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Renegade spirit: NFL fantastic Terrell Owens speaks about the Hall of Popularity and his Las Vegas show


Costs Hughes/Las Vegas News Bureau

Six-time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens is shown taking a selfie with, from left, two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Jim McMahon, host Martin Montana, and Two-time World Series champion Jose Canseco throughout a red carpet event at Alto Bar for the opening of Renegades, a brand-new interactive program including sports celebs at Cleopatra’s Intrude Caesars Palace at 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. The show is slated to give fans a chance to hear stories and ask concerns from sports stars.

Spirit Realty To Spin-Off ShopKo Store Portfolio, Other Possessions into a New REIT

Different REIT Would Take on Struggling Shop Operator’s Locations with Goal of Offering Them Off

Spirit Real estate Capital, Inc.(NYSE: SRC), a net lease property investment trust, prepares to spin-off of its ShopKo leased real estate and other residential or commercial properties into a different publicly traded REIT.

The REIT still to be called would consist of 925 properties with a $2.7 billion asset worth. The spinoff is anticipated to have approximately $220 million in annualized legal rent. The possessions include about 115 residential or commercial properties leased to ShopKo Stores and more than 800 other homes that collateralize in Spirit’s Master Trust 2014 (part of its asset-backed securitization program).

Currently, Shopko is Spirit Real estate’s most considerable renter and one that is getting roughed up as general product buyers shift to online buying. In the very first financial quarter, ending in April 2017 Spirit owned Shopko same-store sales were down 2.9%, according to Spirit Real estate.

ShopKo represents about 8.2% of Spirit Real estate’s rental earnings. It has been taking actions in the last three years to obtain it down to that concentration from more than 10%.

Moving the Shopko shops into a new REIT is created to benefit both REITS, according to Spirit Realty.

Following completion of the transaction, Spirit is expected to own over 1,540 residential or commercial properties, with a gross realty investment of $5.4 billion and investment grade equivalent tenancy of 45%. Spirit is anticipated to have around $395 million in annualized legal lease, without any occupant representing more than 5% of that total.

For the new REIT, the Shopko shops are created to be a main source of new financial investment capital, as the strategy is to deal with the majority of the residential or commercial properties.

If you take it to its complete conclusion, the sale of $600 countless Shopko stores can result in financing $2.4 billion of real estate at a cap rate of 7.5%, Jackson Hsieh, president and CEO of Spirit Real estate stated in a teleconference revealing the spinoff. That would own over 50% development in the new REIT.

“Our company believe this strategy will create substantial earnings for growth, eliminate and separate specific structural impediments, and develop two business that have unique capital structures with strong tenancy to fit their particular organisation techniques,” Hsieh stated. “I am really delighted about this plan, which we expect will result in much better positioning of capital structure with assets, position each business with a competitive cost of capital and liberate worth fundamental in our business.”

Most of the board of the new REIT will be independent but there will be shared service, property management and tactical alliance agreements with Spirit.

Morgan Stanley is serving as monetary consultant to Spirit Real estate Capital Inc. in connection with its organized spin-off.

UNLV Introduces Spirit Mark Refresh for Sports

The UNLV Rebels have one of the most recognized brand names in college sports, with an abundant history that’s inextricably connected to the university’s iconic home town of Las Vegas.

In collaboration with design company Adrenalin, UNLV today unveiled a renewed spirit mark that captures both the advancement of its sports brand name and the pride the university has in its dynamic community.

“We have incredible momentum on campus and this strong, modern mark highlights our development while also maintaining its tie to our abundant custom in sports,” said UNLV President Len Jessup. “It also reflects a sense of place, highlighting functions of Southern Nevada and capturing the pride we have in our community with a nod to the rebellious spirit of our area and university.”

With the refresh, main elements of the existing mark were maintained however modernized, constructing on the existing scarlet, gray, and black color palette and the arched UNLV. The cornerstone of the mark, Hey Reb!, gets a more active, progressive treatment through a profile that preserves his most significant features including his mustache, strong chin, and hat.

Amongst the brand-new aspects are the addition of an overview representation of the well-known “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, an exchange Hey Reb!’s feather with a star style synonymous with Las Vegas, and elegant mountains to more tie the mark to the Southern Nevada area.

Diagram showing UNLV spirit mark elements

Work on the spirit mark started last fall and included an 11-member committee comprised of individuals representing constituencies from the Southern Nevada neighborhood and UNLV faculty, personnel, alumni, students, and student-athletes. The committee partnered with Adrenalin, a design company based in Denver that specializes in sports branding with a deep resume of college, expert, and U.S. Olympic customers.

Adrenalin gained insight for its style through research and discussions with committee members, a national review of athletics marks and UNLV’s own historic changes to its mark, and from a quantitative survey of more than 1,000 trainees, student-athletes, alumni and neighborhood members.

“The main driver was modernization,” stated Dan Cost, president of Adrenalin. “Our research revealed that trainees and alumni liked the old logo design however felt it was a bit dated. We wanted to better inform the story of the university and make the mark distinct to UNLV and Las Vegas, with the incorporation of the star and Vegas indication summary a big part of the procedure.”

The revitalized logo is now the official spirit mark for UNLV Sports and will be phased in on applications including digital interactions, publications, field markings, and in the future group uniforms and in athletics centers.

“This mark welcomes the energy of our area and represents the forward trajectory of UNLV and our sports program,” stated Desiree Reed-Francois, UNLV athletics director. “This refresh combines the best of our previous style with iconic Las Vegas images, and we appreciate the work of our coworkers over the previous year on the job.”

Select garments is offered now in the UNLV bookstore and will be offered in retail outlets later on this summertime. An update to the Hey Reb! mascot is also in advancement and will appear at athletics occasions this fall.

Since the intro of Hey Reb! in 1982, the spirit mark and mascot for UNLV Athletics have actually been refreshed approximately every years with updates in 1997 and 2006.

Spirit Logo Download: Download a hi-res variation of the updated spirit logo

UNLV to Unveil Spirit Mark Refresh for Sports June 28


UNLV will unveil a spirit logo design revitalize for UNLV Sports throughout a news conference


1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28


Si Redd Space– Thomas & & Mack Center (North side of the arena, ground level)


UNLV President Len Jessup; Dan Rate, president of design company Adrenalin; and members of the spirit logo design revitalize committee will lay out the refresh process and reveal the updated mark. The mark has actually been refreshed roughly every years since the intro of Hey Reb! character in 1982. The most current upgrade was completed in 2006.

Media Parking

Park in the Production Lot (fenced in, near tunnel) or White Lot at the Thomas & & Mack Center

Biden casts himself as Obama'' s kindred spirit

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015|8:20 a.m.

WASHINGTON– Vice President Joe Biden is casting himself as an effective voice on the world stage and someone who is in lock-step with President Barack Obama.

He’s also drawing implicit contrasts with previous Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Biden says at a forum honoring previous Vice President Walter Mondale that he and Obama have actually had no ideological disagreements whatsoever. He says he spends in between four and seven hours a day with Obama and that they rely on each other immensely.

Biden says the Obama administration has actually had two terrific secretaries of state, but that when he talks to foreign leaders, they understand he’s promoting Obama.

He states a minimum of half of Obama’s personnel made use of to work for him.

The vice president is considering challenging Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

‘Spirit of 45’ a superior occasion; setting brand-new scene at Beacher’s Madhouse



Bob Anderson, Tony Bennett and Vincent Falcone at “Frank: The Guy, The Music” on Thursday, April 9, 2015, in Palazzo.

Monday, Aug. 17, 2015|2 a.m.

‘Frank: The Man, The Music’ Opening Night
Opening night of Introduce slideshow “

Some Classic Vegas shtick from earlier Sunday throughout lunch with Bob Anderson, Clint Holmes, Frankie Scinta and the esteemed Jerry Jones. We got hold of a bite at Silverton’s Sundance Grill prior to Sunday’s “Spirit of 45” benefit show at Veil Structure.

The waitress delivered the check to the table, and Anderson grabbed it, stating, “I got it.” There was the whole, “No, no, Bob! You don’t need to do that!” from the remainder of the table.

“Hey, I said I got it,” Anderson firmly insisted, slipping his glasses on to read the damage. “I’m a headliner.”

Scinta, who is still trying to find a location after his show left The D Las Vegas in April, relied on Holmes and stated, “Keep in mind when I utilized to be able to state that?”

I said, “Hey, you can still state it.”

Type of a low blow …

Scinta followed with, “You’re not keen on your kneecaps, are you?”

Meantime, Anderson footed the bill. I now owe him a Greek omelet and Scinta a thoughtful article of many paragraphs when “The Scintas”– which is again the name of The Scintas’ act– discovers a place. I think that will certainly happen quickly, but not at Silverton.

Time to make another order– to go:

Miley Cyrus Hosts Beacher’s Madhouse
Miley Cyrus, with Jeff Beacher, hosts the opening of Beacher's Madhouse on Friday, Dec. 27, 2013, at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.Introduce slideshow “

– An oft-discussed place on the Strip, for its current history and perceived chance, is Beacher’s Madhouse at MGM Grand. There have actually been whisperings about a supper-club show going into Madhouse. Don’t bank on it.

An MGM Grand spokesperson stated over the weekend that the Jabbawockeez and weekly Beacher’s Madhouse celebration efficiencies were plenty to keep the room animated beginning this fall when the Jabbawockeez move from Luxor.

The Jabbawockeez will certainly be carrying out 2 shows a night 5 nights a week, and Beacher’s Madhouse will certainly be staged Saturdays, with occasional Friday nights booked. As it was put to me, “There is no other entertainment planned for that space, which will certainly currently have a really robust schedule.”

MGM Grand has been in control of the space since January 2014. For several months as much as that point, the place was a partnership amongst Hakkasan, Beacher and the hotel. But Hakkasan split with Beacher over operational disagreements, permitting MGM to step in to run the room.

That caused a drawn-down schedule for Beacher’s Madhouse and the relocation of the masked acrobatic boogie performers Jabbawockeez. Otherwise, some knowledgeable home entertainment figures in the city have stated that room would be excellent for a burlesque production (as it was for “Crazy Horse Paris”) or comedy club. Not taking place. It’s Beacher’s, Jabbawockeez … and a dream.

‘Mondays Dark’ Disney Night: 1/26/15
Launch slideshow “

– After a few months of speculation that “Mondays Dark” may be taking out of Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel, we can with confidence impart that the charity showcases founded by Mark Shunock are most likely to remain at the Hard Rock. Though the formal documents is yet unsigned, anticipate the month-to-month advantage shows to remain at Vinyl through 2016.

The next event is this evening, the style being the soundtrack to “Animal Home,” where we ask the musical concern, “Do you mind if we dance with your dates?” Among those arranged to appear are cast members from “For the Record: Baz” at Light in Mandalay Bay, beginners to “Monday’s Dark.” Could be a landmark night.

Likewise set are cast members from “Rock of Ages” (including Shunock); Earl Turner; Francesca Camus; Jillian Austin; Daniel Park; Philip Drennan; and Jassen Allen. This month’s charity is Three Square food battle (I imply, bank); tickets are $20 beforehand, $30 at the door and readily available at MondaysDark.com.

– Reckless in Vegas made its launching at Cabaret Jazz count Saturday night. This was among the rocking-est shows ever because space. Michael Shapiro’s three-piece band stormed through its collection of 1960s standards enhanced by a high step of crackling rock ‘n’ roll.

Kelly Clinton-Holmes and Chris Phillips of Zowie Bowie made cameo looks (and I will certainly live to see the day when Phillips, who was typically dynamic, sing “That’s Life” without the services of a lyrics sheet).

The use of video photos of Old Vegas and The Rat Pack, and a pair of sparkling backing dancers, added to the experience as Shapiro raced through “Luck Be a Lady Tonight,” “All Shook Up,” “Cannot Take My Eyes Off of You,” “I Got You Babe,” “It’s Not Uncommon,” “Volare,” “Mr. Bojangles” and “Everybody Likes Someone Often” all re-charted and infused with rocket fuel.

It was a fairly loud time, but there was a great deal of truly cool stuff occurring up there. The band invested more than a years performing in the Bay Area before Shapiro went back to his home town of Las Vegas in April. RIV is playing Sept. 19 and Oct. 17 at Chrome in Santa Fe Station. Otherwise, this crew is looking for a place to swing and do its thing.

– Returning to our lead-in: “Spirit of 45” at Veil was to benefit Honor Air travel, which offers complimentary flights to Washington, D.C., for World War II veterans so that they can visit monuments in D.C. If a caretaker is required, the company supplies that service, too, also complimentary to the veterans.

Appearing at Veil, where about 500 folks turned out for a healthy Sunday-night lineup, were Michelle Johnson; Ronnie Rose; Chadwick Johnson; Swing City Dolls; Mark Giovi and Genevieve Dew; Carmine Mandina; Rich Natole; Craig Canter; Rob Garrett; Denise Rose; Martin Mancuso; and The Desert Tenors (Giovi and Expense Fayne).

Event organizer Evan Davis (that’s “E-V-A-N D-A-V-I-S,” as he advised me during the program, so thanks for that) shared MC tasks with Anderson, who continually advised of the terrific, golden era of Las Vegas home entertainment.

Earlier, he and I debated the quality of home entertainment, overall, offered in the city in old days, when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis Presley, Jerry Lewis, Wayne Newton, Liberace and numerous of the true greats filled display rooms on the Strip.

I provided that today’s Las Vegas has the highest level of entertainment in the city’s history if you count the places that were not in location in the days when Anderson was playing Top of the Dunes.

I noted the big-event centers MGM Grand Garden Arena and Mandalay Bay Occasion Center, plus the Colosseum at Caesars, the Joint at the Acid rock Hotel, the Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan, Axis at World Hollywood, Brooklyn Bowl at the Linq Promenade and the Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

I offered that the showroom super stars of the 1950s through, say, the mid-1980s were unparalleled, but the concerts, production programs and top-end skill makes Las Vegas a much more appealing home entertainment destination today.

But as Anderson kept reeling off, “Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Elvis …,” it was a difficult argument. See him in “Frank: The Guy, The Music” at Palazzo to get a tip of what we’re discussing.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

MGM Grand, a AAA 4 Diamond resort, provides 5,044 spaces and suites.

MGM Grand showcases KÀ by Cirque du Soleil; Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club; and world-class entertainment at the Grand Garden Arena and Hollywood Theatre.

The resort provides trademark dining establishments by celebrity chefs including Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak, Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans Fish House, Wolfgang Puck’s Bar & & Grill and Michelin three star and Forbes Five Star dining establishment, Joël Robuchon.

As part of its continuous “Grand Restoration,” MGM Grand has renovated all spaces and suites in its main tower and is including numerous new experiences to its lineup including Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant and Bar, a brand-new high end dining/nightlife concept (can be found in April 2013).

MGM Grand also showcases an advanced, non-smoking conference center, the Grand Spa, Cristophe Hair salon, “CSI: The Experience” and a welcoming swimming pool complex showcasing the tantalizing daylife of Wet Republic.

High end accommodations consist of The Mansion, an exclusive hotel within the hotel; the luxurious two-story SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand; and The Trademark at MGM Grand, a luxury all-suite, non-gaming hotel located nearby to the main resort.

3799 Las Vegas Boulevard S. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Silverton Gambling establishment Hotel

Similar to a rustic lodge, this off-the-Strip gambling establishment provides something for everyone, consisting of budget friendly spaces, a range of dining choices and household friendly features.

Silverton Gambling establishment Hotel is decorated in earth tones, stone and wood, and accentuated with amber-tinted lighting. The 90,000-square-foot gambling establishment includes more than 30 tables video games, 1,900 slots, a high-limit lounge, a recently renovated poker space and the Cantor Pc gaming Sports Book.

One of the resort’s most distinct features is its 117,000-gallon saltwater fish tank, which houses more than 4,000 sharks, stingrays and tropical fish– and an occasional mermaid. Simply steps far from the aquatic wonderland is the flagship 165,000-square-foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, with everything from hunting, boating, fishing and camping gear.

Surrounding the gambling establishment floor is a huge array of dining alternatives, such as the upscale-steakhouse Twin Creeks or the distinct Mexican dining establishment Mi Casa Grill Cantina.

3333 Blue Diamond Road Las Vegas, NV 89139

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Spirit Airlines will certainly hold Las Vegas job fair to employ flight assistants

Spirit Airlines, a fast-growing, ultra-low-cost carrier that flies around the Americas, is working fair in Las Vegas for aspiring flight attendants.

The Miramar, Fla.-based airline said today that it plans to hold job interviews June 23 in Las Vegas and June 25 in San Diego as part of an effort to work with 1,500 workers this year.

The company stated it’s wanting to work with 500 flight assistants. In between 80 and 85 of those tasks will certainly be based in Las Vegas, spokesperson Irisaida Mendez stated.

Potential prospects should first apply online. Task requirements, inning accordance with the press release, include:

– Have to be at least 21 years old, and “seniors are welcome to use.”

– Must have a high-school diploma or GED, though a college degree is chosen.

– Has to be at least 5 feet tall “without shoes.”

– Needs to be able to lift 40 pounds from the floor to carry level and be able to reach airplane overhead bins and storage areas.

Spirit, which operates more than 300 everyday flights to 56 destinations in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America, offers cheap base fares with great deals of add-on fees, much like Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air. Both airlines are regularly profitable, too.

Spirit prides itself on its low-cost structure– its stock ticker is “SAVE,” and its slogan is “Less cash. More go.” It also tries to drum up sales with funny, shady marketing pitches.

On its site, it explains its “Bare Fare” by stating, “Our fares are unbundled: no ‘free’ bag, no ‘totally free’ drink. From the beginning, it’s simply your a ** + gas … and a personal item.”

It’s also promoting the “Mo’ M.O.A.S.S.,” or “Mom of All Spirit Sales,” encouraging clients to “Save An (photo of a donkey) Load!”

The business booked $225.5 million in revenue in 2014, up from $72.5 million in 2010, inning accordance with a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Spirit ran 65 aircrafts at the end of 2014, up from 32 in 2010. It expects to have 144 airplanes by 2021, states the SEC filing.

Spirit Rampant at Marcus & & Millichap ' s Annual Reconnaissance Retail Discussion

The Marcus & & Millichap Retail Trends discussion is always one of the best barometers of the mood at ICSC’s RECon– and this year’s 16th yearly discussion held by the brokerage was positively celebratory, with just a few little caveats cautioning lenders and designers not to get too overconfident about the good times.

Unlike the previous realty cycle during the 2000s, the Marcus & & Millichap execs think the current economic growth has underlying strength from well balanced basics and more disciplined underwriting, said president and CEO John Kerin. He noted the total number of net lease transactions was 21 % greater this year than the peak of last cycle, while multi-tenant retail offers are still on the upswing, falling short of their 2006 peak by a mere 5 %.

“Fundamentals are extremely, really favorable and the side effects of overdevelopment is nowhere to be seen today,” stated Kerin. “We prepare for the market will continue to be strong for the foreseeable future,” he outlined 500 attendees who gathered for the yearly discussion at the Renaissance Hotel beside the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The panel moderated by Bill Rose, vice president/national director for Marcus & & Millichap’s National Retail Group, included Randall A. Young, senior vice president/real estate advancement of The Fresh Market; David Todd, vice president, U.S. retail financial investment of Prudential Realty Investments; John A. Kite, chairman/CEO of Kite Realty Group, Gary B. Sabin, chairman/CEO with Excel Trust, Inc.; and Hessam Nadji, senior executive vice president for Marcus & & Millichap

. All the panelists concurred that the growth is nowhere near the end of its run, although some varied on how they expect it to play out.

“People are worried about increasing cap rates today, but the fact is we’re in a low-return environment, so that’s helping drive extremely restricted new supply,” said Kite. “I feel actually favorable. We’re in a pretty good cycle now, however we’re constantly stressed over what’s around the corner.”

The combination of the rally in need and the pullback in construction for more than 5 years after a number of years in which developers constructed 100 million to 150 million square feet of brand-new retail area has actually brought job back into balance in markets throughout the U.S., Marcus & & Millichap’s Nadji said.

“Retail supply and need principles look wonderful,” stated Nadji. “The issue today is, we have almost 400 million square feet of new supply in the pipeline of planned new construction tasks coming out of the ground or in the approval procedure, the biggest because 2006. Just how much of that will be built simply as the economy slows and rate of interest increase? That’s the only danger I see to our very beneficial conditions,” Nadji stated.

Amongst the sellers in expansion mode is specialized grocer The Fresh Market, which operates 168 stores in 27 states and prepares for 12 % to 15 % development year over year in 2015.

“We’re seeing a fair bit of activity provided to us since the capital markets are so healthy and offered to designers and property managers alike– so we’re really hopeful about both our short and long-term development,” Young stated. “We’re seeing many very-affordable deals existing to us.”

“I do worry about being overconfident and (the marketplace becoming) over frothy, kept in mind Sabin, chairman/CEO of Excel Trust, Inc. “We believe you can get the most bang for the buck by mining your own portfolio– the gestation period is much shorter and it’s the greatest return on your financial investment. The reason we’re healthy now is because the banks, merchants and designers have actually been limited.”

Prudential’s Todd said he remains bullish on retail for near future, saying he thinks it’s really early in the expansion stage, and the capital markets will hopefully keep rampant property development in check.

“Designers are going to develop, so you have to seek to the banks to be the brakes,” Todd said.