, and I can’t describe the evil and psychopathic information of exactly what they were planning to do to this innocent and defenseless baby,” Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said in a news release.

Authorities likewise discovered an 11-year-old Oklahoma County woman Deffner had actually allegedly controlled into sending naked pictures of herself and orchestrated an individual encounter with previously this year.

Canadian County Constable’s private investigators found multiple electronic devices containing around seven pictures of the 11-year-old girl, and other child pornography.

” It sickens me to no end that an 11-year-old lady invested any quantity of time alone with such a sick and lunatic person as Deffner. I pray that infant wasn’t scarred for life,” said West.

Deffner was jailed on June 9th in Canadian County on charges for Procuring a Minor in Child Porn, Belongings of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, and one count of Belongings of Drug Stuff.

Authorities state the pregnant lady’s kids have actually been put into protective custody with the Oklahoma Department of Human being Providers. Her identity has actually not been launched at this time.

Details offered by KFOR.