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More power lines and trees fall in Las Vegas Valley as storms return


Heavy storms went back to the Las Vegas Valley as high winds knocked down trees and power lines in Henderson Friday night.

Several power lines fell on Sundown Road near Arroyo Grande Boulevard, shutting down the roadway. Some homes suffered roof damage, trees fell onto cars and trucks and obstructed streets. Flights both getting here and leaving Las Vegas saw major delays and more than 1,000 NV Energy consumers were without power Friday night. Streets flooded, slowing and diverting traffic near St. Rose Parkway and Eastern and in other areas throughout the valley.

Temperature levels are anticipated to trend a couple of degrees above regular through the weekend.

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On Thursday, extreme thunderstorms, high winds and rain knocked out power and downed power lines in east Las Vegas. NV Energy informed FOX5 Friday early morning that the estimated time for repair for those who lost power near Stone Highway is in between 7:15 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. The utility company stated more than 30 power poles were torn down. Several other poles were torn down throughout the Valley after the storm and crews were working to change and fix the damage.

More than 13,000 consumers stayed without power Friday early morning, inning accordance with NV Energy’s website. At 10:30 a.m., about 600 customers lacked power and by 3:30 p.m. about 450 consumers stayed without power. Failures in the southwest Valley were expected to be restored by 11:30 a.m., failures in the eastside were expected to be stored by 10:15 p.m. and in the location of Warm Springs Road and Valle Verde power was expected to brought back by 3:15 p.m.

On Saturday early morning, NV Energy reported 365 consumers in total were without power in the valley. 230 individuals near East Sundown Road and North Green Valley Parkway lacked power because of wind damage done to NV Energy’s equipment during the storm. Power was brought back just after 1 p.m. Saturday.

Several power lines near North Arroyo Grande Boulevard and West Sunset Roadway were also torn down due to high wind speeds, leaving 82 people without power, according to NV Energy. Crews worked to change the 6 power poles that were harmed from the storm.

NV Energy said power would be restored to all impacted area by Sunday morning. Customers were alerted that crews were working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power and change broken power poles.

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The City of Henderson opened a temporary emergency situation shelter for citizens without power at Heritage Park Senior Center on 300 S. Racetrack Rd. Officials said animals are not permitted and ought to be positioned with friends or family. For extra details, call 702-267-2950. The shelter was closed just after 3 p.m.

. Inning Accordance With Tony Illia, representative for the Nevada Department of Transportation, NV Energy has one crucial pole that needs to be repaired with a line that crosses Boulder Highway, when the repair is total southbound lanes of Boulder Highway will resume between Russell Roadway and Sundown Road for all traffic. Crews were intending to finish the work by midday however it stayed closed since 3 p.m.

. It was not instantly understood when the long-lasting repair work would be completed.

Next week, temperatures skyrocket as an Excessive Heat Caution has been provided on the location from Tuesday early morning till Thursday night.

The UV index for Las Vegas Friday is high.

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James Trees’ Esther’s Kitchen area brings professional Italian to Downtown

James Trees could have opened his very first restaurant anywhere but he picked Downtown. The former chef de cuisine at Fig and corporate chef for Superba Bread left Los Angeles to return to his native city, bringing the vision for Esther’s Kitchen with him.

The objective was basic: keep things fresh and regional, and make all the pasta and bread internal every early morning. It’s the kind of restaurant you ‘d see on every corner in LA, but here? Trees saw a space and decided to fill it. As such, considering that its January opening, Esther’s Kitchen has actually been an instantaneous hit.

If you judge an Italian dining establishment from the bread, then a huge loaf of sourdough will impress from the start. Enhance it with anchovy garlic butter ($6), a thick and velvety paste that tastes like the best Caesar salad dressing you’ve ever had. Though it’s nontraditional, the yellowtail crudo with market citrus– grapefruit during my visit– fennel, basil and chili oil ($15) is a rejuvenating way to prep your taste buds before the heavier items in other places on the menu.

If you have actually ever had homemade polenta, you understand the convenience capacity of this staple. Esther’s, named after Trees’ auntie, integrates hearty mushrooms, mouthwatering truffle butter and sherry for a decadent, must-order vegetarian meal. Ensure to save some bread so you can get every last umami-laden morsel. And the dining establishment’s take on the timeless cacio e pepe ($15) is made with chitarra– an egg noodle much like spaghetti but sliced with a guitar-like pasta cutter– then tossed with pecorino and tellicherry peppercorn.

Esther’s doesn’t absence in creativity, either. The most farm-to-table pasta on the menu is easily the ricotta gnudi ($15), which doesn’t involve any form of noodle at all. Cheese dumplings are the fluffy stars of this rich yet well balanced meal, accompanied by entire beets and an herbaceous pistachio pesto. And if pasta isn’t really your style, there’s a variety of pizzas and meals, like the limited-daily porchetta ($25).

No matter what you order, something is specific: The attention to information is noticeable in every meal. With plans for a brand-new breakfast menu, and a backyard outdoor patio opening quickly, Trees is simply starting.

ESTHER’S KITCHEN AREA 1130 S. Casino Center Blvd., 702-570-7864. Tuesday-Sunday, 5-11 p.m.

UNLV'' s King of Trees

Paul Dzerk pertained to UNLV three years ago to change the dirty school into the arboretum it is today.

Individuals| Nov 16, 2017|By Tony Allenguy clearing away palm tree branches

Paul Dzerk has actually been taking care of UNLV’s trees for more than 3 decades. (R. Marsh Starks/UNLV Creative Solutions)

It’s not unexpected that Paul Dzerk’s very first encounter with UNLV in 1973 occurred on a hunt for trees.

At that time, UNLV’s arborist had actually just transferred to Las Vegas with the Air Force. On his way to a nursery on Tropicana Opportunity to get a couple of olive trees– still his preferred to this day– he observed UNLV’s brand brand-new Plants Dungan Liberal arts Structure towering over the sporadic desert school.

“I ‘d seen some stories in the paper about this great big brand-new building out in the desert at UNLV and thought, ‘So that’s where UNLV’s at. Why ‘d they put it so far from town?'”

A few years later on, Dzerk retired from the Air Force after 21 years and bounced around a bit, operating in New Mexico and overseas before kicking back in Las Vegas. He thought of getting a pickup truck and some lawn equipment and beginning his own service– he ‘d always liked trees and working outdoors– however then he found a task opening on UNLV’s new tree crew, which simply had actually been tasked with greening up and bringing shade to UNLV’s dirty campus. The team’s work eventually led to UNLV being designated an main arboretum and a noting the Arbor Day Structure’s Tree Campus USA.

“It was truly the very best of both worlds,” he states. “I got to operate in exactly what was becoming a park environment and, instead of jumping from website to website, I might see how the trees were growing.”

Dzerk confesses he didn’t think he ‘d be at UNLV this long. But quick forward 32 years to a campus now bustling with more than 4,300 trees– including 10 state champs.

“Having the ability to see the outcomes of your work years on down the line, I truly like that,” he states. “When brand-new tree members can be found in, I’m now like the grandpa telling stories of how it used to be.”

After 30-plus years of dealing with trees, he says it’s difficult to look at a tree the same way the majority of people do. Then, with a chuckle, he includes, “some of the tree crew say I speak with the trees.” (So do I Paul, but it’s cool.)

Neon Trees bassist Branden Campbell talks Las Vegas, Cowtown Guitars, MCR and Springsteen


Isaac Sterling

Chris Allen, Tyler Glenn, Branden Campbell and Stephanie Bradley of Neon Trees.

Thursday, June 11, 2015|2 a.m.

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2010 Miss Universe Pageant candidates enjoy Neon Trees at Fremont Street Experience on Aug. 13, 2010.

Neon Trees Songs I Cannot Listen To

Neon Trees Everybody Talks

Bassist Branden Campbell of Neon Trees was at an In-N-Out Hamburger drive-thru when contacted the afternoon of June 3 for this phone interview.

It was an amusing coincidence because his papa, Steve Campbell, installed the lighted trees on the In-N-Out Burger indications, and it was those lighted neon trees that influenced frontman Tyler Glenn to call his Provo, Utah, band Neon Trees.

Campbell, between In-N-Out and traffic, discussed Las Vegas, indoor vs. outdoor performances, My Chemical Love and Bruce Springsteen ahead of the band’s performance Friday night at Boulevard Pool in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:

“An Intimate Night Out With Neon Trees Trip” kicks off Saturday (June 6). Do you delight in touring, and what are you looking forward to a lot of on this latest trip?

I truly love the efficiency part of touring. That’s exactly what it comes down to– the shows, the tunes. We’re playing songs that are back in the set that we have not played in a couple years.

I enjoy getting out on the roadway constantly, we’re always on the go, we remain to visit, and we end up being knowledgeable about these cities. It’s interesting to get back and see familiar faces and places. This week, we’re in Seattle, Rose city, San Francisco, L.A. and Las Vegas. It’s a power week.

Inform me about the new single “Songs I Can’t Listen To”– do you have a great deal of involvement with songwriting as the band’s bassist?

We approach songwriting as a group. Whoever has something great, we pick up that immediately, whether it’s via computer or jamming in the room together. We composed a few tunes that are brand-new and some 15 years in the making.

The band remains in Las Vegas a lot. I have actually seen you carry out at Pearl at the Palms, the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Boulevard Pool, where’ll you be next. Exactly what do you enjoy a lot about Las Vegas?

I grew up there. For me, it’s emotional to do shows there. Maturing, there was no place to play, no all-ages locations expect for the Huntridge. We ‘d take generators into the desert when there was some desert left and have our own shows.

To come back and have legitimate areas to play, it’s incredible. It was uncommon for rock and alternative bands to come through town. Now it’s on their trip schedules for different-size places. It’s terrific to have a variety of shows in Las Vegas now.

When did you reside in Las Vegas?

Type 1985 to 1998. My wife is from there, her folks live there. We live five hours away, so we’re down there all the time. I went to Utah for school for graphic design because it had not been offered at UNLV. The music and art scene in Utah is excellent. I enjoy it here, but Las Vegas is truly special to me and is still house.

Do you prefer indoor or outside concerts?

That’s challenging. I such as program where one of the most people are (laughs). I such as outdoor programs, specifically at night. There’s an excellent vibe, and you’re under the stars. It advises me of the programs back in the desert.

You’ve toured with The Killers, Duran Duran, Maroon 5, Flaming Lips, My Chemical Romance and Taylor Swift as well as opened for Thirty Seconds to Mars and Panic! At the Disco. A preferred or standout memory?

The very best camaraderie on a trip was with My Chemical Romance. It was at the end of our first album. They’re fantastic men, man, and we broke down stereotypes. (Lead singer) Gerard (Way) from MCR and I talked about Tom Waits and Neil Young.

Maroon 5 was awesome, too, down to Earth guys and truly simple to hang out with– we performed big programs with them that were offered out every night.

Please don’t be upset by my concern since we’re the very same age, but how is it working and visiting with band mates who are a years younger than you?

That’s an interesting question. Tyler is nine years more youthful, however Chris (Allen) is just 4 years younger. There is an age space, Chris is my little brother’s age. But as you grow older, you meet people you didn’t grow up with, and that age barrier goes away.

It was amusing to join the band and it be, “Hey, how about skinny jeans (laughs)?” I said, “I’m down to attempt things out.” The pants might be taken in by among our moms. It was typical for them and a new fashion aspect for me, however I can dig that it due to the fact that it comes down to the music. Tyler and I and then the rest of the band bonded.

You’re most likely tired of this concern, but I am truly curious: What is the most significant mistaken belief about being an all-Mormon band in the pop-rock music world?

Well (pause) the misunderstanding is we’re not all-Mormon any longer. Chris, our guitarist, isn’t really a part of it anymore. He’s a cool man, and we appreciate one another’s levels, way of lives and beliefs. We didn’t come together as Mormons, and we’re not a Mormon rock band.

We’re all on the exact same page and accept each other as things change. Tyler has an unique situation, as well, being a gay guy and liking the church and finding his location. He is so graceful in his approach.

The bottom line is we appreciate each other.

Who are some of your favorite artists, Branden?

Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie. I enjoy alternative bands and classic rock. Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, however likewise Hot Chip and The Strokes.

Anything on your must-do list while in Las Vegas?

I always go to Cowtown Guitars downtown, guitar shops around Maryland Parkway and now downtown. Jesse (Amoroso), the owner, has been on “Pawn Stars,” and I like going in there.

And our family loves Macayo’s. The chips and salsa are legendary and worth their weight in gold.

What’s next for Neon Trees after the trip ends on July 26?

I don’t know. We’re finding out what we can do next. We are constantly working on music. We’ve been striking it difficult since 2008 taking on every chance, seeing exactly what happens and following our intuition. We have other programs, however the information have not been revealed yet.

Neon Trees, with guest Alex Winston, are at Boulevard Pool in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Friday night at 9.

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Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & & Famous popularity” has actually been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past 15 years giving readers the within scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum play ground.

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Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan At the east end of the Cosmopolitan, you’ll will certainly find the Boulevard Swimming pool, integrateded an amphitheater design that looks down the Strip. The pool location features several small swimming pools, cabanas and a grassy yard area with foosball and easy chair. Pool hours are 8 a.m. to sunset daily, based on events and inclement weather condition. The pool is open exclusively to hotel visitors and on certain days to those who have an Identity players card subscription. However, the swimming pool is likewise available to non-guests who wish to rent a cabana or daybed. For pool or cabana rental details, email [email protected]!.?.! or call 702-698-6797. Individual coolers are not confessed into the pool location. Also, appropriate attire is needed when on equipment, so guests are required to put on a cover and proper footwear. 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-698-6797 Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

dares to be different.

From the hotel’s red reservations desks to fine art discovered throughout the resort, The Cosmopolitan’s trademark style is assisting to pave its own course on the Las Vegas Strip. Upon getting in the resort, you’re greeted by pillars of video boards playing video art by

Digital Kitchen area and David Rockwell Studio exclusively produced for The Cosmopolitan. Simply beyond that, you’ll discover all your favorite gambling establishment games on the resort’s 100,000-square-foot gambling establishment floor. The Cosmopolitan’s rooms standout as the resort’s most distinct function.

About 2,220 of The Cosmopolitan’s 2,995 spaces have 6-foot deep balconies that cover the length of the space, an initially at a modern-day Strip hotel. Other in-room features consist of soaking tubs, kitchenettes and eccentric accessories like artsy coffee table books. The dining experience at The Cosmopolitan isn’t something you’ll discover at other Strip resorts, either. All of The Cosmopolitan’s 13 restaurateurs are brand-new to the Las Vegas market. You’ll discover American steakhouse fare in a modern-day setting at STK, first-class sushi at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill and the freshest fish flown in from the Mediterranean everyday at Estiatorio Milos. Whether the sun is up or down, Marquee Bar & Dayclub is the location to find the celebration at

The Cosmopolitan. The place is a dayclub/nightclub, total with a swimming pool and cabanas outside and three different rooms with 3 various vibes inside. If nightclubs aren’t your thing, you can get hold of a beverage at one of The Cosmopolitan’s 5 other bars, like The Chandelier,

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