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USPS owes $3.5 million in royalties for using the wrong Statue of Liberty


John Taylor/ Las Vegas Sun A Las Vegas variation of the Statue of Liberty outside the New York-New York on the Strip

Released Wednesday, July 4, 2018|2 a.m.

Updated Wednesday, July 4, 2018|4:43 p.m.

. A stamp that mistakenly included the image of a Statue of Liberty replica in Las Vegas rather of the initial New York Statue will cost the United States Postal Service $3.5 million in a copyright violation claim.

Las Vegas sculptor Robert Davidson, who developed the reproduction Woman Liberty in the exterior at the New-York-New York casino-resort on the Las Vegas Strip, took legal action against the Postal Service five years ago over its 2011 “forever” stamp style.

The stamp included the face of his Girl Liberty, which his lawyers argued in court filings was unmistakably various from the original and was more “fresh-faced,”” sultry “as well as”

sexier.” The Postal Service had actually been launching the stamps for a minimum of three months before finding it was not a picture of the New york city statue.

Postal Service attorneys argued Davidson’s design was too comparable for him to declare copyright.

Federal Judge Eric Bruggink sided with Davidson recently and agreed his work was an initial design with a more contemporary, womanly and contemporary face. He bought the Postal Service to pay $3.5 million to the artist– a slice of the $70 million the service made in make money from the stamp.

Postal Service representative Dave Partenheimer stated in an email that the firm was reviewing the decision and would comment “if when appropriate.”

Todd Bice, Davidson’s lawyer, stated in an emailed declaration that his customer was pleased that the court acknowledged the significance of his work.

” As the court noted, Mr. Davidson’s creative production of the Las Vegas Woman Liberty is highly special and appealing, which is exactly what prompted the United States Postal Service to select a picture of his work for the second ever Forever Stamp, over numerous other images,” he said.

Court documents reveal Davidson said he desired his sculpture, like the remainder of the casino-resort’s facade, to have the feel of New york city’s iconic horizon without replicating it.

USPS owes $3.5 million in royalties for using the incorrect Statue of Liberty


John Taylor/ Las Vegas Sun A Las Vegas version of the Statue of Liberty outside the New York-New York on the Strip.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018|2 a.m.

There’s a great chance you have actually seen the United States Postal Service Lady Liberty stamp. Maybe you believed this was a photo of the Statue of Liberty.

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Claim over '' sexy ' Statue of Liberty postage stamp set for trial


Is the Statue of Liberty reproduction in Las Vegas “sexier” than the Statue of Liberty in New york city City? An awkward accident involving the United States Postal Service and the Statue of Liberty is heading to federal court.

Back in 2011, the USPS suggested to utilize the actual statue on its forever stamp but instead inadvertently utilized the Las Vegas reproduction.

The worker managing the creation of the stamp supposedly picked a Getty picture of Girl Liberty in front of the New York-New York hotel-casino by error and printed four billion copies. The case is gone to trial in the United States Court of Federal Claims in September, where a judge will identify if the federal government will need to pay for that error.

Robert Davidson, the artist of the Las Vegas reproduction, took the postal service to court and submitted a copyright suit with the claim that his version was utilized without authorization. He stated that his variation of the Statue of Liberty is more “sultry” and “sexier than the initial”

The case has actually been a court fight ever since, however recently the court stated it could not rule on whether Davidson’s reproduction was various enough from the genuine thing to get approved for copyright infringement.

“I imply I don’t know that either of them are excessively attractive however if I have to pick I’m going to pick this one!,” tourist Becca Anderson laughed. “I feel like she has a slimmer face … A bit more pouty lips.”

Despite the fact that she chose the statue in Las Vegas and said she could tell the differences side by side, Anderson said she couldn’t discriminate based on simply looking at the postage stamp.

“Based on that little sector of her, no. I do not believe he has a case,” she said.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s sexier. I comprehend that it’s various,” traveler Xavier Peterson said. “He clearly does simply want money, however I think at the same time it’s still like a copyright thing.”

If they needed to choose, Peterson and her sweetheart Jacob Walker said they still think the initial Statue of Liberty is sexier.

“I think that she had a somewhat rougher night, however she’s still hotter you understand exactly what I indicate?” he stated. “If I’m being entirely truthful, simply the womanhood of this image is sexier.” Hey, uh

, weird concern but … which Statue of Liberty do you believe is more “attractive”? (See contrast above)

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Philly'' s ' Rocky ' statue closed 2 weeks for site enhancements

Wednesday, May 31, 2017|9:35 a.m.

PHILADELPHIA– Yo, travelers! The Rocky statue in Philadelphia is off-limits once again.

The statue of the imaginary fighter is located near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Sylvester Stallone adds the actions while training for huge fights in various “Rocky” movies.

The statue was off-limits to travelers at the end of April while teams took apart a momentary stage erected for the NFL Draft. On Tuesday, the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation states the statue will be closed to tourists for two weeks.

That’s since enhancements are being made to the website surrounding the statue at the head of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The area will be repaved and its perimeter defense will likewise be changed. That work will keep travelers from getting close enough to the statue to take selfies and other images.

King Kamehameha statue'' s spear discovered on banks of channel


Tim Wright/ AP

This Jan. 31, 2014, file picture, reveals a statue of Hawaiian King Kamehameha I with snow-capped Mauna Kea in the range, in Hilo, Hawaii.

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015|8:56 p.m.

HONOLULU– Detectives have actually found the spear that was drawned from King Kamehameha’s statute on Hawaii’s Big Island.

The top section of the spear held by a statue of the Hawaiian warrior was reported missing Sunday. Investigators went back to the scene to continue examining Tuesday when they discovered the missing spear area in overgrowth on the banks of a channel behind the statue.

The spear was forcibly eliminated from the lower personnel section, cops said. Lt. Gregory Esteban declined to expose how it was eliminated: “That’s something only the suspect or suspects would have knowledge of.”

Cops will analyze the spear section for forensic proof then return it to a Kamehameha Schools alumni group, which has the statue, Esteban said.

Kamehameha I, likewise called Kamehameha the Great, is understood for joining the Hawaiian islands in 1810. The statue in downtown Hilo near Wailoa (wy-LOH’-ah) State Park is among numerous bearing his similarity, including in downtown Honolulu and in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

. According to a regional historian, the statue was originally set up on Kauai, however Big Island officials arranged to move it to the island where Kamehameha was born, Esteban said. This is the most noteworthy occurrence to take place to the statue considering that it was committed in 1997, he said.

On Kamehameha Day, commemorated June 11, his statues are ceremoniously draped with lei.