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Naked woman strolls through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Superior Court documents have released the suicide note previous Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez left for his girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez. It likewise details his relationships with particular prisoners. Here’s exactly what the file reads:

More > Superior Court files have released the suicide note former Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez left for his sweetheart, Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez. It also details his relationships with certain prisoners. Here’s what the document reads:

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Female strolls in on armed robbery, pistol-whipped


A Las Vegas female walked in on a heist and got pistol-whipped this previous weekend.

Alexis Gibson said she’s thankful the situation she found herself in Saturday night didn’t escalate into something much even worse.

“There was so much adrenaline hurrying through my body that right when it was over I could barely stand outside,” Gibson stated.

Gibson had no idea what she was entering when she strolled into a smoke store located near the crossway of Craig Roadway and Martin Luther King Boulevard. The robbers swarmed her, and among them put a weapon to her head.

“The moment that I searched for and I saw the gun, when I turned my head I literally prepared my entire body to feel the bullet,” she stated.

It wasn’t a bullet that struck her.

“I turned my head down, and that’s when they hit me and pulled my purse from my hand,” she said.

Two of the 3 robbers then left the scene, however the experience had not been completed for Gibson.

“The person with the weapon ran out, and the guy who took my handbag was still standing there, attempting to get my phone, and I right away turned around and began to scream, ‘Please, no! Please stop!’ I tossed my phone back behind the counter because I didn’t desire them to take it,” she said.

Gibson said she’s replayed the circumstance over and over again in her head and does not think there’s anything she might have done in a different way.

“There is 3 of them versus one, so you know, you do the very best you can and try and diffuse the scenario, not engage. I attempted not to look them in the eyes due to the fact that they feel threatened when you look at them,” she stated.

Gibson stated that as the males were running off, among them dropped a carton of cigarettes and that North Las Vegas police were able to get a full set of finger prints.

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