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Taking On Homeless Youth Issue Through Collaboration

Living beneath bridges, sleeping surprise atop school bleachers, and moving from couch to couch at pals’ houses, homeless youths constitute a growing market nationally, and their scenarios are contributing to exactly what UNLV teachers have called an awful crisis in Southern Nevada.

The first Southern Nevada Youth Homelessness Summit at the Venetian on Nov. 2 enabled specialists from numerous disciplines to come together to resolve the issue of the deepening youth homelessness crisis, producing a plan for steps Southern Nevada can take to combat it.

The occasion, which was an action towards the formation of a strategy to be presented at next year’s conference, is just a portion of the brand-new motion to end youth homelessness locally as a partnership between the UNLV Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, the Nevada Collaboration for Homeless Youth (NPHY), Sands Cares– the business giving program of Las Vegas Sands Corp., and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

” The Greenspun College of Urban Affairs’ objective is to establish ingenious options to urban problems,” stated Dean Robert Ulmer, who recruited faculty and personnel within the college to assist in the effort. “We are delighted to partner with Las Vegas Sands and NPHY to develop creative and collaborative options to eradicate youth homelessness in Southern Nevada. We understand that no one group or company can resolve this problem alone.”

College of Urban Affairs faculty and personnel were among the attendees and speakers at the conference, which offered participants ranging from instructors to property experts the possibility to talk about local resources, financing strategies, and partnerships that could fight the rising pattern in local youth homelessness. Student volunteers from the School of Social Work, the School of Public Law and Management, and the department of communication studies assisted facilitate summit activities.

Seeking Long-Term Solutions

The term “crisis” is a common descriptor of the uphill battle dealing with local governments and outreach organizations across the country as they attempt to find long-lasting, stable housing for youth without permanent shelter. The word is echoed in a first-of-its-kind research study quick on Southern Nevada youth homelessness crafted by a group of Urban Affairs professors and team member.

The white paper, “The State of Homelessness in Southern Nevada,” underscores the severity of the issue in the Silver State and allows a special general assessment of Nevada’s battle: The state ranks first in the rate of unsheltered unaccompanied youth across the country and 4th in the overall number of unaccompanied homeless youth. Federal officials say more than 1,600 unaccompanied youth were counted in Nevada in 2016. Those youths face a variety of threats from food and real estate insecurity to physical hazards on the street. Homeless youth who are undocumented homeowners of the country, identify as LGBTQ, or have been victims of sex trafficking are at even greater danger.

Amongst the required steps to get the youths into long-term homes are taking down barriers to information sharing and capturing homeless youths before they fail the cracks, according to regional specialists. Information silos avoid cooperation in between agencies that could collaborate to recognize and house homeless youth.

” What does it cost? easier could that battle be if we interact? That’s what is necessary,” stated Jennifer Guthrie, assistant professor in the department of interaction research studies and a co-author of the research paper. “We know coordinated neighborhood reactions have actually worked to attend to other concerns, and this is how they start.”

The conference guests discussed the value of partnerships to minimize expenses, offer youths with housing alternatives that satisfy their requirements, address health or other problems, and improve coordination.

Overwhelming Need

Patricia Cook-Craig, a paper co-author and associate teacher in the School of Public Policy and Management, formerly has actually studied associated to social assistance networks of homeless families.

” The need is frustrating the resources. In order for modification to be significant, it needs to be well planned,” she stated, “That’s a task in and of itself. We speak about homeless youth as if they are a consistent group, however they’re not.”

Cook-Craig emphasized that increasing cooperation between local firms and outreach groups assists to make sure homeless youth understand resources, especially if they are transient. It likewise aids government and law enforcement in recognizing homeless individuals and putting them in touch with support networks, and it provides a method for firms to share program ideas along with physical products like spare clothing or food to reduce costs.

Those are ideas she and her Urban Affairs colleagues hope to explore even more as they search for solution-driven ways to deal with the issue.

” I don’t know how to arrange my scholastic life without knowing that I’m making a difference,” Cook-Craig said. “Whatever I do is assisted by that. Remaining in a college that comprehends that, having a dean who supports that, is very fulfilling.”

About the Report

The State of Homelessness in Southern Nevada,” a report presented at the summit is offered online and was co-authored by:

Patricia Cook-Craig, associate professor in the School of Public Law and Leadership
Jennifer Guthrie, assistant teacher in the department of communication research studies
William Sousa, associate teacher in the department of criminal justice
Carlton Craig, director of the School of Social Work
Michael Bruner, chair of the department of communication research studies
Judy Tudor; child welfare training specialist in the School of Social Work
Jessica Word, associate teacher in the School of Public Law and Leadership
Melissa Jacobowitz, a graduate of the general public administration program in the School of Public Law and Leadership.

Xceligent Professional Admits to Taking CoStar Data, Judge Issues Injunction, Orders Firm to Pay Damages

RE BackOffice Verifies Xceligent Directed it to Hack CoStar’s Websites and Steal Material as Part of Widespread Plan to Unlawfully Get Data and Photos

A U.S. federal judge has ruled in CoStar’s favor in its ongoing legal battle with Xceligent after one of Xceligent’s primary research study suppliers, Pennsylvania-based RE BackOffice Inc., admitted to repeatedly hacking CoStar’s websites in order to unlawfully download residential or commercial property information and pictures to occupy Xceligent’s rival database.

In the filing last Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, RE BackOffice confessed that it was worked with by Xceligent to hack into CoStar’s sites and copy its content on exactly what CoStar alleged was a commercial scale.

District Court Judge Arthur Schwab ruled in CoStar’s favor today, ordering RE BackOffice to turn over all its make money from the scheme to CoStar and released an injunction against the professional.

As initially reported by the Washington Organisation Journal on Friday, the research study specialist stated in its filing that Xceligent directed it to repeatedly copy material from CoStar’s sites and add it to Xceligent’s system for its competitive service.

Inning accordance with the filing, Xceligent CEO Douglas Curry allegedly checked out the India center to train the operations group.

On the other hand another news outlet reported that RE BackOffice and its India-based affiliate, MaxVal Technologies, have actually contracted with Xceligent since 2012 as part of the prevalent plan to copy CoStar content. Inning accordance with Bisnow News, RE BackOffice confessed in the court filing that Xceligent’s management directed the specialist to hack into CoStar’s system and copy information and pictures, calling Xceligent CEO Douglas Curry and primary research officer Nathan Lipowicz as being straight involved in the scheme.

In the filing, RE BackOffice states, “At Xceligent’s instructions, the REBO/MaxVal operations group utilized steps to prevent CoStar’s security procedures and thereby hack into CoStar’s sites in order to occupy the Xceligent database with content copied from CoStar.”

The court filing followed CoStar subpoenaed RE BackOffice last summertime after submitting fit against Xceligent in Missouri where Xceligent is based.

The admission of wrongdoing by Xceligent’s representative and the judge’s judgment today were hailed as a major break in the case by CoStar, which claims Xceligent took and resold its material for numerous years.

“The truths confessed by Xceligent’s agent, and the court-ordered injunction against them, speak for themselves,” a CoStar representative stated.

Taking Autonomy

The late 1960s were a time when aspiration was impatient with the development at then-Nevada Southern. Chancellor Donald Moyer desired a football group. Faculty wanted raises. The library simply wanted books. And the students? They desired the state to loosen the handbag strings to make it all take place. They wanted the Board of Regents, which was dominated by northern representatives, to take notice of the south.

In January 1967, a group of trainees, including student body President Jack Abell, gatheringed and, spurred on by the spirit of anti-Vietnam protests, formed Trainees Assisting to Assist and Maintain Higher Education, much better called SHAME.

They arranged a student teach-in, sent telegrams to the Legislature, and campaigned to have actually regents eliminated, but their genuine stand was set for Feb. 2, 1967.

On a winter season night that dipped below 40, Abell and a crew of seven other SHAME members reached the top of Archie C. Grant Hall, scaled a scaffold, and hung Gov. Paul Laxalt– whose “hold-the-line” spending plan would seriously curb costs on the young university– in effigy. And then they set the effigy on fire.

“I was a little bit more knowledgeable at political activity, but everyone was nervous,” Abell stated. “We had one campus cops, a terrific guy, and he was extremely making it possible for that night. He was just there to make sure there was no damage to the property. The constable [Ralph Lamb] wasn’t delighted with a lot people for a long period of time after that since we burnt him, but he was chuckling about it in personal. He was enabling in a responsible method.”

PITY wasn’t done shaming leaders for shortchanging the campus. Outlining in the Red Barn Saloon, about a lots SHAME members hatched a strategy to get Reno’s attention. They dispatched a team to take the original Fremont Cannon from in front of the ROTC building on UNR’s campus.

Regrettably for the thieves/freedom fighters, the Reno authorities popped the caper right as they were loading the weapons into the back of a moving van. Therefore the origin of the Fremont Cannon that our respective football teams compete for today.

“I wasn’t on the team that went up to get it, but I ended up being accountable for helping get them launched from the Reno prison overnight,” Abell stated. “I just loved it. It drove [Reno] nuts.”

As for Laxalt? He took it hard at the time. And aimed to take James Bilbray, without a doubt the youngest regent on the board and a previous Nevada Southern trainee, to task over the event. What can I do? the governor asked Bilbray, who would go on to the U.S. Legislature.

“There’s no way the trainees down there are going to feel more friendly to you unless more money comes south,” he remembers telling the guv, “because we have trainees that remain in their 3rd year that haven’t been able to take freshman English … We need structures. We need instructors. We require money.”

Laxalt could just respond, “Yeah, but that really, really bothers me.”

By late February, SHAME disbanded as trainee federal government embraced much of its platform. Thanks to the vocal trainee body and a reapportionment of the Legislature as the population of Las Vegas neared Reno’s, more cash began to stream southward. The advocacy had stimulated Southern Nevada lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to take up the fight.

Authorities searching for female implicated of taking from senior male


Courtesy picture Lanique Elaine Pettus, 32, is wanted on one count of exploitation of an older individual, 16 counts of forgery and 6 counts of fraudulent use of charge card. By Ricardo Torres-Cortez ( contact )Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017|4:19 p.m. A woman implicated of taking nearly$10,000 from a senior man by falsifying his signature on checks and utilizing his debit card to make rent and car payments is being looked for by authorities, according to the Clark County District Lawyer’s Office and court files. Lanique Elaine Pettus, 32, is wanted on one count of exploitation of an older individual, 16 counts of forgery and 6 counts

of fraudulent usage of charge card; all felonies, according to a criminal grievance submitted in a Henderson court house. The 80-year-old male was taken advantage of through”deceptiveness intimidation or excessive impact”in 2015 from Feb. 1 to March 31, according to the problem

. The fraudulent checks were written for amounts ranging from $150 to$780, and the debit card was used for payments in the range of $268 to $888, amounting to about$ 9,500, according

to the grievance. District attorneys today launched photos of Pettus supposedly cashing the deceptive checks at valley banks. It wasn’t right away clear when the case was submitted. Anyone with details on her location

is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 or crimestoppersofnv.com

Couple on bike looked for in handbag taking; victim hospitalized

Click to enlarge photo

CITY COPS This male is desired in a Las Vegas purse nabbing that left the victim injured. A man and a woman on a bike who nabbed a lady’s handbag Monday evening at Sundown Station, triggering her to fall and suffer head trauma, are being sought by authorities, inning accordance with Henderson cops.

The event was reported about 5:40 p.m. at the parking lot of the hotel and gambling establishment, 1301 W. Sunset Road, authorities said. The 59-year-old victim was required to Spring Valley Medical facility.

Details on the level of her injuries has not been launched.

The victim was strolling from her cars and truck through the lot when the set on bike rode next to her and pulled her bag from her shoulder, cops said.

The suspects were explained by authorities as a Hispanic guy who used a polo-style t-shirt, black shorts and white knee-high socks, and a Hispanic lady who used a gray Manchester United hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and flip flops. They rode a black “sport-style” motorbike, authorities stated.

Anybody with info on their identities or their location is asked to call cops at 702-267-4911 or 311. To remain confidential, contact Criminal offense Stoppers at 702-385-5555 or crimestoppersofnv.com.

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Girl Gaga says she'' s taking a' ' rest ' from music after trip


Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Girl Gaga speaks during an interview for “Gaga: Five Foot Two” on day 2 of the Toronto International Film Festival at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on Friday, Sept. 8, 2017, in Toronto.

Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017|5:30 a.m.

TORONTO– Lady Gaga states that she’s planning to take a “rest” from music and “decrease for a moment for some recovery.”

The pop star was at in Toronto on Friday for a pair of performances and to premiere a Netflix documentary about herself, “Gaga: 5 Foot Two.” The film, dipping into the Toronto International Movie Celebration, chronicles her life, February’s Super Bowl performance and her struggle with chronic pain.

Gaga wrecked speaking to reporters about her health issues. “It’s tough,” she stated, “however it’s liberating too.”

She later on told The Associated Press that she would complete her current tour, which runs through December, and after that take a while for herself.

“When this trip is over I will take a little downtime from myself, and then I’ll get back to doing what I enjoy,” she said. “I’m never not making music. I’m never not developing. I just am thrilled to spend some time reviewing that previous 10 years and tingling about exactly what I wish to develop next.”

The vocalist said at the earlier press conference that she ‘d still be producing during a break from music. “It doesn’t indicate I do not have some things up my sleeve,” said Gaga.

Gaga recently shot a remake of “A Star is Born,” co-starring Bradley Cooper.

Start Spreading out the News: '' Sinatra ' Solar Home Taking Shape

This solar house is starting to appear like a solar house.

With a date in Denver on Oct. 5-15, the UNLV Solar Decathlon group’s Sinatra Living task has the bones in location for a trendy home worthy of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. Ol’ Sol Eyes, if you will.

Now comes the time to give it its guts, heart and brains.

“We’re finishing up our sheeting,” task supervisor Adam Betemedhin stated. “The next stage, we’re going to be doing our pipes rough-in, electrical rough-in. After we get that done and checked we’ll do insulation, drywall and a few of our finishes. Then we’ll go on to incorporate some of our automation devices. We’re looking really good.”

Sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, Solar Decathlon pits 13 university groups to complete across 10 classifications from energy performance to architecture, engineering, house life and more. UNLV took initially among American universities in 2013 with its DesertSol home, now on screen at the Las Vegas Spring Preserve.

Just to get to the competition, schools need to submit a detailed proposal to be evaluated by a panel of engineers and researchers. Propositions are evaluated on the style of the home, a group’s ability raise the money for it, and their capacity for integrating curricula into the job.

The cross-disciplinary group features 25 trainees majoring in engineering, hotel administration, architecture, and allied health sciences.

One of the prime objectives for Sinatra Living is design with aging in place in mind– the concept that this is a home that is versatile and ideal to remain living in through one’s golden years.

The home is designed to abide by the American with Disabilities Act from the start with touches like adjustable countertops that can accommodate both standing and wheelchair heights, doors that are wheelchair width. As medical equipment ends up being critical to later life, Sinatra Living will prioritize its battery backup power for critical devices in cases of power interruption.

Canceling the healthy, stress-free living and energy efficiency of the house has actually presented design difficulties. Getting sufficient daylight, for instance, can be a battle for older individuals– Alzheimer’s patients’ symptoms can magnify as light fades– but big windows lower energy effectiveness. To fulfill both needs, Sinatra Living has generous overhangs over big windows to allow sunlight into the 990-square-foot home while controling temperature level.

The Solar Decathlon team likewise is zeroing in on automation and clever living to a degree that wasn’t available to the 2013 squad.

Amazon has partnered with the team to allow access to Amazon Web Services and their engineers to place sensors throughout your home and track every last grain of information that gets produced to help improve those automation and integration efforts in everything from lighting to heating and cooling to power management.

“We’re entering into a time where whatever is linked in some way or another. The method we’re going about designing this house and monitoring, and tracking the process of this home really shows an advance in homebuilding style,” Betemedhin said.

Amazon isn’t really the only big-name tech business to aid. Tesla contributed a Powerwall system, which is a battery to store energy from the house’s photovoltaic solar panels. The business is also supplying a Design S to assist fulfill the Solar Decathlon’s obstacle of keeping an electrical lorry charged over the five-day event.

Sinatra Living is currently being put together on UNLV’s Paradise Campus. You can get a peek at the house at the send-off event Sept. 7, which will feature representatives from Tesla, Switch, the NV Energy Structure, and other community sponsors of the project.

Then, starting the week of Sept. 11, the group will take apart the entire thing and bring your house to Denver for the competition, re-assembling it near the University of Colorado. Already, they’ll have the capability to fine-tune all the home’s procedures, down to the degree, volt, and drop of water, with all the information required to back up those choices.

“It will be cool see the look on my teammates faces when they see how well this building is performing compared to a typical house built by designers,” Betemedhin said.

Taking in the unrivaled thrills and wonder of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’.


Thomasz Rossa The finale of”O” will just leave you wanting more.

Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017|2 a.m.

I have actually invested much of the last 16 years attempting to explain Las Vegas with words, explaining and detailing its huge experiences, moods and minutes. On the Strip and off, I’ve taken in flavors and sounds, performances and discussions, conversations and analyses. Some have been so incredible and unusual, they’ve been tough to record with mere reporting– difficult, however not impossible.

Previously. “O” is impossible. After practically 19 years’ worth of efficiencies at a singularly remarkable theater at Bellagio, Cirque du Soleil’s aquatic phenomenon finally included me to its collection of more than 15 million wide-eyed and astonished viewers. I didn’t remember on my phone as I do at other Vegas shows. I could not look away. I didn’t develop the method I wanted to write about “O” as the curious character Philemon (played by Jorge Castano), who functions as the audience’s guide on this surreal adventure, was tossed back into the calm waters of the 1.5-million gallon stage-lake by 2 red-coated noblemen as they closed the drape and the show. I couldn’t think of the words. Rather, I was dreaming of the lots of more times I need to see it.

I’ve experienced all however two of Cirque’s resident Vegas shows–“Zumanity” and “Criss Angel: Mindfreak Live” are still on the list, though I’ve also seen the two defunct programs “Viva Elvis” and “Zarkana”– and come away impressed with something every time. However you cannot single out unforgettable highlights or applause-inducing moments within “O,” since that would be every act. The beautiful, enthusiastic performance of Le Travesti (Robert Knowles) is just as striking as the cadre of “zebras” dangling and crashing from a swaying jungle gym-like suspension. The can-you-believe-that-just-happened aspect is simply as strong with Ray Wold’s L’Allume (the “guy on fire”) as it is with the heart-stopping Bateau, a steel-framed airship in constant motion decorated with 11 acrobats flying all around it.

Other Cirque productions are known for their dramatic visual storytelling (“KÀ” at MGM Grand) or psychological connection (“The Beatles LOVE” at Mirage). But absolutely nothing I’ve seen balances a truly inspiring spectacle with Cirque’s signature sense of whimsy the method “O” does. It’s the most cinematic program on the Strip, extremely rapidly pulling you into its own great world where things can be astonishing, silly, attractive and creepy at the exact same time. And it’s all awash in flexibility, thanks to the one-of-a-kind phase that permits its entertainers to do the impossible whether they’re moving through water or air, unrestricted and unrestricted.

“O” carries out at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday at Bellagio and tickets vary from $98.50 to $228; a VIP experience is likewise available in opera house-style suites. For information, call 702-796-9999 or go to cirquedusoleil.com.

Caesars taking payments in Las Vegas via popular Chinese app

Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017|11:31 a.m.

Caesars Home entertainment has actually started taking payments at multiple locations in Las Vegas from WeChat, a mobile phone messaging app that’s hugely popular in China.

Beginning on Tuesday, the business began taking WeChat payments at 16 Las Vegas locations, including the Party Buffet, Beijing Noodle No. 9, 11 retail stores at Caesars Palace, the High Roller and the Eiffel Tower Experience, and the center Strip box office at the LINQ Boardwalk, which uses program tickets.

According to a year-end report from Tencent, the company that established WeChat, the number of WeChat users in 2015 topped 768 million, and half invested a minimum of 90 minutes a day using the app.

While WeChat is, at its core, a messaging app, it also offers users the ability to do other things, like pay, enjoy videos, get news and order taxis.

In a Wired story in 2015, Tencent executive Lukens Orthwein said WeChat ended up being a catchall application in China because the nation has several app shops instead of simply two major ones in the West– Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Customers, he said, felt the app was more reliable than the offerings from the several app stores.

In September, Caesars began enabling clients to book spaces at its nine Las Vegas resorts via WeChat and plans to do the very same at 10 more of its resorts in the U.S. by the end of the year.

Caesars states it will include even more resorts next year which all outlets at Caesars Palace will accept WeChat payments.

Greystar-Led Fund Taking Monogram Residential REIT Private in $3 Billion Deal

New Multifamily Investment Fund Consists of Investors from The Netherlands, China and Canada

CEO Bob Faith hof Greystar Real Estate Partners is adding another 49 multifamily properties to his growing portfolio.
CEO Bob Faith hof Greystar Realty Partners is adding another 49 multifamily homes to his growing portfolio. Monogram Residential Trust, Inc.(NYSE: MORE), an owner and operator of apartment neighborhoods mostly located in seaside markets, agreed to be obtained by a freshly formed perpetual life fund, Greystar Development and Income Fund, led by Greystar Realty Partners in a transaction valued at $3 billion, including financial obligation to be presumed or re-financed.

Investors in the brand-new fund consist of Dutch pension fund APG Property Management NV, Singapore-based international investment firm GIC, and Quebec-based CRE financier Ivanhoé Cambridge.

Based in Plano, TX, Monogram owns a portfolio of investments in 49 multifamily neighborhoods in 10 states totaling 13,674 systems.

A ranking of the largest US apartment owners by the National Multifamily Real estate Council for 2017 lists Charleston, SC-based Greystar as the 19th biggest owner with 44,037 units. Greystar is also ranked as the biggest home manager with 415,634 units under management.

Under the arrangement, which was unanimously authorized by Monogram’s board, stockholders will receive $12 per share in cash, a premium of 22% to Monogram’s closing stock rate of $9.80 on July 3.

The $3 billion value consists of Monogram’s share of its 2 institutional co-investment joint endeavors with PGGM and NPS. The PGGM joint endeavor will be restructured, and the joint endeavor interests held by NPS will be purchased by Greystar under a separate assignable purchase and sale agreement for around $500 million.

“Through this deal, Monogram will transition from being a publicly traded REIT to an independently held company and a part of the Greystar company,” Mark T. Alfieri, CEO of Monogram wrote to workers yesterday announcing the news. “We believe this transaction offers our stockholders with instant and compelling value for their investment, and shows the effort and commitment of all the workers at Monogram.”

“We are thrilled to add Monogram’s high quality assets in some of the best markets in the country as the seed portfolio for Greystar Growth and Earnings Fund, LP, our flagship core-plus perpetual life lorry,” stated Bob Faith, the founder and chairman of Greystar.

The deal is not contingent on invoice of funding by Greystar. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. has actually provided a commitment letter to Greystar Growth and Earnings Fund for $2 billion in financial obligation financing for the transaction.

The Greystar fund retained Walker & & Dunlop Inc. (NYSE: WD) to secure financing for its acquisition. This will be the biggest transaction in Walker & & Dunlop’s history.

Home REIT assessments stand near all-time highs, regardless of steady brand-new supply that stays a near term headwind, inning accordance with initial analysis of the deal by Morgan Stanley Research.

“We think the transaction continues to illustrate that private financiers are looking past near term supply headwinds and are more optimistic about the longer term outlook offered encouraging basics,” Morgan Stanley Research study reported.

Morgan Stanley is acting as exclusive monetary consultant. Morrison & & Foerster is representing Morgan Stanley in the financing. Goodwin Procter LLP is acting as legal advisor to Monogram. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC is working as unique monetary advisor and Jones Day is serving as legal consultant to Greystar.

The transaction, which is anticipated to close in the 2nd half of 2017, is subject to approval by Monogram’s stockholders and other customary closing conditions.