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Engineering Trainees Bring Modern Ideas to Life at Senior Style Competition Dec. 7


Students from the UNLV Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering put their undergraduate education to the test when they display year-long, commercially practical tasks created to solve daily obstacles at the Fall 2017 Fred and Harriet Cox Senior Design Competitors.


Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017
8 a.m.– 12:30 p.m. and 2 – 5 p.m.


Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall, on the school of UNLV (click for map)
Near Maryland Parkway and Home Grove Avenue


A capstone to every engineering trainee’s academic profession at UNLV, the senior design job challenges students to utilize whatever they have learned in their program to plan, style, create, and demonstrate a practical, real-world solution to an engineering obstacle. Each student chooses, plans, styles, and models an innovative, commercially feasible product and provides their concept to a panel of industry judges.

More than 30 jobs will be on screen, consisting of a pedestrian lighting system, a new pallet style for warehouses, a remote-controlled device that can detect IEDs, and a location-sharing app developed to encourage human interaction.


Interviews with getting involved trainees and College of Engineering representatives are available. Trainees will likewise carry out product model demonstrations.

Project Examples
Pedestrian Lighting Assistance System

Pedestrian death rate is three times higher during the night, with 70% of pedestrians killed in the nighttime. Headlights just let a driver see roughly 350 feet ahead. The Pedestrian Lighting Assistance System (PLGS) can assist alleviate pedestrian deaths due to bad visibility during the night. Using pedestrian detection software application, the PLGS will automatically manage a spotlight whenever somebody triggers it, without any problem on the pedestrian themselves, using OpenCV libraries, microprocessors and video cameras.

Marco Polo App

Present social networks apps offer a virtual area where people can “fulfill” others, however in fact motivate less in person interactions. The Marco Polo App supplies the capability for users to share their area by initiating contact within their list of pals– “sending out a Marco.” If the recipient accepts it, they “react with a Polo,” and after that their GPS places will be shared with one another. The app offers a consensual and user regulated sharing of place and motivates users to stay physically and socially active by facilitating a simpler method to meet up. The Marco Polo app’s objective is to augment more human-to-human interaction within the age of technology.

I.E.D. Rake

Given that the early 2000s, 1,400 Americans have actually been killed and 13,000 wounded by I.E.D. blasts. The Pentagon has invested more than $75 billion trying to protect soldiers with armored lorries and detection devices. The I.E.D. Rake is a remote regulated gadget, which takes the human operator, and their security, from the formula. (Large mine detectors currently utilize a human operator.) Furthermore, with the big extension arms, the device doesn’t have to be directly over a bomb, like presently used rovers, to discover and detonate a mine.

OAR Pallet

The OAR Pallet prepares to replace an obsoleted wooden pallet that was presented in the 1930s and not improved upon considering that. Wood pallets don’t use much functionality and can restrict accomplishing higher storage facility efficiencies throughout truck loading and discharging. In contrast, the OAR Pallet will enhance the basic movement of pallets in a warehouse and minimize loading and unloading times by: using a coupling system to link multiple pallets together; using a multi-directional wheel arrangement for maneuverability; and having an operator-friendly mechanical braking system.

Faster Development of Amazon Style Might Rock Retail Real Estate

Amazon has already outfitted a Fashion photography studio in Brooklyn.
Amazon has already equipped a Style photography studio in Brooklyn. Lost in the coverage of Amazon’s very public look for a 2nd, multi-billion dollar nationwide headquarters, was the barely-noticed lease the company signed in New York City last month. Yet that lease might indicate billions of dollars in losses coming for retail commercial real estate throughout the nation.

Amazon signed a 15-year office lease for 360,000 square feet at Brookfield Properties’ recently-renovated 5 Manhattan West building. Amazon will take the entire sixth and seventh floors of the 2.15 million-square-foot tower along with part of the eighth and 10th floorings in a move that is expected to bring 2,000 jobs to the Penn Plaza/ Garment District submarket of Manhattan.

Amazon Style has also formerly invested $9 million in a 40,000-square-foot style photo studio in Brooklyn (imagined).

” We’re thrilled to broaden our existence in New York – we have constantly found terrific skill here,” said Paul Kotas, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide advertising.

Those tasks will be coming mainly in the Amazon Fashion and marketing departments, which signals the online retail leviathan is getting more severe about advancing its fashion and apparel sales. In the previous year alone, it has actually presented seven private clothing brand names to its Prime members, including Goodthreads, Amazon Fundamentals, Paris Sunday, Mae, Ella Moon, Buttoned Down and Lark & & Ro.

A hypothetical rapid rise in Amazon’s U.S. clothing market share could have significant credit implications for existing retailers, REITs and CMBS deals, according to Fitch Scores in a ‘shock scenario report’ published last month.Worst-Case Circumstance Sharp decreases in retailer

profits and margins, together with sped up store closings, would likely own substantial cash flow disintegration and damage credit profiles for apparel-focused retailers, shopping mall REITs and retail-heavy CMBS handle such a circumstance. This shock would likely fan out broadly across much of the

retail realty sector, with large credit profile impacts on shopping mall REITs and retail-heavy CMBS deals. Massive shop closures, working out beyond previously revealed cuts, would likely follow, Fitch projected.” REITs owning regional shopping malls with high direct exposure to distressed anchor stores and a less varied tenant base would deal with heavy capital pressure,” Fitch analysts stated.” We estimate that as numerous as 400 of roughly 1,200 U.S. malls might close or be repurposed as a result of merchant liquidations and square video reductions.” The Fitch shock scenario presumes a sped up three-year apparel market share shift to Amazon as a price-competitive and hassle-free alternative to conventional in-store purchases. The theoretical quick development in Amazon’s apparel market share to 25% by 2020 might cut apparel merchant margins by around 300 basis points, pushing numerous merchants towards financial distress. In addition to weaker cash flow, numerous shopping mall owners would deal with reduced access to capital due to negative loan provider and investor sentiment. Attempts to re-tenant or repurpose underperforming shopping malls with high vacancy rates would likely take substantial time and capital. Efforts by REITs to rearrange shopping center residential or commercial properties in this situation would be tough offered restrictions on capital costs and liquidity in a tight funding environment. “Extensive defaults on loans backed by malls would have a substantial effect on credit quality for Fitch-rated CMBS transactions,” the score agency said.” Offered the accelerated timeframe of this retail shock scenario, unique servicers would be required to sell lower tier malls at significantly distressed worths rather than undertaking typical stabilizing efforts.” Assuming Amazon’s share gains are concentrated in lower price points, low- to mid-tier garments merchants, consisting of JC Penney, Kohl’s and Dillard’s, would deal with intense competitive pressure

in such a scenario, Fitch said. Amazon’s Roadway into Style Isn’t Assured The Fitch stress test does not clearly factor in sellers’ actions to a more tough operating and funding environment.

A number of these reactions, consisting of expense decrease efforts, property sales
and secured debt issuance, could reduce the impact of such a severe competitive shock, particularly for companies that have adequate liquidity to react to accelerated competitive threats. And let’s face it, fashion and apparel margins and sales are thin and weakening, and could present a hard market for Amazon to break into. Competitive pressures on in-line garments sellers have actually been developing for at least a decade.

Younger apparel consumers have shown less interest in standard department store style offerings, and shifted more toward’ fast fashion’ and off-price sellers. Retail real estate brokers operate in double worlds when it pertains to shopping. They are both consumers of merchandise online and physical sales people. As such, their handle Amazon is fascinating. Going into style is nothing brand-new to Amazon, stated Soozan

Baxter, principal of Soozan Baxter Consulting, a New York-based, landlord-focused retail advisory firm.” They own Shopbop and Zappos. Shopbop is an extraordinary collection of contemporary brands with a devoted customer,

while Zappos is a favorite for anyone who likes to buy shoes online.” However, shopping on Amazon is like remaining in an online market place without a viewpoint, she said. The chaotic experience does not resonate.” If they can execute a bricks-and-mortar experience that is more like Shopbop and perhaps even utilize that name, they will be very successful, “Baxter said.” If they carry out more retailers under the name Amazon, do customers get confused: is it the book shop? Is it a Macy’s? Is it an Intermix? Is

it an automobile display room? Is it a supermarket? The viewpoint gets confusing.”” The bottom line is that the margins in retail are challenging. As they want to delve further into traditionals, can they produce a different experience? In addition, Amazon has actually been richly rewarded by Wall Street without making a’ genuine earnings.’ As Amazon morphs into more of an omni-channel gamer, how will Wall Street respond to them?” Baxter asks. Jason Polley, managing leasing director of StoneCrest Investments in Germantown, TN, says Amazon clearly has sellers rushing to evolve and much better integrate their physical shops with their online existence. “Garments has constantly appeared to be a location of retail that needs a brick and mortar existence for the consumer

to see, touch and try out merchandise before a purchase, as online purchases of apparel have a much greater return rate compared to other items offered online,” Polley stated. However the problem is not all Amazon.” Regardless of Amazon’s clear impact, I do think some clothing sellers have lost touch with their consumer base and their core mission to provide what their customer wants to purchase,” he included. Paul Schloss, an associate broker at NAI Horizon in Tucson, also states the onus is on traditional merchants.” Traditional garments seller’s stock models require speed of inventory turn-over

to generate absolute gross margin/profit to recuperate fixed occupancy expenses,” Schloss said.” As traffic moves to the internet, and those logistical effectiveness drive down competitive prices and margins

, we are experiencing the implosion of shopping mall retailing: reduced consumer traffic and turns, obsolete structural inventory models. How these retailers re-construct, narrow and innovate their inventory profiles, merchandise offerings, and tactical offerings will specify website base seller’s death or survival. “

Lauren Ruth Ward brings edgy, distinct style to Emerge

In this weekly series, we spotlight the performers and other participants who will integrate for the Emerge Effect + Music Conference on the Las Vegas Strip November 16-18. Tickets are available now at emergelv.com.

Lauren Ruth Ward beams with creativity and self-confidence. Her voice is smoky, raspy and delivered with ironical wit. Her design? Equal parts Grace Slick and Marc Bolan, a formula longed for by every vintage-loving lady in LA.

. Raised in Baltimore however residing in LA, Ward has been compared vocally to Courtney Barnett and Janis Joplin, and while those 2 singers may appear dramatically various, all of it in some way makes good sense. Combine Ward’s rock ‘n’ roll expertise with her pop perceptiveness and you’ve got a singer who might provide Florence Welch a run for her loan.

“Pal, I don’t require you, I can make love to myself/If you think I’m lonesome, you’re lying to yourself,” Ward sings on “Make Love to Myself,” a tough-as-nails track off her upcoming full-length debut Well, Hell. But that tune reveals just one side to the diverse singer, whose music covers a breadth of emotions and styles.

“I was a classic-rock kid paying attention to what my parents listened to,” she states of her influences. When she was 16, Ward’s stepmother gave the vocalist her vinyl collection, and she’s been drawn to rock ‘n’ roll ever since. “I have actually constantly been emotional and drawn to the guitar because I was a kid,” she includes. “I would simply sing about my life and my thoughts.”

You can hear her ruminate on topics like family, stress and anxiety and love when she carries out at the Emerge Effect + Music Conference in November.

“I love Vegas,” Ward states fondly, thinking back about the last time she checked out. “We’re more than thrilled [to return], due to the fact that it’s a super-legit show. It’s going to be a journal entry kind of night.”

Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker talks about her new SJP boutique at Bellagio


Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017|2 a.m.

There’s a new color in Las Vegas and it’s sparkly. Bellagio Blue was born today when actress, producer, business owner and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker opened her SJP shop, only her second standalone shop after the first opened at Bellagio’s sis home MGM National Harbor in Maryland in December.

The brilliant new retail destination provides her label’s full collection of shoes, purses and devices, consisting of the exclusive-to-Vegas Bellagio Blue collection in different shoe designs and the charming Ladybird clutch, a twinkling night bag that holds up to five mobile phone at once. That might in fact be essential when you’re out in Las Vegas.

I was first in line to talk with the “Sex and the City” starlet on Monday about the stylish growth of SJP, bringing her brand to Vegas and shooting a brand-new film in 16 days on the streets of New York.

Existed less tension opening this 2nd SJP boutique after doing it 8 months earlier at MGM National Harbor? Seriously, it’s been very exciting. I believe there’s always tension when you’re a brand-new business and taking steps that risky for everybody economically. However it is worthy of to be anxious-making. It’s worthy of being nervous, and I like that feeling. I think when people purchase you, it’s finest to take it seriously. There’s something great about having the nerves accompany this, but maybe I run better nervous.

Click to enlarge photo

SJP Store at Bellagio. How various is this Bellagio shop from the very first? Did you feel the need to blow it out for Vegas? I believe we did. It’s not that much larger however it certainly feels considerably larger– this one wraps around so there are in fact different areas. The two Fawn walls [wall-sized display screens of SJP’s “Fawn” high heels] represent our variation of calling it up for Vegas, sort of indulging the party more. Vegas is like this sovereign country, this location that runs under a different set of rules, and we wish to live by them.

I believe everyone is going to grab among those mobile phone cases that have the image of that wall of heels. That image began on our shopping bag. When my partner George Malkemus took a trip to Palm Beach he found this old vintage Lucite stacker and had the dazzling idea to showcase the backs of the shoes. It’s such a terrific example of finding out your brand name and growing it. And we want to make sure everyone who walks in the door can access a piece of it, even if our mean rate is significant.

You have actually been involved in so many huge campaigns for numerous different huge brands throughout your profession. When did you first seem like a true designer rather of just the face of a campaign? This company has been far more of that experience. My scent [line] is something I’ve been extremely involved in, as much as this, however I’m not an owner. When you have your very own service you’re financing and you’re not taking a paycheck but constantly putting into it, it’s simply a different experience. I understand every inch of it, what’s required and exactly what’s not, and I can have an extremely different experience with our retail partners and individuals at MGM, and be a part of righting wrongs and helping solution things. However those other experiences and partnerships, nevertheless restricted, have actually been invaluable to me since I’ve been surrounded by really smart individuals sharing with me exactly what they do and why.

Are more SJP shops coming to new cities quickly? Well, we have two shops now that are still so brand-new, and we need to make sure we exist– especially here due to the fact that [Vegas] is the other side of the country so we have to be here as much as possible. We’re being motivated to grow within the MGM household and also in New York. Individuals have been generous offering retail area however I think the challenge is to stay concentrated and not be seduced by other opportunities. There are lots of cautionary tales about growing a service too fast.

And exactly what about your day task? You simply finished shooting the second season of your HBO series “Divorced.” We simply ended up and we’re close to completing post-production on “Divorced,” and I shot a motion picture right after which was intense. No days off. However it was an incredible experience to shoot a movie in 16 days in New york city, kind of thrilling. It’s a gorgeous motion picture and cast … Simon Baker, Taylor Kinney, RenĂ©e Zellweger, Gus Birney, Jacqueline Bisset and Common. The script is so exquisite, and Rufus Wainwright composed all the music.

SJP at Bellagio is located in the Boardwalk retail passage and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Pair jailed in execution-style murder in Las Vegas

<aBlane Ward and Charlene King (Source: LVMPD)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/06/14149643_G.jpg" alt =" Blane Ward and Charlene King( Source: LVMPD)
Police block an area of Cypress Trail and Coran Lane, just off Rancho Drive, after a homicide on June 6, 2017. (Luis Marquez/FOX5)” title=” Blane Ward and Charlene King( Source: LVMPD) “border=” 0″ width =” 180″/ > Blane Ward and Charlene King (Source: LVMPD). Authorities obstruct an area of Cypress Path and Coran Lane, just off Rancho

Drive, after a murder on June 6, 2017.( Luis Marquez/FOX5 ) Authorities block a location of Cypress Trail and Coran Lane, just off Rancho Drive, after a murder on June 6, 2017.( Luis Marquez/FOX5). LAS VEGAS (FOX5 )-. Authorities arrested two suspects Wednesday in connection with an execution-style murder that took place on June 5. Las Vegas Metro police said they jailed 53-year-old Blane Ward and 51-year-old Charlene King Wednesday during a traffic drop in the 5700 block of West Gowan Roadway, near Rancho Drive.

Police believe Ward and King are the suspects in the death of 65-year-old Jerry Lee Moore. Moore was discovered face down in the street with handcuffs in the location of Coran Lane and Cypress Path, which is south of Rancho Drive and Lake Mead Boulevard, at about 11:30 p.m. on June 5.

McGrath called the homicide an “execution.”

Blane and King are in the Clark County Detention Center and each faces one count of open murder, conspiracy to dedicate murder, and burglary with use of a fatal weapon, cops said.

An investigation of the incident is ongoing.

Anybody with info is advised to contact Metro’s homicide area at 702-828-3521. To remain anonymous, call Criminal offense Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

Stay with FOX5 and fox5vegas.com for updates.

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Guy dead in apparent execution-style killing in northwest Vegas

Police block an area of Cypress Trail and Coran Lane, just off Rancho Drive, after a homicide on June 6, 2017. (Luis Marquez/FOX5) Cops block an area of Cypress Trail and Coran Lane, just off Rancho Drive, after a homicide on June 6, 2017. (Luis Marquez/FOX5) Authorities obstruct a location of Cypress Trail and Coran Lane, just off Rancho Drive, after a homicide on June 6, 2017.( Luis Marquez/FOX5). LAS VEGAS( FOX5) -. Police believe a male who was found dead in northwest Las Vegas late Monday night may have been shot execution style. Las Vegas City authorities were called to the area of Coran Lane and Cypress Path, which is south of Rancho Drive and Lake Mead Boulevard, at about 11:30 p.m.

. Inning accordance with Lt. Dan McGrath, of City’s Murder Section, a white male in his 50s was found deal with down in the street and handcuffed from behind. Cops stated the man appeared to have actually suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

” I would call this an execution,” said McGrath. “He’s handcuffed. Does not appear like much sign of a battle.”

Cops had no immediate information on possible opponents. They likewise kept in mind no one in the location called them regarding a gunshot.

The identity of the decedent will be released by the Clark County Coroner’s Office.

Stay with FOX5 and fox5vegas.com for updates.

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Individual of interest in custody in execution-style killing of Texas deputy

HOUSTON (KTRK/KPRC/CNN) – According to KTRK, an individual of interest remains in custody but no charges have been filed in the assassination of a sheriff’s deputy at a gasoline station in the Houston metro area.

A guy assassinated a sheriff’s deputy at a gasoline station in what cops said seems an unprovoked, execution-style killing. A manhunt is underway.

“A witness called 911 to let us know one of our deputies had been shot, numerous devices arrived, EMS showed up on scene. Sadly the deputy passed,” said Deputy Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy is identified as 47-year-old Darren Goforth, a 10-year veteran who was wed with two youngsters.

“I have been in law enforcement 45 years. I do not remember another occurrence this cold-blooded and cowardly,” stated Harris County Constable Ron Hickman.

Authorities said the uniformed deputy was refueling his patrol car Friday evening when a man, caught on security video camera, turned up behind him and opened fire.

“The deputy then fell to the ground. The suspect then continued over to him and once again shot the deputy numerous times as he lay on the ground,” Gilliland said.

The suspect then ran away the scene in a red or maroon Ford Ranger pickup truck, which was also captured on surveillance video.

“How bizarre is this? It’s a very bizarre incident. It’s tough enough being a deputy and being in police in this nation right now, but for people the way that they correct now. I have no words for what this kind of person did,” Gilliland said.

There’s no noticeable intention in the case. The deputy had investigated a mishap about half an hour before the attack. Cops are checking out whether there’s any connection.

“I think it’s important to request for the prayers of our community, for this deputy, his household, and our department household,” Hickman stated.

Copyright 2015 KTRK, KPRC, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and CNN. All rights reserved.

Exactly what does your walking style say about you?


Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015|2 a.m.

“The Worrier”

Worriers tend to walk slowly and cautiously, and normally make brief, metered strides. They may drag their feet or shuffle. Not one to enforce, a worrier will certainly keep his/her eyes to the ground and arms down to the sides or crossed at the chest. These people are shy and thoughtful, however they can seem uncertain, susceptible and timid.

SAFETY POINTER: Make eye contact with motorists to be sure they see you and will stop. Do not presume that because the automobile in the lane closest to you has actually stopped, other cars will stop, too.

“The Chiller”

Chillers are just a little too relaxed. They walk at a sluggish to medium rate, their body is loose and their posture relaxed. They may gesture regularly, however their gestures tend to be little and lax, and they can get caught up in an internal discussion. Chillers have the tendency to be more concentrated on others than they are on tasks, and they might appear lost while walking. They’re calm and user-friendly however likewise can appear careless and easily affected.

SAFETY TIP: Do not be distracted while crossing the street: unplug your headsets, look both ways and prevent telephone call or texts until you run out the crossway.

“The Showboat”

Showboats stroll with intent and confidence, swaying their arms and hips in an exaggerated way and bring in interest from everyone they pass. While they stroll with their heads high and shoulders back, they’re more concentrated on themselves than the goings-on around them and might be distracted by their reflection in a shop window or mirror. While showboats are regulating and charming, they also can come off as self-absorbed and undependable.

SAFETY IDEA: Look both ways before crossing the street. It is very important to be knowledgeable about your environments, not just yourself.

“The Political leader”

Political leaders are a force of energy, strolling with fast, resilient steps and gesturing consistently. These individuals are most likely to stroll with their chest forward, shoulders back and head up, and engage with anyone who passes them. In groups, they commonly take the lead, and their eyes constantly scan the environment around them. They’re social, friendly and pleasant but can appear insincere and fake.

SAFETY SUGGESTION: Brightly-colored or reflective clothes sticks out very well to drivers, particularly at night.

“The Executive”

Executives stroll really rapidly with quick, focused strides, frequently leaning their weight forward as if charging ahead. Soaked up in their thoughts or looking down at their phone, these individuals typically pay no mind to those around them and may run into others while multitasking. Executives are extremely goal-oriented and can be exceptional problem solvers, but they likewise can come off as unapproachable, preoccupied and extreme.

SECURITY IDEA: Do not keep your eyes glued to the ground or to your phone; don’t text, check email or play video games on your phone; and do not pay attention to music so loudly you cannot hear roadway sounds.

Walk with confidence

Despite your strolling “type,” bring yourself with confidence can go a long way in improving the vibe you project to others, and even your very own state of mind. A positive walk is a medium-paced, self-assured stride. Hold your head and chest up and your shoulders back. Make sure your center of gravity is held in your chest and shoulders, not your hips or knees, and focus and engage with the world around you.

Additional security suggestions

Use comfortable, closed-toe shoes that will certainly not slip.

Keep a bottle of water, a drivers license or ID and a cellular phone with you whenever you’re walking in case of emergencies.

Don’t run in crosswalks. Motorists are better able to see you

if you preserve a constant walking speed.

Use the walkway whenever possible. If there’s no walkway available, stroll on the left side of the street, facing traffic.