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Difficult Treatments Absolutely Nothing New for UNLV Surgeons

Reattaching a severed thumb? Corrective facial surgery that permits an 8-year-old to smile for the very first time?

Those are just two of the intricate surgical treatments carried out last year by cosmetic surgeons with UNLV Medicine, the scientific arm of the UNLV School of Medication.

Dr. Richard Baynosa, program director of the department of cosmetic surgery at UNLV Medicine, spent 6 hours one day reattaching cowboy Ben Mays’ thumb after it was torn off during the World Series of Team Roping kept in Las Vegas.

Abraham Chavez got his smile following a nine-hour procedure carried out by Dr. John Menezes.

Plastic Surgery Services

That sort of painstaking reconstructive microsurgery, according to Baynosa, is “simply part of the wide variety of advanced plastic surgery services provided by UNLV Medicine.” Most of the cosmetic surgery clients are very first seen at the UNLV Medicine Plastic Surgery Clinic, 1707 W. Charleston Blvd.

. About 1,000 treatments are done every year, performed mainly by Baynosa, Menezes, and Dr. John Brosious. 6 locals on personnel, who go through six years of residency, are trained by the threesome.

Procedures offered include breast restoration, cleft lip and taste buds repair, craniofacial surgery, scar modification, skin cancer elimination, skin grafts, tummy tucks, breast enhancement, breast decrease, dermabrasion, face raises, liposuction, body contouring, nose job, eyelid repair work, and thighplasty.

Baynosa, a School of Medicine associate teacher who serves on committees for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and Mountain West Society of Plastic Surgeons, completed a fellowship with world-renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Phillip Blondeel in Belgium.

Now concentrating on breast reconstruction for cancer patients, Baynosa is the very first surgeon in Nevada to use microsurgical breast restoration with the patient’s own stomach skin and fat. He’ll often begin the restoration as his partner, Dr. Jennifer Baynosa, an associate professor of breast oncology surgical treatment with the School of Medicine, is completing her work on a patient.

Menezes is the only craniofacial-trained surgeon in Nevada who also is fellowship-trained. He completed his fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medication.

Cleft Tastes buds

“Every week I run on the cleft lip and palate of a child,” he stated. After that main restoration, he typically does two follow-up reconstruction procedures as the child grows. “Simply the clefts alone keep me quite hectic,” he stated.

Menezes, who also manages craniofacial cases as a result of gunshot wounds, has repaired cleft tastes buds as part of the Las Vegas Philippines medical mission. He prepares to take UNLV medical trainees on similar objectives.

Brosious, who went to medical school at Indiana University before finishing his residency at UNR, often finds himself working on cases including injury to the legs and arms. Injuries from burns, automobile mishaps, and four-wheeler mishaps frequently discover him transplanting tissue from one location of the body to the affected locations.

He reattached one guy’s arm after it was cut off by a samurai sword. “It obviously happened when a drug offer spoiled,” Brosious said.

All three cosmetic surgeons state they discover their work gratifying.

“You get to change somebody’s life for the much better,” Baynosa stated.

Cosmetic surgeons at Last

Those 80-hour work weeks and countless over night shifts paid off for UNLV’s final-year surgical residents and fellows June 16– their graduation day.

While it was the first graduation for the UNLV School of Medicine’s department of surgery, it was the 32nd graduation for the department itself since it formerly was connected with UNR.

“It’s an unique distinction,” said department chair Dr. John Fildes. “You are the alpha class. However at the very same time, you join the 140-plus surgical graduates from our residencies and fellowships, much of whom continue to practice in Nevada.”

This year, three of the surgical graduates will stay in Nevada to get in practice– Dr. Arturo Guzman in basic surgical treatment, and Dr. Allison McNickle and Dr. Nancy Rivera in intense care surgical treatment.

Dr. Lindsey Wenger and Dr. Hasan Khashwji are vacating state to enter practice, while Dr. Joshua Goldman and Dr. Ethan Benning are proceeding to fellowships. Dr. Steven Lorch has accepted a prestigious academic position at the University of South Florida.

Fildes noted the “exemplary efficiency” of the graduating physicians in the aftermath of the Oct. 1, 2017, shooting on the Strip in which 58 individuals passed away and 851 were hurt.

“That occasion (the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history) changed everybody, forever, in an excellent way,” he stated. “It advises us that after you’ve seen the worst in male, you will see the very best in mankind. There is no other department of surgery in any other city worldwide that can match what you did here in Las Vegas.”

At almost the same time the graduation happened, the UNLV School of Medication’s graduate medical education department was holding orientation for the newest batch of incoming locals– an overall of 95 interns (first-year locals). It’s a procedure that includes ending up being accredited in innovative heart life assistance and training to use the electronic health record system.

The citizens, who will work under the guidance of faculty physicians in specialties including household medicine, pediatrics, and orthopedic surgical treatment, started medical rotations in medical facilities and centers July 1.