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Video gaming the System: Students Establish Gambling Establishment Technology

May 23, 2014

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Student from UNLV Gaming Innovation Program Sells Concept to Market Leader Konami

Harrah Hotel College student Hien Nguyen patents brand-new video betting game through Dr. Mark Yoseloff Video Gaming Development Program; video game sold to Konami Video gaming, Inc.


Ameriprise Financial System to Acquire Houston-Based Lionstone Investments

Mix Strengthens UK-Centric Columbia Threadneedle’s Realty Capabilities in the US

Wanting to extend its realty investment abilities throughout the pond, London-based Columbia Threadneedle Investments today revealed that its privately owned investment manager, Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC in Boston, has actually agreed to obtain investment company Lionstone Partners, Ltd.

. Financial terms for the transaction were not revealed. Columbia Threadneedle Investments, formed in 2015 through the mix of Threadneedle Investments and Columbia Management Investment Advisers, is the international property management group of Minneapolis-based varied financial services provider Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE: AMP).

Columbia Threadneedle has more than 2,000 people, consisting of over 450 investment professionals, based worldwide. As of June 30, 2017, the company handled $473 billion of properties in equities, fixed earnings, property allowance and alternatives.

The Lionstone acquisition will expand Columbia Threadneedle’s offerings across the alternatives property management and include abilities in U.S. property, which is attracting increasing allocations from both institutional and retail investors all over the world, complementing Columbia’s $10.5 billion UK property service and additional improving its multi-asset abilities.

Lionstone Investments, likewise known as Lionstone Partners, was established in 2001 by investors Tom Bacon, Glenn Lowenstein, and Dan Dubrowski and focuses on analytics-driven investment techniques. The company, which managed about $6 billion in possessions as of June 30, 2017, will benefit from access to Columbia Threadneedle’s wider asset and client base and research study capabilities, not to mention the financial strength of Ameriprise Financial, which has more than $800 billion in possessions under management or administration as of second-quarter 2016.

Lionstone’s U.S. CRE investments are concentrated in cities it thinks are best positioned for outsized need and rental development. The business, which counts a number of leading business and public pension among its crucial customers, has purchased several prominent home deals this year, including the $182 million purchase in April of 271 17th St., a prize workplace anchored by BB&T in Midtown Manhattan’s Atlantic Station.

Lionstone likewise previously this year integrated with Dallas-based Crescent Realty and Goldman Sachs Possession Management to acquire a 21-property combined portfolio of structures totaling about 860,000 square feet and development sites in Flatiron Park in Stone, CO, for a reported $170 million.

Hyperloop One had its very first full-system test of ultrafast transport system


L.E. Baskow The test sled is returned to its beginning point by a tender following a Hyperloop One sled test at their center in North Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 11, 2016.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017|2:08 p.m.

Hyperloop One Sled Test Launch slideshow”Hyperloop One completed the first full-scale test of its hyperloop innovation

in a vacuum environment on May 12th, the business announced today. In the test, the business’s hyperloop vehicle– which utilizes magnetic levitation, or mag-lev, technology– pulled 2 Gs while reaching 70 miles per hour down the length of the company’s test track in North Las Vegas. To see the complete story, click here.

Scale design of solar system built in Nevada desert

In this image taken from the YouTube video, you can see the orbits of the inner planets to scale. (Source: To Scale/YouTube)In this image drawned from the YouTube video, you can see the orbits of the inner worlds to scale. (Source: To Scale/YouTube).

It took 7 miles of Nevada desert to achieve something that has actually caught the imagination of thousands.

Author and filmmaker Wylie Overstreet and his good friend, filmmaker Alex Gorosh, developed a scale model of the solar system, including the orbits of each world.

“Each image of the solar system that we ever experience is not to scale,” Overstreet said. “There is actually not an image that appropriately shows you what it in fact resembles out there.”

So, Overstreet and his buddies set out to do just that in the Black Rock Desert– about 150 miles north of Reno. They shot the project and shared it on YouTube on Wednesday.

The pair made use of a huge balloon to create a scale-sized sun, and then made use of car to drive the orbits of each of the 8 worlds in our solar system. Pluto wasn’t included because it is categorized as a “dwarf planet.”

“There are 24 individuals in the whole history of the human types, of billions, who have in fact seen the full circle of the earth with their own eyes,” Overstreet stated. “That’s what I truly wanted to try to catch.”

Considering that the video was posted, it has been viewed and shared hundreds of countless times on all types of social networks websites. It even got a nod from both NASA and the SETI Institute.

On a mobile device? Click/tap right here to see the video.

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Clinton: I didn’t ‘stop and think’ about email system


Steve Marcus

Democratic governmental prospect and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks throughout a town-hall meeting at the Pearson Community Center in North Las Vegas Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015.

Friday, Sept. 4, 2015|11:26 a.m.

WASHINGTON (AP)– Hillary Rodham Clinton stated Friday her usage of a personal email system at the State Department wasn’t the “finest choice” and acknowledged she didn’t “stop and think” about her email set-up when she ended up being President Barack Obama’s secretary of state in 2009.

The Democratic presidential front-runner said in an interview with NBC News that she was right away confronted by a number of worldwide hotspots after joining the new Obama administration as its leading diplomat and didn’t believe much about her e-mail after arriving at her new task.

“You understand, I was not thinking a lot when I entered. There was a lot work to be done. We had so many problems worldwide,” Clinton said. “I didn’t actually stop and think what kind of e-mail system will there be?”

However Clinton did not say sorry for her choice when asked directly, “Are you sorry?” Instead, she once again stated she wishes she had actually “made a different option” which she takes duty for the decision to utilize a private e-mail account and server based at her home in suburban New york city.

She added it was an option that must not raise questions about her judgment.

“I am very positive that by the time this campaign has run its course, people will certainly know that what I have actually been stating is precise,” Clinton stated, adding: “They might disagree, as I now disagree, with the choice that I made. But the facts that I have actually put forth have actually remained the very same.”

Republicans criticized Clinton’s hesitation to apologize for the choice and said it underscored surveys which have actually revealed great deals of individuals questioning her credibility. “Exactly what’s clear is Hillary Clinton is sorry for that she got caught and is paying a political price, not the fact her secret e-mail server put our national security at threat,” stated Michael Short, a spokesperson for the Republican politician National Committee.

The discussion about e-mails led off an extensive interview that included Vice President Joe Biden’s interest in a potential Democratic main quote, Clinton’s strategies to address the Iran nuclear deal and her views of Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Following a summer season where both Trump and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s chief rival for the Democratic nomination, drew large campaign audiences, Clinton looked for to cast her candidacy as one rooted in dealing with the issues “that keep families up during the night.”

“Because I think you can feature your own ideas and you can, you understand, wave your arms and provide a speech, however at the end of the day, are you connecting with and really hearing exactly what individuals are either saying to you or wanting that you would say to them?” she said.

Clinton’s interview comes as existing and previous aides are affirming before a congressional panel investigating the lethal 2012 Benghazi attacks. The committee has likewise looked into Clinton’s e-mail practices at the State Department. She is set up to affirm openly prior to the panel next month.

Clinton in August turned over to the FBI her personal server, which she used to send out, get and save emails throughout her four years as secretary of state. Clinton has stated she set up her own system instead of making use of a State Department represent the benefit of making use of a single Blackberry device.

But her remarks that she didn’t stop to think of setting up a private e-mail server in her house belied the mindful planning and technical elegance required to establish, operate, keep and safeguard a private server efficiently– specifically one responsible for the private interactions of the U.S. government’s leading diplomat as she took a trip the world.

Even homebrew servers typically need careful setup, Internet registration, data backups, routine security audits and a secondary power supply in case of electrical problems.

In the interview, Clinton said, as she has in the past, that she “should have had 2 accounts, one for personal and one for job-related.”

Countless pages of her e-mails openly launched in recent months have actually shown that Clinton got messages that were later determined to contain categorized info, consisting of some that contained product relating to the production and dissemination of U.S. knowledge.

But Clinton reiterated that she did not “send or get any product significant classified. We handled classified material on an entirely various system. I dealt with it face to face.”

Clinton likewise dealt with other subjects, including:

Iran_Clinton noted her assistance for an Obama-backed contract to suppress Iran’s nuclear aspirations and stated she would resolve what she would do as president to impose the offer, hold Iran accountable and “make clear that no alternatives were off the table. That they can never ever have a nuclear weapon.”

Trump_Clinton recommended that Trump, the leading GOP prospect at this time, did not have the temperament to lead the nation and perform diplomacy. “Loose talk, risks, insults, they have repercussions. So I’m going to conduct myself as I think is appropriate for somebody seeking the greatest office in our country,” she stated.

Biden_Clinton decreased to offer a comparison to the vice president and fellow Democrat, saying he had a “truly hard decision” making.

Variety of businesses enrolled in state joblessness system strikes a record high

Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015|2:56 p.m.

Carson City–.

The state reported Thursday that a record number of 62,500 businesses were enrolled in Nevada’s joblessness system in the 2nd 3 months of this year and also that initial unemployed claims filed dropped in June.

The state Department of Work, Training and Rehab said these were two more indicators the economy is getting more powerful.

Employers who pay a tax into the unemployment fund during the second quarter of this year enhanced by 900 compared to the very first quarter of 2015. This was the third successive quarter a record has actually been set.

The 62,500 employers compares with the low of 56,000 throughout the recession, the agency stated.

The department also said the variety of companies submitting their very first claim for unemployment benefits was down in July to 12,230, or 955 fewer applications than the preceding month.

Department Financial expert Expense Anderson stated the drop in brand-new claims “shows less layoffs among the longer-term utilized.”

Anderson said he anticipates a continued downturn in the variety of out of work people receiving advantages.

Quick action, contemporary system aided Cosmopolitan fire fight


An area of a swimming pool deck at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas resort was blocked off a day after an enormous fire swept through, ruining phony palm trees, cabanas and chairs.

Luckily, the fire that occurred Saturday was contained to the Las Vegas Strip resort’s pool deck. While Clark County Fire Department members, who are easily stationed alongside the resort, acted rapidly, the flames would have triggered a much even worse scene than exactly what was displayed on social networks.

YOUR PHOTO: Fire at Cosmopolitan hotel-casino

Leo Durkin, battalion chief for CCFD, said several factors worked to the team’s benefit in attacking the fire.

“The smoke occurred to be moving in an instructions that was sort of far from the exit,” Durkin observed.

Firemans from CCFD Station 32, who are housed adjacent to the Cosmopolitan, grabbed their gear and hopped in an elevator at the hotel’s valet area, Durkin recalled.

When crews got to the Bamboo Pool, Durkin stated the flames were well involved with the foam-made trees and plastic cabanas.

“There was so much heat and so lots of combustibles included that we needed a big volume of water to obtain the fire put out rapidly,” said Durkin, whose firefighters had 10 minutes of flowing water to knock down the flames and other locations.

In all, firemans took 20 minutes to extinguish the flames.

Leaving hotel guests were surprised the fire was out because time.

“They seem to have got it under control quite quick,” visitor John Jacobson stated.

“By the time we came down, the fire was currently out,” another guest, Tita Mirtolooi, observed.

Durkin credited the Cosmopolitan’s updated fire protection system in assisting firemans fight the blaze.

“All of their sprinkler systems, their elevators, their smoke detectors, their heat detectors. All that things is digital and monitored by extremely advanced fire control rooms.”

It might have been been much even worse, Durkin confessed.

Durkin said private investigators and county officials will carefully look at the materials of the pool designs considering that the flames spread so quickly.

“If suggestions need to be made and changes to the code, I feel confident that will occur,” Durkin said. “We’re an extremely proactive neighborhood, and once more, as you recall at our history, because MGM and Hilton, we are among the most safe communities on earth when it pertains to fire code.”

The reason for the fire was still being investigated.

2 people were dealt with for smoke inhalation, with one of them sent out to the hospital.

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Southwest Airlines states sale response overwhelmed system


Matt York/ AP

A Southwest Airlines jet flies in this undated file image.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015|6:54 p.m.

DALLAS– Southwest Airlines Co.’s website is slowing to a crawl, and the airline blames heavy response to a sale on fall travel.

Visitors to southwest.com late Wednesday afternoon saw a “system alert” warning that “you might experience problem” on the website. When one visitor attempted to reserve a journey, there was no immediate response from the website, and eventually the screen turned to a “Entrance Timeout.”

Southwest spokesperson Brandy King stated the airline added capacity to the website in anticipation of high need from a 3-day sale that began Tuesday, but the response was bigger than anticipated. King said employees were attempting to restore the site’s functions. She stated clients might try later on or call the airline for help.

The sale included costs as low as $49 one-way on short journeys to $149 each method for long trips, and covered travel in between Aug. 25 and Dec. 16. Like most airline company sales, there were many conditions including blackout dates around Labor Day and Thanksgiving, and Southwest didn’t say how many seats would be readily available at the list price.

American Airlines and United Airlines validated that they matched Southwest’s fares on paths where they compete.

Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare.com, said Delta, Alaska, Virgin America and Frontier also had fares matching Southwest on overlapping paths, although he added that it was “hard to tell who matched and who started” due to the fact that there were numerous new fares submitted on Tuesday. The first week in June is a perennial time for fall-travel sales, he said.

One system that can keep you alive


Sunday, May 17, 2015|2 a.m.

. While automobiles end up being much safer each year because of diligent crash testing and greater security requirements, the seat belt continues to be the gold standard for passenger safety. Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of being seriously hurt or killed in a crash by up to HALF. While lots of people take safety belt for granted– in 2013, 46 percent of people eliminated in Nevada automobile crashes were not buckled up– putting on a safety belt consistently is a basic requirement for safe driving.

Use a seat belt properly– over your shoulder and across your hips.

Seat belts are created to equally disperse the effect of the crash across the two most effective parts of the body, the shoulders and the hipbones. Using a seat belt improperly significantly limits its effectiveness. Not putting on the shoulder strap can lead to the upper body flying forward and striking the dashboard. Using only the shoulder strap can cause strangulation, and putting on the pelvic strap expensive, above your hipbones, can trigger internal injuries.

How do safety belt work?

Safety belt are made from very long lasting polyester webbing. There are around 300 fibers woven into a single belt, and each can hold up to 3 heaps. They also have load limiters, which help lessen potential seat belt injuries. In extreme crashes, a traveler can be pushed by the seat belt hard enough to cause damage, so load limiters launch a few of the locking stress when enough force is applied to the belt. Load limiters can be as basic as a fold sewn into the belt, with stiches developed to break under force, or much more sophisticated.

Failing to wear a seatbelt can harm others, too

Every traveler in a car must a wear seat belt or enhance the threat of hurting not just themselves however others, too. Riders can be tossed around within a vehicle and can hit one another, triggering severe injury. For instance, if a backseat passenger on the left side of the car isn’t really using a seat belt, during a crash, the passenger could be tossed into the back of the driver’s seat. That might trigger the motorist’s safety belt to fail and might lead to serious injury or death for both the driver and the passenger.

The law of Inertia contributes to the force of a crash

Inertia, or a things’s resistance to changing speeds, can send somebody tossing from a car during a crash. Inertia wishes to keep a moving automobile moving at the exact same speed, in the same instructions, till something stops it. When you’re in a vehicle, it may seem as though you and the vehicle are a single device, but each things has its own inertia.

While safely driving, your inertia is the exact same as the vehicle’s

While travelers in a car maintain their own inertia separate from the vehicle’s, they also presume the same speed as the car. That suggests, if the vehicle comes to a sudden stop, passengers still will be taking a trip at the same speed the automobile was, till something stops them, too.

Throughout a crash, your inertia continues while the vehicle’s inertia stops

If a vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour crashes into a brick wall, the force of the wall will certainly bring the car to an immediate stop. But anything in the car will certainly continue moving at 50 miles per hour until it likewise fulfills sufficient resistance to reduce. If a rider is wearing a safety belt, it will be the force that slows him down initially. If he isn’t really, something else would have to slow him down — typically the air bag, dashboard or windscreen.

Just how much inertia does your body have?

Picture the force of an automobile striking a wall at 50 mph– that’s how tough your head would hit the windscreen if you’re weren’t wearing a seat belt. When you’re buckled up, your inertia is taken in by the car, not your windscreen.

Driving securely

1. The law of inertia adds to the force of a crash

Inertia, or an item’s resistance to changing speeds, can send out somebody hurling from a vehicle throughout a crash. Inertia wants to keep a moving automobile moving at the exact same speed, in the same direction, until something stops it. When you’re in an automobile, it might seem as though you and the vehicle are a single device, however each item has its own inertia.

2. While securely driving, your inertia is the same as the car’s

While passengers in a car preserve their own inertia different from the car’s, they also presume the exact same speed as the automobile. That means, if the car concerns a sudden stop, travelers still will be taking a trip at the exact same speed the automobile was, until something stops them, too.

3. Throughout a crash, your inertia continues while the automobile’s inertia stops

If a car taking a trip 50 mph crashes into a brick wall, the force of the wall will bring the vehicle to an instant stop. However anything in the vehicle will continue moving at 50 mph till it also fulfills adequate resistance to reduce. If a rider is wearing a safety belt, it will be the force that slows him down first. If he isn’t really, something else would have to slow him down — typically the airbag, dashboard or windshield.

4. Just how much inertia does your body have?

Imagine the force of a vehicle striking a wall at 50 mph– that’s how hard your head would strike the windshield if you’re just weren’t putting on a safety belt. When you’re buckled up, your inertia is absorbed by the vehicle, not your windshield.