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Cops: Toddler wandered into neighbor'' s pool, later on passes away in west Las Vegas

LVMPD officers are investigating a possible child drowning July 4, 2018 (Tiana Bohner / FOX5).
 LVMPD officers are investigating a possible child drowning July 4, 2018 (Tiana Bohner/ FOX5).

LVMPD officers are investigating a possible child drowning July 4, 2018( Tiana Bohner/ FOX5). LAS VEGAS( FOX5 )- A young child wandered away from home into a next-door neighbor’s yard pool where he drowned Wednesday early morning in the west Las Vegas Valley, police said. Las Vegas Metro authorities responded to an emergency call involving a kid drowning quickly after 11 a.m. Authorities stated a 3-year-old boy was discovered in a pool on the 5300 block of Supai Drive, near Flamingo and Lindell roadways. The kid was unresponsive and taken to a neighboring health center for treatment where he later passed away.

” They are quick, they do avoid you and it doesn’t take much,” neighbor Steve Gertz stated.

” I feel bad,” another neighbor said. “If you have a kid, 2 or 3 years of ages, you must view them. Do not let them play or go swimming by themselves.”

Private investigators are still piecing together precisely how this happened. Authorities stated a member of the family was watching the young boy. However eventually, the boy wandered away. Then recognizing he was missing, the relative started knocking on doors, eventually discovering him in a next-door neighbor’s pool.

” It appears to be repeating,” City Lt. Frank Fama stated. “So it’s very important that message is put out that individuals need to be more knowledgeable about their children around pools.”

Gertz deals with pools and he said this hits near to house due to the fact that he has a young granddaughter. So he takes additional steps to make sure she is safe.

” I do take safety measures because I have a pool in my yard and a fenced location,” he said.

Cops stated their message bears repeating: never ever take your eyes off your kids.

” A few minutes can go by and the next thing, it’s minutes,” Lt. Fama said. “Kids are extremely interested in what’s going outside of exactly what they know, they tend to stray that’s why it’s very important. I can’t stress enough, kids have to be addressed at all times.”

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Mama jailed after toddler ate THC-laced mac and cheese

Alaina Limpert (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)
< img alt =" Alaina Limpert (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)"

title =” Alaina Limpert( Source: Maricopa County Constable’s Office) “border =” 0″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/16495805_G.png” width =” 180″/ > Alaina Limpert (Source: Maricopa County Constable’s Office). TEMPE, Ariz.( KTVK/Meredith)– An Arizona mother was arrested after cops state her child consumed mac and cheese made with THC, a chemical discovered in marijuana.

Alaina Marie Limpert, 25, was booked on one count of child abuse.

The Department of Kid Safety was notified by somebody in Limpert’s house that her almost-two-year-old daughter had consumed THC butter while eating macaroni and cheese with her father.

” During that time, neither moms and dad took the kid to instant emergency care,” inning accordance with the authorities report.

Instead, “It was experienced within the home that [they] both chuckled about the negative effects the child experienced throughout that time and then proceeded to put her into their yard pool to utilize the cold water to ‘shock’ her,” the authorities report continued.

It wasn’t till 2 days later the Department of Kid Safety was notified and arrived to take custody of all 3 kids living at the home.

Medical facility authorities later validated that they discovered THC in the baby’s system.

Limpert later on admitted making the mac and cheese with THC for her spouse, but did unknown her daughter consumed it.

Limpert is due back in court April 19.

At the house, police report they found 2 cannabis grow camping tents in the garage.

They also found mushrooms, bongs and pipes, containers of hash oil and other drug stuff.

In the home’s fridge, “on the top shelf were 3 big tubs of THC butter.”

To check out the full cops report, click here.

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Mommy jailed after child, toddler found dead in their safety seat

SUPERIOR, Ariz. (AP/Meredith) – A 20-year-old mom was detained on suspicion of first-degree murder after her two kids were found dead inside their car seats, officials said.

The bodies were discovered outside the household’s house in the historical mining town of Superior, about 60 miles east of Phoenix.

Autopsies are being carried out to identify the causes of death of the 2-year-old boy and his 10-month-old sister. The Pinal County Constable’s Workplace did not instantly divulge exactly what evidence had been discovered, however said in a statement that it “indicated foul play.”

Police determined their mom as Brittany Velasquez.

Superior Interim Cops Chief Christian Ensley stated that members of his department had called Child Protective Services in early January due to the fact that of issues about the 2 children. The state agency said it had actually gotten calls about the kids, however never ever found evidence of overlook or abuse.

Authorities went to crime scene late Monday night and relative were inside the house. However, they could not supply info about the situations of how the children were positioned or left in the cars and truck or a motive into their killings.

Ensley stated the kids’s dad had actually passed away last year which he knew numerous members of the Velasquez household.

The killings were bound to have a genuine impact on the tight neighborhood, the acting authorities chief included.

“This is a real blow,” he stated. “This doesn’t occur typically.”

Nobody responded to the door Tuesday at the run-down, one-story brick house in the hardscrabble neighborhood where the vehicle consisting of the children had actually been parked. Ensley validated that Velasquez’s grandparents Lorenzo and Sally lived there and the children had actually been found in a parking area outside.

Velasquez is being held on a $2 million bond. Her next court date is April 30.


Paul Davenport reported from Phoenix.

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Mother detained after police officers find naked toddler covered in feces, 2 other kids outside filthy home

This photo provided by the Polk County Jail in Des Moines, Iowa, shows Destinee Miller, of Des Moines, who was jailed Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, after officers found her three young children alone outside their home. (Polk County Jail via AP)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/10/15138405_G.png" alt =" This picture offered by the Polk County Prison in Des Moines, Iowa, reveals Destinee Miller, of Des Moines, who was jailed Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, after officers found her three young kids alone outside their home. (Polk County Jail via AP)"

title=” This image supplied by the Polk County Jail in Des Moines, Iowa, shows Destinee Miller, of Des Moines, who was imprisoned Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, after officers found her 3 children alone outside their house. (Polk County Jail by means of AP) “border=” 0″ width= “180 “/ > This picture provided by the Polk County Prison in Des Moines, Iowa, reveals Destinee Miller, of Des Moines, who was imprisoned Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, after officers found her three young children alone outside their home. (Polk County Prison by means of AP). (Meredith)– An Iowa female was detained after cops discovered her 3 kids alone outside, consisting of a naked young child covered in feces” from visit toe “and a child with a full diaper. Destinee Miller, 25, supposedly left her 4-year-old son in charge of taking care of his 2-year-old and 1-year-old siblings at a house in Des Moines

on Monday. The young kid took his brother or sisters outside after their range made a frightening noise when he attempted to cook breakfast, KCCI reports. Authorities said the house was cluttered with numerous mounds of dog feces along with urine, dirty meals and ruined food.

” It’s finest referred to as a heartbreaking mess,” Des Moines Authorities Sgt. Paul Parizek told the news station.

A number of canines found inside the home did not look well, prompting authorities to call the Animal Rescue League and DHS. Miller later told officers she left her kids in your home to take one of the dogs to a vet.

She reportedly left the children alone for more than an hour however returned house minutes after police arrived.

Miller is now facing child endangerment charges. Court records do not note the name of an attorney who can comment for her.

State authorities have taken custody of the children, citing awful living conditions.

— The Associated Press added to this report.

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A huge toddler now peers over the US-Mexico border wall in California

TECATE, Calif. (AP)– A photo of a giant young child stands in Mexico and peers over a steel wall dividing the country from the United States.

The young boy appears to grip the barrier with his fingers, leaving the impression the entire thing could be toppled with a laugh.

A French artist who passes the name “JR” set up the cut-out of the kid that stands nearly 65 feet (20 meters) high and is meant to prompt discussion of migration.

Click on this link to see an image of the mural On Friday, a consistent stream of people drove to the remote section of wall near the Tecate border crossing, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) southeast of San Diego. Border Patrol agents alerted visitors to keep the dirt roadway clear for their patrols and not pass anything through the fence.

Elmond Davantes, a software application designer from Carlsbad, California, took images from the United States side.

“It’s bigger than life,” he stated. “It just draws attention to the entire problem in a positive method.”

Click here to see a photo

of the mural On the Mexican side, families rushed down a scrubby hillside to take selfies with the artwork. Children in school uniforms played tag under the scaffolding supporting the image.

People on each side of the wall waved to each other.

Salma Montoya, 18, a student in Tecate stated her town is abuzz about it.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

JR has done other large-scale pictures around the globe, with much of his current work focused on immigrants.

He told reporters at Wednesday’s unveiling of the picture that he was spurred by a dream where he thought of a kid examining the border wall.

“When I awakened, I questioned: ‘What was he thinking?'” he said. “Like for us we understand all the implications, exactly what it represents, how it divides, but for a kid, I didn’t have the response.”

A year later on when JR was scouting for the perfect spot for his task, he noticed a house in Tecate near the border wall. He and a Mexican buddy knocked on the door to see about the possibility of locating it around there. After they repelled, it occurred to him that the 1-year-old at the house who had been staring at them reminded him of the boy he had actually dreamed about.

JR and his friend right away returned. JR asked the woman if he might photograph her child. She knew his work and concurred.

The artwork was revealed the week President Donald Trump said he would end a program that has enabled young immigrants who were brought to America unlawfully as kids to remain in the nation.

The administration likewise accepted more proposals for its plans to build a continuous wall along the nearly 2,000-mile border.

JR said he did not mean for the job in Tecate to coincide with the news about the Deferred Action for Youth Arrivals program, known as DACA.

JR has worked for years to highlight the “Ellis Islands of today,” which has actually taken him from the shores of Italy where migrants have been getting here by boat from Africa to the California desert.

“Now as an artist I believe that it’s fantastic that the piece reached a minute when it produces more discussion,” he said. “Because the concept itself is to raise more concerns.”

For artists and activists, the 650 miles of existing wall and fencing in between the United States and Mexico has long been a blank canvas.

Artists have played simultaneously on both sides. A huge wooden Trojan-style horse was once parked near a crossing in Tijuana. There have actually been volleyball video games and church services held all at once on each side of the border.

Sections of wall on the Mexican side have been covered with paintings of whatever from butterflies to an upside-down American flag.

JR has put up other massive pictures in the slums of Paris, from the top of buildings in Rio de Janeiro, and set up huge image booths from Israel and Palestine to the United States.

The most recent piece will stay in Tecate for a month. JR hopes people will see it from each side.

Toddler'' s body found encased in concrete inside rental house

WICHITA, Kan. (AP)– A young boy whose body was found encased in concrete in a Wichita rental home is believed to be the kid of a female called in an order looking for to safeguard him from abuse, police said Tuesday.

Wichita police Lt. Jeff Gilmore informed reporters that the body found Saturday in the rental house is likely that of 3-year-old Evan Maker, though authorities are waiting for DNA results for final verification.

The young boy’s daddy, Carlo Maker, contacted state authorities and regional cops over the well-being of his boy, who at the time was dealing with his mother and her partner.

“Kid deaths are always tough cases,” Gilmore stated. “The situations surrounding this case have been challenging for the household, first responders and the neighborhood.”

Gilmore said authorities performed security and contacted next-door neighbors in an effort to find the kid’s mom, Miranda Miller, 35, who was named in a protection from abuse order released in July. Police concluded she was eluding law enforcement and had most likely left the state.

Last week, Miranda Miller was arrested on suspicion of intensified disturbance with parental custody, and her 40-year-old sweetheart, Stephen Bodine, was detained on suspicion of an aggravated assault charge. No one has actually been charged in connection with the boy’s death.

Miller’s lawyer in the child custody case, Julia Craft, didn’t instantly return a phone message from The Associated Press.

The father’s petition for a security from abuse order on behalf of the boy information numerous reports of abuse dating back more than a year made to the Kansas Department for Kid and Households. It cites 4 problems dating as far back as July 2016 and as just recently as April. One allegation references an injury to his nose and competes the boy was “filthy and without proper clothes.”

One witness declaration cited in the PFA alleges the young boy had been beaten “to the point of death” while in the mother’s care.

The file states a shared pal of the boy’s parents notified the daddy in May that the mom was preparing to transfer to Texas with the young boy, even though she had not provided the daddy any notification of those strategies.

Miller started refusing the dad’s parenting time after a weeklong visitation that ended Feb. 13. Brewer wrote in his petition that he talked to the mother after that visit due to the fact that he was worried Evan’s behavior was aggressive to other children which boy was explaining abuse. Brewer said he was not permitted visitation with his child after that discussion.

There likewise were protection orders filed against Bodine.

The last protection from abuse order that was entered upon July 7 noted that the mother’s location were unidentified and that she was thought to have absconded with the child and may run out state.

The property owner was cleaning your home Saturday after the couple were evicted discovered a concrete structure and observed a smell originating from it, Gilmore said. Police removed the structure and found the remains of the young boy inside. Authorities decreased to elaborate even more on exactly what they would only describe as a “structure” and used couple of information stating they did not wish to compromise the case.

Gubernatorial prospect and previous Wichita Mayor Carl Maker confirmed to The Wichita Eagle that Evan is his grand son.

“We are ravaged by the death of our sweet and loving grandson, Evan,” the former mayor said in a declaration. He included that they can not “begin to make sense of this disaster” and asked for prayers and privacy for the household.

Next-door neighbor Toni Freund informed the Eagle that she saw police pull something concrete from the house. She and other neighbors stated they had never ever seen a child at the house.

“It’s definitely a tragedy,” she stated.


Details from: The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle, http://www.kansas.com

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Toddler in body cast after jumping at trampoline park

By Associated Press

MIAMI (AP)– A 3-year-old Florida boy remains in a cast from the waist down for an injury suffered while leaping at a trampoline park, his household stated Tuesday, in a case that has actually distributed nationally on social media and raised questions about age constraints for the activity.

Kaitlin Hill said her kid Colton broke his thigh bone late last month while bouncing on a trampoline at an indoor park in Tampa that promoted the use of trampolines by toddlers, despite the recommendations of some medical organizations.

Hill alerted other households not to enable kids on trampolines in a wholehearted Facebook post that has been shared more than 235,000 times.”We hope by sharing his story it will prevent a kid and their family from experiencing the trauma and heartbreak related to trampoline injuries in children,” Hill wrote. Hill, a 29-year-old nurse, said an orthopedic cosmetic surgeon told them the repetitive pressure from jumping might have caused the fracture. Medical professionals put Colton in a hip spica cast for 6 weeks, and he has to use diapers again and travel in an unique broad car seat.

“We do not leave your house other than going to medical professionals’ appointments. You can picture exactly what is like for an active 3-year-old to be constrained in nearly a full-body cast. It’s terrible,” Hill informed The Associated Press. “Each and every single night, he gets only four or five hours of sleep since he awakens reliving the event.”

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons states children younger than 6 years of ages should not be permitted on trampolines. Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests versus leisure trampoline use for any age, but states the smallest jumpers are at greater threat.

The pediatrics group warned last year that emergency-room gos to from trampoline parks users have actually skyrocketed from 581 in 2010 to 6,932 in 2014 as the popularity of the facilities has actually grown. Home trampolines are still behind most of the injuries with more than 90,000 cases, however that number has stayed constant for several years.

Scientists have required more investigation and actions to avoid injuries at trampoline parks, saying there are no constant guidelines for organisations to follow.

The International Association of Trampoline Parks, based in Hershey, Pennsylvania, did not respond to ask for remark.

Dr. Armin Tehrany, an orthopedic surgeon and creator of Manhattan Orthopedic Care, said the repeated motions from bouncing can trigger major injuries with bones twisting or breaking. He stated doctors would like for parks to do a better task at disclosing the medical academies’ suggestions, particularly in keeping kids far from trampolines.

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3 year-old dead after toddler brother strikes him in head with toy truck

Source: WGCLSource: WGCL


A three year-old Troup County young boy is dead after he was struck on the head with a toy truck by his 1 year-old brother.

According to the LaGrange Daily News, the occurrence occurred on Might 6 at their house on Boozer Street in LaGrange.

The young boy was struck in the head with the toy truck by his sibling and was sent to bed by the boyfriend of their mom, who was enjoying the kids while she was at work.

According to cops, the sweetheart didn’t call 911 up until the next early morning, when the kid was discovered unresponsive in his bed. The boy was required to an area healthcare facility where he later passed away.

No arrests have actually been made and no identities have been launched.

Stay with CBS46 News for updates.

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Shirtless female toddler on splash pad sparks argument

A local splash pad (Google/FOX5).< img src =" /wp-content/uploads/2017/04/13688063_G.jpg" alt=" A regional splash pad (Google/FOX5).

" title=" A regional splash pad (Google/FOX5)

. “border=” 0″ width= “180”/ > A regional splash pad( Google/FOX5 ). LAS VEGAS( FOX5) -A mother says a worker made her put a t-shirt on her 3-year-old daughter while she used the splash pad at Town Square. It’s stimulated a big dispute on whether female young children need to be treated the same as male young children when it comes to what they’re using.

Gwen Buckles said her 3-year-old daughter was playing on the splash pad in her clothing. She went up to her mother and stated she was cold and asked if she could take her wet shirt off. Gwen thought nothing of it and allowed her child to take off her damp shirt. A few minutes later on, an employee approached Gwen informing her it’s policy that all ladies need to use some sort of top.

” I stated well exactly what about my son and she stated no well little boys are fine to run around without their tops. I looked at her and I stated she’s 3 and she’s cold,” Gwen stated.

She says she put the wet t-shirt back on her toddler and went to management. A sign beyond the splash pad states, “swim diapers are needed.” Nevertheless, management sent her a modified list of rules that likewise adds, “correct swim attire.”

” Afterward I’m like ‘why did I just put my child into a cold damp t-shirt, however my boy is playing without his shirt on simply the exact same as she was? It’s ludicrous,”‘ Gwen said.

” I don’t consider it as anything wrong. I mean as they grow older, yes, I would state cover or a little bathing suit, however I wouldn’t believe anything of my daughter not having a little top on in the water,” stated Rocio Roberts, a parent in the area.

” Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I believe that a little lady ought to constantly have a t-shirt on, especially nowadays, we have a lot of issues with individuals that have actually looked at little children,” added parent Maria Deandrade.

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Police: 8-year-old young boy '' person of interest' ' in toddler ' s death at day care

(Source: WOOD-TV via CNN)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/04/13644435_G.png" alt= "( Source: WOOD-TV through CNN)"

title=” (Source: WOOD-TV via CNN) “border=” 0″ width =” 180″/ > (Source: WOOD-TV via CNN). MUSKEGON, Mich. (AP/MEREDITH)– An 8-year-old is thought in the death of a 1-year-old young boy who was left without supervision in a house day care in Michigan.

Muskegon Authorities Chief Jeffrey Lewis said the toddler’s body was found hidden Friday early morning in a bed room. He states the main witness is just 5-years-old. He did not yet understand a cause of death.

He stated the 1-year-old had actually been weeping and “the 8-year-old dealt with the baby weeping.”

Bryanna Reasonover informed WOOD-TV that she found her kid’s body in a playpen when she went to get 3 kids she had dropped off the previous night.

” I will head to Korey and among the women who worked at the day care resembled, ‘Oh Korey is knocked out. I altered his diaper he didn’t even awaken,'” said Reasonover.

The mom stated there were bruises and bite marks on his face, fingers and stomach. She likewise said her kid’s head was swollen.

” When I pick him up, his face tilts over and I’m like what’s all this on my infants deal with, what’s incorrect with his face,” stated Reasonover. ” I resemble Korey, you understand, get up. I’m like my infant he’s not awakening.”

She said that’s when everyone stressed and called 911. Paramedics attempted CPR, however it was too late.

An autopsy has been arranged to determine how the young child passed away.

Cops stated the 8-year-old was taken to a hospital for a mental examination.

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