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Netflix working with someone to binge-watch TELEVISION shows, motion pictures

In this file photo, a person displays Netflix on a tablet. (AP Photo)
< img alt=" In this file image, an individual shows Netflix on a tablet. (AP Picture)"

title=” In this file image, an individual shows Netflix on a tablet.( AP Photo )” border=” 0″ src= “/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/16433260_G.jpg” width=” 180″/ > In this file image, an individual displays Netflix on a tablet.( AP Picture). Editor’s note: This task posting appears to have been removed, although there is a similar posting for the Japanese language still published.

( Meredith)– If your dream job consists of binge-watching Netflix all the time, then you may wish to take a look at this new position.

The streaming business is looking for an “editorial analyst” who will be paid to view, research, categorize and rate film and TV material.

In other words, Netflix is working with someone to view hours and hours of its initial shows.

The position requires people who are deadline-oriented and passionate about TELEVISION and movie.

” The ideal prospect has a deep knowledge, 5+ years experience, education in the movie and/or tv industry, can write efficiently with attention to detail, is comfortable using a range of publishing tools, and is thoughtful in the delivery of info while working on a varied team,” Netflix posted on its website.

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Police: Cable television tech knocks on incorrect door, comes across slaying

Pakistan TELEVISION: Army summoned to distribute Islamist protesters

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017|8:30 p.m.

ISLAMABAD– Pakistan called in the army to bring back order on Saturday, hours after a violent clash in between authorities and crowds objecting a left out referral to the Prophet Muhammad in a parliamentary bill left six dead and numerous lots wounded, state TELEVISION reported.

The Interior Ministry did not define when the soldiers would be deployed, and no soldiers were visible on the streets late Saturday.

Fans of an Islamist group have been at a crucial crossway outside the capital for the last 20 days, and the demonstration has activated comparable presentations throughout the country.

Hundreds of police in riot equipment relocated to clear the crossway connecting Islamabad with the garrison city of Rawalpindi after a deadline ended at midnight, medical professionals at regional hospitals stated.

The violence sent out ratings of police and protesters to healthcare facilities with injuries caused by stoning and respiratory problems from tear gas. Healthcare facility officials said near 200 people were injured, the majority of them cops.

Dr. Masood Safdar of Benazir Bhutto Medical facility said five civilians were shot and eliminated. Dr. Tariq Niazi of the Holy Household Healthcare facility verified the death of a young man who was shot in head.

News of the authorities intervention spread quickly, triggering sympathizers in cities round the country to take to the streets in a program of uniformity with the Islamabad protesters. The situation prompted the nation’s regulatory body for electronic media to take TV broadcasts off the air. Key social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were likewise obstructed. Federal government officials were not right away readily available for remark.

The fans of the Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah party, who have been camped out at the intersection for the last 20 days, are requiring the resignation of a law minister over a left out recommendation to the prophet in a parliamentary costs. The minister, Zahid Hamid, apologized for the omission– an expression stating that Muhammad is the last prophet in Islam– stating it was a clerical mistake that was later fixed.

However protest leaders were adamant and refused to clear the crossway unless the law minister resigned.

Saturday’s action came after a court ordered an end to the demonstration because it was interfering with life.

Television video showed cops initially taking control of the bridge where the demonstrators were encamped. Some protesters might be seen tossing stones at cops. The images revealed an area engulfed in thick smoke from tear gas and black smoke from burned camping tents.

Later on in the early morning, seminary students from Rawalpindi strengthened the demonstrators who pressed back authorities and Frontier Constabulary forces. Witnesses stated a group of baton-carrying protesters took a tear gas gun and a couple of shells from a constable and lobbed them at cops.

Angered protesters also torched 3 paddy wagons, 2 civilian lorries, three 2 motorbikes and harmed 2 television station cars. They likewise rummaged a newly built metro bus terminal near the venue.

Later on in the day, more supporters joined protesters at the site, and civil administrators satisfied to come up with an option.

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, on the other hand, told state television that the federal government had shown perseverance in handling the protesters.

“The administration is taking action under court order but still we are open for talks with them,” he said, referring to the protesters. Ahsan stated that some amongst the protesters wished to create chaos and destabilization in the nation.

Some protesters who got away the operation later gathered at a main street in Rawalpindi blocking it and suspending traffic by tossing stones at moving automobiles.

In Karachi, groups collected at three important places blocking streets in demonstration versus the police action in Islamabad. When police utilized tear gas to disperse them amidst the traffic rush hours, protesters tossed stones injuring 20 people, including two journalists.

Protesters likewise required to the streets in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Khanewal, Layyah, Vihari, Dera Ghazi Khan and others cities in Punjab province and in the northwestern city of Peshawar, as well as in southern city of Hyderabad, to reveal uniformity with the Islamabad protesters.

In Lahore, a rowdy mob torched a car and harmed others with stoning and staged sit-ins at four crucial locations in the city.

Malik Mohammad Ahmed, the representative for Punjab government, stated infuriated protesters in Rawalpindi attacked the home of the former interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar, harming the primary gate. He included that they injured legislator Javed Latif in Shaikhupura, striking him in the head with a stone, which a furious crowd assaulted Law Minister Zahid Hamid’s rental property in Pasroor, ransacking the location.

Harry Connick Jr. takes a TELEVISION timeout for some musical nights at Wynn


Chris Pizzello/AP Harry Connick Jr. at this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards.

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017|2 a.m.

Recording artist and star Harry Connick Jr. included a new title to his resume last year when he introduced his syndicated daytime talk show “Harry” on CBS. As it ends up, a talk program requires quite a bit of work. “I didn’t have a great deal of time to do much else due to the fact that we were figuring a great deal of stuff out,” he says, but he’s back onstage for 2 programs this weekend at Encore Theater. “Now I have time to play and I’m thrilled. I have fun with my band every day on the show but there’s nothing like taking it on the roadway, and I like Vegas and I like that space. I have actually always had an excellent time out there. Exactly what I love most is you can do nothing or you can do tons of things. There are many choices.”

Here’s the rest of my discussion with the New Orleans born pianist, vocalist, bandleader and more:

You’re getting your very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year. Congrats! It’s extraordinary. I’m simply blown away, because that’s something I’ve never ever actually thought of. It’s an incredibly pleasant surprise.

You’re being inducted with some excellent company: Snoop Dogg, Weird Al, Jack Black, Jennifer Lawrence, Richard Branson, and Erick McCormack, your co-star from “Will & & Grace. “That I didn’t know. That’s great.

Exactly what was it want to reprise your function as Leo in the “Will & & Grace” reboot? It was so fun despite the fact that I only did one episode. The cool thing was that it was nearly like time stopped– the set looks he same, the cast looks the exact same, much of the authors are back. It’s an experience I have actually never ever had before in program service. To be part of a huge hit like that one time is unusual, to have the experience twice was novel and I was thrilled to be welcomed back.

You’ve got a year of doing your daytime talk show under your belt. How has it progressed? We learned a lot the very first year. It was a time for us to discover exactly what we are aiming to say and the best ways to state it, and we attempted a great deal of various things and had a good time doing it. We kinda figured it out and were getting ready to opt for the 2nd year whether we got picked up or not, and we were lucky to get 5 Emmy nominations and got gotten [for another season], so I’m simply delighted. I feel like we understand the show and everyone is having a good time.

And you’re intending on having a fun time in Vegas? Me? For sure. The dining establishments out there, the shows, plus it’s a terrific household town … there are a lot of diverse things to do. If you want to you can just relax by the swimming pool, or you can see some remarkable entertainers. I like it out there.

You’re staying busy with TELEVISION however are you planning to get back in the studio to produce a new album at any time soon? I have some ideas floating around in my head. At some time in the future I’ll be making a record, and I’m also looking at scripts for movie and Broadway. I just need to choose exactly what the next thing is going to be and keep arranging through them. But it won’t be long prior to we’re back in the studio.

Harry Connick Jr. performs at Wynn’s Repetition Theater at 8 p.m. November 17 and 18 and December 1 and 2. For info, check out wynnlasvegas.com.

Late-night TELEVISION hosts decry Las Vegas killings, gun laws


Chris Pizzello/ AP In this Feb. 26, 2017 file photo, host Jimmy Kimmel appears at the Oscars in Los Angeles. Late-night comics decried the Las Vegas mass shooting as a confoundingly repetitive American catastrophe, with Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah blasting politicians who oppose weapon control. They spoke up on Monday, Oct. 2, the day after the worst shooting in modern U.S. history.

Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017|1:30 a.m.

LOS ANGELES– Late-night comics decried the Las Vegas mass shooting as a confounding and repetitive American tragedy, with Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah blasting politicians who oppose weapon control.

“I do not know why our so-called leaders continue to allow this to happen,” Kimmel stated on his ABC program Monday, the day after the worst shooting in modern U.S. history declared at least 59 lives.

“Or maybe a much better concern– why do we continue to let them permit it to happen?” stated a psychological Kimmel, who noted that Las Vegas was his hometown.

He slammed Republican congressional leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, saying it was good they sent prayers to Las Vegas but “they ought to be hoping to God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this nation.”

Kimmel’s program ended on a different tone: Luke Combs, who ‘d carried out at the Las Vegas country music concert that night of the attack, sang “Utilized to You” to honor the shooting victims.

On Comedy Central, the South African-born Noah said he was puzzled by the number of mass shootings he’s seen in simply two years in America and buffooned present GOP legislation focused on loosening up weapon guidelines.

“Just to offer you a concept of how far America is from actual weapon control, today Congress is going to vote on deregulating gun silencers. Because I think Congress is believing gun violence is out of control: ‘How can we make it quieter?'” Noah said.

“To individuals of Las Vegas, I can not provide you thoughts and prayers. I can just state I’m sorry that we reside in a world where individuals would put a gun before your lives,” he stated.

CBS’ James Corden, a native of England, released his own courteous require gun control.

“Forgive me, because I’m just a foreigner here and a few of you might feel I have no place to state this, but how does each developed country do a better task at preventing these attacks?” he asked.

Stephen Colbert, who routinely targets President Donald Trump, took a different approach Monday.

Concurring with Trump’s labeling of the Las Vegas shooting as an act of “pure evil,” Colbert included, “So then, what are we going to do to combat pure evil? The response can’t be nothing.”

The CBS host challenged Trump to go his own way on gun control without heeding his political celebration’s stance.

“You wish to make America great again? Do something the last 2 presidents have not had the ability to do. Pass any sort of sensible gun control legislation, that the large bulk of Americans want,” Colbert stated.

On TBS, Conan O’Brien stated that when he began in late-night more than twenty years ago it was “virtually unusual” for hosts to need to address a mass shooting. But things have changed, he stated, a point that was driven house when his head author provided O’Brien’s previous remarks on other recent mass shootings to think about for Monday’s remarks on Las Vegas.

“When did this ended up being a routine? And exactly what does it state about us that it has?” O’Brien said.

Acknowledging that he’s “not the most political of our comics,” O’Brien stated he felt obliged to repeat what he stated about the 2016 club shooting in Orlando, Florida, in which 49 victims passed away.

“I do not believe it must be so simple for one demented individual to kill a lot of individuals so quickly. The noises of those automatic weapons last night are grotesquely out of location in a civilized society,” he stated.

NBC’s Jimmy Fallon told viewers that in the face “of catastrophes and acts of terror, we have to keep in mind that good still exists in this world. We’re here to captivate you this evening.” He then introduced Miley Cyrus and Adam Sandler, who performed Dido’s “No Liberty” in honor of the shooting victims.

Starlet Anne Jeffreys, star of TELEVISION'' s ' Topper ' dies at 94


Jordan Strauss/Invision/ AP In this Aug. 14, 2014, file picture, Anne Jeffreys gets to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills, Calif. Jeffreys, an actress and opera vocalist who starred as Marion Kerby in the 1950s TELEVISION series “Topper,” died, Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017, at age 94.

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017|2:20 p.m.

NEW YORK– Anne Jeffreys, the actress and opera vocalist who likely had her biggest effect on TELEVISION audiences as Marion Kerby “the ghostess with the mostess” in the 1950s TV series “Topper,” has passed away. She 94.

Jeffreys, whose spouse, star Robert Sterling, died in 2006, died peacefully in her sleep at her Los Angeles house on Wednesday night, her supervisor Don Gibble stated Thursday.

More recently, she invested two decades playing Amanda Barrington on “General Hospital” She was featured in the role of the wealthy on more than 350 episodes of the daytime drama from 1984 until 2004.

In “Topper,” she and Sterling starred as fun-loving husband and wife George and Marion Kerby who, after dying in a Swiss avalanche, return as ghosts to their mansion and comically haunt its new resident, actor Leo G. Carroll as staid banker Cosmo Topper.

Every week they were presented to viewers as George, “that most sporting spirit,” and Marion, “the ghostess with the mostess.”

They were among numerous differed roles in a long career in movies, television, opera and on Broadway for Jeffreys, who continued to work well into her 70s. Her last on-screen appearance was on the HBO series “Getting On.”

Early in her profession, she appeared opposite John Wayne in “Flying Tigers.” In later years, she appeared on such TV programs as “L.A. Law” and “Murder, She Composed” and played David Hasselhoff’s mom on “Baywatch.”

The blonde appeal with the lilting soprano voice started her carrying out career in 1940 with the New York City Opera, the Ford Symphony and the Los Angeles Opera Company, singing Mimi in “La Boheme” and Cho San in “Madame Butterfly.”

She had actually made her movie debut at MGM in 1942 in “I Married an Angel,” which marked the last costarring of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

Throughout a contract with Republic, she appeared with Wayne in “Flying Tigers” and made B westerns. Hughes signed her to an agreement at RKO and cast her in “Step Lively.”

In a 1993 interview, Jeffreys recalled Sinatra as “smart-alecky, little, skinny, wide-eyed,” including that although she was never brought in to him the two did become buddies.

“I have actually found the other side of Frank that a great deal of people do not know: his kindness and his taking care of individuals,” she explained.

Throughout her RKO days, Jeffreys appeared in 15 films, mostly B films. She made 2 movies in the 1940s as Tess Trueheart, girlfriend of sleuth Dick Tracy.

Seeing no future in Hollywood, Jeffreys went back to New York to appear in a musical variation of “Street Scene.” She continued in opera, light opera and musicals and played the lead in the visiting business of “Kiss Me Kate.” Later on, she changed Patricia Morison, the original Kate, in the Broadway production.

It was during the program’s New York run that she met the dashingly handsome Sterling, who was likewise starring in a New york city program. Their love was disrupted when he returned to Hollywood for such films as “The Sundowners” and “Program Boat.” They married in 1951.

In addition to “Topper,” Sterling and Jeffreys appeared in their own nightclub act and starred together in another TV series, “Love That Jill” which lasted for half a season in 1958.

Throughout her later profession Jeffreys divided her time in between tv and musical theater, singing on the Ed Sullivan and Perry Como shows and appearing on many sitcoms, dramas and soap operas.

Throughout one stressful duration in the 1980s she was featured on 2 TELEVISION series, the daytime soap “General Healthcare facility” and the prime-time drama “Finder of Lost Likes.”

Jeffreys also visited the nation in musical productions such as “Camelot,” “Bells Are Ringing,”” Kismet,” “Friend Joey,” “The King and I,” “The Sound of Music”

and “Follies.” She was born Anne Carmichael on Jan. 26, 1923, in Goldsboro, N.C.

. Her mom, who had aspired to be an opera vocalist, taught her child to sing at an early age, and at 5 Anne made her debut before a regional audience. After studying at Anderson College, S.C., she introduced her profession.

An early marriage ended in divorce, but the union with Sterling withstood up until his death. They had three children, Jeffreys, Dana and Tyler.

Sterling gave up acting in the 1970s for service ventures. A victim of shingles, he was bedridden the last 5 years of his life, passing away at age 88.

AP Home entertainment Writer Anthony McCartney and the late AP Entertainment Writer Bob Thomas added to this report.

Fire guts Las Vegas lounge included on TELEVISION’s '' Bar Rescue '.


Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Firemens fight a blaze that gutted the Regan Lounge in the Bonanza Nellis Shopping Center, 5067 E. Bonanza Road, on Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017. By Sun Staff ( contact )Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017|12:22 p.m. A morning fire gutted a bar included earlier this year

on the truth TV program”Bar Rescue, “triggering an estimated$ 500,000 damage, according to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue officials. A City Law enforcement officer on patrol noticed the fire about 4 a.m. at the Regan Lounge, 5067 E. Treasure trove

Roadway, authorities stated. When firemens got here, heavy, black smoke was coming from a big business structure in the Bonanza Nellis Shopping mall, officials stated. The majority of the fire remained in the attic over the bar and spreading out toward a surrounding oral office, officials stated. The fire, which took about Thirty Minutes to bring under control, gutted the lounge and burned a large hole in the roof, authorities said. The dental workplace sustained moderate damage, authorities said. The cause of the fire is under investigation. No one was injured. The manager of the lounge told fire private investigators she closed the lounge

about 2 a.m. and didn’t notice anything uncommon before leaving Thirty Minutes later, authorities stated. The lounge, formerly referred to as Jack’s Location, was included in July on “Bar Rescue,”a show where bar specialist Jon Taffer intervenes to make over and try to conserve struggling establishments. Firefighters from Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Clark County battled the blaze.

'' Save my child’s healthcare'': New TELEVISION ads look for to pressure Heller

Thursday, July 27, 2017|6 a.m.

. A healthcare advocacy group has bought TELEVISION spots in Nevada that target U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, advising him to oppose congressional efforts the repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The ads are moneyed by the national company Our Lives on the Line and will be transmitted on cable networks in Reno and Las Vegas starting today and continue through the weekend.

The 30-second video tells the story of a Nevada woman whose child successfully fought leukemia and who the coalition says could be impacted if provisions, such as the preexisting condition clause in the law, are removed.

“If this law gets reversed, my son is going to constantly be worrying about whether he can get healthcare security in the future,” his mother states in the advertisement. “Will he have the ability to get insurance coverage with the preexisting condition? Sen. Heller needs to know that my kid’s life is in his hands. Sen. Heller, please keep your guarantee. Conserve my kid’s healthcare.”

Heller has actually received pressure from conservative and progressive groups getting in touch with him to vote for or against efforts to reverse the current healthcare law. A number of efforts in the Senate on Tuesday failed to pass. The advertising campaign will accompany rallies across the nation created by the exact same organization, including in Las Vegas and Reno, to say, “Our lives are on the line if Republicans pass Trumpcare and strip our health protection.”

In Las Vegas, advocates will satisfy from 3 to 5 p.m. at UNLV, inning accordance with organizers.

For more details, go to ourlivesontheline.org.

Report: Shooter who killed TELEVISION news team in VA shoots self, passes away

MONETA, VA (RNN) – 2 reporters passed away Wednesday early morning in a shooting caught on electronic camera. Vicki Gardner, the official they were speaking with, was shot in the back and remains in stable condition after surgery.

The suspect, a previous colleague of the press reporters, shot himself few hours later when confronted by cops. The suspect, Vester L. Flanagan II, was airlifted to Fairfox-Inova Healthcare facility and passed away at about 1:30 p.m. ET, according to Brian Moran, Virginia secretary of public security.

Reporter Alison Parker, 24, and photographer Adam Ward, 27, died shortly after 6:45 a.m. ET. WDBJ general manager Jeff Marks reported the deaths on live TELEVISION at 8:45 a.m.

Gardner is executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, and was talking about the 50th anniversary of Smith Mountain Lake when the shooting happened.

In a Wednesday afternoon, authorities stated they are examining the chain of events that preceedinged the shooting, as well as a manifesto sent to ABC News that they said may have come from Flanagan. They are likewise examining how the suspect knew where to discover the reporters.

“It’s going to be a long investigation due to the fact that there are a great deal of elements to the investigation,” Overton stated.

Police said they knew where the gunman was by tracking his cell phone. As police looked for him, he posted messages on his Facebook and twitter accounts, including a horrifying video of the shooting he took himself.

Flanagan shot himself when police challenged him on Interstate 66 in Fauquier County, VA, which is about 175 miles northeast of the website of the shootings, WDBJ reported.

Virginia State Cops said a trooper attempted to stop the suspect, but when the trooper switched on his emergency situation lights, Flanigan’s 2009 Mustang scampered at high speed. The vehicle soon ran off the road and crashed. Troopers found the motorist with a gunshot wound. Authorities at first reported and quickly retracted that he died. He was taken to the northern Virginia health center where he passed away about two hours later on.

Virginia authorities stated that Flanagan was a previous worker of WDBJ, who was fired in 2013. He reported under the name of Bryce Williams there and at other stations where he worked. He was unhappy there, accusing co-workers of racism and victimizing him. Before his Twitter account was suspended, he published that Parker had actually made racist comments to him, and that Ward had actually complained to personnels about him.

Prior to working at WDBJ, he worked for WTOC in Savannah, GA, which is owned by Raycom Media.

Court records suggest Flanagan submitted a suit against WDBJ in March 2014. Ward, the cameraman he shot, was served a subpoena as a witness in the case, which was ultimately dismissed.

In 2000, Flanagan filed a discrimination lawsuit against another employer, WTWC-TV in Tallahassee, FL. That case was closed in 2001.

ABC News got a fax Wednesday early morning from a male who said he was Bryce Williams, who had been calling them for a couple of weeks stating he was going to pitch a story and fax details. He never ever did.

Less than 2 hours after the shooting, he sent a 23-page fax, in which he said he assaulted the reporters in retaliation for the bigotry of the Charleston Church Shooting, and that “my hollow-point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.” The writer likewise stated his intention was to start a race war.

ABC right away offered the document to cops.

About 90 minutes later on he called ABC, determined himself as Bryce, and said his legal name was Vester Lee Flanigan II. He stated he had actually shot 2 people today and authorities sought him.

The lethal shooting occurred during a live interview by WDBJ at Bridgewater Plaza, near Smith Mountain Lake beyond Roanoke, VA.

. In the video, the reporter is seen holding a microphone in front of Gardner. Several gunshots are heard, together with screams, and the cam is up to the ground. The video picks up a brief shot of someone in black clothes who appears to be holding a gun.

“This is a horrific day for our WDBJ family and the community we serve,” tweeted WDBJ station meteorologist Brent Watts.

Allison Parker’s daddy, Andy Parker, on Wednesday afternoon, released the following statement on behalf of himself, her mom and sibling:

“Barbara, Drew and I are numb, ravaged and I find my despair intolerable. Alison was our intense, shining light and it was cruelly snuffed out by yet another crazy person with a weapon. She stood out at everything she did and was enjoyed by everyone she touched. She liked us dearly, and we spoke with her every single day. Not hearing her voice once more squashes my soul. Our family can just take solace in the fact that although her life was short, she was so happy with it. She lived it to the fullest and her spirit will certainly still be with us.”

WDBJ associate Chris Hurst, who was dating Parker, stated they had actually just moved in together.

“She was the most glowing lady I ever met. And for some reason she loved me back. She enjoyed her family, her moms and dads and her sibling,” Hurst tweeted.

Parker grew up in Martinsville, VA, about 50 miles south of Roanoke, and went to college at Patrick Henry Neighborhood College and James Madison University, graduating in 2012.

Ward was engaged to Melissa Ott, the manufacturer of the early morning program they were aiming for, according to Hurst. It was her last day on the program, she was leaving for a brand-new task.

Overton stated it was “an exceptionally tough early morning” because he had just been talked to by the news group three weeks ago in relation to the start of school.

Bridgewater Plaza is a shopping complex that houses stores, galleries, a theme park, boat rentals and a mini-golf field. The complex also houses the Smith Mountain Lake Visitor’s Center.

The location was showcased in the movie What About Bob? starring Expense Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.

The shooting prompted enhanced security around New York TELEVISION stations, CNN reported.

Note: RNN has actually eliminated connect to online video of the shooting after discovering it resulted in the deaths of 2 people.

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