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NTSB: Recordings reveal change in weather prior to boat sank

Friday, July 27, 2018|3:17 p.m.

ST. LOUIS– Video and audio recordings from a fatal traveler boat accident in Missouri show that the lake went from calm to lethal unsafe in a matter of minutes, the National Transport Safety Board stated Friday.

The NTSB mentioned initial findings gathered from the video recorder video camera system restored by scuba divers after the duck boat sank July 19 at Table Rock Lake near Branson. Seventeen of the 31 individuals on board passed away, consisting of nine member of the family from Indianapolis.

The product was examined at a laboratory in Washington, but the firm has not yet examined the findings and no conclusions about the reason for the accident, one of the nation’s worst maritime accidents in current years, can be drawn.

The findings, though, paint a chilling photo of the last few minutes prior to the boat went under.

The captain and driver boarded the vessel at 6:27 p.m. The adventure begins on land at a terminal in Branson. Typically, the vessel tours the popular country music and home entertainment community first prior to going to the lake for about a 20-minute boat trip. The motorist drives the automobile on land, and the captain takes control of on the water.

However the video recordings show that at 6:28 p.m., somebody briefly stepped onto the back of the lorry and informed the crew to take the water part of the tour initially. A minute later on, with guests boarding, the captain made a reference to looking at the weather radar prior to the trip.

The vessel got to the lake a couple of minutes before 7 p.m. and the captain briefed guests on the place of fire escape and life vest, then showed usage of life vest and pointed out the place of life rings.

The vessel entered the water around 6:55 p.m. at a time when the water appeared calm, the NTSB said. In fact, over the next five minutes the captain allowed four different kids to sit in the motorist’s seat.

However suddenly simply after 7 p.m., whitecaps quickly appeared on the water and winds increased, the NTSB said. The captain went back to the motorist’s seat.

The motorist decreased plastic side curtains and at 7:01 p.m. the captain made a comment about the storm.

At 7:03 p.m. the captain made a call on a handheld radio however the material was muddled. A minute late, an electronic tone connected with the bilge alarm triggered, up until about a minute later on when the captain reached down and the alarm stopped.

The captain made another call on a portable radio at 7:05 but the content was once again unintelligible.

Over the next few minutes, water splashed inside the guest compartment.

At 7:07 p.m. an electronic tone associated with the bilge alarm activated once again.

At 7:08 p.m. the inward-facing video recording ended as the vessel was still on the surface of the water.

Phone and e-mail messages left with a spokesperson for Ripley Entertainment, the owner of Ride the Ducks of Branson, were not instantly returned.

A private inspector who analyzed 24 duck boats for Ripley Home entertainment in August, including the one that sank, stated that when the bilge alarm went off, it would be a sign that, “There’s a considerable amount of water in the hull.”

“It simply wasn’t getting left,” stated Steve Paul, owner of Test Drive Technologies in the St. Louis location.

Hanna reported from Topeka, Kansas.

2016 weather forecast: Extreme and anything but normal


Evan Vucci/ AP In this June 17, 2016, image, a fisherman owns a boat throughout then-Secretary of State John Kerry’s trip of the Jakobshavn Glacier and the Ilulissat Icefjord, situated near the Polar circle in Ilulissat, Greenland.

Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017|3:32 p.m.

WASHINGTON– In 2015’s worldwide weather condition was even more severe or record breaking than anything approaching typical, inning accordance with a new report.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday launched its annual examination of the Earth, highlighting numerous records consisting of most popular year, highest sea level, and lowest sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctica.

The 299-page report, composed by scientists all over the world and released in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, shows that 2016 was “really extreme and it is a cause for issue,” said co-editor Jessica Blunden, a NOAA climate researcher.

Researchers called it a clear signal of human-caused climate change. A record large El Nino, the warming of the main Pacific that changes weather condition around the world, was also a huge consider in 2015’s wild weather condition.

“2016 will be permanently engraved in my brain as the year we crossed a new threshold of environment change– one that offered us a grim peek into our future,” stated Georgia Tech environment researcher Kim Cobb, who had no role in the report.

Scientists examined lots of crucial climate steps and discovered:

— At any given time, almost one-eighth of the world’s land mass was in severe dry spell. That’s far greater than regular and “one of the worst years for drought,” stated report co-author Robert Dunn of the UK Met Workplace.

— Extreme weather was everywhere. Huge downpours were up. Heat waves struck all over the globe, including a nasty one in India. Severe weather contributed to a gigantic wildfire in Canada.

— Global water level rose another quarter of an inch (3.4 millimeters) for the sixth straight year of record high sea levels.

— There were 93 hurricanes across the globe, 13 percent more than normal. That consisted of Cyclone Matthew that killed about 1,000 individuals in Haiti.

— The world’s glaciers diminished– for the 37th year in a row– by approximately about 3 feet (1 meter).

— Greenland’s ice sheet in 2016 lost 341 billion lots of ice (310 billion metric lots). It has lost 4400 billion loads (4000 billion metric tons of ice since 2002.

“2016 was a year in the Arctic like we have actually never ever seen before,” stated NOAA Arctic research study chief Jeremy Mathis, who called it “a clear and more pronounced signal of warming than in any other year on record.”

A lot of the findings have actually been previously launched, including that 2016 was the most popular year on record for the 3rd consecutive year. A separate study based on modeling and weather patterns shows three hot years in a row is close to impossible to be a natural coincidence.

The odds of three years in a row setting heat records without man-made international warming is just 0.7 percent, compared to 30 to 50 percent with greenhouse gases according to a separate study released Thursday in the Geophysical Research Letters.

NOAA report co-editor Deke Arndt stated the only noteworthy regular international procedure in 2016 was snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere.

Southern Nevada weather most likely to stay warm till Thursday

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015|6:30 p.m.

. The warm weather over the weekend is anticipated to continue until the middle of next week, according to the National Weather Service.

The Las Vegas Valley is falling a bit short of striking temperature records this weekend, meteorologist Chad Shafer said.

With a high of 93 degrees, Friday was warm, but not as hot as the 97-degree record for Oct. 9, which was the highest reported considering that 1937, Shafer said. The record high for Saturday is 97 degrees and 95 degrees for Sunday. Nevertheless, the valley will be about four to 5 degrees below the record temperatures.

Next week’s weather is expected to stay warm ranging from the low to mid-90s until Thursday, the Weather Service stated.

But it may not be hot for long. According to Shafer, there is a pattern of wetter and cooler temperature levels that is making its method to the valley. The system that influenced the valley early recently with rain and cooler temperature levels might return Thursday with an increasing opportunity of rain into the weekend.

Temperature levels might cool down to 80 degrees, he stated.

Weather modification could bring flash floods to Las Vegas Valley

Friday’s high of 105 degrees and clear skies simply may be the calm prior to the storm.

As far as the National Weather condition Service sees it, it’ll be “fairly quiet” in terms of major weather activity.

Aside from gusts of south-southwest winds, the wetness rising from Hurricane Delores is most likely making more of an appearance on Saturday, meteorologist Caleb Steele said.

This push of wetness triggered the weather service to release a flash-flood watch for early Saturday early morning that must last through the night.

Saturday’s high is projected to be 95, and the Las Vegas Valley will certainly sit ideal around 50 percent humidity. Possibilities for rain and thunderstorms in the valley are likely to start in the afternoon as the weather system gradually moves from south to north, the weather condition service said.

Moisture will certainly be hanging over the whole area on Sunday, offering everyone a shot at thunderstorms, Steele stated. Sunday’s high is anticipated at 94 degrees with an 82-degree low and relative humidity ranging from 25 to HALF.

Contact Cassandra Taloma at [email protected]!.?.! or 702-383-0381. Find her on Twitter: @CassandraTaloma.

Break from rainy weather condition might not last long


L.E. Baskow

Rays of sun stream through rain clouds late in the day over the west side of Las Vegas, Tuesday, June 7, 2015.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015|11:21 a.m.

Sun weather condition protection

The valley may be spared from more rain today as dry and steady air spreads throughout Southern Nevada, but the bright skies aren’t expected to last long, according to the National Weather Service.

A strong low-pressure system moving across the valley may produce thunderstorms in Southern Nevada on Thursday, the Weather condition Service stated.

Northwest Clark and Lincoln counties might see the most storm activity, which may consist of hail, strong winds and localized flash flooding, authorities said.

Fourth of July to bring continued hot weather, less opportunity of rain

Thursday, July 2, 2015|9:50 p.m.

Break out the frozen deals with and portable fans, Las Vegas.

Meteorologists aren’t anticipating the weather condition to cool off for 4th of July weekend, with an anticipated high of 107 on Friday and 106 on Saturday and Sunday, according to the National Weather Service.

Lows for the weekend need to be in the mid to upper 80s around the valley, meteorologist Todd Lericos stated.

The high temperature Thursday struck 105 degrees at the official measurement station at McCarran International Airport, making it 20 days in a row the valley has actually seen temperature levels of at least 105, according to the National Weather Service.

The record of 21 days in a row occurred in 1959, 1973, 1977 and 2000, according to Weather Service records, which go back to 1937.

Storms in the Mount Charleston location triggered showers Thursday afternoon, but the rain wasn’t heavy, Lericos said.

Rain also fell around the Las Vegas Valley about 3 a.m., but the skies mainly cleared within about an hour, he stated.

About 0.13 inches of rain fell at the main measurement station at McCarran International Airport, record rainfall for the date, meteorologist Andrew Gorelow stated.

The previous record for July 2 of 0.08 inches was set in 1961, he said.

The area near the 215 Beltway and Flamingo Roadway received the most rain Thursday early morning at about 0.31 inches, Lericos said.

Henderson and North Las Vegas experienced a trace of rain, which is less than 0.01 inches, he stated.

Storms over the previous weeks marked the beginning of monsoon season, meteorologist Justin Pullin said.

There is still about a 20 percent possibility of storms Friday, but that drops to a 10 percent possibility Saturday, Lericos stated.

Warmer weather indicates more bugs


As if our triple-digit temperatures aren’t bad enough, the scorching weather is highlighting the bugs.

Bug control specialists state throughout the summertime we see all kinds of bugs that we wouldn’t see in the winter season.

“Well, you tend to see a little bit more of everything – a lot more scorpions, ants, cockroaches, spiders,” stated Daniel Stewart with Valley View Insect Control.

Stewart stated our risings temperature levels help bugs move around faster, and breeding is a lot more active.

Some things you can do to remaining bugs at bay include keeping a clean backyard and ensuring there is no standing water on your property.

“No weeds, no debris piled up versus the house, no stagnant water. Do not let an upside-down garbage can lid filled with water sit in your backyard for 2 weeks. They are desperate for water right now,” Stewart said.

While some pests can just be an annoyance, others can be deadly, like the black widow, which is seen more throughout the summertime.

“You’ll see black widows in a lot of garages, out behind your shed, in the garden, stuff like that, and if you get bit you can get a fever, and it’s a lot worse for children and the elderly,” Stewart stated.

Family physician Dr. Daliah Wachs said she saw a record quantity of scorpion stings last summertime. If you do get stung, there are some things you must do.

“We tell you to put some cold compresses on it. We do not always wish to ice it, since the ice can cause necrosis to the tissue since you’re starting to lose blood flow. So you wish to put some cold compresses on it because it makes it feel better and slows down a few of the spread. Never draw on it. Never ever try to suck the venom out – that’s not good,” Wachs said.

If you dislike any kind of venom, make sure you’re prepared.

“Make sure you have an EpiPen, which is an epinephrine subcutaneous needle that you can stab yourself with if you have to and infuse your leg with it,” Wachs said.

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Vegas weather condition heating up quickly

The month of May has been a record-setting month for mild Las Vegas Valley weather condition, however temperature levels are expected to climb up back to average as soon as Tuesday, the National Weather condition Service stated.

For the first time considering that the service began measuring valley temperatures in 1937, Las Vegas has tape-recorded 21 straight days of temperatures under 90 degrees in May, NWS stated on its Twitter account. The previous record was 20, set in 1983 and 1977.

“We’ve been stuck in a weather pattern where there is an area of low pressure or troughing throughout the West Coast,” meteorologist Mike Paddock discussed.

But the existing streak, which started on Might 4, could be snapped by Tuesday.

Though Monday high had not been anticipated to surpass 86 degrees, Tuesday’s high was anticipated at 90– just 2 degrees listed below the May 26 average of 92.

“All good ideas need to alter,” Paddock quipped, “including our moderate weather condition.”

If Tuesday doesn’t break the streak, Wednesday’s high is 91, Thursday’s high is 94 and Friday could reach 99, Paddock said.

“High pressure will certainly begin to integrated, so temperature levels will increase, precipitation will decrease, and the skies will certainly be sunnier,” Paddock stated.

To name a few changes brought by this month’s mild temperatures were 4 days of thunderstorms, NWS stated. Generally, May brings only one day of thunderstorms to the valley each year.

Contact Chris Kudialis at >[email protected]!.?.! or 702-383-0283. Find him on Twitter: @kudialisrj

Funneling the clouds, the ‘weather guru’ reigns over Rock in Rio U.S.A


L.E. Baskow

A participant zip lines past the Main Phase on Day 2 of Rock in Rio USA on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Released Friday, May 15, 2015|10 p.m.

Updated Friday, May 15, 2015|10:48 p.m.

Click to enlarge photo

Omar Santos, the “weather expert” of Rock in Rio, has actually dealt with the festival considering that 2001.

Around these premises there has actually been talk of a “voodoo weather condition person” or “weather condition expert” on the properties. This magical man has actually secured Rock in Rio UNITED STATE from any debilitating wind, rain or perhaps hail the size of canned hams (#Letterman).

He is right here, certainly. He is wearing a black shirt and jacket and black slacks. He is prowling around MGM Resorts Festival Premises, often peering skyward at images no one else sees.

He is Omar Santos, and he has actually kept us high and dry. Well, dry, a minimum of.

Santos has actually functioned as an employed guru for Rock in Rio since 2001, when the celebration in its home city was staged fearfully under the hazard of heavy rain. As the story goes, festival authorities had checked out a story about Santos’ company, the Chief Cobra Coral Foundation, and mobilized him to deflect the aspects.

How does he do it? Simply put, Santos proclaims to possess powers that allow him to shift weather condition patterns by mystically reading high winds and humidity. Through an interpreter, Santos states he is “connected to spirits.”

This international guy of mystery has been hired by 17 nations to read and reroute weather. He communicates to the spirits. He talks with the clouds. But he does not speak English.

“This can not be taught,” an interpreter states, as he speaks in high-velocity Portuguese. “It is a present.” There have been tips of rain throughout the first three nights of Rock in Rio USA in Las Vegas and even a couple of drops last Saturday. However no rainfall of consequence has actually yet fallen.

“I have rerouted these clouds,” the interpreter states, curtailing an especially long sentence to something that would fit on a coffee mug. Or umbrella.

Throughout that 2001 Rock in Rio celebration, rains that were rolling towards the occasion appeared to stop just short and pelt close-by areas, but the fans and musicians (and devices) were left dry. Three years later on, at the first edition of the celebration in Portugal, Santos keeps in mind redirecting the clouds towards a drought-ravaged area in Spain.

“All droughts,” the interpreter says, “are linked, the ones in California to the ones in Spain.”

When it is suggested that Santos should remain in the United States and assist reroute our weather condition patters to minimize our own weather condition patterns, Santos says he has no plans to stay in Las Vegas. But his iPhone is secured by a brand-new Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas phone case.

Too bad. As one Las Vegas dignitary earlier suggested, “We ought to double his income to stay here.” But Mr. Santos does not do this for the money however for the satisfaction and his continuing international discussion.

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