The Lost and Weird Valuables of UNLV

You lose your MacBook Pro on school. The only course of action is to shrug your shoulders and carry on, right? Incorrect! Head to the campus lost and found (though you might want to leave Lisa Frank notebook filled with the suggestive doodles you make during class unclaimed).

UNLV Authorities Solutions has gathered more than 2,300 items this semester alone, with only about 20 percent being claimed and gone back to owners. Rachael Carpenter, Police Provider’ records technician, does her best to return products whenever possible, examining the lost treasures for determining details and scanning MyUNLV and campus directories for the contact of students and personnel. But, in the age of finger print and password securities, that task is getting a lot harder.

“We have every type of charging cable!” Carpenter stated. “Prior to returning a cell phone or iPad, we’ll make sure it’s charged so the student can visit or share specific details about the screensaver or files with us to confirm ownership. We have actually even had a few trainees call us with their passwords to inspect.”


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