Trump to announce plan to stop capital to Cuban military


Ramon Espinosa/ AP In this Jan. 12, 2017, file photo, tourists ride in traditional American convertible cars and trucks past the United States embassy, right, in Havana, Cuba.

Thursday, June 15, 2017|7 p.m.

WASHINGTON– Stopping short of a complete turnabout, President Donald Trump is expected Friday to announce a modified Cuba policy focused on stopping the circulation of U.S. cash to the nation’s military and security services while maintaining diplomatic relations and allowing U.S. airlines and cruise liner to continue service to the island.

In a speech Friday at a Miami theater associated with Cuban exiles, Trump will cast the policy moves as fulfillment of a promise he made throughout in 2015’s governmental campaign to reverse then-President Barack Obama’s diplomatic re-engagement with the island after years of estrangement.

Senior White House authorities who briefed reporters Thursday on the announcement stated Obama’s overtures had enriched Cuba’s military while repression increased on the island. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to talk about the policy prior to Trump announces it, regardless of the president’s regular criticism of the use of confidential sources.

The relocate to be revealed by Trump are just a partial turnaround of Obama’s policies, nevertheless. And they will saddle the United States government with the complicated job of policing U.S. travel to Cuba to make sure there are no deals with the military-linked corporation that runs much of the Cuban economy.

By limiting specific U.S. travel to Cuba, the brand-new policy likewise runs the risk of cutting off a major income for Cuba’s personal business sector, which the policy is suggested to support.

Under the expected changes, the United States will prohibit American monetary transactions with the lots of enterprises run by the military-linked corporation GAESA, which operates dozens of hotels, trip buses, restaurants and other centers.

A lot of U.S. tourists to Cuba will once again be needed to check out the island as part of organized tour groups run by American business. The rules also need a daylong schedule of activities created to expose the tourists to normal Cubans. However due to the fact that Cuban rules needs trip groups to have government guides and utilize state-run trip buses, the requirement has offered the Cuban government near-total control of tourists’ itineraries and funneled much of their spending to state enterprises.

Obama eliminated the tour requirement, permitting tens of countless Americans to book solo journeys and spend their money with specific bed-and-breakfast owners, restaurants and taxi drivers.

The United States Embassy in Havana, which resumed in August 2015, will remain as a full-fledged diplomatic station. Trump isn’t really reversing Obama’s choice to end the “damp foot, dry foot” policy that enabled most Cuban migrants who made it onto U.S. soil to remain and eventually become legal permanent locals.

Also not expected are any changes to U.S. regulations governing exactly what items Americans can restore from Cuba, consisting of the rum and cigars produced by state-run enterprises.

The brand-new policy is set to work Friday, however none of the modifications will end up being efficient till the Treasury Department provides new regulations, which might take months. That suggests that any U.S. tourist currently reserved on a flight to Cuba in the next few weeks, or perhaps months, might go on and make the journey.

Obama announced in December 2014 that he and Cuban leader Raul Castro were bring back diplomatic ties between their countries. The United States severed diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961 after Fidel Castro’s transformation. It invested subsequent decades aiming to either overthrow the Cuban federal government or isolate the island, including toughening an economic embargo very first enforced by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The embargo remains in place and unchanged by Trump’s policy. Only the United States Congress can lift the embargo, and lawmakers have revealed little desire to do so.

The modification in the United States posture toward Cuba under Trump marks the latest policy about-face by the president.

While marketing in 2015 in Miami, which is the home of a large Cuban-American population, Trump vowed to reverse Obama’s efforts to stabilize relations with Cuba unless it met specific “demands,” consisting of giving Cubans spiritual and political freedom, and launching all political prisoners.

Trump had previously said he supported bring back diplomatic relations however wished the United States had actually negotiated a better offer.

For the statement, the White Home decided to have Trump speak at the Manuel Artime Theate in Miami. The theater is named for an exile leader of the Bay of Pigs veterans’ association that backed Trump last October.

Gomez Licon reported from Miami. Gisela Salomon in Miami likewise contributed.

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