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Former utility worker pleads guilty in $6.7 million workplace supply scheme

Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018|3:38 p.m.

. A previous Las Vegas Valley Water District worker might confront 23 years in prison for defrauding the energy business out of more than $6.7 million, according to the Workplace of the U.S. Lawyer for the District of Nevada.

Jennifer J. McCain-Bray, 43, who also goes by the name JJ McCain, pleaded guilty today in U.S. District Court to one count each of mail fraud and registering for an incorrect income tax return, authorities said.

For about nine years starting on Jan. 1, 2007, McCain-Bray fraudulently bought about $6.7 countless ink and toner cartridges utilizing Water District funds, declaring the products were for the utility’s use, authorities said. McCain-Bray worked as a buying analyst.

In truth, she designed a plan in which the products were delivered to her office at the energy business, where they were relabeled, repackaged and sent to a New Jersey business, which resold them for a profit, authorities said.

The New Jersey company would then move loan to McCain-Bray’s individual PayPal account, authorities said. She utilized the money to take pleasure in a luxurious way of life, consisting of substantial home renovation, journeys and presents for friends and family.

From 2011 to 2015, McCain-Bray likewise stopped working to report more than $2.3 million in incomes to the Internal Revenue Service, which examined the case with the FBI, authorities said.

McCain-Bray confronts 20 years in prison for mail scams and approximately three years for submitting false income tax return, in addition to $500,000 in fines, officials said. She was ordered to repay the $6.7 million.

Sentencing is set up for Jan. 29.

Video: Worker shot by authorities had '' snapped ' over spat with shop manager


Steve Marcus Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank enjoys a police body webcam video throughout a briefing at Metro Authorities headquarters Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018. Authorities discussed the officer-involved shooting of Mohamed Mahmoud at the Ross Dress For Less store on Blue Diamond Road Saturday, Aug. 11

Related news Officer-Involved Shooting at Las Vegas Shopping Center Release slideshow” Briefing on OIS Shooting at Ross Shop Release slideshow “Initially bummed over a relatively minor inconvenience, a retail store staff member grabbed a gun from his car and blasted his method back into his workplace as a myriad of stressed customers scattered through a south valley shopping center. Mohamed Mahmoud, who was hit in an exchange of gunfire with a City Policeman, had actually obviously”snapped, “Clark County Assistant Constable Charles Hank said. He was trying to injure a manager who ‘d informed him to” stop complaining.”The Blue Diamond Crossing retail center on Saturday afternoon was loaded with back-to-school consumers.”

In this event,” Hank said,”we’re exceptionally fortunate that no citizens or officers were injured. “Mahmoud, 37, “revealed absolutely no regard for the safety of anybody in the location, “he included. Saturday afternoon’s “separated workplace violence,” as Hank explained it, commenced with a consumer’s innocent action– leaving a shopping cart by the entrance while she grabbed her cars and truck to fill her bought merchandise. Designated to the entryway of the Ross Dress for Less– 4000 Blue Diamond Road– in his position as a loss-prevention employee, Mahmoud grew upset at the consumer. Shop policy dictates that carts remain inside your home, Hank stated, and his indignation was reciprocated by the supervisor, who chastised him over

a radio. This resulted in an exchange where Mahmoud threatened her and another worker who had actually intervened, Hank said. The furious suspect threw

his work vest on the floor and pointed at the duo, telling them,” I’ll eliminate you both.”So, Mahmoud walked to the parking area quickly after 4 p.m., grabbed a legally bought 9 mm handgun and started to make his way into the store, obviously intending to make good on his pledge, Hank stated. He twice shot before going through the doors, Hank stated. Consumers started to spread throughout the shopping center– some left at the sight of the gun, others at the noise of the gunshots.

Inside, Mahmoud shot once at the ceiling, found the supervisor and fired 2 rounds in her direction, missing, Hank

said. As he pulled away back toward the front of the shop, he shot at the running victim 5 more times, again missing out on. Mahmoud fired a total of 16 shots, Hank said. At 4:17 p.m., 3 minutes after 911 callers began to report

an”active shooter,”the first Metro officer arrived just to take gunfire from Mahmoud, Hank said. Officer Bryon Bunitsky was fulfilled in a comparable method two minutes later, Hank stated. He was contended two times as he exited his cruiser.

Hiding behind a palm tree, Bunitsky fired five times toward Mahmoud, bringing him down with a gunshot injury to the hip from

53 yards away, Hank said. A trio of off-duty officers put Mahmoud in custody, Hank stated. The quick shootout was recorded on Bunitsky’s body-worn video camera.

” (He) acted courageously and with outstanding accuracy, “Hank stated.

Buyers exiting other stores did not know what was going on, and others came across it, such as a lady who was driving by. Audio from her crazy call was transmitted on Tuesday by Hank. “Get in your automobile, there’s a shooting, “the female states weeping.

“I’m actually driving … when I saw him take out a weapon and start shooting, “she informs an operator, describing the suspect as a tall man with his hair in a bun.” He was simply actually charging.” The cops response was instant, and consumers protected in the shops, confused at exactly what was taking place. Investigators are penetrating whether Mahmoud may have targeted others in the shooting spree. This was the fifth shooting involving Metro in 7 days.”In each of these cases, our officers have actually been challenged by armed people happy to inflict damage on citizens and our officers, “Hank said.” We had a tough week at City. “”Our officers’actions are dictated by the suspect’s action,”Hank said. Mahmoud, who stayed at University Medical Center where he went through surgery, was scheduled

in absentia on various counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon

, attack with a lethal weapon (on citizens and police )and shooting into an occupied structure. Prior to Saturday, Mahmoud had never ever faced criminal charges, Hank said.

Colleagues say Venetian worker desired for shooting '' not unexpected '.


A guy accused of opening fire on two of his managers at a company picnic is still at large. Among those supervisors died, the other remains in critical condition.

Cops stated 42-year-old Anthony Wrobel strolled straight up to a table filled with Venetian supervisors and shot two of his employers.

A Venetian employee that had actually worked with Wrobel for many years desired to stay confidential for safety.

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“Tony was the person, we were assessing it, he’s similar to, what everyone was stating about the Parkland shooter, we all understood he was insane. It wasn’t a matter of if he would, it was when,” the worker said.

She wasn’t at the picnic, however she was told immediately exactly what occurred.

“My very first thought was like, ‘oh, my God, that resembles, awful,’ however I dislike to say it, no one was amazed that he did it due to the fact that he actually grumbled about management each day,” she said.

She said he particularly disliked the two supervisors he appeared to be targeting.

“The dealerships, we used to make $30,000 more each year and he felt like with all the choices that management made, upper management, that was the reason we no longer made the money we made,” she said.

Now she stated she and all of the other staff members are on edge.

“They had a lot of call-ins tonight and they enabled individuals to go house who didn’t feel comfortable. The scariest part is he’s still at big.”

Police stated Wrobel is equipped and unsafe. Anyone with any information should call authorities right away.

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Human remains found in backyard of missing out on Disney worker

This aerial photo shows police searching the backyard of Michael Shaver, a Disney monorail mechanic whose been missing since 2015. (WESH via CNN)
< img alt=" This aerial photo reveals authorities searching the backyard of Michael Electric razor, a Disney monorail mechanic whose been missing out on considering that 2015. (WESH through CNN)Despite vanishing three years ago, Michael Shaver, 36, wasn't reported missing until last month. (Lake County Sheriff's Department)
” title=”This aerial picture reveals authorities browsing the backyard of Michael Electric razor, a Disney monorail mechanic whose been missing considering that 2015. (WESH through CNN)” border=”0″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/16294315_G.png” width=”180″/ > This aerial photo shows police browsing the backyard of Michael

Razor, a Disney monorail mechanic whose been missing out on given that 2015. (WESH via CNN)< img alt="Regardless of disappearing three years back, Michael Electric shaver, 36, wasn't reported missing until last month.

( Lake County Sheriff’s Department)” title=”Despite disappearing 3 years earlier, Michael Shaver, 36, wasn’t reported missing up until last month. (Lake County Constable’s Department)” border=”0″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/16294566_G.png” width=”180″/ > Regardless of disappearing three years back, Michael Electric razor, 36, wasn’t reported missing out on up until last month. (Lake County Constable’s Department). ORLANDO, Fla. (AP/Meredith)– Authorities have actually found human remains in the yard of a Walt Disney World staff member who disappeared in 2015.

On Friday, private investigators dug up an arm bone outside the house of monorail mechanic Michael Electric razor, 36, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Parts of a human skeleton were found under a concrete piece near an outside fire pit the next day, inning accordance with the newspaper’s report. Lake County constable’s deputies also discovered posts of clothes.

The remains have actually been sent to the medical examiner’s workplace for identification. Regardless of vanishing 3 years back, Electric shaver was not reported missing up until last month. His older sister, Stacie Razor, 46, stated her family didn’t wish to get cops included due to the fact that they thought they could discover him by themselves.

Authorities first checked out the house on Feb. 16, and his partner 35-year-old other half Laurie Electric razor allowed them to search the home. Nevertheless, it’s not clear exactly what prompted authorities to inspect the house.

While examining, deputies noticed what looked like new concrete near a fire pit in the backyard and asked for permission to generate a cadaver pet. His wife declined and asked for an attorney. Authorities later on got a warrant and collected the remains, which have actually been sent to the medical inspector’s office for recognition.


Details from: Orlando Guard, http://www.orlandosentinel.com/

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Airline worker conserves teens from predator by '' trusting her gut impulses''.

(Meredith)– Airline company worker Denice Wonder is credited with conserving two teenage ladies from a human trafficking plot. She stated she initially observed something was wrong when the women approached the check-in counter at Sacramento International Airport with their bags, but no ID.

She told KOVR they were acting anxious. “I think the way they kept looking back-and-forth at each other like they weren’t actually sure. And after that they were texting somebody on the phone and that individual was

giving them answers. “After Miracle checked out their circumstance even more, she learnt the credit card utilized to buy the girls’ one-way tickets was under a different name. That’s when she notified cops.

“It was a superior ticket. It was really costly. I told a supervisor, ‘I’m going to call the constable. It simply does not feel right to me.’ It just did not feel right.”

Miracle’s sensation turned out to be right. The 15-year-old and 17-year-old women told authorities they met a guy called “Drey” on Instagram and he welcomed them to go to New York for a modeling job. They said he was going to pay them $2,000 to design in a video.

The women informed their parents they were remaining over night at a buddy’s house and prepared to fly to New York. Cops informed KOVR they had problem thinking the reality.”They were rather flippant about– no that cannot hold true, and I stated no, the airline states you have a one-way ticket and I said in my belief you’re returning there not to do the things that you believe you were going to be doing. And they said ‘I wouldn’t let anything take place that I didn’t want.’ And I said, well most likely you wouldn’t have an option in the matter.”

Authorities tried to look up the guy called “Drey” on Instagram, however his profiles were rapidly deleted. According to KOVR, authorities suspect this individual is an expert at befriending victims online and tempting them away.

Without Denice Miracle, Authorities stated the girls would have probably become victims. Deputies said her name actually matches her.

“She probably truly was their miracle that day whether they want to believe it or not.”

AMR worker, client eliminated in rollover crash in Las Vegas


An American Medical Response worker and a patient were killed after a transport van rolled over on Las Vegas Boulevard at the 215 highway Tuesday.

Nevada Highway Patrol reported the crash at about 12:44 a.m.

“This is a first responder we lost,” Trooper Jason Buratczuk stated. “When NHP responds to these fatal crashes it’s always a tragedy but it hits home when it is among our own.”

According to NHP, the chauffeur of the car lost control while transferring a non-ambulatory client to a skilled nursing facility. The lorry entered into the embankment and rolled over on the Interstate 15 junction to westbound Interstate 215. Authorities were examining the reason for the crash but noted it was drizzling in the area and the roadways were slick.

NHP said there was dashcam footage from the transport van.

Scott White, local director for AMR and Medicwest, said the car started carrying the patient at 11:29 p.m. At 11:48 p.m., the driver called out “mayday” two times over the radio. Dispatch then informed the manager. Supervisors and other first responders went to the scene.

It is with heaviness of hearts that NHP Troopers are investigating a deadly crash involving an AMR ambulance. A client and first responder are confirmed departed. Our hearts go out to the patients household and our first responders at AMR. #?????? #?????? #nhpsocomm pic.twitter.com/CK06vQUj6e!.?.!— NHP Southern Command( @NHPSouthernComm) February 13, 2018 The motorist was taken to University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. He was launched from the hospital on Tuesday. The AMR attendant, identified as 57-year-old Garry John, and the client, who had not been identified, were pronounced dead at the scene. White said, “this is a very sad day. “He added that John had actually been with the

company for four years and will be” sorely missed. “John was described as being”friendly in nature. “The driver of the AMR car stated he did not want to be recognized and said he was incredibly shocked and wanted to extend his inmost acknowledgements to the family of Garry John and the client who were eliminated. White stated he wanted to “send them our inmost acknowledgement”when he addressed

the victim’s family during an interview.”We see people at their worst, and we go to assist,”White stated.”Everyone got in this service to help

so this hits home to know somebody we had in our care, and after that this takes place.” White stated the transport vans do have restraints for the driver, attendant, and patient. He said the “attendant did have (the )restraint system. “The I-15 northbound to 215 westbound ramp was closed. #breaking Deadly Crash LV Blvd to go IR215 WB. Ambulance Rollover, 2 deceased at this time. 15NB to IR215WB ramp closed. PIO Enroute. Anticipate hold-ups in the location. Inspect back for updates #buckleup #drivesafenv #nhpsocomm– NHP Southern Command(@NHPSouthernComm) February 13, 2018 American Medical Action launched a declaration on

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MGM to match worker donations to civil liberties groups

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017|6:48 p.m.

. Among the biggest companies in Nevada is introducing a contribution match program benefiting civil liberties companies due to the lethal Charlottesville protests.

MGM Resorts International, the biggest casino operator on the Las Vegas Strip, stated Friday that it would match employee contributions made to the Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP, Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Campaign, Council on American Islamic Relations, OCA National-Asian Pacific American Supporters and League of United Latin American People.

CEO Jim Murren made the announcement in a letter, stating he felt obliged to speak up versus “the destruction of standard human self-respect” following the deadly attacks in Charlottesville and Barcelona in current days.

He stated the business champions variety and inclusion. Murren said MGM thinks in free speech but that it would not endure hate.

Adult shop worker shoots, eliminates 1 in the middle of fight

Friday, June 9, 2017|8:15 p.m.

. An individual was shot and eliminated throughout a conflict at a central valley adult shop Friday night, inning accordance with City Police.

Officers were dispatched to Grownup World, 3781 Meade Avenue, near Valley View Boulevard, Metro Lt. Charles Jenkins said.

An initial investigation identified that a worker entered into an argument with an individual in the store, which turned physical then fatal when the worker fired a weapon, Jenkins said.

Further details were not immediately readily available.

Muslim worker states she was mistakenly suspended

Monday, Sept. 7, 2015|2:58 p.m.

. A Muslim flight attendant for ExpressJet states she was mistakenly suspended from her job last month because she chose not to serve alcohol to travelers, mentioning her religions.

Charee Stanley, a Detroit-based air travel assistant for ExpressJet, submitted a discrimination problem Tuesday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The airline company had actually accepted give Stanley a spiritual accommodation, saying she could exercise a plan with the other air travel attendant on task so they could serve alcohol instead. She was suspended only after an associate grumbled, said Lena Masri, an attorney with the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Stanley, 40, has actually worked for the Atlanta-based airline for nearly three years and during that time converted to Islam, Masri stated. Stanley approached a supervisor in June after finding out that her faith prohibits not simply consuming alcohol but also serving it.

When the colleague whined, Stanley was placed on overdue leave for a year, Masri said.

“She was put on unsettled leave for following the instructions that ExpressJet airline companies provided her,” Masri said.

Masri declared the problem against Stanley was discriminatory, with the staff member noting Stanley carried a book with “international writings” and put on a head scarf.

A spokeswoman for ExpressJet stated in an emailed statement that the airline values diversity however could not comment on specific personnel matters.

“At ExpressJet, we accept and appreciate the values of all our team members. We are an equal opportunity company with a long history of variety in our labor force,” the statement stated.

ExpressJet has 9,000 staff members, 388 airplanes and averages 2,200 flights each day, according to the business’s website.

NLV water worker who poisoned group’s supply of water reassigned

The sign at the North Las Vegas water reclamation facility is seen in this Aug. 19, 2015, picture. (Jason Westerhaus/FOX5)The sign at the North Las Vegas water recovery center is seen in this Aug. 19, 2015, photo. (Jason Westerhaus/FOX5).

A man who was working at a North Las Vegas water improvement facility has been reassigned after his admission to poisoning the water supply of a youth football group 15 years ago resurfaced.

Since 1992, Jerome Breland has actually been employed by the City of North Las Vegas, working in numerous positions related to the city’s water supply. Eventually, he received a water operator’s certificate from state authorities and was promoted to interim utilities operations supervisor.

2 weeks earlier, somebody submitted a problem with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection that read, “People convicted of poisoning defenseless youngsters’s supply of water must not work for a water department.”

The complaint is making reference to a 2000 case where Breland was accuseded of 8 counts of willfully poisoning or altering water. He admitted to acquiring ipecac, a substance abuse to induce vomiting, blending it with grapefruit juice and putting it into the supply of water of his child’s football group throughout practice. He said it was in retaliation for bullying his kid had endured.

Eight kids became ill and necessary treatment at a health center.

Breland was sentenced to 3 years of probation and did not lose his task.

On Wednesday, North Las Vegas Assistant City Supervisor Ryann Juden stated Breland has been reassigned to the waste water department while state authorities carry out an investigation.

“There’s no harm to the water,” Juden said. “There’s no need to be concerned about anything.”

Juden said state officials will decide whether Breland’s certification should be withdrawed.

“The city supervisor’s workplace will allow due process before making an ultimate choice about Breland’s future with the City of North Las Vegas,” Juden stated.

Juden stated he has actually only worked for the city for two years and can not speak regarding why Breland kept his task after admitting the crime.

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