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Middle school student jailed in Stone City school hazard probe

Wednesday, April 25, 2018|7:45 p.m.

Authorities say a 14-year-old student was arrested following a report that he made a terrorist danger versus his junior high in Boulder City.

Boulder City police Leader Brent Speyer said Wednesday the boy was jailed as a juvenile on a felony charge that, if convicted as an adult, might get him a minimum of 2 to Twenty Years in state jail.

Speyer says authorities got a 911 call late Monday about a risk and the boy did not go to Garrett Junior High School on Tuesday prior to his arrest at home.

The authorities official declined to specify the hazard, state whether police believe the boy acted alone, or state whether weapons or any hazardous device was discovered at the kid’s home or school.

Renovations set to start at Stone Beach Campground


Sam Morris A scene on Boulder Beach at Lake Mead Thursday, June 6, 2013.

Friday, Nov. 24, 2017|5:35 p.m.

. A $ 3.4 million renovation at a Lake Mead National Leisure Area campground is set up to start next week.

The National Park Service says work on the five-month building and construction job at Stone Beach Camping site will start Monday.

The planned improvements include restorations of 73 campsites and setup of brand-new sanitation and potable water refill stations. Camping site roadways will likewise be repaved.

Lake Mead National Recreation Location Superintendent Lizette Richardson states the camping area has been recognized as one of the top 50 in the West. She states the project “will modernize and improve the visitor experience much more while decreasing postponed maintenance.”

Vegas police investigate shooting on Stone Highway

Metro at the scene of a critical shooting on Boulder Highway on Nov. 19, 2017. (LVACS)Metro at the scene of a vital shooting on Stone Highway on Nov. 19, 2017. (LVACS) City at the scene of a vital shooting on Boulder Highway on Nov. 19, 2017.( LVACS ). LAS VEGAS( FOX5) -. Authorities are investigating a vital shooting in east Las Vegas early Sunday morning. Officers responding to a shooting hire the block of 5600 Stone Highway, at Tropicana Avenue, just after 4:30 a.m.

City said 2 individuals at that area were contending each other and both were struck by the shooting.

One victim suffered important injuries in the incident and the other was noted as steady while at the health center.

The event stays under examination according to authorities.

Stay with FOX5 for updates on this story.

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Vegas PD: 1 individual, shot eliminated at Suites on Stone Highway

< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/10/15049664_G.jpg "alt="" title= "" border=" 0" width ="

180″/ > LAS VEGAS (FOX5 )- Las Vegas authorities are examining a fatal shooting in the east part of town Sunday early morning,

City said they responded to an event call at The Suites, located at 4855 Stone Hwy., just north of Flamingo Road, at about 4:30 a.m.

Officers found an individual experiencing numerous gunshot injuries at that area, inning accordance with authorities.

The victim was carried to the medical facility but later on pronounced deceased from the injuries sustained.

Authorities stated homicide investigators were managing the investigation.

City did not release any additional instant details about the event.

Stay with FOX5 for updates on this story.

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Man detained in beating death of female, 67, near Stone Highway

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017|8:25 p.m.

. A guy who supposedly battered a female who was out for a walk and who later on caught her injuries has actually been implicated in her murder, according to a City Authorities arrest warrant.

Alexander Duwarte, 33, who investigators had questioned multiple times about the June 19, 2016, event, was detained Monday and booked at the Clark County Detention Center on one count of murder.

Christine Ralston, 67, died the following month from problems of the attack, cops stated.

Before being hurried to the health center, Ralston was able to seek aid and explain the attacker, who she believed to be a male who had actually sexually harassed her twice before.

Officers and medical teams were dispatched about 12:30 a.m. the night of the attack to The Suites, a long-term hotel on 4855 Stone Highway, cops stated. She and her hubby reported the attack to staff at the complex’s workplace.

Days later on, when detectives tried carrying out a follow-up interview on several events, Ralston was unconscious and intubated at Daybreak Health center and Medical Center where her condition intensified. She passed away on July 14.

Investigators questioned Duwarte on two celebrations at the detention center where he ‘d been scheduled in November and February on cases unassociated to the slaying, authorities stated. He ‘d stated that he understood the event however maintained his innocence.

That’s not exactly what he told three people on separate occasions that he ‘d beat an older female to death, saying things such as, he ‘d “beat a b– into a coma and she passed away,” authorities said. Investigators likewise connected him to the area of the criminal activity scene through his cellphone.

In the warrant, cops composed that some of the knowledge from the event connected to among the people Duwarte supposedly confessed to eliminating a woman, might have just originated from the perpetrator.

Pedestrian, 89, eliminated in Stone Highway crosswalk

Published Saturday, July 15, 2017|1:38 p.m.

Upgraded 3 hours, 4 minutes ago

An 89-year-old pedestrian was struck in the southeast valley this morning, marking the 35th traffic fatality including a pedestrian in City Authorities’s jurisdiction this year, officials said.

Officers and medics were dispatched about 9 a.m. to Boulder Highway and Desert Horizons Drive, police stated.

The individual was struck while in a crosswalk, police said. More information were not immediately available.

This was the 45th auto-pedestrian death on Stone Highway because 2006, which totals up to almost 10 percent of auto-pedestrian deaths in Nevada.

One of many enhancements to make pedestrian crossing more secure at Stone Highway debuted today with a crossing along the road at Sun Valley Drive, near the Eastside Cannery.

Requiring to Twitter after the crash, City’s traffic bureau said that out of the 79 overall traffic fatalities it’s examined so far in 2017, about 90 percent have been caused by “human mistake,” being DUI, no safety belt, speeding, cannot yield or not paying attention.

In another Tweet, the firm alerted motorists to “keep your eyes up, look ahead, concentrate on the roadway and not your phone,” adding that “79 individuals should not be dead. Those who eliminated them have much to deal with.”

2 Birds with One Molecular Stone

UNLV biochemist Ron Gary is deeply interested in physiological processes affecting human health, a reality that’s not right away obvious as one looks down at the petri meals positioned around his lab. However Gary’s molecular-level deal with the cells housed in these meals continues to yield crucial cancer-related discoveries and, more just recently, potentially game-changing neuroscientific findings related to Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s discoveries were an outgrowth of the cancer research study. Gary and his lab team were working to learn whether preventing the aberrant activity of a particular “signaling” enzyme, glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3), might slow the explosive growth of cancer cells. Due to the fact that the enzyme has actually also been linked in the advancement of Alzheimer’s, Gary’s team soon discovered themselves thinking about the methods which hindering GSK-3 may impact a crucial component of that illness too.

There are 2 tiny structures that are typically discovered in the brains of Alzheimer’s clients: plaques and neurofibrillary “tangles.” At the molecular level, neurofibrillary tangles are perhaps the disease’s most distinguishing function. The tangles are composed of tau– proteins that, when working usually, play a key role in transporting nutrients and other important materials throughout the cell. When tau proteins aggregate in the brain and kind tangled clumps, the transportation system breaks down, cells begin to pass away, and Alzheimer’s symptoms appear.

Gary, a professor in UNLV’s department of chemistry and biochemistry, thinks that GSK-3 might be unintentionally inducing tau tangling by accelerating a process called phosphorylation– an essential metabolic step by which, under normal scenarios, cells regulate numerous molecular procedures.

“Though we don’t know why it becomes overactive and produces twisted tau, our thinking is that, if you might suppress or slow that phosphorylation activity of GSK-3, you might stop or slow the formation of tau tangles,” Gary says. “Then maybe you might prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.”

In order to decrease GSK-3 and suppress the development of tangles, Gary says, scientists would have to develop an inhibitor, a compound or drug that would depress its activity. Gary and his team of trainees are working to do just that.

“We take human cells of brain origin, treat them with various drugs in a meal, and take a look at the molecular effects of that treatment,” he stated. “You cannot simply get rid of the GSK-3 enzyme, because that would be bothersome too.”

Gary states a handful of key concerns are directing his lab group’s efforts. Exactly what are the repercussions more broadly throughout the cell, and specifically, do different kinds of inhibitors do the very same thing throughout the different areas where GSK-3 has a function? Or could various inhibitors have discreetly various effects on GSK-3-related systems?

Gary states he’s likewise thinking about taking a look at beta-catenin, another essential particle affected by GSK-3. Beta-catenin plays an important role in the control of cell growth. If from balance, it might potentially be a contributing reason for cancer.

Inning accordance with Gary, when you hinder GSK-3 with the goal of reducing tau tangles, it promises you would also minimize the phosphorylation of beta-catenin.

“You would at first presume that any inhibitor that suppresses GSK-3 enzyme activity would have a comparable effect on beta-catenin, however we found that different inhibitors have different impacts on beta-catenin,” he states. “This is important because Alzheimer’s work covers everything from dealing with clients to the other end of the spectrum, looking at molecular effects in separated cells. But if we ever want to utilize this class of compound to deal with clients, we would need to know exactly what else takes place in the cell when you suppress tau phosphorylation by inhibiting GSK-3.”

Stone of Blarney, fulfill head of Lenin



A headless statuary of Vladimir Lenin outside Red Square at Mandalay Bay.

Friday, July 10, 2015|3:29 p.m.

People pilfer anything in Las Vegas, specifically when they’re a little besotted.

There has been a repeating problem with visitors snatching the idea cup at the Fuel coffee shop near the Paradise entryway of the Hard Rock Hotel.

5 years back at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo after-party at the Mirage, guests ambled off with life-size cutouts of rodeo stars that lined the hallway introducing the event. In May, a flatbed truck loaded with outfits and phase props from the “Crazy Girls” production at the Riviera was taken from the hotel’s parking lot (the truck, missing outfits and props, was quickly recovered).

Today, a male snatched the Blarney Stone on display screen at the D Las Vegas.

He was identified by security electronic cameras at 2:31 a.m. Wednesday carrying the big rock from the hotel “like he was going out with a pizza,” as hotel owner Derek Stevens described the scene.

The still-unidentified casino customer returned the artifact, which was initially recovered from the wall of Blarney’s Castle in County Cork, Ireland, on Thursday afternoon.

The man had been betting and tossing back tequila shots before snatching the stone, situated on an open platform at the top of the escalators causing the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse.

The stone famously brings all the best for seven days for those who kiss or touch it and is the last remnant from the gambling establishment’s days as the Irish-themed Fitzgeralds.

Stevens, who took over as owner in 2011, initially reported the stone’s theft during a Periscope post on Wednesday afternoon.

“We believed, ‘Let’s get people involved and have some fun with this,'” Stevens stated during a phone conversation Wednesday night. “But we did want it returned. It was our last connection to the past.”

Stevens is skilled at using unusual events to create interest; he made a bet at the Golden Nugget on Michigan State to win the NCAA males’s basketball champion last fall, and if the Spartans had actually won the title, he would have collected $1 million. As a result, the Michigan State-Duke semifinal video game drew a huge celebration– with Stevens as the ringleader– at the Long Bar at The D.

The Blarney Stone episode was barely the very first such event to spark prevalent coverage and discussion. The incident stimulated memories of a theft of the statue head of Vladimir Lenin 16 years back from Red Square at Mandalay Bay.

The history: A 14-foot-tall statue of Lenin was positioned at the entryway of the club when it opened in 1999. However after a few weeks, patrons grumbled that the leader of the Bolshevik Transformation, the male who assisted form the Soviet Union and launched the Communist era in Russia, was being commemorated in such a way.

Hence, the then-owners of Mandalay Bay, Circus Circus Enterprises, chose to behead Lenin in March 1999 (heads of many Lenin statuaries were lopped after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1989). The statue was further “updated” with white stains to represent pigeon droppings. The head, meanwhile, was hung from the ceiling above the statuary.

Shortly thereafter, the head went missing out on and was not recovered until it was returned anonymously 10 weeks later. It was then enclosed in ice and stored in the club’s vodka bar, an apt homage to the strict adherent to the Marxist dogma.

In both of these instances, the criminal activities were basically victimless. If nothing else, we have actually found out that these odd thefts stimulate infinite totally free media protection.

They likewise function as a suggestion that if you wish to keep your stones safe, lock ’em up.

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Vegas gambling establishment'' s missing out on ' Blarney Stone ' returned, owner states

The D hotel-casino owner Derek Stevens tweeted out images of an individual taking the home’s hallmark “Blarney Stone”. (Source: Twitter/DerekJStevens).
Another tweeted image shows the apparent thief head to a bank of escalators with the D Las Vegas' Blarney Stone. (Source: Twitter/DerekJStevens)Another tweeted image reveals the evident thief visit a bank of escalators with the D Las Vegas’ Blarney Stone. (Source: Twitter/DerekJStevens).


It was viewed as an odd heist for Las Vegas requirements, however there appears to be a resolution in the theft of a downtown gambling establishment’s “Blarney Stone”.

Derek Stevens, owner of the D Las Vegas hotel-casino, tweeted monitoring video images Wednesday of a male seen taking the equipment’s hallmark stone.

“CASINO THEFT @theDlasvegas We require UR aid! Guy took our #BlarneyStone after gamer #SigmaDerby WTF ??” Stevens tweeted to his 14,000 followers.

On Thursday morning, Stevens resolved the theft through Periscope and explained the stone was returned overnight. As Stevens described, the individual who took the rock consulted with security and gave back the stone.

The patron, who was not determined by the D, informed the gambling establishment he had been consuming tequila that night, bet at a nearby apartment and later strolled into the D to gamble some more. After the guy was done, Stevens said, the male took the stone from its pedestal and left.

Stevens stated he will certainly decrease prosecuting the male, mentioning the person’s apparent regret over the scenario. Stevens also stated the guy was notified by good friends about the stone after they saw images in the news media.

The stone, which had actually openly rested on a pedestal on the real property’s second floor video gaming area, is a hold-over from the D’s prior existence as Fitzgerald’s. The previous owners of the casino claimed the stone came straight from Blarney Castle in Ireland, where it has famously drawn in tourists around the globe.

The lore of the larger Blarney Stone from which Las Vegas’ rock derives claims to give those who kiss it the “present of gab”, according to the castle’s keepers.

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Guy blames tequila for taking Las Vegas’ Blarney Stone

Appears like The D Las Vegas will not need to kiss its piece of the Blarney Stone goodbye.

Hotel owner Derek Stevens took to social media Wednesday, stating the rock had actually been taken from its display screen on the 2nd floor of the Fremont Street casino.

Surveillance cameras caught all of it, Stevens stated. At 2:31 a.m., the guy lifted the stone from its case, took the escalator downstairs and went out holding it up like he was bring a pizza.

Less than 24 hours later, it had been returned.

Police didn’t need to get involved, Stevens stated, since the man was sorry. It was just a normally insane night in Las Vegas.

And tequila was involved.

“He was out gambling, won some cash,” Stevens told the Review-Journal. “Since he was winning, he had a couple additional shots.”

The man brought the rock back to the casino about 1:30 a.m. Thursday, Stevens said, after sobering up and realizing what he ‘d done with the help of friends who saw a picture of him holding the rock on social networks.

Stevens had tweeted a screen shot of the security video that had been reposted on Twitter over 450 times by noon Thursday. Stevens also had set up a link by means of Periscope, Twitter’s live video-sharing platform.

The guy, whom Stevens did not name, didn’t stroll in planning to take the stone and go out with it preparing to injure anyone, the owner stated. The casino does not want him prosecuted.

City had no record of a call about at theft at The D after the stone took off.

“I’m just thankful to obtain it back,” Stevens stated.

Asked whether this had been done for a publicity stunt, Stevens stated no and that the man had not been acquainted with any individual at The D.

The Blarney Stone is the only memory left from the D’s previous incarnation as Fitzgeralds, Stevens stated. He bought the Irish-themed hotel-casino in 2011. Considering that he took over, it’s had a bit more of a taste from Stevens home town, Detroit.

As legend tells, smooching the stone– a chunk of the Blarney Castle in Ireland– provides the lips the present of eloquence.

It had not been instantly clear if the guy kissed the rock before returning it.

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