Trainee sets poster on fire at Coronado High

A paper banner was set on fire at Coronado High School Thursday. A paper banner was set on fire at Coronado High School Thursday. A paper banner was set on fire at Coronado High School Thursday.

HENDERSON, NV (FOX5)- A student set a paper poster on fire at Coronado High School Thursday, according to the Clark County School District. A banner reading” Cougars” burned as trainees were leaving the school. The fire was put out rapidly, however put out a lot of smoke, so personnel pulled the emergency alarm, CCSD said.

Henderson Fire Department reacted quickly and it was “all taken care of” by 2:30 p.m.

. The district said there was no damage as an outcome of the fire. It did not say exactly what repercussions the trainee responsible will face.

Principal Michael Piccininni sent this message to moms and dads:

This afternoon during termination we had a little circumstance on school. A notepad on top of our locker area outside the 800 corridor captured on fire. The trainees did an exceptional job after the smoke alarm was pulled. They left the building in an orderly fashion and had the ability to clear the school without any occurrence, no Injuries and no property damage of any kind. Henderson Fire Department came and examined the situation, and has cleared our building of any structural damage. There is no requirement of repair. The students did a remarkable task. The faculty responded quickly, and whatever this afternoon went according to strategy. We simply wanted to share this message with you to ease any questions or concerns you may have. If you feel the requirement, do not hesitate to give us a call at 702-799-6800. This was a great example of how appropriate preparation and permitted our campus to remain safe even in times of confusion.

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