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Difficult Treatments Absolutely Nothing New for UNLV Surgeons

Reattaching a severed thumb? Corrective facial surgery that permits an 8-year-old to smile for the very first time?

Those are just two of the intricate surgical treatments carried out last year by cosmetic surgeons with UNLV Medicine, the scientific arm of the UNLV School of Medication.

Dr. Richard Baynosa, program director of the department of cosmetic surgery at UNLV Medicine, spent 6 hours one day reattaching cowboy Ben Mays’ thumb after it was torn off during the World Series of Team Roping kept in Las Vegas.

Abraham Chavez got his smile following a nine-hour procedure carried out by Dr. John Menezes.

Plastic Surgery Services

That sort of painstaking reconstructive microsurgery, according to Baynosa, is “simply part of the wide variety of advanced plastic surgery services provided by UNLV Medicine.” Most of the cosmetic surgery clients are very first seen at the UNLV Medicine Plastic Surgery Clinic, 1707 W. Charleston Blvd.

. About 1,000 treatments are done every year, performed mainly by Baynosa, Menezes, and Dr. John Brosious. 6 locals on personnel, who go through six years of residency, are trained by the threesome.

Procedures offered include breast restoration, cleft lip and taste buds repair, craniofacial surgery, scar modification, skin cancer elimination, skin grafts, tummy tucks, breast enhancement, breast decrease, dermabrasion, face raises, liposuction, body contouring, nose job, eyelid repair work, and thighplasty.

Baynosa, a School of Medicine associate teacher who serves on committees for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and Mountain West Society of Plastic Surgeons, completed a fellowship with world-renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Phillip Blondeel in Belgium.

Now concentrating on breast reconstruction for cancer patients, Baynosa is the very first surgeon in Nevada to use microsurgical breast restoration with the patient’s own stomach skin and fat. He’ll often begin the restoration as his partner, Dr. Jennifer Baynosa, an associate professor of breast oncology surgical treatment with the School of Medicine, is completing her work on a patient.

Menezes is the only craniofacial-trained surgeon in Nevada who also is fellowship-trained. He completed his fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medication.

Cleft Tastes buds

“Every week I run on the cleft lip and palate of a child,” he stated. After that main restoration, he typically does two follow-up reconstruction procedures as the child grows. “Simply the clefts alone keep me quite hectic,” he stated.

Menezes, who also manages craniofacial cases as a result of gunshot wounds, has repaired cleft tastes buds as part of the Las Vegas Philippines medical mission. He prepares to take UNLV medical trainees on similar objectives.

Brosious, who went to medical school at Indiana University before finishing his residency at UNR, often finds himself working on cases including injury to the legs and arms. Injuries from burns, automobile mishaps, and four-wheeler mishaps frequently discover him transplanting tissue from one location of the body to the affected locations.

He reattached one guy’s arm after it was cut off by a samurai sword. “It obviously happened when a drug offer spoiled,” Brosious said.

All three cosmetic surgeons state they discover their work gratifying.

“You get to change somebody’s life for the much better,” Baynosa stated.

CRE Market'' s Preferred Tax Code Treatments Confronting Uncertain Future in Congress

Realty Roundtable, Farming, Small Business Step Up Lobbying Efforts as Congress, White Home Prepare Tax Reform Summary for Sept. 25 Release

The business property industry’s chief lobbying group Tuesday prompted legislators to take a measured approach in picking modifications to how business property and other business assets are taxed, cautioning that the elimination of the deduction for interest on financial obligation and decreasing the tax rate for pass-through service income could cause extreme damage to the U.S. economy.

While supporting a broad acceleration of economic growth through tax reform that would increase property building and construction and development and stimulate task creation, Congress “ought to be wary of changes that lead to short-term, artificial stimulus and a burst of property investment that is ultimately unsustainable and detrimental,” Realty Roundtable President and President Jeffrey DeBoer stated in testimony prior to the Senate Finance Committee.

“Realty financial investment ought to be demand-driven, not tax-driven,” DeBoer said. “Simply put we need to prevent policies that create a sugar high that is fleeting and possibly destructive to our future financial health.”

On the other hand, the Senate Financing Committee concentrated on organisation interest deductibility and other corporate tax concerns in what might provide a clue to what steps will be consisted of in a tax-reform summary that Republican tax authors prepare to launch next week.

DeBoer and others, including Troy Lewis, the immediate previous chair of the tax executive committee of the American Institute of Licensed Public Accountants, cautioned that scrapping the deduction would increase the cost of capital, disrupt credit markets, harmed small companies that lack access to equities markets and discourage financial investment in business advancement and other service activities.

DeBoer kept in mind that interest on the expense of loaning is a common and needed business expense that has actually always been deductible. Positioning limitations on capital markets would discourage organisation expansion, he asserted, and stated the effect would fall disproportionately on designers and other business owners in small and medium-sized markets.

“As interest rates increase, the damage to the economy will grow,” DeBoer said.

While reducing real estate depreciation from the current Thirty Years to Twenty Years would stimulate investment, DeBoer likewise alerted that a proposal to enable complete expensing of devaluation is “a dangerous and untested proposition.”

Tax professionals such as Scott Hodge, president the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Structure; and Donald Marron of the Urban Institute and Urban-Brookings Tax Cops Center, said reform of the corporate tax code, consisting of cutting corporate tax rates from 35% to 20%, would supply a remarkable increase to the economy.

Marron cautioned, however, that adding to the federal deficit in order to cut corporate taxes would likely offset the financial advantages.

“Policymakers ought to be realistic about near-term development from business tax reform,” Marron said. “The growth effects of more and much better financial investment accumulate gradually. If reform is revenue-neutral, revenue raisers might temper future growth. If reform loses earnings, tax cuts combined with reform, deficits may crowd out private financial investment.”

Single mommy raising money for kid'' s cancer treatments


A young boy is fighting for his life after being detected with cancer when he was 13 months old.

Now, 3-year-old Ayden has actually stopped responding to treatments and has actually been put in hospice, but his mommy, Lindsey Licari, has not giving up hope on finding treatment for her boy.

“My fear terrifies him so I attempt not to sob, I try to remain positive and think about all the advantages that might occur and remind him of the important things that make him delighted, since that’s the only method you get through it,” Licari said.

Prior to Lindsey Licari might hear her son talk or watch him walk, she spoke with doctors who told her little Ayden had cancer.

“I do it alone I do not have his dad it’s simply me and Ayden so some moms lose their kid and go home to their other kids and their husband, I’ll go the home of an empty home, due to the fact that I’ll have nobody,” she stated.

Ayden has been battling the rare form of cancer for 2 years. There’s an enormous tumor in the plural lining of his lung. He’s gone through 3 various rounds of chemotherapy

“We tried ICE chemo which is the greatest chemo they got and we got a great deal of shrinkage, however then after the 2nd round we were supposed to do surgical treatment to obtain a little more shrinking and it backfired and double in size on us,” she said.

Ayden is now in house hospice. He cannot walk and sobs every night in pain.

Desperate for a way to conserve her boy, Lindsey is raising money to try to provide him a special treatment by a few of the very best doctors in Germany, Boston or Texas.

“Doing vehicle washes fundraisers, sticking out on the street like we did today because quiting is not an alternative for us we’re not going to give up and we are going to keep fighting for my child,” Licari said.

Ayden requires 24/7 care and Lindsey is hardly able to make ends satisfy. She says the support from our community to help fund her little boy’s treatment is giving Ayden a fighting chance.

A BARBEQUE fundraiser for Ayden is being held on Sept. 2 at 12 p.m. at Sundown Park. A balloon release ceremony will be held at 9 a.m.

Anybody can help Ayden with contributions on his GoFundMe account.

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