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Lady jailed at Rio '' gang ' celebration speaks up

Ashley Medlock, who was arrested at the party on a traffic warrant, said the party was in honor of her brother's 26th birthday. (FOX5)
< img alt =" Ashley Medlock, who was detained at the celebration on a traffic warrant, stated the party remained in honor of her bro's 26th birthday. ( FOX5)The mugshots of several known gang members arrested at the Rio on Aug. 19, 2018. (Photos: LVMPD)
” title=” Ashley Medlock, who was arrested at the party on a traffic warrant, stated the celebration was in honor

of her sibling’s 26th birthday.( FOX5) “border=” 0″ src =” https://KVVU.images.worldnow.com/images/17456479_G.jpg?auto=webp&disable=upscale&width=800&lastEditedDate=20180821031632 “width=” 180″/ > Ashley Medlock, who was arrested at the party on a traffic warrant, said the party remained in honor of her sibling’s 26th birthday.

( FOX5)< img alt=" The mugshots of numerous known gang members apprehended at the Rio on Aug. 19, 2018.( Photos: LVMPD)" title =" The mugshots of numerous recognized gang members detained at

the Rio on Aug. 19, 2018.( Images: LVMPD) “border=” 0″ src =”

https://KVVU.images.worldnow.com/images/17453979_G.jpg?auto=webp&disable=upscale&width=800&lastEditedDate=20180820191032″ width=” 180″/ > The mugshots of numerous known gang members arrested at the Rio on Aug. 19, 2018.( Photos: LVMPD ). LAS VEGAS( FOX5 )-. Authorities jailed 12 suspects and taken five guns early Sunday

early morning after breaking up a large celebration inside a room at the Rio Hotel and Casino. Authorities stated the party included documented gang members, however people who went to the party disagreed.”

It wasn’t a gang celebration, “Ashley Medlock stated.” It was a birthday party. “Medlock, who was jailed at the celebration on a traffic warrant, stated the celebration remained in honor of her brother’s 26th birthday.

” Not one time did we get a caution,” Medlock.

“There was no criminal activity devoted there. The very first knock at the door was 50 policemans. “Medlock said she was not sure if gang members were present. She said the party started Saturday night and authorities showed up at the door at 2 a.m. Sunday

.” Security never ever came,” Medlock said. [RELATED: Cops apprehend 12 from ‘loud celebration’ at the Rio, 5 guns recuperated]

Police stated hotel security called officers for assistance because the party was loud. Officers likewise stated there was an odor of marijuana. 2 suspects were arrested for bring a concealed weapon without an authorization. Police said the other suspects had active warrants for their arrests unrelated to the incident on Sunday.

While police stated some of people in attendance at the celebration were known gang members, authorities did not describe how they knew that information. LVMPD’s gang unit did not return calls for comment.

Caesars Home entertainment, the gambling establishment business that owns Rio Hotel and Gambling establishment, also did not respond for remark.

Officers from Convention Center Area Command broke up a big gang party at a significant resort gambling establishment. Over a dozen recorded gang members were arrested and 5 firearms were recovered.Our officers make every effort to keep our residents and travelers safe! #FiveLessGuns #CCACFlex pic.twitter.com/RHfkqYisG9!.?.!— LVMPDCCAC( @LVMPDCCAC ) August 19, 2018 Copyright 2018 KVVU( KVVU Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.

Renegade spirit: NFL fantastic Terrell Owens speaks about the Hall of Popularity and his Las Vegas show


Costs Hughes/Las Vegas News Bureau

Six-time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens is shown taking a selfie with, from left, two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Jim McMahon, host Martin Montana, and Two-time World Series champion Jose Canseco throughout a red carpet event at Alto Bar for the opening of Renegades, a brand-new interactive program including sports celebs at Cleopatra’s Intrude Caesars Palace at 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. The show is slated to give fans a chance to hear stories and ask concerns from sports stars.

Artist-in-Residence Cayetano Ferrer Speaks at Barrick Museum March 7

The UNLV art department’s spring 2018 artist in residence, Cayetano Ferrer, lectures in the Barrick Museum of Art auditorium at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 7. The talk is free and open up to the public.

At the core of Ferrer’s practice is the treatment and transmutation of cultural items and signs, pulling from popular iconography to art historic artifacts. These kinds usually get to the artist’s attention with complex, and often uncertain, histories connected. Consequently, the work typically adds to the chronological unpredictability of the topic, and at other times exposes obfuscated stories embedded in the forms. His work within and around the institutions accountable for protecting and providing items of cultural significance presents concerns about the procedure of mediation that is necessarily carried out by museums. Operating in these and other places, the physical and historical absences that attend cultural fragments have actually ended up being a site for Ferrer to diffuse the limits of the art things and utilize context as both a framing device and product.

Ferrer was awarded a 2015 Art + Technology Lab grant from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and in 2013, Ferrer was an Artadia Award for visual art. His latest solo exhibit, Tropos, was staged in a former grain mill in Buenos Aires Argentina, and he has recently shown at group reveals at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo (2017) and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia (2017 ). In 2015, Ferrer understood his first solo museum exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Ferrer’s work has actually been exhibited at the Hessel Museum of Art in New York City (2015 ); at the Swiss Institute in New York City (2014 ); in partnership with other artists, musicians and designers at Human being Resources, Los Angeles (2014 ); at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park and a billboard in Hollywood as part of Made in LA (2012 ), the Hammer Museum’s first Los Angeles biennial.

Cliven Bundy speaks to Independent American Party of Nevada


L.E. Baskow Cliven Bundy answers a few more questions following an interview in front of Metro Police Headquarters on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018.

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018|6:12 p.m.

SPARKS– Southern Nevada rancher and state’s rights activist Cliven Bundy is bringing his brand name of politics to an event of like-minded conservative libertarians in Northern Nevada.

Bundy, 71, was set to give the keynote speech Friday night at the Independent American Party of Nevada’s state convention in Stimulates where lots of consider him a hero. He invested nearly 23 months in jail before a federal judge in Las Vegas dismissed a criminal case last month against him and 2 of his kids stemming from an armed standoff with federal government agents at his Bunkerville cattle ranch in 2014.

Joel Hansen, chairman of the Independent American Celebration of Nevada, said before the speech that Bundy’s story is among “significant guts and faith” withstanding federal “corruption and tyranny.”

The celebration, which concentrates on state and property rights, includes numerous disaffected, former Republicans. It now has 65,000 active signed up citizens in Nevada– up from about 15,000 in 2002. It’s presently the 3rd biggest political party in Nevada, making up about 4.5 percent of the active citizens.

Shortly after his release from prison last month, Bundy and his boy, Ryan, appeared at a “Liberty and Property” rally in Montana sponsored by the Coalition of Western Residential Or Commercial Property Owners.

Numerous of the Independent American Celebration’s leaders have actually been associated with legal disputes with the U.S. federal government just like Bundy’s dating to the 1990s.

In 2001, the celebration staged a charity event to cover legal costs of a Nevada rancher, Cliff Gardner, whose livestock were seized for cannot pay grazing fees on national forest land in northeast Nevada. Its 2002 Nevada gubernatorial candidate, David Holmgren, waged his own battle with the BLM over his livestock in central Nevada.

The United States Bureau of Land Management began assembling Bundy cows in April 2014 after obtaining court orders accusing Bundy for 20 years of failure to pay more than $1 million in back grazing fees and penalties to the federal government.

The ensuing standoff at the Bundy ranch 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas pitted about 3 lots greatly armed federal agents safeguarding corrals in a dry river bed versus hundreds of flag-waving protesters calling for the release of some 400 cows.

Andy Kerr, a longtime ecological activist and consultant in Oregon, is amongst those outraged that Bundy cattle are still grazing within the limits of the Gold Butte National Monument President Obama designated in 2016 about 90 miles (140 kilometers) northeast of Las Vegas.

“Now without the threat of federal criminal prosecution, the Bundy young boys are getting some speaking gigs to tell their story, extol how they beat the feds and how they are continuing to do so by not paying federal grazing costs,” Kerr composed on his Public Lands Blog on Friday.

But he stated there may be a silver lining for conservationists.

“‘The more the Bundyites spread their bunk about the illegitimacy of the federal public lands … the more the overwhelming majority of Americans remember they love America’s public lands,” Kerr stated.

Mandalay Bay security personnel Jesús Campos speaks openly on '' Ellen '.


Jesús Campos, the Mandalay Bay security personnel who was shot in the leg by Stephen Paddock and after that notified others of Paddock’s location, spoke publicly for the first time, in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Program

. Campos was signed up with by constructing engineer Stephen Schuck, who was working with him that night. The 2 were the very first to come across Paddock in 1 October. Fifty-eight people were eliminated and 546 were hurt after Paddock opened fire into the Route 91 Harvest Celebration crowd of 22,000.

“I’m doing better each day. Slowly but surely, simply recovery physically and mentally,” Campos said. I relive that night a lot, he said.

“It’s absolutely hard. As every day passes, though, we’re working to obtain over this,” Schuck stated.

Inning accordance with Ellen, seems like this is going to be his only interview.
“I understand your unwillingness since you simply desire this to be over”

— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets)

October 18, 2017 Campos described his experiences that night.

“When a door is open for a specific quantity of time, we look at it,” he stated. “We get notifications to secure them. Or if they have actually currently been secured, just making that examine the doors. I was coming up from the 31st (flooring) to the 32nd. When I approached the door, it didn’t open. It was blocked off, so I had to reroute.”

“(Stairwell doors are) always expected to remain open. So after I dropped down and came back through a corridor, and then I approached the room, got into the (stairwell) door, there was a metal bracket holding the (stairwell) door in location. When I was in that location, I was calling security dispatch to get moved to engineering. They didn’t understand anything about it, so they dispatched an engineer (Stephen Schuck) to go confirm what that was. At that time, I heard what I assumed was drilling sounds. And I thought they were in the area working somehow. As that (stairwell) door is closing, and it’s so heavy, it’ll slam, I’m walking down (the corridor) and I believe that’s what caught the shooter’s attention.”

“As I was strolling down, I heard rapid fire. And at first, I took cover. I felt a burning feeling. I went to lift my pant upper hand and I saw the blood. That’s when I called it in on my radio that shots have been fired, and I was going to say that I was hit. But I got on my mobile phone, just to clear that radio traffic where they can collaborate the rest of the call. (Paddock shot) from behind the (hotel space) door. I don’t know how he was shooting, however he shot out,” Campos stated.

Jesus Campos said he yelled shots fired over the radio but didn’t tell anyone he was struck initially because he wanted to keep airwaves open. pic.twitter.com/9uNNoU96N8

— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets)

October 18, 2017 Schuck said he concerned take a look at the blocked door.

“I didn’t think anything uncommon at the time. I came from a greater floor, boiled down a different hallway service elevator and I walked out. I rounded the corner for the 100 corridor which’s when … it was quiet at this time. And the doors are set back about a foot. Jesus was towards completion of the hallway, but I didn’t understand at that time. I thought I saw someone up out of the cubby and I kept strolling. When I got more than midway, was when I saw Jesús and I started to hear shooting,” Schuck stated.

“At the time, I didn’t know it was shooting. I thought it was a jack hammer. As an engineer, I thought, ‘We’re not developing here, this late at night, we would not be doing that.’ And it was, I think outside. It wasn’t in the hallway yet. That’s when Jesús, he leaned out, and stated, ‘Take cover! Hide!’ And yelled at me, and within milliseconds, if he didn’t say that, I would’ve got hit. (Bullets) were passing behind my head and I could feel pressure,” Schuck stated.

“There was a female (visitor) that came out, and I told her to go back within, it wasn’t safe. Shortly after, that’s when Stephen (Schuck) was approaching and I informed him to ‘Stay back, and get cover.’ That’s when more rounds were dispersed,” Campos said.

“Jesús saved Stephen Schuck’s life and the lady’s life,” Ellen reiterated. “Thank you so much for being here.”

She explained why the Campos came on her program.

“You’re discussing it now and you’re not going to talk about it once again and I don’t blame you. Due to the fact that why relive this over and over again? But it’s handy for individuals to understand what a hero you are. Because you being shot in the leg saved so many individuals’s lives. And rather of you simply getting out of there, you saved Stephen (Schuck’s) life, you saved that woman’s life and who understands how many other people? So we just wished to commemorate you. That’s why you’re here today,” Ellen stated.

“Thank you,” Campos responded.

“After this happened, rather of going to the hospital, you stayed to assist the police and get them all the info they needed to piece these things together. As well as, exactly what did you want to point out?” Ellen asked.

“I simply wish to mention all individuals that helped that night, whether it was City, the FBI, the neighborhood specifically coming together to help everybody in requirement, the very first responders, even the people that got called in to help in the health centers. Whatever puts pieces together on how everybody came together to assist that night, even in the darkest hour,” Campos stated.

“I ‘d wish to thank the very first responders, the people on the ground at the show assisting each other out. The acts of humankind were significant that night and I want to thank Jesus again from my family and all my buddies and everybody for conserving my life,” Schuck said.

“We wanted to provide you money. You both were extremely specific, you said you don’t want money. You do not want cash at all, so you’re not getting any cash. However Stephen, your favorite group is the Colts, and you have actually never ever been to a video game, so the NFL is flying you to meet the team and get VIP tickets, so you’re going to go see the Colts,” Ellen said.

“Jesús, you’re a fan of the Oakland Raiders, and Shutterfly is going to provide you season tickets when the team goes to Las Vegas, you’re going to have the ability to see them,” Ellen stated.

“Also we know it’s really important to you that everyone is recognized, so Shutterfly appreciates supporting neighborhoods, so it’s going to make a contribution of $25,000 in your name to the GoFundMe page that’s dedicated to the victims of the shooting.”

MGM Resorts, the owner of Mandalay Bay, is a sponsor of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and features Ellen-themed slots at its casinos consisting of Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, New York-New York, Excalibur, Luxor, Monte Carlo, and Bellagio to name a few, inning accordance with a link from her show’s site.

The episode aired on FOX5 Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.

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Representative for security guard Jesus Campos speaks out

A union representative of Jesus Campos said Campos was required to a” fast center.

” (Cover Edge).

LAS VEGAS( FOX5) -. The Mandalay Bay security guard who police said was shot in the resort’s hallway by suspect Stephen Paddock the night of the 1 October shooting was anticipated to speak with reporters Thursday. Rather, his union representative stated he had not seen or heard from Campos in hours.

David Hickey is the president of the Security, Cops, and Fire Professionals of America union. He said he had been working with Jesus Campos to assist him prepare yourself for his first media interviews.

But Hickey stated during a meeting with MGM authorities Thursday afternoon, Campos left and never ever came back.

” For the past four days he’s been preparing … ( Thursday) we had a conference with MGM officials, and after that conference was over, we talked about the interviews, we went to a private location, when we came out, Mr. Campos was gone.” Hickey stated.

Hickey said it was Campos who had actually asked for to do the interviews with the media, because he wished to tell his story and start to carry on.

Hickey did say that he got a text Thursday night, saying Campos was taken to a “fast center.”

” Right now I’m simply worried where my member is, and exactly what his condition is. It’s highly uncommon. I’m hoping everything is OK with him and I make sure MGM or the union will let ( media) understand when we hear something,” he said.

Hickey would not talk about the 1 October timeline.

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Chauffeur speaks out after livestreaming deadly crash

(CNN)– A California female is defending herself, after livestreaming a car crash that eliminated her more youthful sis.

Officials say Obdulia Sanchez was owning intoxicated and livestreaming prior to the crash near Fresno last month.

“I didn’t even understand I appeared like a monster. Like I look like a freaking awful beast. That was not my intention at all.”

Obdulia Sanchez is discussing this Instagram live video she taped while driving on July 21st.

Her sibling is in the back seat, in addition to a buddy they had just picked up from Fresno.

“We were perfectly freaking fine. We were completely freaking fine. Then next thing i know, we just started going left. We started going left, then i attempted to stop the car. Then we turn over.”

We are disappointing the graphic video after the crash.

Sanchez’s legal representative states she had a blowout on Highway 165 and Henry Miller Roadway.

Their automobile flipped. The California Highway Patrol states the 2 14-year-olds in the back seat were not using seat belts and Sanchez had actually been drinking.

“That’s then when I just started going crazy. And after that I search in the rear seats and there’s no one in the back seat, and that’s when I started freaking out.”

Sanchez’s sibling, Jacqueline and her pal, were thrown from the automobile. Jacqueline passed away.

“I knew she was dead. Because I took her pulse and she had no pulse.”

Sanchez continued to livestream after the crash livestreamed calling 911 for assistance, even showing her sis’s dead body.

The trio was heading to Stockton for Sanchez’s sis’s Catholic Confirmation event the next day.

Sanchez confessed this was not the first time she’s livestreamed while driving.

“We do it all the time. We do it all the time. Believe me, it’s like a reflex. Like I have not crashed, you understand? Everybody does it. Everybody does it. They take snapchats. Everyone does it. Why not? People take video of them in cars like all the time. And I’m only 18. We’re still young.”

Almost a month later, Sanchez has pled innocent to driving while intoxicated and gross automobile manslaughter.

She now sits behind bars considering exactly what her sister eliminated in the crash implied to her.

“she’s like my mini-me, like my best friend. She looked much like me. Anytime I look at her, it’s like I’m looking at myself. It makes me like it makes me truly unfortunate that she’s gone.”

Sanchez states since the crash she has actually received death threats.

“Just because I’m not sobbing a river now on the phone, does not indicate I’m not sorry.”

She has one remorse.

“If I would’ve known that would have occurred that day, I would’ve never left the house. Ever.”

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Group speaks up versus Laxalt over background-check law


Ricardo Torres-Cortez Sen. Yvanna Cancela, D-Las Vegas, speaks from the Grant Sawyer State Office Building where Question 1 advocates satisfied on Friday, April 28, 2017,

Related news

While Attorney general of the United States Adam Laxalt addressed the National Rifle Association in Atlanta on Friday, supporters of the Concern 1 background-check step gathered in your area to ask him to “do your task” and enact the law.

The application of the law, which passed in a narrow vote throughout November’s election, was foiled in December when the FBI announced that it would not conduct background examine personal transfers of firearms in Nevada or on sales online and at weapon programs, as the expense’s language stated.

Advocates of the law have actually stressed that Laxalt, a Republican politician who is vocally opposed to Question 1, has the duty to implement the will of the citizens, something the chief law officer has actually stated is not possible because of how the costs was drafted.

“Citizens did their part. They showed up at the tally box and distinctly stated they want background checks on gun sales in the state,” stated Sen. Yvanna Cancela, D-Las Vegas, from the Grant Sawyer State Office Building where Concern 1 supporters satisfied. “It’s now on the attorney general of the United States to step forward and enact the unwritten law. Till he does that, I believe he’s going to be speaking with a lot of mad Nevadans.”

The law would have needed the majority of gun transfers and sales (outside of certified gun shops) to be completed through a licensed dealer, who would rely on FBI databases.

Background checks in Nevada presently are done through the repository run by the Department of Public Security, marking the state as one of a lots with a “point-of-contact” designation.

The FBI suggested the brand-new checks likewise be done through the repository, but Laxalt suggested that the expense’s language does not permit that.

“It is clear that the exact same people at (Friday’s) press conference are the people that failed to properly draft the central function of the act, particularly who is accountable for carrying out background checks,” a spokeswoman for Laxalt’s workplace stated in an email declaration on Friday. “As Nevada’s chief law enforcement agency, and in keeping with our dedication to maintain the rule of law, we are deeply worried about the prospect of district lawyers across the state enforcing criminal sanctions for an individual’s failure to perform an act that is impossible to carry out.”

The speeches at Friday’s occasion pushed Laxalt to implement the measure however did not use clear guidelines on how he should do that.

They did passionately go over the results of violence.

“In a city that prospers on hotels striving for full occupancy every night, I’m here today to ask Attorney General Adam Laxalt to decrease the tenancy of our shelter, which is full nearly every night with females and children running away harmful situations with their lives in jeopardy,” stated Liz Ortenburger, executive director of Safe Nest. “Nevada’s background check laws … make it far too simple for domestic abusers to buy weapons without background checks. As our chief law officer, it is (Laxalt’s) task to enforce all Nevada’s laws regardless if he concurs with them.”

Honey Borla, of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, who explained herself as a gun owner, said she hasn’t lost hope that the background check procedure will eventually be carried out.

She stated that occasions such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are outrageous and have actually steered her into advocacy. “(Laxalt) feels like he cannot honor this law due to the fact that of a technicality, then I’m quite sure we’ll find a method to close the loophole.”

In February, Question 1 supporters filed a huge public records request to state and federal agencies relating to the measure, the Las Vegas Sun formerly reported. Details on exactly what was requested weren’t disclosed.

They have said Laxalt should work with state and federal companies to resolve the concerns surrounding implementation. Nevada’s Legislature can’t make modifications to a voter-approved law for 3 years after it’s passed.

Other half of NLV shooting victim speaks up


A 28-year-old man was eliminated in a shooting that happened early Monday morning, according to North Las Vegas police.

Officer Steven Wiese, of the North Las Vegas Cops Department, said the occurrence happened about 1 a.m. in the 2700 block of North Las Vegas Boulevard, near East Evans Avenue.

On Monday afternoon, Claudia Gonzalez determined the victim to FOX5 as her partner, Miguel Gonzalez. She stated she was at work when she received a call notifying her of his death.

“I didn’t think it held true,” she stated.

Authorities said the victim appeared to have actually been associated with a run-in before the shooting. He was transported to University Medical Center Trauma, where he was pronounced dead.

According to Claudia Gonzalez, her spouse had actually never ever been associated with any sort of altercation in the One Decade they were together. She stated that although they had been living apart for some time, they were discussing a reconciliation.

“He was talking about this huge birthday party he wanted to do and invite my cousins, because he got along with all my cozs. [We were going to] have a party like we utilized to,” Claudia Gonzalez stated.

“I wish to thank him for assisting me raise my children, for being there for me, for supporting me through everything that I’ve been through in my life,” she continued.

Claudia Gonzalez stated that since Monday night she had not called her partner’s mother in El Salvador to break the news.

A description of the shooter was not instantly divulged.

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