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Valley struck with serious thunderstorm warning

Published Monday, July 9, 2018|9:38 p.m.

Updated 29 minutes ago

An extreme thunderstorm caution was released Monday night for most of the valley, as a storm moving into the area produced lightning and strong winds, inning accordance with the National Weather Condition Service.

As of 9:20 p.m., an effective storm was located in the eastern valley and rapidly moving southwest.

Wind gusts of approximately 60 miles per hour were threatening to trigger damage to roofings and trees, officials stated. The warning was in impact till 10:15 p.m., although rains continued well after.

The primary hazards are heavy rain and flooding, lighting and strong winds, authorities said.

A gust of 68 mph was recorded at around 9:30 p.m. at McCarran International Airport, and dust was swirling across the valley, authorities stated.

Thunderstorm brings light show to Las Vegas Valley


Steve Marcus Lightning strikes behind Las Vegas Strip casinos as a thunderstorm passes through the northwest valley Wednesday, Sept. 13,

a dangerous light program, heavy rains, hail and strong gusts that have reached up to 60 mph, according to the National Weather Service. Those outdoors– specifically near the storm– should look for shelter as there have actually been reports of”very harmful”cloud-to-ground-contact lightning, meteorologist Alex Boothe stated. In the northwest valley, there were reports of a minimum of 12 tree fires, and possible lightning strikes at two houses, which didn’t become flames, according to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue. A serious thunderstorm warning is set to end at 9:15 p.m. as the storm moves from the northwest towards the east and northeast at about 20 miles per hour, although it might take & the gusts longer to clear out, Boothe. The storm was primarily impacting the northwest valley, producing heavy rainfall and reports of pea-size hail, Boothe said. This was the strongest storm of the day and may be followed by less-intense

showers in the exact same location, Boothe said.