The Interview: Cyndi Backstrom

Cyndi Backstrom, ’04 BSBA Management Information Systems and BSBA Accounting, gladly spends her weekdays unraveling IT concerns, managing Assistance Desk demands, and looking for instant messages, however after hours is a different story. She does not have a social networks presence on the web and attempts to stay offline as much as possible.

Motivation to get into your field

I have been interested in computer systems given that my family purchased a Commodore 64 when I was around 8 years of ages. (Introduced in 1982, the Commodore 64 has actually been noted in the Guinness World Records as the highest-selling single computer system design of all time, with price quotes of the number offered reaching as high as 17 million.) I started playing typing games, then more advanced video games. I was constantly searching for an excuse to use the computer.

Once I started college, I discovered programming classes to be fascinating and appealing. Having the ability to take a concept and develop something was appealing. Programs allowed me to be imaginative as there are many methods to resolve a concern and you can always improve a solution. Programming is type of like cooking– two people can have all the very same active ingredients but the outcome is totally different. I was fortunate; I got to be a student staff member in IT for two years.

Most significant misconception about your field

There are typically no fast responses. With every IT service there are several layers of innovation. To fix a problem, it spends some time to walk through each layer to identify the root cause. Jumping to conclusions can, and frequently does, cost more time than to approach a concern systematically.

An indispensable lesson you have learned in your profession

Collaboration is a powerful tool. Many things do not happen in a bubble, so the ability to deal with other individuals is crucial. Technology can assist resolve the problem but it’s the people behind the application that make a system work.

Are aliens genuine?

Of course. Deep space is too big for other life not to exist– microbes to complicated life. More than likely, however, they’re not what any of our movies and books present. With a lot of worlds and planetary systems, there suffice possibilities for life to find a method to exist on another planet.

Something that annoys you

The Aflac duck. It has the most frustrating voice, yelling “Aflac!” at me through my tv. The commercials are always louder than the show.

A time you have been daring

I have actually taken a trip to a number of countries by myself, including after finishing high school in 1998 when I took a trip to Australia by myself. About whatever that might fail did– travel luggage was 2 days late getting here, I took the wrong buses. Still, strolling through Sydney harbor was incredible and the people were terrific. I was able to manage each issue and have a fantastic time snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, climbing Ayers Rock, and flying in a helicopter for the first time.

The quality you most like about yourself

I am relentless when I take a look at an issue. I pull it apart until I can get to an origin. Whether I am investigating why a gadget looks out or an application suddenly closes, I take pleasure in working through a problem to determine the origin.

Your favorite quote

From Isaac Asimov: “The most exciting expression to hear in science, the one that declares brand-new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka’ but ‘That’s funny …'”

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