Throwing a party? 10 steps to keep guests safe


Sunday, June 28, 2015|2 a.m.

‘T is the season for day clubs, swimming pool parties and BBQs, especially right here in Las Vegas. With the 4th of July weekend quickly approaching, there’s a relatively unlimited lineup of events.

However whether you’re attending or hosting, keeping everybody safe and sound should be a top priority. As a celebration host, it’s your task to see to it your visitors have a good time and are able to get home safely. There might be no even worse feeling than knowing your friend took his/her last beverage in your home before triggering a significant automobile crash.

Developing a safe party-environment can help prevent drunken driving.

If you’ve had too much to consume …

Possibly the heat got to you, maybe you didn’t consume enough during the day, possibly your alcoholic drink was more powerful than you expected. Regardless, you’ve had too much to consume and cannot drive home.

Make certain to establish “insurance plans” for yourself should you need them.

1. Make certain your phone is fully charged before going out, and have cab numbers saved and available.

Can you afford a DUI?

Besides potentially eliminating yourself, your travelers and innocent people on the roadway, intoxicated driving can result in extremely pricey DUIs. The fine for a DUI can be as much as $1,200, other fees related to the arrest can cost as much as $1,500, and attorney fees can range from $500 to $10,000. In addition, a DUI conviction will certainly increase your automobile insurance considerably for a minimum of a trio of years. Rate boosts can run $3,600 to $6,600. So do the mathematics: A “cheap” DUI can cost approximately $6,800. Can you afford it?

2. Park your car somewhere you can leave it over night if you have to.

3. Acquaint yourself with designated driver services that will drive your automobile home for you if you cannot. There are multiple alternatives in Las Vegas.

If you’re entertaining …

1. Demand that all guests come and go with a designated driver, and be sure the DD has the vehicle secrets.

2. Make sure the designated motorist isn’t parked where they can be blocked in by other vehicles.

3. Have enough party products to last you and your guests all night. There ought to be no factor for anybody to need to make a mid-party beer run.

4. Work with an expert or designate a trusted pal to be the bartender so guests aren’t serving themselves.

5. Make sure to have lots of snacks available throughout the celebration, but prevent too many salty options, which can trigger guests to consume more. (Pro suggestion: Treats that are high in water material are very well, specifically in the heat. Watermelon, fruit salads and vegetable plates all are great choices.)

6. Have water easily to offer for guests. Set out multiple coolers filled with water bottles and refill them throughout the party.

7. Stop serving alcohols at least an hour prior to you expect anybody to leave.

8. Have numbers for taxi companies and designated driver services helpful. Likewise, offer to assist reunite guests with their vehicles the next early morning.

9. Be prepared for the possibility of overnight guests. Have blankets, pillows and sleeping bags ready in case anybody has to remain the night.

10. Most importantly, don’t let anyone drive whom you suspect might have had one a lot of. Instead, assist them find a trip house, ask to remain longer to hang out and sober up, or let them crash at your location.

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