Troubling information emerge about kid'' s isolation, abuse prior to fed to pigs


Adrian Jones lived the last minutes of his life trapped in a shower.

The 7-year-old’s death made nationwide news because his household fed his lifeless body to pigs to cover the criminal activity. His stepmother, Heather Jones, talked to KCTV5 News investigative press reporter Angie Ricono from the Topeka Reformatory about the disturbing details about Adrian’s isolation and torture.

Jones says her stepson was eventually restricted to the master restroom shower stall that was covered with plywood. She states Adrian would be launched for a quick duration each day that practically imitates exactly what a prisoner in singular confinement experiences. She states this went on for months.

“He was pretty much residing in the shower at the end,” Jones stated.

“Did you ever beat him?” Ricono asked.

“I spanked him. Yea. I spanked him. I did what I was told to do. I silenced that young boy down. (new page) I got him from there. Get him cleaned him up. I did what I was informed to do. Exactly what I did was wrong, yes,” Jones responded.

Jones states Adrian struggled with severe PTSD and emotional detachment disorder due to the abuse and neglect he experienced prior to the Kansas Department for Kid and Families eliminated him from his biological mother’s house.

It is unclear who abused Adrian.

“Did you people know the best ways to handle him and help him with his needs in the house?” Ricono asked.

“No. Mike’s response for that was shouting, keeping him separated from everyone,” Jones responded.

Jones states the family constantly moved to leave watchful eyes, getting better and forth from Missouri and Kansas. Teachers couldn’t hotline the abuse because Adrian was home schooled, and in Kansas, there is little policy, oversight or tracking.

Jones explains a kid who lost his spirit prior to he lost his life.

“He didn’t yell, shout, sob when Mike beat him at all. Mike said he didn’t feel discomfort,” she said.

Jones states Adrian died caught because shower covered with plywood strapped down to a chair.

“His legs were actually inflamed. His hands were inflamed. He had like scars and bruises on his abdomen around his back area from previous incidences,” Jones said.

Who all failed Adrian?

When news of Adrian’s death broke, individuals advance claiming they called DCF to report something was wrong.

Jones states she put calls too. A source familiar with the examination confirms there were more than a dozen phone calls to DCF workplaces in both Missouri and Kansas.

KCTV5 News is publicly requiring those sealed files to be launched.

The details will describe exactly how many telephone call were positioned and exactly what was reported. It will also enable the public to have a clearer photo of exactly what occurred next. The number of times did social workers follow up with house check outs? Did anyone ever see Adrian? And what type of strategy was there for a child who supposedly had a medical diagnosis and spent months in kids’s medical facilities?

Adrian was home schooled at the “Jones University,” developed by his father.

Jones states that was a strategy utilized by her other half to keep the abuse quiet. An instructor or principal would have surely observed something wasn’t best and may have even followed up or reported issues to the police. Adrian’s maternal granny wishes to strengthen house school policies in Kansas.

Heather Jones warns of domestic abuse

Jones states she was a battered woman who was scared to leave her abusive partner however she ought to have.

“I can see a lot more clearly now. But I understand I was at that point in time, I had given up. I was terrified to leave. I was scared. Exactly what would occur if I left? I understood that I couldn’t support the kids if I left if I took them,” stated Jones.

Jones says at one point she had a defense order against her hubby however he might constantly find her. After all, he was a fugitive hunter.

Authorities discovered Adrian’s remains after a buddy of Jones called authorities when violence broke out in the house. Authorities originally arrested Mike Jones for shooting a gun at his wife and charged him with battery and attack.

Heather Jones states her only motivation for doing an interview with KCTV5 was to alert other ladies who may be caught in violent relationships.

“I wasn’t that evil action mom they make me out to be,” Heather Jones stated.


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