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Lady terrified by ex who was apprehended in Vegas raid


A warrant declaration released a day after a male was apprehended throughout a raid at his northeast Las Vegas home specified he had been examined for stalking his ex-girlfriend for the previous year.

Though the factor for the raid that involved a SWAT group and the FBI has actually not been disclosed, the guy is accused of utilizing a covert video camera in his former lover’s home along with blackmailing and extorting the female.

The ex-girlfriend, who wanted only to be referred as Kimberly, said the stalking started after she ended her two-year relationship with Brad Resnik in August 2014. At that time, Kimberly also suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with Resnik’s kid.

Since then, she said Resnik sent texts threatening to destroy her life in addition to graphic e-mails.

“For the whole year, he sent me fetuses, dead fetuses, infants in containers. He called me a killer,” according to Kimberly.

Resnik was arrested Wednesday night while Las Vegas City authorities and federal representatives robbed his house. Throughout the raid, officers discovered an item deemed suspicious, which triggered a bomb team to investigate and next-door neighbors to leave houses. The item was later on cleared by police.

A tower with security cams was also constructed at the home. Kimberly stated Resnik also set up electronic cameras inside her home without her knowledge. She stated she believed they were all eliminated once they were discovered.

“I always feel like it’s in there. Like, I feel like I’m being enjoyed. And, he’ll send me messages. Like, simply 2 days back, he resembles, ‘Oh, what are you doing at your computer?’ He’ll be like, ‘Oh, I see you’re enjoying TELEVISION.’ Like, he knows exactly what I’m performing in my home, and I can’t determine how.”

In addition, Resnik attempted to blackmail Kimberly from $10,000 to keep embarrassing things in her personal life from going public, according to documents. Kimberly also stated he threatened her friends and family.

“I feel in one’s bones the guy has been bothering me for over a year, and I had been desperate. I would go to court every few months and beg the judge, ‘Please, please. I can’t get to him.'”

Following the arrest, the FBI stated it will certainly release more information about the case if the situation dictates.

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