Trial begins for ex-Vegas firemen accused in other half'' s killing


A jury was seated and opening statements were given in the trial of a former Las Vegas firefighter who is accused of employing someone to eliminate his separated spouse 3 years ago.

George Tiaffay, 43, was detained in 2012 in connection to the death of his wife Shauna Tiaffay. George Tiaffay is implicated of working with a homeless guy, Noel Stevens, to kill his wife. Stevens previously pleaded guilty and is expected to affirm against George Tiaffay.

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In an arrest report, cops stated George Tiaffay called 911 after finding his other half’s body inside her home simply off Sahara Avenue near the 215 Beltway.

Authorities were lead to Stevens after discovering the victim’s personal effects strewn about a half of a mile far from her house. In documents, Stevens informed authorities he typically did tasks for the firefighter.

Throughout opening statements, the prosecution showed jurors pictures of Shauna Tiaffay’s body to show their case against the previous emergency employee.

“Shauna is lying on her back. She has catastrophic wounds to her head,” prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo pointed out in court.

The prosecution continued to show the unraveling of the couple’s marriage, discussing the lady left George Tiaffay and the firemen befriended Stevens.

Prosecutors presented mobile phone records that appeared to highlight George Tiaffay and Noel Stevens’ places about the time of the killing. In addition, surveillance videos were played showing the 2 buying clothes, a camping tent and a hammer.

“Yes, they are theft devices, however what they really didn’t get was that’s a murder kit. That, right there, is exactly what it is that Noel Stevens was going to make use of to kill Shauna Tiaffay,” DiGiacomo resolved to jurors.

In return, George Tiaffay’s attorney, Robert Langford, enhanced the prosecution’s opening statements, though, in a tongue-in-cheek method.

“That’s not evidence,” Langford stated. “It’s an excellent story. It’s actual fascinating, but it’s not evidence yet in the case.”

Langford, instead, insisted his client befriended Stevens since he wished to assist him.

“Yes, they bought the clothes. Yes, they purchased a camping tent,” Langford conceded. “If you remove the murder, those are things that are not criminal. They’re not violent and they’re quickly explained.”

For some reason, Stevens implicated George Tiaffay in a murder, Langford said.

The opening statements likewise consisted of a claim that George Tiaffay tried suicide in his automobile after he heard authorities wanted to speak to him. District attorneys made use of photos from the crash that the firefighter was included. The defense did not attend to the tried suicide, though.

Tiaffay was arresteded for murder with a fatal weapon, conspiracy to dedicate murder, burglary with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to dedicate robbery, burglary with a fatal weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The trial is expected to last four weeks. Stevens is slated to be sentenced after the trial.

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