Trump says '' mere allegation ' can shatter lives


Carolyn Kaster/ AP President Donald Trump speaks during a jail reform roundtable in the Roosevelt Space of the Washington, Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018.

Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018|11:08 a.m.

President Donald Trump is bemoaning what he thinks is a lack of due process for “someone wrongly accused.”

Trump, in a tweet, appears to question the scenarios that led to the resignation of a senior aide who was implicated of domestic violence.

Trump tweets that individuals’s “lives are being shattered and damaged by a mere claims.”

He says “some hold true and some are incorrect” however states there’s “no recovery for someone wrongly accused.”

Trump does not call any people in his post, but he appears to be describing Rob Porter. He’s the White House personnel secretary who resigned after accusations emerged that he abused two ex-wives.

Trump defended Porter in the Oval Workplace on Friday and wanted him well while making no mention of the declared victims.

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