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Guy flags down police to admit to 2013 slaying near downtown Las Vegas


2018|6:15 p.m. Last month, Eric Jesus Martinez flagged down a Southern California sheriff’s deputy, asking him for his phone number “so he might call him if he had to talk. “The chilling telephone call from the 32-year-old came later that day– on Jan. 23. Martinez confessed to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy that nearly 5 years previously, voices in his head informed him to eliminate a man, so he ‘d stabbed him approximately 100 times with a 4-inch blade, according to a City Authorities apprehend warrant released Friday. That male was Ronald Gray, who died May 11, 2013, in front of the Redemption Army, 33

W. Owens Ave., cops stated. The warrant in Clark County was released that day and Martinez on Thursday was booked on one count of murder at the Clark County Detention Center, prison and court logs show. During the telephone call, Martinez told the sheriff’s deputy that in Might that year, he “murdered “an older man at the Owens Opportunity and Main Street intersection. And that voices in his head informed him to do it, police said. A few of the details of Ronald Gray’s death provided by Martinez– his age, area of the slaying and length of the weapon– would likely just be known to detectives and the suspect, a Metro homicide investigator composed on the court file. The warrant reveals that a 4-inch knife with Gray’s blood was found 3 days after his death, and private investigators had a suspect description, a clean-shaven Hispanic man, about 20 to 25 years of ages, who wore a blue baseball cap and a blue running suit, and rode a silver BMX bike, police said. Martinez, who is being held without the possibility of bail, will face a judge Monday early morning, jail logs reveal.

Cops ID officers who shot, eliminated suspect in slaying

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017|1:02 p.m.

City Police today determined two SWAT officers they state shot and eliminated a slaying suspect in a house near Flamingo Roadway and Tenaya Way hours after officers discovered 2 bodies next door.

The officers are Kai Hoskins, 32, and Levi Hancock, 43, authorities stated. An expanded police rundown was scheduled for this afternoon.

Hoskins and Hancock became part of a group that broke down a locked, second-story door in the 7200 block of Newcrest Circle and came across the suspect grappling with a police canine they ‘d sent out in, cops stated.

Police allege the man rolled away and pointed a weapon towards the officers, prompting Hoskins and Hancock to fire about 2:15 a.m. Wednesday.

The incident began about 12 hours earlier when police got a call about a male’s body on a front yard next door to where the suspect was shot, cops said. Investigators went inside and discovered a 2nd guy’s body. The victims were only recognized as being in their 40s and 50s.

Detectives acquired a search warrant for your house where the suspect was hiding, cops said. A SWAT team was summoned about 9 p.m., when nobody concerned the door, officers got in your home, cops said.

After clearing the very first floor, officers moved upstairs, where they encountered a locked bed room, cops said. They broke down the door and sent out in a cops dog.

When the animal didn’t come out after numerous minutes, the officers went into the space and shot the suspect, authorities stated. The suspect died at University Medical Center.

Hoskins was hired by Metro in 2006, and Hancock has actually been with the department because 2001. They were placed on paid administrative leave– basic practice in shootings involving officers– while the examination continues.

DNA evidence causes apprehend of 2 females in man'' s slaying

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METRO COPS Liliana Quezada METRO POLICE Diana Michelle Cordon The DNA of two women accused in a drug robbery-related slaying previously this year was discovered on a ball cap and a guitar case discovered at the scene and on the gun that fired the fatal round, inning accordance with a Metro Authorities detain report.

That evidence– combined with witness descriptions of the suspects, and an unnamed tipster who reported hearing one of the females extol how easily she ‘d eliminated somebody throughout a robbery– led detectives to Diana Michelle Cordon, 26, who was jailed on Tuesday, and Liliana Quezada, 27, who was picked up over the weekend, police stated.

Both are accused in the Jan. 19 shooting that led to the death of Donald Paciotti, 59, police said.

Officers and medical crews were dispatched about 1:30 a.m. to a house in the 3900 block of Spring Road, near Rancho Drive, north of Vegas Drive.

Paciotti was shot in a casita where he lived and from where he presumably sold methamphetamine, cops said. After the shooting, he went into the primary home and informed its resident, a buddy and his roommate that he ‘d been robbed.

He had a gun on him, even though he didn’t own one, which led his roomie to assume he ‘d wrestled it away from the shooter, authorities said.

He underwent surgery at University Medical Center but passed away days later, authorities stated.

Detectives discovered the casita in chaos, which suggested there was a battle, police stated. On the cooking area flooring, they discovered a baseball cap that had obviously been knocked away throughout the physical conflict.

The DNA on the hat, along with the one discovered on a guitar case that had actually been brought to Paciotti previously at night, matched Quezada’s, authorities stated.

DNA on the weapon– which was concealed from police by the roommate, but turned over the next day– matched Cordon’s.

A set of witnesses told investigators they were at the casita when Quezada and Cordon arrived at some point prior to the shooting, but the witnesses left when one of the ladies requested personal privacy during a drug settlement with Paciotti.

It wasn’t instantly clear exactly what occurred next, but eventually before the shooting, someone required their method into the casita, authorities said.

In July, investigators spoke with a tipster who knew Quezada and Paciotti and who informed them Quezada had actually said she robs drug dealerships at gunpoint. She also stated that she ‘d eliminated somebody throughout a burglary which “it was that simple … you don’t understand the power that I felt … all I did was f —– g pull the finger,” according to the arrest report.

Quezada and Cordon, who have comprehensive criminal records, stayed reserved at the Clark County Detention Center on murder, break-in and theft counts, prison logs show.

Monitoring video results in apprehend in slaying of lady outside shopping mall

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Frank Campis Related news Before the single blast went off, Latoya Norgina Woolen, who had just finished shopping and was resting on a car park short wall, likely did not see the suspect approach her from behind with a shotgun, inning accordance with Metro Cops.

A guy investigators connected to the shooting, Frank Campis, 55, was seen on video entering one of the shops Woolen had simply gone into near Flamingo Road and Maryland Parkway on March 19, according to his arrest report.

Other cams caught a van that resembled his beige 1980 Dodge van gradually own past the victim and the driver get out and head towards her, authorities said. From the shooting, images just caught a muzzle flash go off.

When pushed by investigators, Campis said he was “at the incorrect location at the incorrect time,” authorities said.

Several people called 911 after witnessing a female’s body about 8:45 p.m. in the 1000 block of Flamingo, authorities said. Officers discovered her possessions untouched.

A timeline of Woolen’s last minutes was sewn together through surveillance images from the stores she ‘d entered and other surrounding organisations near the shopping center parking lot, cops stated.

Campis entered into the store right after Woolen but didn’t engage with her, police stated. When she left, he soon followed.

Woolen went to sit on a wall– seemingly waiting for a trip– when a van that matched that of Campis owned slowly previous her.

The motorist parked, shut off the lights and went out, authorities said. He returned in the van, parked it nearby, went out and walked towards Woolen.

He was seen repeling minutes after the shooting, cops said. Electronic cameras only revealed a flash and Woolen fall.

Metro patrol officers found Campis’ van on April 4 at a nearby gambling establishment and connected it to his name, cops said. A search through social media connected the name to his face, which matched that of the male who ‘d been nearby when Woolen was shot.

Check-in statuses on his Facebook helped investigators place Campis, an Arizona resident, in Las Vegas the day of the shooting, authorities said. He ‘d checked in at gambling establishments prior to and after the shooting.

Detectives encountered Campis oversleeping his van the next day in a Las Vegas gambling establishment parking lot, cops stated.

In an interview that included disparities, he confessed to being at the shooting scene however could not remember his specific motions, authorities said. When pressed, “he would just reply ‘he was in the wrong location at the wrong time.'”

Detectives did not discover a shotgun or ammunition when they browsed his van.

Campis was jailed in Garden Grove, Calif., two weeks back and just recently extradited to Las Vegas, authorities said. He’s scheduled without bail at the Clark County Detention Center on one count of murder. He’s next due in court on Monday.

Suspect in Las Vegas slaying detained while getting in United States from Mexico

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Andres Garcia-Leal A suspect wanted in a Las Vegas slaying was detained by federal agents as he tried getting in the United States from Mexico in Calexico, Calif., according to City Cops.

Andres Garcia-Leal, 19, was trying to cross back into the United States April 11 when agents took him in on an exceptional warrant, police stated today.

He was extradited back to Las Vegas and reserved Tuesday at the Clark County Detention Center on one count each of murder and drug possession, cops stated.

Officers were called about 8:20 p.m. on March 4 to the 600 block of East Twain Opportunity, near Paradise Roadway, and discovered 42-year-old Jordan Taitano struggling with a gunshot injury, cops stated. He died at Daybreak Health center and Medical Center.

A preliminary investigation determined that Garcia-Leal and Taitano had remained in a battle hours before the shooting, and that the suspect returned on a bike and shot the victim.

Additional information on the examination were not immediately available.

Accused takes deal in slaying of U.S. airman from Guam

Friday, Oct. 16, 2015|4:19 p.m.

. A co-defendant has taken a plea offer to prevent a capital punishment trial for his function in the Las Vegas slaying of a U.S. Flying force service member from Guam.

Correy Alexis Hawkins, 38, pleaded guilty Thursday in Clark County District Court to murder, conspiracy, weapon and break-in charges in the December 2010 slaying of Staff Sgt. Nathan Paet.

Hawkins was due to begin trial Monday. He’ll deal with life in prison without parole when he’s sentenced Dec. 15, prosecutor Michelle Fleck said.

He’ll be the third person founded guilty in the case that prosecutors declare originated from a bid to collect $650,000 in life insurance for Paet’s death.

Paet’s spouse, Michelle Antwanette Paet, 34, pleaded guilty Oct. 1 to murder, conspiracy and weapon charges to prevent trial.

Clark County District Court Judge Douglas Herndon could sentence her to life in jail without parole or offer her the possibility of release after 21 years. Her sentencing is set Dec. 14.

Paet’s previous boyfriend, Michael Rudolph Rodriguez, 36, stood trial last month and was condemned of conspiracy, murder, burglary and weapon property by an ex-felon.

Rodriguez gave up his right to appeal prior to the jury started deliberating his charge. He’ll be sentenced to life in jail without parole.

Hawkins’ previous girlfriend, Jessica Ashley Austin, is because of take a plea deal next week.

Nathan Paet, 28, was shot five times as he prepared to drive to work at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas. He had served in Iraq and was an F-15 supply service technician with the 757th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

Texas inmate states he shouldn’t pass away for $8 break-in, slaying


Mike Graczyk/ AP

Death row inmate Juan Garcia is photographed in a checking out cage at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Polunsky Device near Livingston, Texas, during an interview on Sept. 2, 2015. Garcia, 35, from Houston, is dealing with execution Oct. 6, 2015, for the 1998 robbery and fatal shooting of Hugo Solano, 36. Proof showed Garcia and three companions stole $8 from the victim.

Monday, Oct. 5, 2015|6:29 p.m.

HOUSTON– A Texas prisoner set to be carried out Tuesday acknowledges fatally shooting a Mexican man who was robbed of $8 and had actually simply moved his family to Houston, but insists he does not deserve to pass away for the killing 17 years earlier.

“This is not a capital case,” Juan Martin Garcia, 35, told the Associated Press last month in a prison interview near Livingston. “I got railroaded given that I didn’t take the stand (to affirm at trial).”

Proof at his 2000 capital murder trial and statement from a friend identified him as the ringleader of four men involved in the September 1998 shooting and robbery of Hugo Solano outside Solano’s apartment complex. The slaying and a string of other violent crimes tied to Garcia, who was 18 at the time of the killing, persuaded a jury he should be put to death.

His deadly injection to be kept in Huntsville would be the 11th this year in Texas, which carries out capital penalty more than any other state. Three more executions are set up in upcoming weeks.

No late appeals seeking to obstruct the execution remained in the courts on Monday. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles declined a clemency petition for Garcia on Friday.

Garcia, his 2 cozs and another male had already carried out a carjacking when they spotted Solano throughout the early morning hours of Sept. 17, 1998, entering his van to go to work, according to the proof. Solano’s family members stated the 36-year-old, who did Christian missionary operate in Guadalajara, Mexico, had moved with his wife to Houston weeks previously so their kids might be educated in the U.S.

Eleazar Mendoza, who pleaded guilty to worsened burglary and was sentenced to 55 years in jail, affirmed that Garcia approached Solano and pointed a weapon. Mendoza stated Garcia provided Solano orders in Spanish to surrender any money he had and then shot him when he refused.

Garcia, who spoke to the AP on a phone inside a caged-in visitors’ location outside the state’s death row, stated it was Mendoza who came up with the idea to rob Solano and that Solano escalated the conflict by withstanding.

“He punches me. Very first thing that came through my mind is that the guy is going to attempt to eliminate me,” Garcia said. “He got hold of the weapon with both of his hands and it released.”

Solano was shot four times in the head and neck. Garcia stated he didn’t rob Solano.

“My papa considered to beat me,” Garcia said. “When that person hit me, I was high up on drugs and the first individual I saw was my dad. So I kept shooting.”

Court records show Garcia remained in a vehicle that was pulled over for a busted headlight more than a week after the killing. He was arrested for property of a handgun when the weapon hit the floorboard as he was leaving the vehicle. He was launched however detained once again later on an escape warrant as a juvenile fugitive when the weapon was matched to Solano’s slaying.

At Garcia’s trial in Houston, authorities tied him to at least 8 exacerbated burglaries and 2 attempted capital murders in the weeks prior to and after Solano’s death. He also had a substantial juvenile record starting at age 12.

Another accused, Raymond McBen, pleaded guilty to intensified burglary and was sentenced to 30 years in jail. He was paroled a year earlier.

The fourth man charged, Gabriel Morales, went to trial and was sentenced to life on a capital murder conviction.

Wife pleads guilty in slaying of U.S. airman from Guam


Clark County Detention Center/ AP

Michelle Antwanette Paet

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015|2:22 p.m.

. A 33-year-old mom of 4 kids sobbed and pleaded guilty in Las Vegas to conspiring with her ex-convict sweetheart and killing her other half, a U.S. Air Force service member from Guam.

The plea on Thursday by Michelle Antwanette Paet suggests she will prevent trial next week with the death penalty at stake in the December 2010 slaying of Personnel Sgt. Nathan Paet.

She continued to be shackled as she kipped down the courtroom, asked forgiveness and asked forgiveness from member of the family of her killed hubby.

Nathan Paet’s mother, Carmelita Paet, says she accepts the apology that it does not bring her kid back.

Michelle Paet pleaded guilty to charges of murder with a deadly weapon and conspiracy. She might get life in prison without parole, or a sentence permitting the possibility of release after 21 years.

Her former boyfriend, Michael Rudolph Rodriguez, was found guilty recently. He’ll get life in jail.

Guy agrees to life without parole in slaying of Nellis airman

On the verge of a charge hearing and dealing with the death penalty, Michael Rodriguez has agreed to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole for his function in the slaying of Nellis airman Nathan Paet.

For nearly 5 years, prosecutors looked for capital punishment for Rodriguez, 36, but after his conviction recently on a charge of first-degree murder, they accepted the life sentence if Rodriguez accepted waive any appeals.

Paet, a 28-year-old Flying force staff sergeant, was assassinated in the garage of his southwest valley home as he left for deal with the night of Dec. 1, 2010. District attorneys stated his other half, Michelle Paet, had a short lived affair with Rodriguez and the 2 devised a murder plan so they might collect his $600,000 life insurance.

District Judge Douglas Herndon could tack on much more time for Rodriguez’s conviction on charges of conspiracy to dedicate murder and robbery while in ownership of a fatal weapon.

Michelle Paet, who is to go on trial next week, and the supposed gunman, Corry Hawkins, still deal with the capital punishment.

Clark County District Lawyer Steve Wolfson stated prosecutors would think about Rodriguez’s plea while thinking about Paet’s penalty.

“We feel that she must be founded guilty, we feel that she should be penalized,” Wolfson said. “When it comes time for penalty, of course we take into consideration exactly what we did on (the Rodriguez) case.”

Her attorneys, Dayvid Figler and Kristina Wildeveld, have actually argued at length that she need to not face the capital punishment.

“Both the prosecutor and Mr. rodriguez have actually painted an image of Michelle Paet that is incomplete,” Figler stated. “And our hope here is that the truths are able to come out.

Nathan Paet was the assistant non-commissioned officer-in-charge for the Strike Aircraft Upkeep Supply section of the 757th Airplane Maintenance Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base. He was born in 1982 in Tamuning, Guam, where he and Michelle were high school sweeties. After college graduation, Nathan signed up with the Air Force in April 2002, and the two wed in 2006.

Relative who attended the trial said he worked a night shift to offer his household and routinely drove his 4 children, who were ages 2 through 9, to and from school.

He was uninformed of his partner’s adultery and never ever mentioned any suspicions with his family members, they said.

The first of five shots struck Nathan Paet in the neck as he put on his shoes in the garage, district attorneys stated. As gunfire continued, he stumbled back inside the house, blood soaking his camouflage uniform, and collapsed in front of his youngsters while his wife was inside the house.

Prosecutors stated Rodriguez and Michelle Paet planned the murder throughout six months, while Rodriguez thoroughly studied the life insurance coverage policy. They identified Rodriguez would get $150,000 for managing the slaying.

Rodriguez, who admitted to being at the scene of the crime, was the first of four defendants, together with Michelle Paet, Hawkins and alleged accomplice Jessica Austin, to deal with trial in the killing.

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Man confesses function in City officer'' s slaying

A 25-year-old male, the last of 4 to confess his role in the deadly shooting of City officer Trevor Nettleton almost 6 years ago, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Wednesday.

Nettleton had just returned to his North Las Vegas house on Nov. 19, 2009, from his late shift at the Bolden Location Command when he was gunned down.

Saul Williams’ plea came just after the admitted shooter, Prentice Marshall, was sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of parole. Williams deals with the possibility of a comparable sentence, yet when he appeared prior to District Judge Jessie Walsh, who will decide his fate in November, Williams did not appear all set to divulge exactly what happened when Nettleton was killed.

“Mr. Williams, exactly what did you do on Nov. 19, 2009?” the judge asked.

“I conspired with some men to do a burglary,” he said.

“And what else?”

His legal representative, Danny Silverstein, nodded, suggesting that he inform the remainder of the story.

“The break-in went bad,” Williams said. “And somebody got killed.”

The group had actually approached Nettleton’s house, with Marshall bring a Glock semi-automatic handgun. A firefight ensued in the garage. Nettleton’s 2-year-old kid, Tanner, and 2-month-old child, Quinn, in addition to his spouse, Danielle, and mother, Deborah Austern, were inside the home.

Police at the time described the crime as a random burglary attempt.

Marshall, who dealt with the death penalty, pleaded guilty in June to murder and break-in charges. He confessed to each of the 8 counts alleged, including first-degree murder, robbery and break-in in connection with the killing.

Prosecutors dropped robbery and burglary charges against Williams. They have said that Williams, Marshall and two others– Quadrae Scott and Adrian Pena– were driving around with criminal intentions when they saw an open garage door at Nettleton’s North Las Vegas house.

Borthers Emmitt and Michael Ferguson, who stayed in the same house with Williams, pleaded guilty in 2011 to felony accessory to murder for concealing the murder weapon in their attic.

Scott pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2012, and Pena later on pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, break-in and attempted break-in.

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