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Carlos Santana assesses Woodstock and his European summertime trip


Erik Kabik Carlos Santana returns to his residency at the House of Blues this week.

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018|2 a.m.

. The historic Woodstock music festival of August 1969 presented Carlos Santana to the world 49 years ago. To commemorate this anniversary, Santana’s long-running musical residency at your home of Blues at Mandalay Bay is offering $49 tickets to Las Vegas locals for the show’s staying 2018 dates.

” For me, Woodstock is all over all the time,” states the 71-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. “The important things that corresponds is utilizing music as a design template for inscribing innocence and a thirst for experience.”

I talked to Santana this week to catch up on where he’s been (visiting Europe) and where he’ll be (back at the House of Blues for new programs in 2019), and I even managed to learn which Vegas program he’s preparing to see.

It’s pretty incredible that Woodstock was 49 years earlier and here you are, still doing exactly what you do.

When I think back to that time now, the important things that is consistent to me is how music keeps bringing unity and consistency to the world and breaking down walls, and hopefully other individuals still have this in mind. There’s a reason I love the Doors. They always sound to me like I’m [a kid] practicing in a garage and their music might take you to the 4 corners of the world. I use that and Bob Marley and John Lennon and John Coltrane and Marvin Gaye, all the ones I cherish, to keep working and transforming fear. Individuals inform me I sound like a hippie. Well think what? I am a hippie.

You played all over Europe all summertime long. Did you check out any new locations or places?

We did a couple brand-new ones and also struck some spots we haven’t carried out in a while. Exactly what’s incredible to me at 71 years old is these places are jam-packed or offered out and we see grandparents, moms and dads and teens. A lot of youths come curious, like, what’s the huge offer with this? Then they hear it and it’s [various] due to the fact that we don’t lip sync or play [tape-recorded tracks] You feel this avalanche of really powerful energy. With all due regard and honor to every artist who’s ever played in this band, this band has one of the most energy regularly. The important things we share is everybody is dead center with passion and feeling and is feeling a sense of purpose, great pride and clarity. There’s no doubt in this band, no unpredictability. And we have fun with humility due to the fact that we remind ourselves how wonderful it is to still have individuals after all these years come and pay. I have what I have since of people.

How various is the touring show from the Las Vegas reveal?

The live shows outside your house of Blues, especially in Europe, we get to take more liberties with improvising. We have pockets and islands in the middle of the set where we simply go, people just follow me and we improvise on the area. We may create a brand-new song right there or review a song from Marvin Gaye or Miles Davis. At your home of Blues we just have a lot time, a 90-minute set or 2 hours at the most. However we know individuals want to hear yesterday, today and tomorrow and no matter where we are, we bring freshness and newness and enjoyable. We know individuals want to hear “Black Magic Female” and “Smooth,” however how do you make it brand-new? It’s an excellent concern. It is necessary to crystallize your soul and spirit to dance with the holy ghost so by the time your brain is informing your anatomy exactly what to do, you’re imbued with newness and freshness. When you reside in your mind excessive, you become pathetically predictable and unpleasant with self-doubt. It’s not a great place to be. Step outside your brain, practice doing that and your breath will change, your energy will change, your motive will alter and your interest will change.

Your live programs have progressed for many years however exactly what about your Home of Blues show? Next year will be your seventh year with this Vegas residency.

You understand, I stated something to Joe Cocker prior to he died– we played together at Woodstock and at numerous locations and I went to see him at the Oakland Coliseum when he opened for Tom Petty. I said, “You understand you and I, we utilized to be charcoal but now we’re diamonds.” He stopped what he was doing and took a look at me and was like, “Oh, I like that.”

So you’re constantly polishing.

I like that word. And I like “crystallizing.” It has to do with prioritizing your focus.

You’ve resided in Las Vegas for numerous years now. Exactly what do you like to finish with your time off? Do you make the rounds and go see shows and do that sort of stuff?

Cindy [Blackman Santana, his better half and the band’s drummer] and I want to take gorgeous increase to Red Rock as well as go to the dam. We do not head out excessive. But I would like to begin to go to new locations and shows. I’ve seen “Michael Jackson ONE” 2 or 3 times and I never get tired of it. I wish to see “The Beatles LOVE” next, that’s my objective.

” An Intimate Evening with Santana: Greatest Strikes Live” go back to the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay at 7 p.m. September 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22 and 23, with more show dates arranged in October and November. More details can be found at houseofblues.com.

Las Vegas Strip hotel to end up being Waldorf Astoria this summertime

A male berated workers and consumers for speaking Spanish in a New york city dining establishment, describing them as undocumented and threatening to call immigration officials in a rant recorded on video.

More > A guy scolded workers and clients for speaking Spanish in a New york city dining establishment, explaining them as undocumented and threatening to call migration authorities in a rant captured on video. More >

Producer Tegan Summertime brings Marilyn Monroe and other legends to the Vegas phase

Tegan Summertime isn’t really the first imaginative to come to Las Vegas with big plans of making an effect in the entertainment capital of the world. However his ambitious intents are more strategic than a lot of, and he’s currently lined up some effective collaborators.

The English author, producer and CEO of Prospect Home entertainment moved his business to Las Vegas from LA within the last year. The key job that made it possible for the relocation is Marilyn! The New Musical, revealed today for an opening at Paris Las Vegas on Might 23. Plans call for a rotation of celebrity stars to play the part of Marilyn Monroe, with Ruby Lewis (who just recently covered a run in Baz at Palazzo) taking the function as resident and leading a cast of 26 that consists of Brittney Bertier (My Fair Woman), Travis Cloer (Jersey Boys) and Randal Keith (Showstoppers).

Thanks to a partnership with the owner of her estate, Summertime has complete access to Marilyn Monroe’s similarity and brand, which is important to Summer season’s goals for Las Vegas. “I wish to bring back musicals, however it’s tough due to the fact that Broadway doesn’t constantly offer here,” he says. “Today people pertain to Vegas for either an escape or particularly to see stars. I compose function films and musicals and created live occasions with celebrities, so I want to hybridize exactly what I do.”

That’s why, regardless of the immense talents of Lewis, Summer season will hedge his bets on Marilyn! by generating celeb stars– he’s aiming to combine Broadway-style musical productions with the turning headliner design of a venue like the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. And Monroe isn’t the only famous name he’s dealing with. Summer season owns similar rights for James Dean and Bettie Page, and has already inked deals for those programs. “The burlesque musical is Bettie Page: Queen of Pinups, and it will have a connected burlesque nightclub called Bangs,” he says. “And the James Dean rock ‘n’ roll musical is called Rebel with Jonah Platt … who was simply in Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC this weekend.”

Summertime has actually six programs planned for the next two years on the Strip, including another he’s working on now while getting Marilyn! up and running: An EDM-themed musical called One Night in Vegas with musical partner Steve Aoki. “It’s generally Lease, however with EDM. It’s like Mamma Mia!, but rather of ABBA it’s Steve.”

Summertime acknowledges he’s aiming high and doing a lot, but it’s all part of the plan. “I’m coming out with a huge Broadway musical in Las Vegas, and it has to do well. I understand it’s a huge threat,” he states. “But I really believe exactly what we’re doing can make a substantial imprint here.”

French Montana’s ‘Memorable’ summertime goes through Marquee

French Montana says he understood from the second the beat dropped that “Extraordinary” was going to be a monster. “I understood when I heard it for the first time it was a huge record. I just fell in love with it,” states the Moroccan-born, South Bronx-bred rapper and producer. “That’s constantly how I judge music, from the very first time listening to it. That record is like God planned it.”

Also including Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, “Unforgettable” has been licensed platinum twice over. It’s Montana’s first track to go Leading 10, presently sitting at No. 4 on Signboard’s Hot 100. For lots of hip-hop fans, it’s quickly the song of the summertime, and while plenty of artists are putting their own spin on it, Montana snagged Mariah Carey for help on the main remix.

However he’s not resting on his biggest hit ever, having recently launched a video for follow-up “A Lie” including The Weeknd, an artist with whom Montana has actually formerly worked together. “We worked on ‘Gifted’ from my first album. I simply love how we have actually been friends since he began, and we both grew so much larger,” Montana states. “It’s a gorgeous thing to come up with your individuals. It’s a genuine collaboration now, not just featuring someone. It was best timing.”

Montana also has best timing in going back to his residency at Marquee Nightclub for Labor Day weekend. He has actually been carrying out at Tao Group locations for many years now and has no strategies to change anything.

“I’ll be in Vegas forever. I might shoot Casino Part 2,” he jokes. “But it is among my top five locations, like a various universe. I tape-record a great deal of music when I exist, too. It’s just got that vibe that makes me want to stay.” French Montana at Marquee at Cosmopolitan, September 2.

Summertime Research study Institute Pairs Students with their Perfect Professors

True love do not need to come bearing flowers and poetry. Call them ideological true love. A pair of individuals who share the very same mindsets and beliefs, world views, visions and professional goals. For the UNLV students and teachers associated with the AANAPISI/McNair Summertime Research Institute program, curiosity, commitment and shared respect form the structure of their working relationship.

The McNair Scholars Institute and the Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution (AANAPISI) programs are federally moneyed initiatives that target first-generation, low-income trainees. The programs intend to prepare 30 high-achieving undergrads for graduate school. Matthew Della Sala, research advisor, coach, and coach for both McNair and AANAPISI, states the much bigger AANAPISI program concentrates on “retention, progression, and completion for students who are first-generation and originate from low-income backgrounds.” AANAPISI focuses on providing scholastic therapy to assist with the completion of a bachelor’s degree. AANAPISI provides the Summer season Research study Institute, which offers access to funding for undergraduate research study, while pairing undergrads with professors mentors.

Social seclusion and the downward anxiety spiral

Dustin Hines and senior Beatriz Torres share a love of canines and an enthusiasm for neuroscience. The two satisfied following an intro to neuroscience class taught by Hines that mesmerized Torres. Hines encouraged Torres to use to the Summer season Research Institute as a research assistant. Torres and Hines are performing a research study project that looks at social isolation or as Beatriz calls it, “the contemporary pester.” Utilizing a murine model of social seclusion, they analyze the ultra structural changes of glial cells.

Major depressive disorder is now considered to be the leading reason for impairment worldwide. “Several things probably contribute to the high percentage of individuals that report sensation lonesome,” Torres stated. “Social media, longer work hours, having an earphones outgrow our ears, and traffic hours. What makes this alarming is that social seclusion is a stress factor that is a major risk element for the development of significant depressive disorder.” Both Hines and Torres demonstrate an individual dedication and passion for helping overcome anxiety.

Torres’s location of research involves the function of glial cells in depression. Glial cells are the most plentiful cell types in the central nervous system, and Torres is taking a look at one kind of glial cell, called an astrocyte. “I am exploring on socially separating mice for 2 to four weeks, and then running behavioral tests to see whether the seclusion induced depressive or anxiety-like behavior,” Torres stated. “When I analyze them, I expect to be able to tell if the social seclusion affected the mice, which would help in the advancement of better antidepressants.”

Hines frequently praises Torres’s findings, and she explains his teachings as what helped her “surpass the pages of the neuroscience textbook.” The AANAPISI program has given them the opportunity to perform research and hopefully discover a treatment. “Not only has actually the program supplied scholarship loan, however it has likewise provided me the focus and drive had to finish this research project by the end of the summer”, Torres said

A student and professor share notes over a book. Behavior, nutrition development and socialization in Tanzania Alyssa Crittenden, an anthropologist, and Elle Ford, a psychology major, satisfied in the course “The Anthropology of Women and Guys”. Ford volunteered in the metabolic process, anthropometry and nutrition laboratory where they explore the development and advancement among kids hunter-gatherers of Tanzania by analyzing GPS tracks of forager children in this tribe.

“The task will analyze basic anthropometric measurements amongst Hadza children and juveniles, consisting of height, weight, body mass index, and body fat portion. Anthropologists and human biologists have actually long utilized anthropometric measurements as macro-level signs of kid health, however hardly any data on standard anthropometrics of small-scale foraging populations exist,” Crittenden said. “The research focuses on the advancement of habits and nutrition. I’ve constantly been fascinated by human biology and human advancement and I wanted responses to the burning concerns of how we came to be as a types in bodies that appear like ours with these big and complex brains and with life phases that are so different from all other animals.”.

Ford is analyzing the information and testing hypotheses in regard to when, why, and how children forage in small-scale societies, and whether any sex distinctions emerge and at exactly what age. The data will assist figure out how far they forage and how this associates with biological measures of fitness. The Hadza are a perfect population where to ask such concerns, as they are among the last staying foraging populations on earth.

“I am committed to my work due to the fact that I acknowledge its significance, “Ford stated. “This work is assisting the Hadza continue to live a life they wish to have rather of being by force assimilated. I have received financing for my research study, been given lots of resources that will help me prepare for the GRE, and been talented with a chance to conduct research study and get professional training”. None of this would have been possible without McNair.”

The program also benefits the coaches. “McNair offers faculty the chance to conduct research study with an undergraduate trainee, to help in their own ongoing research study agenda, and provides resources to become a much better coach and adviser to trainees who want to advance to graduate school,” Crittenden stated.

A student and a professor stand in front of a rack of comic books

Lesbian fan art, representation and diversity Nicole Espinosa, a non-traditional trainee, gotten McNair after taking Erika Abad’s capstone feminist research study and techniques class. Now she and Abad are carrying out research study on how queer fandoms and fan art works as a site of resistance to the unfavorable representation of queer

females in sci-fi. “We are doing participatory action research study on lesbian fandom. Simply puts, how do lesbian and queer females interact to deal with minimal representation, using social media as a primary mobilizing force,” Abad said. “The research study also takes a look at how TELEVISION consumption can affect identity formation. It focuses particularly on the relationship in between Clarke and Lexa from the CW Series The 100. The response of fan art turns that narrative discussion on the negative story of lesbians presented on the show.”

Abad and Espinosa’s research study looks carefully at the nature of LGBT representation in movie and television, keeping in mind that the majority of characters are either bad guys or small players who have the tendency to pass away early in a series or movie. After Lexa’s death in The 100, fans organized a convention, ClexaCon, to champion LGBT representation. “While I talk on limited diversity in film and television through coursework and class lectures, Nicole has been offering for the ClexaCon convention for almost a year and is narrating exactly what happens online as convention support expands and diversifies,” Abad said.

Espinosa, whose own moms and dads studied in the Philippines and were unable to offer recommendations on programs in an American university, has discovered the mentorship elements of the program invaluable. “McNair provides me the resources I couldn’t find on my own and assists me end up being a more competitive graduate school applicant.” Espinosa one day wishes to teach, and be the representation in academic community she doesn’t see now. “I want to be that teacher that I am missing.”

Abad can relate. She herself has been through the program. “As a McNair Scholar I was mentored by other first-generation popular scholars who simply happen to be Latina lesbians. In spite of the number of Latina and/or queer mentors I had, I knew my experiences were an abnormality and how empowering it was to have mentors who shared some of my lived experiences.”

The roadway to leading tier

With laser-sharp concentrate on academic rigor, The McNair and AANAPISI programs cultivate two of UNLV’s strategic initiatives; access to greater scholastic achievement and an event of diversity. “The greatest benefit of the programs is access and opening doors for trainees; access to school resources, free tutoring, scholastic therapy, and funding for undergraduate research study,” research study consultant Della Sala said. “We help our trainees come to those doors then we mentor and coach them as they open those doors themselves.”

Ford mentions the variety not just in the trainees, however in the professors as well. “The diversity on this campus surprises me. In my few semesters here I have come across more approaches to mentor and different viewpoints than I ever have in all of my academic background. Everybody knows this quality of our university community and we welcome and promote it.”

Wildfires send out kids leaving from California summertime camps

Saturday, July 8, 2017|8:48 p.m.

SANTA MARIA, Calif.– A set of Santa Barbara County wildfires rapidly spread out Saturday, threatening hundreds of houses and forcing evacuations at a popular lakeside campground and a summer season camp where flames momentarily trapped children and counselors, a fire authorities stated.

The fire that began in the early afternoon had actually spread to both sides of Highway 154 and was “entirely out of control,” county fire Capt. Dave Zaniboni stated. About 90 kids and 50 counselors were struck at the Circle V Ranch and had to take shelter there until they might be securely left.

The fire was among three in the state that grew rapidly as much of California baked in heat that exceeded in parts of Southern California.

A record that stood 131 years in Los Angeles was snapped when the temperature surged at 98 degrees downtown. The previous record of 95 degrees was embeded in 1886, the National Weather Service said.

Excessive heat sent out Southern Californians flocking to beaches and in search of water, shade and a/c to escape the heat.

Forecasters alerted that triple-digit temperature levels approximately 110 degrees would prevail in some inland locations and might be fatal for the senior, children and outside workers. Air quality reached unhealthy and extremely unhealthy in locations inland from Los Angeles.

High temperatures and dry gusts tripled the size of another Santa Barbara wildfire to nearly 30 square miles (about 77 sq. kilometers) over eight hours and required evacuations of about 200 homes in a rural area east of Santa Maria, fire spokesperson Kirk Sturm stated.

After five years of severe dry spell, California got a huge break with record rainfall and snowpack in parts of the state this year that has actually delayed the start of fire season in some places, however has also caused explosive vegetation development that might sustain future fires.

In Northern California, a Butte County wildfire swept through grassy foothills and destroyed 10 structures, including houses, and caused several minor injuries.

Burned-out pickup were left in ashes, surrounded by charred, leafless trees. The metal frame of a mobile home and a vintage stove were left standing in scorched particles at one website.

The blaze about 60 miles north of Sacramento grew rapidly to more than 4 square miles (nearly 11 sq. kilometers) and was 20 percent contained, inning accordance with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Security.

The location burning had to do with 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Oroville, where spillways in the country’s tallest dam started crumbling from heavy rains this winter and caused temporary evacuation orders for 200,000 residents downstream. On Saturday, authorities released an evacuation for about 250 houses threatened by the fire.

In the middle of the afternoon, Santa Barbara authorities sent signals to residents and campers near Cachuma Lake to leave as the fire began near Whittier Camp, Zaniboni said.

The lake, which was almost bone dry last summer after the serious drought, is popular for camping, boating and fishing. Locals were likewise bought to leave cabins in the Los Padres National park.

The fire burned at least 4.7 square miles (12 sq. kilometers), including a portion of the Cachuma Lake campground, and was not consisted of.

Industrial Property Cost Growth Continues To Heat Up Through Summertime

While building has been increasing in numerous markets, aggregate demand throughout the significant home types remains to outstrip supply, resulting in lower job rates and lease development. This, in turn, continues to drive strong investor interest in business realty, according to the latest CoStar Commercial Repeat Sale Indices (CCRSI).

In August 2015, the two broadest procedures of aggregate rates for business properties within the CCRSI-the value-weighted U.S. Composite Index and the equal-weighted U.S. Composite Index-increased by 1.3 % and 1 %, respectively, and 12.6 % and 11.4 %, respectively, in the Twelve Month ended August 2015.

Current stronger growth in the General Commercial section, which is affected by smaller sized, lower-value buildings, verifies a broad-based prices recuperation. Within the equal-weighted U.S. Composite Index, the General Commercial section posted a regular monthly boost of 1 % in August 2015 and 11.9 % for the YEAR ended August 2015, moving the index to within 7 % of its pre-recession high.See the complete CCRSI October release and supporting materials. Robust CRE Area Absorption Bodes Well for Continued Beneficial Home Sales Conditions For the four
quarters ended as of the 3rd quarter of 2015, net absorption throughout the 3 significant building types-office, retail, and industrial-totaled 611.4 million square feet. That is 20 % more than in the 4 quarters ended as of the 3rd quarter of 2014. It is also the second-highest annualized absorption total on record considering that 2008. The workplace and industrial sectors turned in especially strong efficiencies during this 12-month duration, balancing net absorption of 0.3 % and 0.4 % of stock, respectively. The the retail sector balanced a more modest 0.2 % in the tracking four quarters ended as of the third quarter of 2015. The CCRSI’s U.S. composite pair volume of $79.5 billion year-to-date through August 2015 was a 32 % boost compared with the very same period in 2014.

This suggests that 2015 might be another record year for commercial real estate acquisitions. Both the low and high end of the marketplace are drawing in enhanced capital flows, with volume up by nearly 32 % in both the Investment-Grade and General Commercial sectors


Go high to go low in a Las Vegas Valley summertime

If you’re tired of the heat and trying to find a cooler location to live, you might try Summerlin and even Anthem.

Heather Bruton-Berrey does not turn on the a/c unit in her Summerlin home up until June.

“We’ll have the windows and the doors open, and we’ll get an actually good cross breeze,” she stated. “It’s really great.”

It’s cooler to stay in the Western Las Vegas Valley– temperature-wise a minimum of.

The Summerlin location’s westernmost reaches have balanced 87 degrees considering that summer started on June 21, according to office Internet weather condition service Weather Underground. Because very same period, Valley View, a community and keeping track of website simply east of downtown Henderson, sizzled at 95 degrees.

While the west was the coolest and the east was the hottest, downtown Las Vegas and the Strip averaged 93 degrees.

Reid Wolcott, a meteorologist for the National Weather condition Service, explained how the valley’s geographical layout can develop a boiling day for an eastern resident and a wonderful summer afternoon for someone in the west. It’s all identified by altitude.

“The Las Vegas Valley slopes from west to east in elevation– from roughly 3,300 feet in Summerlin to around 1,800 feet in the eastern valley,” he stated. “That said, the cooler places to live will be found on the west side of the valley.”

Summer electric costs can rise depending upon location. The regular monthly cost of electricity for a typical one-story house in the Valley View community was $280 in summer 2014. The expense of power for a house of similar size in Summerlin was $130.

The greatest domestic section in the area– The Vistas advancement within Summerlin– lies west of the 215 Beltway along state Path 159. It sits at a 3,257-foot elevation.

That is where Bruton-Berrey has lived for 8 years, often keeping her doors open to capture the breezes coming out of the close-by mountains.

“I really like the heat, I just do not like the very mega heat,” the yoga therapist stated. “It’s a nice temperature most of the year.”

Calico Basin– a cluster of fewer than 30 houses about 5 miles west and nearly 500 feet higher– averaged 86 degrees.

Of course, there’s one regional hot spot– or rather, cool spot– that makes even the freshest Vegas areas feel sweltering: Mount Charleston. Highs at its 8,000-foot elevation have not gone beyond 85 degrees this summer. It has balanced 64 degrees considering that June 21.

High temperatures dissuade some residents from going. Ruth Furman, who stays in Summerlin, arranges her trips around the heat.

“I try to prepare my appointments better so I’m not out in the middle of the day as much, but often I can’t prevent it,” she stated.

The Anthem community near the mountains in Henderson remains cooler than the valley listed below. At an elevation of 2,736 feet, it has averaged 88 degrees this summer.

Andrea Behrens has had a taste of both sides. She has resided in Summerlin for 8 years. Before that, she lived in west Henderson near the mountains.

Both locations are scorching to her.

“I honestly don’t keep in mind there being that much of a distinction or it being that much cooler in Summerlin,” she stated.

Whether an area is considered hot or not, Bruton-Berrey believes the west’s lower temperatures raise residents’ moods.

“I think people are not as grouchy,” she stated. “Physically, they’re not as uncomfortable because they’re not as overheated.”

Today will be burning for everybody in the valley. The National Weather Service predicts Las Vegas highs in the low to mid-100s.

Sun block might not be a bad concept. Buying a location in Summerlin or even Anthem might work, too.

Contact May Ortega at [email protected]!.?.! or 702-387-2908. Follow @MayVOrtega on Twitter.

Weekend Best options: NBA Summertime League, UFC 189 and Brian Wilson


Associated Press

Detroit Pistons’ DeAndre Liggins (20) pursues a rebound in between Miami Heat’s Danilo Barthel, left, and James Ennis (32) during an NBA summertime league basketball game in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

Thursday, July 9, 2015|7 p.m.

It’s a big weekend for sports ahead in Las Vegas, from matchups between your favorite NBA teams to a UFC extravaganza to world-class pro arm-wrestling.

Here’s a take a look at our weekend best bets:

Friday – Sunday: NBA Summer League at Cox Pavilion and Thomas and Mack Center

Las Vegas’ NBA Summer League starts this weekend as 23 professional groups take control of Cox Pavilion and Thomas and Mack Center to play more than 60 games through July 20. Capture the professional hoops stars of the future in action starting Friday. For tickets and schedules, check out UNLVtickets.com.

Friday: Brian Wilson and Rodriguez

2 music legends come together for one can’t-miss evening to celebrate their influential professions with intimate sets inside the Chelsea theater. Tickets vary from $65 to $155. The show begins at 8 p.m.

Friday – Sunday: UFC 189 and International Battle Week

UFC 189, headlined by the featherweight title battle between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo, gets underway at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The card highlights the local combined martial arts league’s International Battle Week, which goes through Sunday and consists of the UFC Fan Exposition at Mandalay Bay Occasions Center, a free pre-fight celebration and meet-and-greet at El Cortez Friday and a viewing party at El Cortez Saturday beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $20.

Sunday: Vendetta in Vegas at the Acid rock

Get your tickets to the gun show: The Hard Rock hosts the Expert Armwrestling League’s “Vendetta in Vegas” card Sunday afternoon at Vinyl, including top open division rivals from more than 40 nations. The four-match card will be relayed nationally and in Canada on CBS Sports Network on tape delay. The event begins at 3 p.m. Tickets range from $20 to $100.

Friday: Ping Pong Pool Celebration at the Linq

Delight in ping pong? Love pool celebrations? Then you won’t wish to miss out on the World’s Greatest Ping Pong Swimming pool Party at the Linq this weekend, a night of goofy heat-beating fun showcasing DJs, drinks and the launch of the brand-new Pongtopia app. RSVP right here. The totally free occasion ranges from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Follow Andrea Domanick on Twitter at @AndreaDomanick and fan her on Facebook at Facebook.com/ AndreaDomanick.