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This week: Tarkanian shows up in NYT, and exactly what are kids snorting?


Steve Marcus In this file picture, Danny Tarkanian, Republican than a candidate for Congress, responds to a question throughout an interview at the Railroad Pass Casino Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016.


Friday, Dec. 15, 2017|2 a.m. The Senate election in Alabama, net neutrality and the Republicans ‘tax plan controlled the news this week. Here’s a chance to check your knowledge about other happenings.

– Nevada Republican Senate prospect Danny Tarkanian turned up in a New York Times story stating that which of the following groups considered him an “excruciating” general election prospect and would actively oppose him in the primary?

A. The American Civil Liberties Union

B. Mitch McConnell and his allies

C. The Center for American Progress

Answer: B. The story, released after the Alabama Senate election Tuesday, was headlined “Alabama loss exposes Republican fissures amidst a Democratic rise.” An excerpt: “With their majority reduced to a single seat, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate majority leader, and his lieutenants stay uneasy about what anti-establishment forces might do in next year’s main races and have determined at least two extra projects where they think Bannon-backed prospects might weaken the celebration.

“McConnell’s allies plan to intervene as aggressively as needed in Arizona, where Kelli Ward, a reactionary former state lawmaker, is seeking the seat that will be left by Sen. Jeff Flake, and in Nevada, where Danny Tarkanian, a seasonal candidate who has actually branded himself as a Trump cheerleader, is challenging Sen. Dean Heller in a Republican primary race.”

– Fill out the blank in this heading Tuesday from The Motley Fool: Why _______ Is the Hottest Casino Stock

A. Wynn Resorts

B. Penn Gaming

C. Caesars Home Entertainment

Response: A. The monetary services company reported that shares of Wynn stock were up 84 percent in 2017 and 131 percent given that the start of 2016. Key aspects are a boost in VIP gaming in Macau, a location where Wynn excels, and the development potential the business is taking pleasure in after opening Wynn Palace in Macau last year, recently starting building and construction of Wynn Boston Harbor and working toward an early 2018 start on building and construction of its advancement on the premises of the existing Wynn golf course.

– Real or false: The Reno Aces minor-league baseball team got its shorts in a knot this week after it was announced that Las Vegas’ WNBA group would be called the Aces.

Response: Real. The Reno Aces published several snitty tweets after the statement, mentioning that they ‘d had their name for several years. Sample: In reaction to a tweet from KLAS-TV sports anchor/reporter Kevaney Martin stating, “Las Vegas: house of the Aces!,” the Reno Aces tweeted, “nah. Reno has been the home of the Aces for 10 years. #JustGoogleIt.”

– In a brand-new research study, the Center for American Entrepreneurship found that what portion of the leading 35 companies on this year’s Fortune 500 list were begun by immigrants or their children?

A. Less than 20 percent

B. About one-third

C. Majority

Response: C– 57 percent.

– It was revealed this week that the 500th episode of “Pawn Stars” would air in January on History. Which of the following TV series aired more episodes than the Las Vegas-based reality program?

A. “Gold mine”

B. “Dallas”

C.”Law and Order”

D. None of the above

Answer: D. “Gold mine” aired 430 episodes in 14 seasons starting in 1959, “Dallas” aired 357 episodes in 14 seasons starting in 1978 and “Order”– the original series– aired 456 episodes in 20 seasons beginning in 1990.

– Fossils of an ancient penguin were discovered today in New Zealand. How high was the bird?

A. As tall as a crested penguin

B. As tall as an emperor penguin

C. As tall as a Pittsburgh Penguin

Response: C. Well, sort of. The bird would have had to do with 5 feet 10 inches when swimming, with its neck stretched out and its beak pointed forward. Basing on land, it would have been 5-3. Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby is noted at 5-11. Emperor penguins are about 4 feet high, and crested penguins have to do with 2 feet tall.

– On Thursday, the Sheriffs Association of Texas responded to a tweet from the Philadelphia Police Department by saying, “It might take us a while to get there, however let us understand if y’ all require someone to show you how it’s done.” What was the Sheriffs Association talking about?

A. Offering training for Philadelphia’s new mounted authorities team

B. Corralling a runaway cow

C. Buying boots

Answer: B. Twice, Philadelphia police needed to find a cow that escaped from a church’s live-animal Nativity scene. “If you remain in the location of Fourth and Market, beware of traffic hold-ups. A cow is loose. Once again. No, we can’t believe we’re tweeting this either,” the authorities department tweeted.

– On Tuesday, the FDA provided an alerting about the threats of smelling which of the following substances?

A. Bath salts

B. Nutmeg

C. Chocolate

Response: C. The caution was associated with a powdered snortable raw chocolate that is on the market. The product, which likewise includes energy drink ingredients, apparently gives the user a blast of brain-boosting energy. The FDA says it can trigger asthma attacks and cause other medical problems.

Vegas rebranding shows problem of messaging after catastrophe

[unable to retrieve full-text content] As volunteers streamed in to donate blood, medical professionals had the tendency to the wounded and detectives scoured the scene of the most dangerous mass shooting in modern-day U.S. history, Las Vegas tourist authorities moved rapidly to safeguard their valuable franchise in a city …

Marilyn Manson, hurt onstage in NY, cancels Oct. trip shows


L.E. Baskow Marilyn Manson, performing at House of Blues on February 14.

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017|1:33 p.m.

NEW YORK– Marilyn Manson is canceling numerous upcoming trip dates after the vocalist was injured in an accident onstage throughout a New York City performance and required to a medical facility.

“The Dope Program” vocalist released a declaration Sunday that stated his Oct. 2-14 shows will be rescheduled. That means dates in Boston; Huntington, New York; Toronto; Camden, New Jersey; Columbus, Ohio; Chicago; Milwaukee; Kansas City, Missouri; and Houston are impacted.

Manson, whose 10th album “Heaven Upside Down” comes out Friday, was hurt Saturday night towards the end of his set, ending the concert early. Variety reported that Manson fell backwards onstage and a prop fell on him. He will be recuperating at his home in Los Angeles.

Amazon shows up the volume on rivals with Echo cost cut


Elaine Thompson/ AP David Limp, senior vice president of Gadgets and Providers at Amazon, displays a brand-new Echo, left, and an Echo Plus throughout an event announcing a number of new Amazon products by the company, Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017, in Seattle.

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017|3:59 p.m.

SEATTLE– Amazon will head into the holiday shopping season with a basic desire list: It desires voice-controlled devices including its digital assistant Alexa to become as ubiquitous in people’s homes as televisions.

The online retailer is slashing rates to damage Google, presenting much better acoustics in reaction to a forthcoming Apple speaker and rolling out new formats to interest different tastes and requires/

“We wish to make certain we are building an item that everyone can utilize,” stated David Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president of devices and services, throughout a Wednesday occasion showcasing the company’s holiday product line-up at its Seattle head office.

Amazon up until now has proven far better at discounting a potpourri of goods online than it has actually been at making its own gadgets. Most especially, it tanked in its effort to make a smartphone, putting it at a disadvantage versus Google and Apple– the makers of Android and the iPhone, respectively– in the fight to stay connected with consumers when they’re on the go.


But Amazon has actually discovered a way to play a bigger function in individuals’s homes with the Echo, an internet-connected speaker starring Alexa as a concierge who can do whatever from order a pizza to turn out the lights on command.

Amazon will not state the number of Echos it has offered given that the gadget’s 2014 debut. Limp would only say “10s of millions” of gadgets presently include Alexa and that Amazon now uses more than 5,000 individuals attempting to make the assistant even smarter.

The Echo’s appeal prodded Google to introduce its own internet-connected speaker, Home, with a digital assistant in 2015. Apple is set up to roll out its own speaker, the HomePod, in December.

Google has been positioning its speaker as a less costly alternative with a smarter assistant. Amazon now aims to remove the price advantage with the next generation of the Echo. The new variation will cost $100, a 44 percent reduction from the $180 rate for the current version.

Google’s House speaker currently sells for $130, however that price could be decreased next week when the company is anticipated to unveil its own vacation line-up in San Francisco.


Amazon is likewise including greater fidelity devices to the next-generation Echo in an apparent response to the HomePod. Apple is promoting its speaker mostly as a remarkable sound system for music, although it will also feature Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. The HomePod, however, will cost three times more than the next-generation Echo at practically $350.

For those that desire even better sound and more functions for controlling internet-connected lighting and appliance inside the house, Amazon also is introducing the Echo Plus, a somewhat taller speaker that will cost $150.

Pre-orders for both the brand-new Echos began Wednesday. Amazon hasn’t set an exact delivery date, however said both devices will be all set before Christmas.

Amazon also will start selling a digital device called the Echo Link that can serve as a speaker system for a house phone landline. It is introducing little gadgets for playing video games called Amazon Buttons and another Alexa-powered device with a 2.5-inch screen called the Echo Spot. The Area, created to look like an alarm clock, will cost $130.


Amazon is likewise taken part in a battle to become the favored device for streaming web video.

It revealed a new version of its Fire TELEVISION player that will stream 4K video like its predecessor, however will cost $70, down from $100 previously. That’s more than $100 less expensive than Apple’s most current streaming player, which costs nearly $180. Other companies like Roku and Google sell streaming gadgets at equivalent and even lower rates than Fire TV.

Amazon also revealed that BMW is signing up with other car manufacturers such as Ford, Hyundai and Mercedes who are including Alexa into their dashboard consoles. Those alliances with car manufacturers still may not suffice keep Amazon and Alexa competitive with Google and Apple outside the home, provided the software application made by those 2 power the majority of the smartphones on the planet.

There had been speculation that Amazon is working on a pair of internet-connected glasses that would make it simpler for people to take Alexa with them any place they go, however no such device was mentioned Wednesday.

Video shows woman yelling about veteran'' s service canine in restaurant

An argument broke out after a woman complained about a service dog being allowed inside a Delaware restaurant.  (RJ Wiso/YouTube)< img src= "/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/14978826_G.png" alt=" An argument broke out after a female grumbled about a service pet dog being enabled inside a Delaware dining establishment. (RJ Wiso/YouTube)"

title=” An argument broke out after a female grumbled about a service pet dog being enabled inside a Delaware restaurant. (RJ Wiso/YouTube)” border=” 0″ width= “180”/ > An argument broke out after a lady grumbled about a service canine being permitted inside a Delaware dining establishment. (RJ Wiso/YouTube). DELAWARE CITY, Del. (AP/Meredith)– An argument broke out after a lady complained about a service pet dog being allowed inside a Delaware restaurant. The News Journal in Wilmington reported Wednesday that the video reveals a woman yelling that it’s” nasty” to have the pet in the restaurant. Close by, a guy holds the leash of a Terrific Dane wearing a vest indicating it’s a “PTSD service pet dog.”

The three-minute video shows a little group of people yelling inside Kathy’s Crab Home in Delaware City. As of Wednesday, it had been viewed more than 900,000 times on < a href="

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySSdeYpoWBU “> YouTube. The lady in the video, Ciara Miller, informed the paper that she had actually been called racial slurs before the cam was turned on. The veteran, retired U.S. Army Master Sgt. Expense Austin, stated no one stated anything racial to Miller.

Caution: The following video has strong language that may not appropriate for all audiences.

Mobile users, click here to view the initial video.


Information from: The News Journal of Wilmington, Del., http://www.delawareonline.com

Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material might not be released, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Sleep Elusive? New Research study Shows There’s a Factor for That

It seems to be one of the excellent disasters of human life. As we grow older, the less sleep we require.

It ends up there might be a reason for our aging sleeping issues that exceed our conventional understanding, and what some call insomnia may really be an olden survival mechanism.

Scientists from UNLV, Duke University, and the University of Toronto, Mississauga, have actually found that mismatched sleep schedules and agitated nights may be an evolutionary leftover from a time many, several years back, when a lion hiding in the shadows might attempt to eat you at 2 a.m.

. A research study released Tuesday of contemporary hunter-gatherers in Tanzania discovered that, for people who live in groups, differences in sleep patterns frequently connected with age aid make sure that at least one person is awake at all times. The findings were reported in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

“The idea that there’s a benefit to coping with grandparents has been around for a while, however this study extends that concept to alertness throughout nighttime sleep,” said David Samson, assistant teacher of sociology at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.

The Hadza individuals of northern Tanzania live by hunting and gathering their food, following the rhythms of day and night just as people did for numerous thousands of years prior to people started growing crops and herding livestock.

The Hadza live and oversleep groups of 20 to 30 individuals. Throughout the day they go their separate ways to forage for tubers, berries, honey and meat in the savanna woodlands near Tanzania’s Lake Eyasi and surrounding areas. Then each night they reunite in the very same location, where young and old alike sleep outside beside their hearth, or together in huts made from woven yard and branches.

“They are as modern-day as you and me. However they do inform a fundamental part of the human evolutionary story since they live a way of life that is the most much like our searching and event past,” said co-author Alyssa Crittenden, assistant teacher of sociology at UNLV. “They sleep on the ground, and have no artificial lighting or managed environment– qualities that identified the ancestral sleeping environment for early people.”

As part of the research study, 33 healthy males and females aged 20 to 60 consented to use a little watch-like device on their wrists for 20 days, that recorded their nighttime motions from one minute to the next.

Hadza sleep patterns were hardly ever in sync, the researchers found. Typically, the individuals went to bed soon after 10 p.m. and awakened around 7 a.m. However some tended to retire as early as 8:00 p.m. and awaken by 6 a.m., while others kept up previous 11 p.m. and snoozed until after 8 a.m.

. Between, they stired from rest numerous times during the night, tossing and turning or getting up to smoke, have the tendency to a sobbing baby, or alleviate themselves before nodding off once again.

As a result, minutes when everybody was out cold at once were rare. From more than 220 total hours of observation, the scientists were surprised to find only 18 minutes when all grownups were sound asleep all at once. Usually, more than a 3rd of the group looked out, or dozing extremely lightly, at any offered time.

“And that’s simply out of the healthy grownups,” Samson said. “It does not include kids, or individuals who were hurt or ill.” Yet the individuals didn’t suffer sleep issues, he stated.

Previous studies have actually discovered similar patterns in birds, mice and other animals, however this is the very first time the phenomenon has actually been checked in people.

“A great deal of older individuals go to doctors grumbling that they get up early and cannot return to sleep, but possibly there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them,” said co-author Charlie Nunn, professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke. “Maybe some of the medical issues we have today could be described not as disorders, however as an antique of an evolutionary past in which they were useful.”

The researchers discovered that the misaligned sleep schedules were a byproduct of altering sleep patterns common with age. Older participants in their 50s and 60s typically went to bed previously, and awakened earlier than those in their 20s and 30s. The scientists called their theory the “badly sleeping grandparent hypothesis.”

CITATION:”Chronotype Variation Drives Nighttime Sentinel-Like Behaviour in Hunter-Gatherers,” David Samson, Alyssa Crittenden, Ibrahim Mabulla, Audax Mabulla and Charles Nunn. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, July 11, 2017.

The Fantastic Las Vegas Comic Con shows the strength of the regional geek neighborhood

Strolling into the jam-packed Incredible Las Vegas Comic-Con at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Saturday, it was tough to think that just 5 years ago Las Vegas was considered a dangerous market for releasing a comic-book convention, with a nearly decade-long drought of large-scale pop-culture gatherings. Now in its fifth year, ALVCC has actually outlasted its possible rivals and developed itself as a prominent local and regional occasion for geeks of all kinds. Organizers estimated presence for this year’s edition at more than 33,000, the largest number yet. Huge comic-book names like Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld and stars like Burt Ward and Ray Park assisted get people in the door at this year’s ALVCC, but independent creators (much of them local) were at the heart of the occasion.

And convention organizers made certain to spotlight them, too. On Saturday afternoon, local artist Ashleigh Popplewell had an excellent 50 people at her panel, a live illustration presentation in which she went through the actions of creating a piece of Wonder Woman art, via her favored media of Copic markers, colored pencils and paint. At the cubicle for Extremely Awesome Ladies (whose panel immediately followed Popplewell’s), an organization devoted to motivating women’s involvement in geek culture, the group raffled off several reward bundles to benefit local charities and promoted its upcoming management conference for young girls, showing how engagement with popular culture can equate into community activism.

On opposite sides of the convention hall, two regional developers promoted works at the intersection of film and comics, with filmmaker Joe Lujan expanding his Immortal Wars movies into a series of comics, and veteran comics creator Everette Hartsoe promoting a planned movie adaptation of his comics character Razor from director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious). Lujan is a prolific filmmaker, and the just recently premiered The Immortal Wars (set for distribution later this year) is his seventh function and very first to consist of name stars like Eric Roberts and Tom Sizemore. In addition to the buddy comic-book series, he also has a series of prequel videos offered online and a feature-film sequel already set to enter into production (with Roberts returning), all produced by his Vegas-based Carcass Studios.

A film based on Everette Hartsoe’s comic The Curse of Sleeping Charm is available now on Netflix, and he’s dealing with regional company Got Movies on developing more independent functions. Hartsoe, who produced Razor as part of the early ’90s boom in “bad lady” characters, has remained in Vegas for more than a years, but ALVCC was his first convention appearance of any kind in almost Twenty Years, and in addition to his spouse (and fellow creator) Michele Grey-Hartsoe, he praised the convention’s organization and community spirit. The Hartsoes plan to return next year, and from the looks of the crowd, lots of other folks are preparing the same.

DraftKings says probe shows staff member didn’t make use of details


Stephan Savoia/ AP

In this Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, picture, a worker in the software development department of DraftKings, an everyday dream sports business, walks previous screens displaying the company’s online system statistics in Boston.

Released Monday, Oct. 19, 2015|3:11 p.m.

Upgraded 2 hours, 56 minutes ago

A law firm hired by DraftKings to examine claims a staff member made use of important details to win a $350,000 second-place reward on a contending daily fantasy sports website contest verifies that it didn’t and could not have actually happened.

The Boston-based day-to-day fantasy sports business released a short two-page summary Monday saying it would have been impossible for the staff member to utilize the details to win on FanDuel due to the fact that he didn’t get the useful information up until 40 minutes after that website’s contest closed. The companies’ workers aren’t permitted to bet on their own sites however up until just recently might play on competing websites.

When the accusation jumped from online message boards to front pages, the uncontrolled day-to-day dream sports market had currently begun drawing in analysis from regulators, legislators and viewers inundated by ads promising to make millionaires out of players competing on the websites. Consumers choose gamer lineups similar to season-long fantasy sports games, wagering a couple quarters to thousands of dollars in some cases, and win based upon the points made during a single day.

The business’s announcement came days after Nevada betting regulatory authorities told daily fantasy sites to get out or get a gaming license, federal legislators repeated calls to hold a Congressional hearing looking into the industry, several suits wishing to become class-action fits have been submitted and leaders in several states have actually noted they’re looking at the contests’ legality.

In Massachusetts, where DraftKings is based, the state’s attorney general’s workplace has actually been evaluating day-to-day fantasy sports. Spokeswoman Cyndi Roy Gonzalez said, “there is little concern that this market will need to be managed in order to protect consumers, and we mean to make our findings and suggestions public at the end of this review.”

In Nevada, it appeared that DraftKings had not entirely left the state since the cease and desist order Friday. Nevada Video gaming Control Board chair A.G. Burnett stated his company was monitoring the scenario after it was told the business has to change its software platform in order to comply.

Daily dream sports websites have actually insisted they aren’t betting, holding on to an exemption for dream sports in a 2006 federal law and say exactly what they offer is a video game based in skill, not opportunity.

The examination was led by the former U.S. Lawyer for Massachusetts, now with firm Greenberg Traurig, and validated DraftKings’ own earlier internal review.

The claim of possible expert trading raised concerns beyond the single incident, including who has access to internal information and when, and exactly what customer securities remained in location.

Big league Baseball, a financier in the site, expressed surprise at the time that workers were known to use competing websites. Soon after the story surrounding the staff member ignited, DraftKings and FanDuel both revealed they were changing their policies to disallow staff members from using competing sites.

DraftKings, when they revealed Greenberg Traurig would investigate the occurrence, stated the company had currently been kept to evaluate the company’s policies and procedures. The results of that review haven’t been made public, yet.

Chris Grove with website LegalSportsReport.com which has been carefully tracking everyday fantasy sports industry developments, stated at the time the staff member allegations at DraftKings had not been the story.

“The lack of a meaningful, transparent system for ensuring fairness, the inability of the industry to offer trustworthy answers, and the large amount of cash being run the risk of by players within this system is the story,” he stated. “This one incident is simply the very first authentic peek into the mindset sites take towards these crucial issues.”

LegalSportsReport.com reported Monday that a lesser-known everyday dream site, StarsDraft, has actually taken the step to pull its real-money contests out of all but four states where the legal landscape is more clear: New Jersey, Massachusetts, Kansas and Maryland. The business said in a declaration that it has called for state policy and licensing, “to make sure consumer security and strict federal government oversight of operators.”

It is operated by Amaya, the very same Canadian business that possesses PokerStars.

StarsDraft had currently taken out of Nevada, Florida and Michigan.

Associated Press reporter Steve LeBlanc contributed to this report from Boston.

ESPN cuts sponsored DraftKings content from shows

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015|4:01 p.m.

ESPN is cutting sponsored DraftKings content from within programs but continues broadcasting commercials from the day-to-day dream sports site. That’s according to ESPN Outside the Lines host Bob Ley, who revealed the shift during his show Tuesday.

The change at the sports network comes as daily fantasy sports behemoths DraftKings and FanDuel react to reports a DraftKings staff member might have had access to important company information before winning second location in a FanDuel contest. The occurrence is being likened to possible insider trading. The companies say there’s no proof anyone misused internal business data.

The event is fueling require the fast-growing fantasy sites to be regulated.

The industry thinks about daily dream a knowledgeable game, not gambling. It is legal to play in all however five U.S. states.

Rice shows he'' s severe about modifications after very first main UNLV practice– PHOTOS

If one basketball practice can be an indication of what’s to come, UNLV coach Dave Rice is severe about his promise to create changes.

Rice and his assistants ran the Rebels through a high-energy, 2 1/2-hour session Monday at the Mendenhall Center. It was the first authorities practice of the 2015-16 season.

Stephen Zimmerman, a 7-foot freshman from Bishop Gorman High School, leads a new-look roster that is probably the most skilled from top to bottom in Rice’s five periods.

A major focus of off-season exercises was implementing a full-court pressure defensive system that Rice has talked about considering that the day he was hired. Off an 18-15 period and in requirement of returning to the NCAA Competition after a two-year absence, he understands now is the time.

“We have a situation now where we have the depth and we have the personnel to play that method,” Rice said. “We have to do some things to require tempo, and so we’re going to pick up early on every property and trap on some of those properties. We’re absolutely committed to playing by doing this. It just takes a great deal of effort.”

Sophomore guard Patrick McCaw, the group’s leading returning scorer, stated the players are buying into the change.

“We’ve got a great deal of athletes on this team,” McCaw said. “It’s extremely interesting. That’s how we wish to play, up pace and prompt paced. I’m really positive in the full-court press and the pace we plan on playing this year. I think it’s going to work.”

The Rebels are allowed 30 practices prior to their Nov. 13 period opener versus Cal Poly at the Thomas & & Mack Center.

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