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Hospital under fire after lady left outdoors in cold, using just a dress

BALTIMORE (AP)– The University of Maryland Medical Center is investigating how a woman was discharged, using only a gown and healthcare facility socks, at a bus stop at night.

An onlooker posted a video on Facebook revealing the lady mumbling and coughing in the freezing weather condition. He informs her an ambulance has been called after gatekeeper walk away. The ambulance then returns her to the medical center’s emergency clinic.

A statement from the health center Wednesday revealed “shock and disappointment.” It verified that the female was discharged Tuesday night from the emergency department of its Midtown campus.

“This unfortunate event is not representative of our patient-centered mission,” the statement stated.

“While there are many scenarios of this client’s case that we can not resolve openly, in the end, we plainly failed to meet our mission with this client, no matter the situations of her case or the quality of the scientific care we supplied in the medical facility (which is not depicted in the video).”

The medical facility said it is examining an appropriate reaction, “including the possibility of workers action.”

The video was shared on Facebook by Heather Mizeur, a previous member of the Maryland Home of Delegates and a Democratic candidate for guv in 2014. “I’m going to be on a holy reign of horror demanding some answers here,” she wrote.

Check out the medical facility’s full declaration below:

We share the shock and disappointment of many who have seen the video showing the discharge of a patient from the Emergency Department of UMMC Midtown the night of January 9. This unfortunate event is not agent of our patient-centered mission.

“While there are numerous circumstances of this patient’s case that we can not attend to openly, in the end we plainly cannot satisfy our mission with this client, no matter the situations of her case or the quality of the medical care we provided in the health center (which is not illustrated in the video). We are taking this matter very seriously, conducting a thorough evaluation, and are assessing the appropriate response, including the possibility of workers action.

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Using Nanotechnology, not Water, to Clean Solar Panels

Although photovoltaic panels may appear bright and glossy, in desert environments, where they are most often installed, layers of dust and other particles can rapidly coat their surface. These coatings can affect the panels’ capability to take in sunshine and dramatically lower the conversion of the sun’s rays into energy, making it essential to regularly clean the panels with water. However typically, in areas like Nevada, water resources are scarce.

As a result, NEXUS scientists have actually turned their attention towards establishing innovations for waterless cleansing. NASA has actually currently been using such methods to clean panels in the lunar and Mars missions, but their developed methodologies prove too expensive for extensive public application. NEXUS scientist Biswajit Das of UNLV and his group are aiming to establish a water-free cleansing innovation that will be affordable for large-scale photovoltaic generation, where they want to nanotechnology, instead of water, to clean the panels.
” Our objective is to establish a waterless, or at least a less-water cleansing strategy to resolve the effect of dust on solar panels,” Das says. “When established, this method will substantially lower water use for the future PV generation.”

A Microscopic, and Dry, Service The Das group project relies on small particles, known as nanoparticles, to do the cleansing work for them. Their concept is to coat the photovoltaic panels with arrays of transparent but electrically performing nanoparticles. These particles supply an electrical field that can customize the electrical homes of the dust particles. When these dust particles are charged, an electrical field can be utilized to attract them and sweep them away from the panels without the use of water.

While the idea may appear easy, numerous aspects determine whether the innovation will eventually be viable. The first factor to consider is that the nanoparticles themselves be transparent.

” If we are coating the photovoltaic panel, we do not want to obstruct the light, so that is one of the very first things we have to resolve,” Das said. Already in the UNLV Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering researchers have a system in place to create any kind of nanoparticle at any density, however this innovation is presently tailored for the purposes of constructing gadgets and integrated circuits, not requiring the creation of large areas of nanoparticles.

” It’s really high cost, so this can not be useful for large-scale photovoltaic applications,” Das stated. At present, nevertheless, the researchers are using this methodology to see if their water-less cleaning principle will work. “And then we will proceed and develop an inexpensive technology for the new service.”

Using the tools already available, the researchers have manufactured nanoparticles of indium tin oxide and zinc oxide. Both these compounds are efficient conductors of electrical energy however are also transparent– an uncommon home. The group is also dealing with establishing a low-priced method, since the existing method utilized for job demonstration would be extremely pricey.

” They wouldn’t cover much of a surface area and the PV panels are, of course, substantial,” Das stated. “And we would need to create an innovation that is much, much cheaper.”

Tweaking the Process The scientists have actually carried out multiple experiments to fine-tune the process of creating the nanoparticles that will be best matched for this application. The scientists’ synthesis procedure produces charged nanoparticles. Using in-house devices, the researchers have demonstrated that the charged nanoparticles can be moved utilizing an electric field. “We were extremely urged to see that once the particles are charged, they can be effectively controlled utilizing electric field,” Das stated.

The Das group is presently working on developing a low-cost technique for producing the transparent nanoparticles. When the nanoparticles are produced, one of the essential goals of the job is to identify ways to charge the dust particles and the best ways to determine that charge.

” Unless we can determine it we can’t know if we are charging it properly,” Das stated.

Once the researchers have actually refined this procedure they plan to develop a big area of nanoparticles, which will be specifically charged. Dust particles would then build up on this location and be charged by the nanoparticles.

” Our hope is that the focused electrical field might in fact charge the dust particles adequately so that we can move them,” Das said.The scientists continue to work on the numerous challenging elements of the task: developing the nanoparticles, charging and determining the dust particles, and moving the dust with an electric field.

” We are really encouraged by the accomplishments we have made so far, and confident that will have the ability to establish a low cost technology for charging and electrically manipulating dust particles,” Das stated. “We believe that this will be a big step to sustainable generation of solar power.”

Florida male accused of raping neighbor, using to do backyard work to '' make up for it '.

Timothy Adam Walding, 18, is being held at the Palm Beach County jail without bond on charges of sexual assault with a weapon or force and kidnapping/false imprisonment. (Palm Beach Sheriff's Office)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/10/15148902_G.png" alt=" Timothy Adam Walding, 18, is being held at the Palm Beach County jail without bond on charges of sexual assault with a weapon or force and kidnapping/false jail time. (Palm Beach Constable's Workplace)"

title=” Timothy Adam Walding, 18, is being held at the Palm Beach County prison without bond on charges of sexual assault with a weapon or force and kidnapping/false jail time.

( Palm Beach Constable’s Workplace )” border=” 0″ width= “180”/ > Timothy Adam Walding, 18, is being held at the Palm Beach County jail without bond on charges of sexual attack with a weapon or force and kidnapping/false imprisonment.( Palm Beach Sheriff’s Workplace)

.( Meredith )– An 18-year-old Florida male was apprehended on accusations that he sexually assaulted his next-door neighbor and asked if he could do yard work to make amends. Timothy Adam Walding presumably broke into the lady’s home while she slept, put a knife to her throat and connected her hands up prior to the attack on Sept. 6,< a href =" http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime–law/new-teen-accused-raping-neighbor-offering-yardwork-make-amends/a2cvP5k4CXQ7yOQAy0PGzN/" target=" _

blank” > The Palm Beach Post reports. The female told deputies that Walding stayed inside her house after the attack and told her she had to put a deadbolt on her door. She stated Walding then asked her, “if he might make this up to her by doing some lawn work or by repairing something around her house,” inning accordance with a constable’s office report.

The woman said she only continued the discussion with Walding so he wouldn’t injure her, and then called 911 as quickly as he left. Inning accordance with arrest records, Walding is being held at&the Palm Beach&County prison without bond on charges of sexual attack with a weapon or force and kidnapping/false jail time.&– Details from: The Palm Beach( Fla.) Post, http://www.pbpost.com Copyright 2017 Meredith Corporation. All rights scheduled.

NLV cops arrest man suspected of using sword in attack

Click to enlarge photo

Courtesy image James McCanna A man whose arm was totally severed in a sword attack earlier this month recalls an associate holding a “long item” with both hands– as one would hold a baseball bat– prior to the suspect swung a minimum of twice, inning accordance with a North Las Vegas police arrest report.

Authorities on Saturday jailed James Joseph McCanna, 39, in connection to the Sept. 4 attack. He’s being held at the Clark County Detention Center on one count each of battery with a fatal weapon, mayhem with a lethal weapon and auto theft.

The unknown victim survived the crucial injury and a medical team surgically re-attached his arm, however will have long-term nerve damage, police stated.

Police and medics were summoned about 6:30 a.m. to the 4700 block of Rancho Drive, near Lone Mountain Road, where they found the 33-year-old victim, who they rushed to University Medical Center.

The attack happened about four miles east in a house garage in the 3400 block of Verde Way, police said.

The victim, who was not equipped and relatively did not provoke the suspect, was visiting a buddy when the occurrence occurred, authorities said.

Through an examination, detectives identified McCanna as the suspect and tracked him down the next day, however he fled “at a high rate of speed” after taking an automobile, authorities said. They arrested him Saturday near Centennial Parkway and Revere Drive.

McCanna, whose bail was set at $100,000, is next scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 25, prison logs reveal.

The square gallery: Meet 3 Vegas artists using Instagram as an online Arts District

Montana Black didn’t understand Instagram in the beginning.” [Innovative organisation coach] RaShelle Roberts recommended it to me,” she says. “She suggested that I begin posting my work there, stating what an excellent platform it is for artists to post their work. And she stated that collectors and curators are in fact searching for brand-new artists on Instagram.”


@montanatblack So Black began posting her art to her Instagram feed. Black isn’t precisely a brand-new Vegas artist

; she has actually done lots of regional gallery reveals considering that 1990. However she approached her Instagram feed (@montanatblack) with the earnest enthusiasm of a new artist, publishing a stable flood of her spirited, remarkably rendered pencil-and-gouache research studies of animals, origami cranes and assorted Americana.

Soon, a new fan commissioned her to do an animal picture, so that part of the experiment paid off. However more considerably, Black began to delight in browsing Instagram herself, utilizing it to find “artists to be motivated by,” she states. “And I have actually found numerous.”


@seancjonesart She’s not alone. Among the YOLO selfies, food photos and holiday shots, artists are starting to discover an Instagram grip. It’s not an ideal platform for displaying art– essential information are lost at phone size, and the service flatly rejects vertical works– but it is an easy gallery to search, one that never closes. And it has inspired artists like Sean C. Jones, an illustrator who teaches intermediate school by day, to develop a lot more work to satisfy demand. In fact, Jones is publishing a brand-new drawing to his Instagram feed (@seancjonesart) every day.

“In the beginning, I was figured out to do a drawing a day just for a year … and once I struck the year mark, I ‘d take a couple days off,” he jokes. Jones’ work varies from hyper-detailed pencil drawings to broad-lined, vibrant 1950s comic book design illustrations, and he covers a wonderfully eccentric range of topics– whatever from horror motion pictures to regional landmarks to Disneyland.

The amusing thing is, in such a way, he’s doing it for the kids. “I started this because, for Twenty Years I’ve had my trainees make a daily drawing in class,” he states. “Monday through Friday, when they can be found in, I have the daily illustration composed on the board– something like “Pizza Queen” or “The Wonderful World of Mr. Banana.” And while I’m taking roll and reading emails, they’re dealing with their everyday drawing. … It’s the physical act of it. I don’t know why we consider drawing to be such a huge mental procedure. It’s more like a dancer stretching out prior to they do a show.”


@jskapriebe Drawing every day– and posting those drawings to Instagram– keeps Jones’ creative mind limber, while he awaits his turn on Vegas’ increasingly congested gallery walls. (“I just gave up when Blackbird closed. And attempting to get into the other galleries … there’s either a long wait, or they wish to charge you for the walls.”) But for Jska Priebe (@jskapriebe), Instagram is something else: a container that captures the overspill of her enthusiasm. Whenever something gets Jska fired up– whether it’s text treatments or Twin Peaks: The Return– she makes it into art and posts it.

“I’m truly influenced by realism, however it takes a very long time,” she says. “When I’m inspired I knock out an illustration, due to the fact that it doesn’t take months to paint.”

Priebe’s fast works look anything however. Her Twin Peaks series blends the show’s bizarre dialogue (“My log has a message for you”) into portraits of the characters who spoke it. Figuratively speaking, they’re using their hearts on their sleeves. And it’s something we may not have actually seen while the program was still airing, had Priebe waited to put these on a gallery wall. In truth, she used to run a gallery– the now-defunct Spectral, at Downtown Areas– but she’s delighting in the liberty that Instagram manages.

“Easily, individuals are into taking a look at art on their phones,” she states, chuckling.

Pregnant female using crop top says she was denied service at restaurant

Charisha Raylee Gobin said she was denied service at a Washington state restaurant because of her outfit. (Source: Charisha Raylee Gobin / Facebook Screenshot)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/09/14850805_G.jpg" alt= "Charisha Raylee Gobin stated she was denied service at a Washington state restaurant since of her outfit.( Source: Charisha Raylee Gobin/ Facebook Screenshot)"

title=” Charisha Raylee Gobin said she was rejected service at a Washington state restaurant since of her clothing.

( Source: Charisha Raylee Gobin / Facebook Screenshot)” border=” 0″ width= “180”/ > Charisha Raylee Gobin said she was rejected service at a Washington state restaurant because of her clothing. (Source: Charisha Raylee Gobin/ Facebook Screenshot). (MEREDITH)– A pregnant woman stated she was denied service at a Washington state restaurant due to the fact that her belly was showing. Charisha Raylee Gobin stated a waitress booted her from the Buzz Inn Steakhouse since her attire violated the” no shoes, no shirt, no service” policy, The Tacoma News Tribune reports. Gobin, who’s seven-months pregnant with twins, took an image of her attire outside the restaurant and published it to Facebook on Sunday.

” I was simply rejected service at the Buzz Inn on State Opportunity in Marysville for my clothing. I’m breaching the health code,” she composed in the caption.

Her post was later on erased.

The dining establishment server stated she would have asked anybody in the same top to conceal, according to < a href="

http://www.kiro7.com/news/local/marysville-restaurant-denies-pregnant-woman-service-for-wearing-crop-top/603188922″ target=” _ blank ” > KIRO 7. After getting backlash online, the dining establishment released an apology on its official Facebook page: We best regards apologize for the misconception and will cover with all personnel regarding how to not extremely enforce a guideline that is meant to make all visitors feel comfy. The server in question has been with our company and a great staff member for almost Twenty Years and was attempting to utilize her best judgement and by no ways was aiming to be demeaning to the guest. Once again our genuine apology for misunderstanding.

Click on this link to read the dining establishment’s apology.

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