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Valley struck with serious thunderstorm warning

Published Monday, July 9, 2018|9:38 p.m.

Updated 29 minutes ago

An extreme thunderstorm caution was released Monday night for most of the valley, as a storm moving into the area produced lightning and strong winds, inning accordance with the National Weather Condition Service.

As of 9:20 p.m., an effective storm was located in the eastern valley and rapidly moving southwest.

Wind gusts of approximately 60 miles per hour were threatening to trigger damage to roofings and trees, officials stated. The warning was in impact till 10:15 p.m., although rains continued well after.

The primary hazards are heavy rain and flooding, lighting and strong winds, authorities said.

A gust of 68 mph was recorded at around 9:30 p.m. at McCarran International Airport, and dust was swirling across the valley, authorities stated.

Mom warning other moms and dads after son, 8, dies from flesh-eating germs


An eastern Oregon kid died over the weekend after an eight-day battle with flesh-eating germs.

The young boy’s mother, Sara Hebard, stated she wishes to warn other moms and dads about how easily and rapidly this disease spreads, discussing that the catastrophe all started when her child fell off his bike.

She discussed her 8-year-old boy Liam Flanagan was riding his bike on the driveway of his household’s farm in pilot rock when he took a bad fall. He went to the emergency room in nearby Pendleton with a bloody thigh injury near his groin.

Hebard said Liam was sewn up with seven stitches and that she believed that should have been completion of it, however Liam suffered discomfort.

In the beginning, Hebard said she treated it with Tylenol, but the discomfort seemed to obtain worse – much worse.

Hebard said they took Liam back to the hospital in Pendleton where he had emergency surgical treatment. He was then airlifted to Doernbecher Kid’s Healthcare facility in Portland where he underwent several more surgeries.

Flesh-eating bacteria can spread extremely rapidly. Physicians attempted to cut it out from muscle and tissue extending from Liam’s ankle to his underarm.

Hebard is still surprised that all of this begun when her kid fell off his bicycle.

“It wasn’t a huge offer. It wasn’t a bad one. It just required a couple of stitches is all, that’s it,” she informed FOX 12. “And he was taking it like a cannon fodder. I suggest, how … how … that’s exactly what I ask– how? And there’s simply no response.”

Liam Flanagan passed away Sunday in Portland. He was a second-grader at Pilot Rock Primary School.

Hebard stated he was a sweet, kind young boy who never ever made an opponent and made everybody around him delighted. Her guidance to other parents is easy.

“I would need to state for one, hug your kids tight due to the fact that you never ever understand how quickly it goes, and after that to focus on them and don’t just take for granted it might simply be a basic mishap,” she said. “And to spread out awareness due to the fact that people have no idea. I had never ever even heard of this before.”

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Parents provide warning after misdiagnosis practically costs teen her life

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) –

Elizabeth Stallings, 17, loves music, animals, and swimming. Throughout the years, Elizabeth has actually won a wall full of medals and ribbons however about two years ago she and her moms and dads observed something was wrong when she was swimming.

“She simply began grumbling about her breath and not having the ability to capture her breath,” said her mom, Cathy Stallings.

They took Elizabeth to the doctor and were informed the girl was experiencing a condition called activity-induced asthma, caused by the swimming. They got her an inhaler but on the first day of junior year, Elizabeth and her family found out her condition was much worse.

“I was ringing wet with sweat and my heart was pounding,” Elizabeth stated.

She remained in heart attack.

New tests showed that what Elizabeth truly had was arthmegenic best ventricular cardiomyopathy, a condition where healthy heart tissue develops into ineffective scar tissue with exertion, such as swimming. To puts it simply, Elizabeth’s heart was solidifying. The condition is progressive, and if not treated, is fatal.

Physicians determined the only thing that might save Elizabeth was a heart transplant but there are a great deal of patients waiting for hearts, and medical professionals say it is particularly difficult to find donor hearts for kids and teens due to the fact that moms and dads often are reluctant to contribute their child’s or child’s organs. Even Elizabeth’s own mom confesses she would not have considered it prior to her daughter became ill.

“I just had a bad ambiance about it, now I know how essential it is,” she said.

In late October, Elizabeth’s condition aggravated and she was admitted to the healthcare facility and went up on the priority list. Then, on October 31, they all got the news they so frantically wanted, a donor heart was offered. The transplant took six hours and the preliminary outlook is extremely good.

Physicians are stating she could even be back in the pool and swimming in simply a couple of months.

Elizabeth has constantly stated she would like to know whose heart she got, so she can thank the household.

“Exactly what she simply keeps saying to me is she is so grateful to the donor household,” her mom said.

The organ donor information is confidential, at least, in the meantime.

Elizabeth’s household is encouraging everybody who hears their story to seriously consider ending up being organ donors and, even though the decision is painful, to consider contributing their kids’s organs.

To assist the household’s medical funds,

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NAU student in a coma with uncommon form of meningitis, daddy shares a warning


A Northern Arizona College student remains in the ICU with an unusual type of meningitis that began with exactly what she believed was a cold and a sore throat.

“She’s extremely outbound, she loves being outdoors, she wants to travel,” stated Shawn Dennstedt.

He states his child, environmental science major Lianne Dennstedt, had been feeling under the weather the week she returned to campus on Aug. 26.

The 19-year-old was about to start her sophomore year at NAU. Her daddy says she wasn’t going to let a cold keep her from making it to her first class.

But it only got worse from there.

“She was at school by herself for several days. Her roomies had gone out of town, so I believe she just curled up into a ball and just stated, ‘This is going to pass’ and by the time that she understood that it was substantial, it was kind of far too late,’ said Dennstedt.

The infection had actually spread to her lungs, triggering pneumonia, and into her back fluid causing meningitis.

“Fusobacterium. So the meningitis didn’t come from an outside source. It was basically produced from her own body,” stated Dennstedt.

The once-healthy, fun-loving woman is now in a coma at Flagstaff Medical Center.

“She’s 19 years old, however she’s still our child. And to walk into a healthcare facility room and see her connected to all the ventilators and all the makers, it’s a scary experience,” said her father.

Her moms and dads, in from California, are now taking shifts watching over her at the medical facility.

“Take note of your own body,” said Dennstedt. “A lot of people they don’t want to go to the medical professional. They think this will pass.”

They say they do not think she might have given the germs to anyone else, however her daddy states this is a great pointer for everybody to get a meningitis booster shot if they’re due.

“I remained in the Marine Corps for six years. I was a deputy sheriff for 24 years. I have actually seen a great deal of interesting things, a lot of frightening things, been in a lot of frightening circumstances and this is hands down, hands down the worst. Nobody must have to see their kid like this,” he said.

They expect Lianne’s recovery to be a long one. They’ve established an online fundraising event to assist spend for expenses not covered by insurance and travel costs to and from their home in California.

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Southeast Asia issues strong rebuke, warning to North Korea


Lee Jin-man/ AP A male strolls by a TELEVISION screen showing a regional news program reporting about North Korea’s rocket firing at Seoul Train Station in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017|12:59 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines– Southeast Asia’s top diplomats slammed North Korea with a sharp rebuke Saturday over its global ballistic rocket tests and advised Pyongyang to adhere to its duty of helping avoid disputes as a member of Asia’s most significant security online forum.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations foreign ministers, however, were divided on an American proposition to suspend Pyongyang from the ASEAN Regional Forum, a 27-nation bloc that includes North Korea and its bitter enemies the United States, South Korea and Japan.

The ASEAN ministers repeated in a joint declaration their grave concerns over the escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula due to the North’s 2 ICBM tests last month, stating the launches threaten world stability. The ministers traditionally issue a communique including their varied concerns, and their issuance of a different statement on North Korea’s missile tests and nuclear weapons program shows their deep worries about the concern.

“These advancements seriously threaten peace, security and stability in the region and the world,” the ministers stated in their declaration. They urged the North to instantly and totally adhere to its commitments under U.N. Security Council resolutions.

They also backed efforts to enhance relations between the 2 Koreas and stated their 10-nation bloc was prepared “to play a positive role in contributing to peace and stability” on the Korean Peninsula.

All the nations involved in the so-called six-party talks targeted at taming the North’s nuclear aspirations come from the ASEAN Regional Forum, but Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Robespierre Bolivar stated at a press conference Saturday that there was no prepare for those countries to satisfy on the sidelines of the Manila meetings. North Korea pulled out of the talks– which also include South Korea, the U.S., China, Japan and Russia– in 2009 to object global condemnation of a long-range rocket launch.

Philippine Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano stated the ministers were divided over a U.S. proposal to suspend the North from the ASEAN Regional Forum, which will hold its yearly conference on Monday.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho will attend Monday’s conference. With the U.S., Japan and South Korea anticipated to promote more powerful actions versus the North, a spoken showdown looms.

“There were views that, ‘How can we hear them out or face them if they’re not there?’ However there’s also a view that we need to give them an ultimatum,” Cayetano said late Friday after going over the concern with other foreign ministers.

The ministers “highly call upon” North Korea, as a member of the ASEAN Regional Forum, to assist “preserve the Asia Pacific as a region of lasting peace, stability, friendship and prosperity,” the ministers stated in their statement.

On the territorial disputes in the South China Sea that embroil ASEAN members Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, the 10 foreign ministers on Saturday approved a structure of a long-proposed code of conduct targeted at avoiding clashes in the disputed waters, Bolivar said.

The Philippines, which works as ASEAN chairman this year, called the conclusion of talks between China and ASEAN to settle the framework “a huge action.” Critics, nevertheless, state the framework serves only as a short summary of formerly concurred concepts and fails to mention concerns over China’s recently developed islands or an arbitration judgment in 2015 that invalidated Beijing’s claims to essentially all of the South China Sea. China has refused to acknowledge the judgment, based upon a 1982 maritime treaty.

A last copy of the structure seen by The Associated Press likewise did not discuss whether the code needs to be legally binding, which most ASEAN states need but China opposes, or the extent of disputed locations to be covered by such a code. The code will not serve as a tool to settle territorial disagreements, according to the structure.

Heat warning released for Sunday

Nestle, Las Vegas. Sunday’s forecast requires heat.

Highs will certainly reach 110 degrees– near record highs– on Sunday and Monday, the National Weather Service said. Lows will dip to about 85 in the evening.

An excessive heat caution enters into result midday Sunday and ends 8 p.m. Monday, meteorologist Caleb Steele stated.

In response to the heat, Las Vegas cooling stations are opening their doors.

The city of Las Vegas has 3 daytime shelters for the homeless: Catholic Charities at 1511 Las Vegas Blvd. South is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Redemption Army at 33 W. Owens Ave. is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the Shade Tree at 1 W. Owens Ave. is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Catholic Charities is providing shelter for men, the Salvation Army is providing shelter to grownups and the Shade Tree is offering shelter for females and children, the city said.

Temperatures are anticipated to drop a couple of degrees by midweek, but the valley will still have above-normal temperatures, the Weather condition Service said. Highs for Tuesday and Wednesday are anticipated to be about 105 degrees.

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Heat strikes Vegas, warning released for Sunday

Nestle, Las Vegas. This weekend’s forecast is bringing the heat.

“Regardless of the extreme heat cautioning beginning Sunday, Saturday is going to be pretty uneasy,” meteorologist Chad Shafer stated.

Staying moisture will make the forecast high of 108 feel even hotter, Shafer said. There’s a small opportunity for thunderstorms – about 10 percent in the valley – but for the most part, Saturday will just be clammy. Nighttime lows need to dip to a warm 86 degrees.

An excessive heat caution enters into result midday Sunday and expires 8 p.m. Monday, Shafer said. Both days ought to see temperature levels climb to about 110 degrees. Lows will certainly be about 85 at night.

Since of the monsoon activity and cooler temperature levels in the recently, the weather condition service is concerned that people aren’t as acclimated to the heat as they usually would be by this time of year, Shafer said.

“We’re looking at a quite prolonged spell of heat,” Shafer stated.

Luckily, the valley will certainly dry Sunday and Monday, Shafer stated. Otherwise, there’s very little relief from the heat.

“We are strongly advising people take preventative measures this weekend,” Shafer said. Those consist of remaining hydrated and taking lots of water to outdoor activities.

Temperatures are forecast to drop a few degrees midweek, but the valley will certainly still be above the normal temperature level for this time of year, which is 102 degrees. Tuesday and Wednesday will come to a head about 105.

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Excessive heat warning in result till 9 p.m.

The heat and clouds will certainly continue with some included humidity for your Saturday weather.

An extreme heat caution will certainly be in effect till 9 p.m. for high temperatures expected to reach within the 110- to 112- degree variety, the National Weather condition Service said.

The clouds are still spending time but possibilities for rain are more likely over the mountains than the Las Vegas valley on Sunday, meteorologist Reid Wolcott stated. Sunday temperatures will certainly also fall and be just about 2 degrees cooler than Saturday, he said.

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