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Taking On Homeless Youth Issue Through Collaboration

Living beneath bridges, sleeping surprise atop school bleachers, and moving from couch to couch at pals’ houses, homeless youths constitute a growing market nationally, and their scenarios are contributing to exactly what UNLV teachers have called an awful crisis in Southern Nevada.

The first Southern Nevada Youth Homelessness Summit at the Venetian on Nov. 2 enabled specialists from numerous disciplines to come together to resolve the issue of the deepening youth homelessness crisis, producing a plan for steps Southern Nevada can take to combat it.

The occasion, which was an action towards the formation of a strategy to be presented at next year’s conference, is just a portion of the brand-new motion to end youth homelessness locally as a partnership between the UNLV Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, the Nevada Collaboration for Homeless Youth (NPHY), Sands Cares– the business giving program of Las Vegas Sands Corp., and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

” The Greenspun College of Urban Affairs’ objective is to establish ingenious options to urban problems,” stated Dean Robert Ulmer, who recruited faculty and personnel within the college to assist in the effort. “We are delighted to partner with Las Vegas Sands and NPHY to develop creative and collaborative options to eradicate youth homelessness in Southern Nevada. We understand that no one group or company can resolve this problem alone.”

College of Urban Affairs faculty and personnel were among the attendees and speakers at the conference, which offered participants ranging from instructors to property experts the possibility to talk about local resources, financing strategies, and partnerships that could fight the rising pattern in local youth homelessness. Student volunteers from the School of Social Work, the School of Public Law and Management, and the department of communication studies assisted facilitate summit activities.

Seeking Long-Term Solutions

The term “crisis” is a common descriptor of the uphill battle dealing with local governments and outreach organizations across the country as they attempt to find long-lasting, stable housing for youth without permanent shelter. The word is echoed in a first-of-its-kind research study quick on Southern Nevada youth homelessness crafted by a group of Urban Affairs professors and team member.

The white paper, “The State of Homelessness in Southern Nevada,” underscores the severity of the issue in the Silver State and allows a special general assessment of Nevada’s battle: The state ranks first in the rate of unsheltered unaccompanied youth across the country and 4th in the overall number of unaccompanied homeless youth. Federal officials say more than 1,600 unaccompanied youth were counted in Nevada in 2016. Those youths face a variety of threats from food and real estate insecurity to physical hazards on the street. Homeless youth who are undocumented homeowners of the country, identify as LGBTQ, or have been victims of sex trafficking are at even greater danger.

Amongst the required steps to get the youths into long-term homes are taking down barriers to information sharing and capturing homeless youths before they fail the cracks, according to regional specialists. Information silos avoid cooperation in between agencies that could collaborate to recognize and house homeless youth.

” What does it cost? easier could that battle be if we interact? That’s what is necessary,” stated Jennifer Guthrie, assistant professor in the department of interaction research studies and a co-author of the research paper. “We know coordinated neighborhood reactions have actually worked to attend to other concerns, and this is how they start.”

The conference guests discussed the value of partnerships to minimize expenses, offer youths with housing alternatives that satisfy their requirements, address health or other problems, and improve coordination.

Overwhelming Need

Patricia Cook-Craig, a paper co-author and associate teacher in the School of Public Policy and Management, formerly has actually studied associated to social assistance networks of homeless families.

” The need is frustrating the resources. In order for modification to be significant, it needs to be well planned,” she stated, “That’s a task in and of itself. We speak about homeless youth as if they are a consistent group, however they’re not.”

Cook-Craig emphasized that increasing cooperation between local firms and outreach groups assists to make sure homeless youth understand resources, especially if they are transient. It likewise aids government and law enforcement in recognizing homeless individuals and putting them in touch with support networks, and it provides a method for firms to share program ideas along with physical products like spare clothing or food to reduce costs.

Those are ideas she and her Urban Affairs colleagues hope to explore even more as they search for solution-driven ways to deal with the issue.

” I don’t know how to arrange my scholastic life without knowing that I’m making a difference,” Cook-Craig said. “Whatever I do is assisted by that. Remaining in a college that comprehends that, having a dean who supports that, is very fulfilling.”

About the Report

The State of Homelessness in Southern Nevada,” a report presented at the summit is offered online and was co-authored by:

Patricia Cook-Craig, associate professor in the School of Public Law and Leadership
Jennifer Guthrie, assistant teacher in the department of communication research studies
William Sousa, associate teacher in the department of criminal justice
Carlton Craig, director of the School of Social Work
Michael Bruner, chair of the department of communication research studies
Judy Tudor; child welfare training specialist in the School of Social Work
Jessica Word, associate teacher in the School of Public Law and Leadership
Melissa Jacobowitz, a graduate of the general public administration program in the School of Public Law and Leadership.

The best cities to make it through a nuclear armageddon in America

( Meredith)– Given that the start of mankind, we’ve been talking about the end of the world. Whether it be a deadly illness, disastrous weather condition, or a nuclear armageddon, the discussion of how our types may go extinct is never far from our lips.

So, if a nuclear apocalypse does occur sooner or later, where are the best( and worst) positions to reside in America? Realtor.com asked that question and< a href=" https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/best-and-worst-spots-to-go-to-survive-the-apocalypse/ "target=

” _ blank” > they created some respectable answers. Their findings are based on the following criteria:

Portion of houses with a body of water (lake, pond, etc.).
Homes with a panic space.
Local population.
Number of civil servant in a provided area (makings it a big target).
Number of health care workers.
Landmass covered by freshwater sources.
Weapon Scores.

[Click on this link To View Their Entire Criteria]” Making it through a catastrophe will often have more to do with where you are than with any other factor,” Richard Duarte, a Miami-based personal injury lawyer and author of the book “Surviving Doomsday,” said to Realtor.com.” Finding yourself in a highly populated city center, taking on violent crowds for decreasing resources, will usually not end well. If the scarcity does not get you, the resulting mayhem certainly will.”

” That thing we call civilization goes away quick.” -Richard Duarte, author of ” Enduring Doomsday.”

Finest U.S Cities To Endure A Nuclear Surge:.
Kansas City, Mo
New Sanctuary, Conn.
Ann Arbor, Mich.
Hagerstown, Md.
Springfield, Mass. Manchester, N.H. Duluth, Minn.
San Luis Obispo, Calif
Crestview, Fla.

. Lincoln, Neb. If your city isn’t really listed here, do not worry. There’s no such thing as a safe place, inning accordance with Robert Vicino. Vicino is the CEO and founder of the Vivos Group, which sells bunkers throughout the world.

” There are only much safer place,” he told Realtor.com. [Click on this link To View The Entire Short Article on Realtor.com]

However if you definitely should discover a location to nestle, Kansas City is your best possibility for survival. Why? It has the greatest concentration of bunkers and fallout shelters compared to anywhere else in the nation.

And the majority of the houses are made of brick and have basements, two crucial consider surviving a massive surge.

Worst U.S Cities To Survive A Nuclear Explosion:.
New York City City.
Los Angeles, Calif
Dallas, Texas.
Nashville, Tenn.
Miami, Fla.
Atlanta, Ga. Washington, D.C. Philadelphia, Penn.
Fayetteville, N.C.
Seattle, Wash.

” If it does occur, I have no idea if any amount of time preparing will do much distinction. I have actually seen what happens in the consequences of an easy weather condition event– people go into chaos,” Duarte stated to Realtor.com. “That thing we call civilization goes away fast.”

Home Democratic chairman swings through Nevada to go over DACA, support prospects


Yvonne Gonzalez Rep. Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, went to UNLV, where students, activists and community leaders gathered for a roundtable on the Deferred Action for Youth Arrivals program on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017. He is signed up with by moderator Homero Gonzalez, philanthropy chairman of the UNLV Hispanic Law Student Association La Voz, and Congressional District 3 prospect Susie Lee, a Democrat whose project organized the roundtable.

NYC hotel uses '' Stranger Things ' space package through 2018


Sandy Cohen/ AP This image shows a setup for the Netflix series, “Stranger Things,” at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday, July 20, 2017.

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017|1 a.m.

NEW YORK– New york city locals and visitors expecting the Friday release of the second season of Netflix’s hit program “Complete stranger Things” can now get a hotel package for their binge-watching needs.

The Gregory Hotel in midtown Manhattan is offering a new “ex-stream-ly relaxing bundle” for fans to watch every episode in hotel convenience.

WNBC-TV reports the space will provide streaming service by means of Google Chromecast to view the season premiere. The room also includes “Complete stranger Things”-themed space decorations and food, such as a light-up wall tapestry and among the character’s favorite treats, Eggo waffles.

The hotel will provide a mug reading “Friends Do not Lie”– a famous line from the program– for guests to take house.

Booking rates start at $249 per night and will go through Aug. 30, 2018.

One male'' s Playboy: Encounters with Hefner through the years

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017|5:59 a.m.

LOS ANGELES– It is time to confess something I did as a teenage mail handler in the late 1960s, when Playboy reigned supreme, its rabbit-head logo design marked on a voluptuary empire of publishing, tv, restaurants and bunnies.

Monthly, I would obstruct a half-dozen copies of Playboy publication at a hectic Los Angeles post workplace, slip them from their plain brown wrappers and set them aside. Postal workers with a free minute would pass the magazines across the desks and cancellation machines. Then they thoroughly tucked the issues back into their wrappers and sent them on to their rightful customers.

Periodically, problems cropped up in Playboy’s letters-to-the-editor column: Some prankster at the post workplace had put a postage-due stamp across the Playmate of the Month’s breasts.

Though lured, I never ever did that– I had too much respect for the publication. I had checked out Playboy considering that I was 13, thanks in big part to a crusty old newsstand operator who would willingly offer a copy to any kid who had the 75 cents to pay for it.

I understood about Hugh Hefner. Who didn’t? Depending on your perspective, Hefner– who died this week at age 91– either launched the sexual transformation or set ladies’s rights back by half a century. Or both. However in the pages of Playboy, he appeared impossibly cool, with his pipe and silk pajamas and the evident ability to attract all the most stunning ladies in the world, initially to his Chicago mansion and after that to an incredible castle in the tony Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles.

Even if generations retold the joke that they check out Playboy for the short articles, Hefner was major about words. In the pages of Playboy, I discovered the works of writers like Kurt Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury, after perusing the images, naturally. Years later on, I got to tell Bradbury that I discovered among his greatest narratives, “The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair,” in Playboy. He said he had an unique affection for the publication, which serialized his development novel “Farenheit 451” right after it was founded.

Author Gay Talese may have described Playboy finest in 2015 when he stated it was “the very first publication in the mainstream that could both be called a literary publication and a publication for masturbation.”

I twice encountered Hefner, the first time nearly Twenty Years after sorting those magazines. In 1988, he called a news conference to announce he was countersuing a woman who had actually sued him for palimony. To obtain there, I traveled up along the turreted, Tudor-style estate’s long driveway to a huge fountain, mindful to follow the indication that read “Own Slowly, Playmates at Play.”

Hefner was nearly 62. But minus the pipeline and trading his pajamas for a leisure suit, he looked pretty much like the guy in the publication. M&M sweets, said to be his preferred, remained in bowls everywhere, and reporters were encouraged to indulge. The guy whose publication provided conclusive guidance on scotch and other whiskeys, had his preferred beverage in hand, a Pepsi.

He angrily declared it was his previous enthusiast and not he who had actually cheated relentlessly during their relationship, which sounded kind of odd coming from a man who had boasted of bedding more than a thousand women. Buddies tried to alert him about her, he stated, “however I simply saw what I wanted to see.”

Then, regaining the old Hef spirit, he added, “I desire you to satisfy my new lady,” and presented a female I described in a subsequent story as a “high, stunning blonde model.” An editor cut out the word stunning; in retrospect, it most likely was redundant, this being Hefner.

She was Kimberly Conrad, quickly to end up being Hefner’s 2nd better half and later mother of his youngest sons, Cooper and Marston. Asked her age, she replied with some humiliation, “I’m 24. But I’m almost 25.”

I didn’t see the man for almost 20 years. In 2006, after Hefner announced a particularly outstanding lineup for that year’s annual Playboy Jazz Celebration, I owned again to the mansion for another news conference. The “Playmates at Play” sign was back after being replaced for a time with one that read “Kid at Play.” Hefner’s children’ video games and sports gear showed up through the upstairs windows.

Hefner himself had prepared to present jazz great George Duke and others, then duck back into the privacy of the mansion while people mingled in the yard, that included to name a few features a little creek, waterfall, swimming pool and a tennis court. Buttonholed at his backdoor, however, he accepted talk– if the subject was jazz.

“It’s the music of my youth. It’s the music I grew up with. It’s the music of my dreams,” he stated, wistfully.

He argued briefly and pleasantly that there was nothing weird about inviting rocker Elvis Costello to that year’s jazz program, noting the type has drawn from numerous musical cultures over the years.

“It’s a mix of music from many, numerous sources, a combination of Afro and Caribbean and Cuban sounds … mixed in with especially American sounds,” he said, including, “And I favor anything that breaks down walls.”

Sipping a Pepsi on the rocks, his face now deeply lined and his hair white and thinning, he mused about turning 80 in a few weeks and all the events that had happened to him since he borrowed $1,000 from his mom in 1953 and assembled the very first edition of Playboy from his kitchen area table. It included a famously naked Marilyn Monroe.

He could barely believe that a lot of years had passed ever since, he stated.

Then, he smiled.

“When you’re having a good time,” he said, “time flies.”

French Montana’s ‘Memorable’ summertime goes through Marquee

French Montana says he understood from the second the beat dropped that “Extraordinary” was going to be a monster. “I understood when I heard it for the first time it was a huge record. I just fell in love with it,” states the Moroccan-born, South Bronx-bred rapper and producer. “That’s constantly how I judge music, from the very first time listening to it. That record is like God planned it.”

Also including Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, “Unforgettable” has been licensed platinum twice over. It’s Montana’s first track to go Leading 10, presently sitting at No. 4 on Signboard’s Hot 100. For lots of hip-hop fans, it’s quickly the song of the summertime, and while plenty of artists are putting their own spin on it, Montana snagged Mariah Carey for help on the main remix.

However he’s not resting on his biggest hit ever, having recently launched a video for follow-up “A Lie” including The Weeknd, an artist with whom Montana has actually formerly worked together. “We worked on ‘Gifted’ from my first album. I simply love how we have actually been friends since he began, and we both grew so much larger,” Montana states. “It’s a gorgeous thing to come up with your individuals. It’s a genuine collaboration now, not just featuring someone. It was best timing.”

Montana also has best timing in going back to his residency at Marquee Nightclub for Labor Day weekend. He has actually been carrying out at Tao Group locations for many years now and has no strategies to change anything.

“I’ll be in Vegas forever. I might shoot Casino Part 2,” he jokes. “But it is among my top five locations, like a various universe. I tape-record a great deal of music when I exist, too. It’s just got that vibe that makes me want to stay.” French Montana at Marquee at Cosmopolitan, September 2.

Thousands march through Boston week after Virginia bloodshed


Michael Dwyer/ Associated Press A counterprotester, left, confronts a professed advocate of President Donald Trump at a “Free Speech” rally by conservative activists on Boston Common, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017, in Boston. Thousands of leftist counterprotesters marched through downtown Boston on Saturday, chanting anti-Nazi mottos and waving indications condemning white nationalism ahead of a rally being staged by conservative activists a week after a Virginia presentation turned deadly.

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017|10 a.m.

BOSTON– Thousands of leftist counterprotesters marched through downtown Boston on Saturday, chanting anti-Nazi mottos and waving indications condemning white nationalism as conservative activists rallied a week after a Virginia demonstration turned fatal.

Authorities Commissioner William Evans stated Friday that 500 officers– some in uniform, others undercover– were deployed to keep the two groups apart Saturday. Boston’s Democratic mayor, Marty Walsh, and Massachusetts’ Republican guv, Charlie Baker, both cautioned that extremist discontent wouldn’t be tolerated in this city famed as the cradle of American liberty.

Organizers of the midday occasion, billed as a “Free Speech Rally,” have publicly distanced themselves from the neo-Nazis, white supremacists and others who fomented violence in Charlottesville on Aug. 12. A lady was killed at that Join the Right rally, and scores of others were injured, when a car raked into counterdemonstrators.

However opponents feared that white nationalists may show up in Boston anyway, raising the specter of awful confrontations in the very first possibly large and racially charged gathering in a major U.S. city because Charlottesville.

Occasions are planned around the country, in cities including Atlanta, Dallas and New Orleans.

Walsh welcomed counterprotesters Saturday morning outside Reggie Lewis Center in the city’s Roxbury community. Counterprotesters from Black Lives Matter and other groups knocking bigotry and anti-Semitism marching from there to the Common, and another group plans to rally on the steps of the Statehouse neglecting the sprawling park.

Some counterprotesters dressed entirely in black and used bandannas over their faces. They chanted anti-Nazi and anti-fascism mottos, and waved indications that stated: “Love your neighbor,” “Withstand fascism” and “Hate never ever made U.S. great.” Others carried a big banner that checked out: “SMASH WHITE SUPREMACY.”

Boston police approximated the size of the crowd participating in the march to the Typical at about 15,000. In stark contrast, just several lots individuals have turned out for the conservative rally itself.

TELEVISION electronic cameras revealed a group of boisterous counterprotesters on the Typical chasing a guy with a Trump campaign banner and cap, shouting and swearing at him. However other counterprotesters stepped in and assisted the guy safely over a fence into the location where the conservative rally was to be staged. Black-clad counterprotesters likewise grabbed an American flag from an elderly woman’s hands, and she stumbled and was up to the ground.

The authorization provided for the rally on Boston Common included severe restrictions, consisting of a restriction on backpacks, sticks and anything that might be used as a weapon. The authorization is for 100 individuals, though an organizer has actually stated he anticipated approximately 1,000 people to participate in.

The Boston Free Speech Coalition, which arranged the occasion, said it has absolutely nothing to do with white nationalism or bigotry and its group is not connected with the Charlottesville rally organizers in any way.

“We are strictly about complimentary speech,” the group said on its Facebook page. “… we will not be offering our platform to racism or bigotry. We denounce the politics of supremacy and violence.”

But the mayor explained that a few of those invited to speak “gush hate.” Kyle Chapman, who described himself on Facebook as a “proud American nationalist,” stated he will attend.

Black Lives Matter said Friday that members from around the United States planned to march Saturday in Boston.

Walsh stated the city would do whatever is required to avoid violence started by either side. “If anybody leaves control– at all– it will be shut down,” he stated.

“We will not endure any misbehavior, violence or vandalism whatsoever,” said Evans, Boston’s top police.

Dating to 1634, Boston Common is the nation’s oldest city park. The leafy downtown park is popular with locals and travelers and has been the scene of many rallies and demonstrations for centuries.

Phoenix ladies, 10 & & 12, stab female who supposedly broke in through doggy door


A Phoenix lady who presumably crawled through a doggy door into a house where two women were home alone is facing a multitude of charges including theft, kidnapping and worsened attack.

Cops apprehended Kristen Anderson, 34, Tuesday in the Norterra area, which is north of 19th Avenue and Pleased Valley Roadway.

It began with a 911 call from a citizen.

“Witnesses reported that a female adult suspect had actually been seen acting unpredictable, jumping fences and striking walls,” Sgt. Mercedes Fortune of the Phoenix Cops Department discussed.

Minutes after the very first call, a male called 911 to report that his 10- and 12-year-old daughters had actually called him about an intruder in their home.

Police later recognized that person as Anderson and stated she had entered the house through a doggy door.

Anderson, according to court documents, got one of the women and tossed her on the couch. The lady’s sibling then stabbed Anderson in the chest.

Anderson “began rubbing her hand in her blood then rubbing it onto her face stating ah, blood [sic],” the arresting officer composed in his probable cause statement. “The accused rubbed her blood onto the face, legs, and hair of [among the girls]”

The other girl had Anderson’s blood on her, also, however police were not sure how that happened.

The kids handled to get away and go to a neighbor for assistance. They were not physically injured.

By the time officers arrived on the scene, Anderson “was strolling down the street yelling, you cant [sic] manage me,” according to court documents.

The entire elapsed time from the first 911 call and the time officers took Anderson into custody was about 10 minutes. The story, however, does not end there.

Anderson was required to the medical facility to be dealt with for the stab injury and to go through a psychiatric examination.

Inning accordance with the court documents, Anderson would not cooperate with medical personnel as they attempted to do a CT scan. The jailing officer said Anderson kicked a member of the healthcare facility personnel in the stomach as she attempted to give her a sedative so they might proceed with the scan.

When physicians launched her, Anderson was able to make her preliminary court appearance. She stood silently by her lawyer throughout the brief case.

Anderson’s court documentation suggests that the jailing officer believes she might be psychologically disturbed and that there was no obvious evidence that she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A judge set Anderson’s bond at $5,000 and bought electronic monitoring ought to she be released.

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Clothing Retailer Real Faith Restructuring through Ch. 11

Seeking to Decrease Debt by over 75% or $350 Million through Personal bankruptcy Filing; Cancel 18 Store Leases

Denims seller True Religious beliefs Garments Inc., filed a voluntary Chapter 11 petition in the United States Insolvency Court and expects to obtain verification of its pre-arranged reorganization plan in 3 to 4 months.

The Los Angeles-based merchant has protected financier support for a thorough monetary recapitalization from a substantial majority of its loan providers and its sponsor, TowerBrook Capital Partners.

The company plans to cut its financial obligation by over $350 million and transform it into the significant bulk of the restructured company’s equity. As part of the plan, True Faith is looking for to cancel leases on 18 shops in a few of the toniest markets in the country, consisting of primarily street-front shops.1122 Third Ave., New York, NY
1604 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19103
513-515 Broadway, New york city, NY
863 Broadway, New York, NY
The Shops at Columbus Circle, New york city, NY
644 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL
Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA
119 Newbury St., Boston, MA
3838 Cross Creek Road, Malibu, CA
Kenwood Towne Centre, Cincinnati, OH
Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek, CA
Montgomery Shopping mall, Bethesda, MD
Northpark Center, Dallas, TX
14 Wall St., New york city, NY
Short Pump Town Center, Richmond, VA
5233 Alcoa Ave., Vernon, CA
Town Center at Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL
Southlake Town Square, Southlake, TX

The reorganization plan provides for complete payment of claims of Real Religious beliefs’s trade financial institutions, that includes continuing landlords.

“After a cautious review, we are taking an important step to decrease our debt, reinvigorate True Faith’s renowned brand and place the business for future growth and success,” stated John Ermatinger, CEO of Real Religion. “I am likewise happy to announce that year-to-date adjusted EBITDA through May at $7.1 million is up 95% versus in 2015. This enhanced efficiency will allow us to participate in the next stage of our recapitalization process with confidence as we continue to perform versus our strategic plan and drive the business forward.”

Globally, the business has 140 Real Religion and Last Stitch retailers and over 1,900 workers. For the ended Jan. 28, 2017, the business reported total possessions of $243.3 million against $534.7 million of liabilities.

For the 12 months ended then, the company produced $369.5 million of net revenue and published a net operating loss of $78.5 million.

Like numerous other nationwide merchants such as Quicksilver, Pacific Sunwear, American Apparel, Aeropostale, and BCBG, to name a few, the company has been adversely impacted by a macro consumer move far from brick-and-mortar to online retail channels, among other factors, leading to current losses, inning accordance with True Religious beliefs CFO Dalibor Snyder in bankruptcy court filings.

In addition, the premium denim market section of the fashion industry where the business operates has actually been in decline over the last several years, compounding the negative effect on the business’s sales.

As an outcome, over the previous several years, the business has strongly cut costs and taken other internal restructuring measures, consisting of 3 reductions in force and a number of closures of underperforming shops, and explored lots of alternatives to loosen existing liquidity.