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Signs of the Times

Graduation ceremonies have actually long been official celebrations, including monochromatic fields of dress and mortarboards as trainees begin their post-college lives in ceremonial fashion.

Observers of these ritual events now find decorated grad caps proclaiming “LOL BYE,” “Game of Loans,” and “However, she continued.” The stately scholastic decorum is punctuated with DIY adornment of pop-culture characters and social media memes. Some graduate caps mean barriers conquer or future strategies. Others offer memorials and even three-dimensional pastoral landscapes.

When Sheila Bock observed the expansion of decorated caps at a 2011 beginning, her “folklore radar went off.”

“This was a custom that was really from the ground up rather than the top down and occurring in extremely official settings. Making use of social media has made this more widespread,” says Bock, a teacher of interdisciplinary, gender and ethnic research studies at UNLV, whose publications have consisted of “Ku Klux Kasserole and Strange Fruit Pies: A Shouting Match at the Border in The online world” and “‘What Occurs Here, Stays Here’: Offering the Untellable in a Tourism Marketing Campaign.”

She began photographing the caps and gathering the stories behind them. Last year, she released a main study and approached the Center for Folklore Research Studies at Ohio State University (where she received her master’s and postgraduate degrees) to help create a digital archive of the materials. Officially titled “ Decorated Mortarboards: Forms and Meanings,” the project invites involvement through studies, interviews, and social media posts with #gradcaptraditions.

“The products are so fascinating and so abundant that I didn’t want to simply gather these things and store them in my own files,” Bock states. These vernacular kinds of innovative expression communicate both amusing and profound messages, offering a casual barometer of the era.

Grad cap designs might talk to the experiences of being an immigrant in the United States or to the obstacles of being a first-generation university student. One graduate from another region included tickets from the commuter train required to school. Another decorated her cap with pieces of her grandma’s work gown. And another talked to monetary frustration with “Was this BS worth all the BS?”

In a time of stress and anxieties over accomplishing the American Dream, “it’s a reasonable question to ask,” Bock notes.

The majority of the caps recorded up until now have come from current UNLV graduates, though involvement in the task is open to anybody no matter where or when they graduated. She’s also recorded why some graduates picked not to decorate their caps– frequently since they didn’t wish to divert from the gravity or rule of the event, Bock states.

But those who did embellish embraced the opportunity to stick out in the crowd and represent their stories. One graduate with a Beatles-themed cap explained to Bock that she and her dad were fans together; he had actually passed away so she wanted to commemorate him. Another nontraditional trainee explained her journey as a form of hope and inspiration: “1 ex, 2 kids, 9 jobs, 1 husband, 1 addiction, 13 years, 127 credits, 66k loans = 1 college grad!!!”

Jaqueline Eddy, a UNLV grad talked to by Bock decorated her cap with a photo of her child and the expression, “I did it for us.”

Claudia Chiang-Lopez’s cap read, “Viaja aprende sirve.” The first-generation immigrant from Mexico wanted to consist of Spanish text to celebrate her heritage, specifically what her moms and dads provided for her by concerning the States. The English translation of the expression, “discover, travel, serve,” is a tagline from a trainee group she joined that took her to other cities to do service work and study social justice issues.

Personal stories are repeating styles in these caps, Bock states, including that a scrapbooking approach often crafts a story, whether it’s basic and enjoyable or layered with depth.

“These caps are going to change gradually,” she states, including that she ‘d like the task to be continuous. “Folklorists record and evaluate traditions and handle projects that, to others, may seem minor.”

The research, nevertheless, validates that there’s nothing particularly unimportant about these material sites of folk expression. Floral, photographic, collage or sculptural, the works pop from the blank canvases of the caps, allowing grads to stand out within the procedure of the occasion, reveal their stress and anxieties, and commemorate their heritages, their journeys, their families and futures.

NFL putting irreversible Experience in Times Square


NFL Experience

Times Square via AP In this undated picture provided by NFL Experience Times Square, participants utilize football practice equipment installed at NFL Experience Times Square in New York. The $30 million project has taken 2 1/2 years to develop and has something for kids, teenagers and grownups, blending high tech and standard display screens into an immersive attraction.

Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017|12:05 a.m.

New York City– The NFL is taking its video game to Times Square. Literally.

NFL Experience will open to the general public in the mecca of Manhattan on Friday, one day after a grand opening that Commissioner Roger Goodell and various football celebrities and Hall of Famers will participate in. While this Experience is patterned after the displays the league has actually provided for years at the Super Bowl and draft, it has a new and different feel thanks to a partnership with Cirque du Soleil.

“Cirque du Soleil has been included with our group on things and with the Super Bowl,” says Dawn Hudson, the league’s chief marketing officer. “We wished to not just do an experience like anything else, however to have creativity and imagination and to truly consider the important things we would do. We considered the power of what we understand about the NFL and to try to reimagine that with a company that takes a look at the world in a totally various method could create magic for the fan.”

A $30 million task that has taken 2 1/2 years in advancement, the Experience has something for kids, teenagers, and grownups, blending high tech and standard screens into an immersive attraction.

Wish to read about and see clips from your preferred franchise, or view souvenirs? There’s a room for that, whether through tablets or visual displays.

Wish to practically dress up completely uniform and equipment like a player from your team? Do drills as if you were a draft possibility at the NFL combine? Take a history lesson of football– sort of an NFL101– or develop a goal event dance? Go ahead, there’s a place for all of that, too.

Visitors can act the part of coach and quarterback with the assistance of Jon Gruden as he calls and diagrams a play (Dice Right 61 Bullseye X Person), then allows fans to run the play on a video screen.

Screens of all the Super Bowl rings and tickets and the Lombardi Trophy are on hand. A duplication of an equipment space and the below locations of an arena becomes part of the four-floor trip, which takes anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes, depending upon lines, though there will be timed entries.

But there’s plenty to do even while waiting for something else to do.

“We take a look at this as Disneyland meets the Hall of Popularity in Times Square,” states Danny Boockvar, president of NFL Experience Times Square.

The focal point definitely will be a 4D movie that has Cirque du Soleil’s touch– artistically and in truth. It’s Cirque du Soleil’s very first experiential venture.

Prior to enjoying the movie in the Experience’s Stadium, there’s even a warning for people who are prone to movement sickness to beware, although the seats in the theater are adjustable to restrict the amount of jerking around an audience takes. Doubt they have those out on the field for the gamers.

The movie by NFL Films practically covers every element of how a gamer prepares, feels and exactly what he, well, experiences when running for touchdowns, being sacked, or winning a championship. It’s as fast-paced as a Tyreek Hill sprint, as effective as a Von Miller take on, as memorable as a Drew Brees touch pass.

It even features a weather condition surprise.

“Part of the technique is ensure to interest kids who are 8 and grownups who are 80, to the hardcore fan and the novice, and the people from overseas,” Hudson states, noting that 20 percent of foot traffic in Times Square is from Europe.

Visitors can round off the see in a dining location including preferred products from the 32 NFL groups. The New york city item being highlighted recently was a reuben sandwich.

The NFL Experience is one of numerous websites opening near Times Square this year that are a striking departure from the unique regional destinations: Broadway theater; world-class museums; world-famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building, in addition to genuine neighborhoods, stores and dining establishments.

New York isn’t really understood for its Southern food or c and w, however the Grand Ole Opry is opening a venue soon appealing “the very best of Nashville food and entertainment in Times Square.” National Geographic Encounter opened in October with an “immersive” experience utilizing modern visuals and soundscapes.

“I would say the primary thought was not a motion to improve Times Square,” Hudson says. “Individuals want things that are high-sensory experiences they can do with friends and they can talk and share, which don’t take a huge amount of time.

“We considered other locations and cities. We understood we needed to have an area with a great deal of visitors and fans, a location that would require heavy foot traffic. New York is the home of the NFL, it has two teams, therefore many or our other teams are not so far away. This is 5 blocks from our head office. Our people can be here every day and make certain whatever is genuine.”

Man detained for robbing M Resort'' s gambling establishment 3 times

Gregory Bolusan (Photo: LVMPD)< img src =" /wp-content/uploads/2017/11/15348165_G.jpg" alt =" Gregory Bolusan( Photo: LVMPD)"

title =" Gregory Bolusan( Image: LVMPD) "border ="

0 “width =” 180″/ > Gregory Bolusan (Image: LVMPD). HENDERSON, NV( FOX5) -. A man was jailed for robbing more than$ 63,069 from the M Resort’s gambling establishment last week, according to Henderson Police.

Police said Gregory Bolusan revealed a pistol and demanded loan from the M Resort’s gambling establishment cage on Aug. 24, Sept. 10 and Oct. 28. The first time, the cage staff member fled and so did Bolusan, with no money.

In his second effort, Bolusan entered the casino wearing the exact same clothes, with the same vehicle, went into the very same door, and using a weapon that looks the very same. He required cash and got it, taking more than $29,000, police stated.

In his third effort, cops stated he robbed more than $33,000, however was “captured and apprehended by M Resort security members. He once again drove the same car, parked in the very same area and gone into through the exact same doors, inning accordance with Henderson Authorities.

His license plates were covered by plastic bags and private investigators later determined his gun was fake, authorities stated.

Bolusan deals with three counts of robbery, one count of attempted robbery and 2 counts of burglary.

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Las Vegas marijuana dispensary consumers up 5 times average on first day of recreational sales


< img

class= “photo” src= “/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/20170630_Sun_Recreational_Weed_LE16_t653.jpg” alt=” Image “/ > L.E. Baskow A lot of money changes hands at the Essence marijuana store on S. Las Vegas Blvd. as recreational sales of cannabis started at Midnight in Nevada and dispensaries throughout Las Vegas are open and performing a brisk company on Saturday, July 1, 2017.

contact) Saturday, July 1, 2017|8:45 p.m. Recreational Weed Sales Start Launch slideshow” Leisure marijuana in Nevada Years of exactly what those in the marijuana industry called restriction of the plant paid off smoothly for Las Vegas dispensaries on the first day of legal recreational sales in Nevada on Saturday, with some shopkeeper reporting over night sales boosts of up to 5 times their average everyday numbers under the previous medical-only market. “This is something we’ve worked long and hard for,” stated Andrew Jolley of The+ Source dispensary at 2550 S Rainbow Blvd.” It’s likewise a fantastic day for Nevada and marijuana users who are not seen as bad guys.” Countless customers across the Las Vegas Valley flocked to the

38 open dispensaries, enduring lines and waiting times of over three hours for their opportunity to buy up to one ounce of marijuana flower, or one-eighth ounce of the THC equivalent of edibles and concentrates, like shatter, wax and co2 oil, after Nevada legislated using possession of recreational weed for adults during last November’s election and the state legislature set the framework for legal sales to begin July 1. As many as 120 such customers sustained temperature levels reaching 110 degrees at Jolley’s dispensary, just after

5 p.m. Saturday as the owner, outfitted in dark grey t-shirt and shorts, shook hands, welcomed buyers and directed his beefed up staff. To accommodate those waiting in the heat, Jolley opened up an unused indoor area next to his dispensary, where clients stood inside next to a misting fan and were served bottled water. “It’s a testimony to those who came out today, that they ‘d endure this,” Jolley said.” It shows how passionate people have to do with this problem.” At Inyo Dispensary, 2520 Maryland Pkwy, owner David Goldwater said his clientele was likewise up 5 times from the number of medical clients he served Friday. A line of 30 clients stood outside the dispensary during the early night hours after more than 200 flocked to the dispensary when it opened at 10 a.m. Since about 5 p.m. Saturday, City Authorities hadn’t reacted to any significant calls linked to the sale of recreational cannabis, Lt. Carlos Hank stated. A group of individuals collected at a lobby area of Blum Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Dispensary, 1130 E. Desert Inn Roadway, the wait to get in the buying room was estimated at about

an hour in the early afternoon.” I’m not worried about it, I waited 15 years, “stated New Jersey resident John Gougousis, 47, who has financial interest in the marijuana industry. About 30 years of building

work has left Gougousis with numerous disorders and a lot of pain, consisting of to his back. On Saturday he stated he was going to acquire CBD oil. Southern Nevada law enforcement agencies and Clark County took to social networks to advise the public about the guidelines to which lawfully and securely consume the drug. Clark County produced an animated video explaining where marijuana can and can’t be taken in. Metro created an emoji-heavy graphic highlighting the legal age to purchase and utilize cannabis, and reminded users to not own while impaired. The post was shared by North Las Vegas Police. Henderson Authorities, in a Facebook post, wrote that the company would be

imposing the city’s laws.” Respect your neighbors if you decide to use leisure marijuana and please do not engage in any activities that could threaten lives,” the post read.

” … Keep all kinds of cannabis secured securely so that it is not available to kids or family pets. “The Nevada Highway Patrol published on Twitter an image of an automobile key on top of cannabis,” OWN HIGH, GET A DUI.”

Vegas PD: Victim shot several times, murder suspect at large

Metro police at the scene of a homicide investigation in central Las Vegas on June 11, 2017. (Cherney Amhara/FOX5)City authorities at the scene of a murder examination in main Las Vegas on June 11, 2017. (Cherney Amhara/FOX5) City authorities at the scene of a homicide examination in

main Las Vegas on June 11, 2017.( Cherney Amhara/FOX5). LAS VEGAS( FOX5)-. Authorities are investigating a deadly shooting in a central Las Vegas community early Sunday morning. City stated they received several emergency calls from witnesses that a shooting took place inside an apartment complex on 2600 Sherwood Street, between Sahara and Karen Avenues, just after 6 a.m.

Arriving officers found a Hispanic man shot numerous times and authorities stated medical workers pronounced him deceased at the scene.

Metro Homicide Lt. Dan McGrath stated the victim was contended least 10 times and the gunman was last seen running through the complex.

Authorities are working with a number of witnesses who were home when the gunshots called out, inning accordance with authorities, and initial reports indicate the incident might have been narcotics associated.

McGrath stated investigators believe the suspect is still in the area and described him just as a brief Hispanic male.

Authorities have the event under examination and the name of the male deceased will be released by the Clark County Coroner’s Office once the household has been notified.

Police urge the public to get in touch with the LVMPD Homicide Area at 702-828-3521 or Criminal activity Stoppers at 702-385-5555 with any details causing the arrest of the suspect.

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Regional company owner'' s advice: When times are hard, ‘hustle, branch off and meet brand-new people’

[unable to obtain full-text material] In 2007, Frank and Lelia Friedlander established their item, a stone laminate that protects against etching, scratching and yellowing. In the years since, they ha seen it spread throughout the nation and around the globe.

PD: Guy eliminated by Metro shot officer 3 times with pellet weapon


A male, who was shot and eliminated by Las Vegas Metro cops in the city’s east side, fired three shots from a CO2-powered, pellet pistol, striking an officer in the face and chest.

The authorities department divulged details of the officer-involved shooting that took place July 25 at the Oasis Ridge Apartments near Charleston Boulevard and Mojave Road.

In a news conference Thursday, Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo went over information of the shooting that eliminated 36-year-old Bryan Keith Day.

Cops responded to the apartment building that night for a battery with a lethal weapon call. Fasulo said Day left his apartment or condo and was met by investigating officers who informed him to get back inside due to the active criminal activity scene.

Day got back inside his device and, shortly after, reappeared. Fasulo stated among the officers saw Day place a black object into his trousers waistband and hide it with his shirt.

Officers asked Day to reveal his hands, Fasulo stated. Day turned away however turned back around, taking out the pistol and firing 3 chance ats Officer Keith McIntyre. The officer was struck two times in the chest and when in the face.

The 3 officers returned fire, hitting Day, who fell into a seated position. Police said Day was still holding and pointing the weapon at the pulling away officers, who opened fire again. 2 of the officers opened fire a 3rd time at Day while he was still pointing the weapon at them.

Day lastly collapsed in front of his device on the balcony and was noticable dead at the scene.

McIntyre was treated at University Medical Center and later on released for a laceration to his right cheek just below his eye.

In all, 59 rounds were fired in between the 3 officers, according to Fasulo.

During the press conference, City provided a photo of Day’s handgun, which was identified as a 6mm CO2-powered pellet weapon with a connected tactical laser light.

Cops stated May was not linked to the original battery call at the apartment building. Fasulo mentioned Day stayed silent throughout the encounter with officers. It was unknowned if he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.

Day’s criminal history was also gone over in the news conference. Fasulo said his arrests go back to 1998. Prior charges consist of robbery, robbery with a lethal weapon and two previous battery on a law enforcement officer counts. Fasulo likewise discussed the possibility of mental health problems factoring into Day’s actions. No motive was known in the incident.

Fasulo specified the officers’ actions were taken due to the quick draw of Day’s handgun.

“In some cases, unexpected scenarios occur with our officers everyday,” Fasulo said. “They must always be prepared and prepared to change and deal with whatever pertains to them within seconds.”

Previously today, cops determined two other officers associated with the shooting as Officer John Squeo and Officer Christopher Gowens.

McIntyre, 28, has actually been utilized with Metro because 2008. Squeo, 23, and Gowens, 38, were each employed by City in 2014. All 3 officers are appointed to Metro’s Tourist Security Division, Downtown Area Command as patrol officers.

The occurrence marked City’s sixth officer-involved shooting of the year. City’s Force Investigation Group and Critical Incident Testimonial Group are analyzing the event. An evaluation by the Clark County District Lawyer is likewise due.

Police prompted anyone with additional details on the case to call City’s Force Investigation Section at 702-822-8452 or Criminal offense Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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Cops: Motorist shot two times in east Las Vegas

(AP Image)(AP Image).

Las Vegas City police said a male is being dealt with at a health center after being shot twice while driving on the east side of the city Friday night.

About 7:08 p.m., cops said, the victim was driving along Nellis Boulevard, simply north of Lake Mead Boulevard, when he was struck by bullets.

The guy consequently crashed his vehicle, left the automobile and made his way to an auto parts save where 911 was called.

The victim’s injuries are not believed to be lethal. Authorities said the victim has not supplied them with additional information.

Stay with FOX 5 for updates.

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N. Las Vegas woman shot 12 times to thank first responders

Kathleen Sweeney, who was shot 12 times in June 2014, credited first responding firefighters for saving her life. (FOX5 FILE)Kathleen Sweeney, who was shot 12 times in June 2014, credited first responding firefighters for saving her life. (FOX5 FILE).

A North Las Vegas female who was wounded 12 times in a shooting in 2014 is set up Thursday to speak about making it through the experience.

Kathleen Sweeney was the victim of a shooting that authorities say was committed by an ex-boyfriend on June 11, 2014. As the city explains, Sweeney had the ability to drag herself to a phone and call 911 after her former fan turned the gun on himself.

Very first responding police officers and fire teams dealt with Sweeney at the scene, took care of her 2 small children and hurried her to University Medical Center, the city stated.

Sweeney, who will speak to the media for the very first time since the near fatal encounter Thursday at North Las Vegas city hall, remained close with firemens and ended up being a cheerleader for the police department. The city said the fire department surprised her youngsters with toys and food last Christmas.

Sweeney will openly thank the first responders who saved her life throughout remarks set for 4 p.m.

. You can view her story Thursday night on FOX5 News at 10 p.m.

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