Uber, Lyft get glance of proposed county regulations

Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft got a preview on Tuesday on the principles that Clark County authorities are incorporating into proposed regulations.

In the meantime, tourists who hail their rides will have to stick with cabs a bit longer since he proposed regulation for transportation network companies won’t get a public hearing and vote until Oct. 20.

That means that the ride-hailing companies won’t be running till later in the year, probably November. That’s the the tentative timeline Clark County authorities revealed at a workshop on Tuesday went to by about 100 individuals, consisting of motorists and others in the market. The workshop focused on the expected process for getting a county business license and a permit to get and drop off travelers at the county-operated McCarran International Airport.

A county business license would be needed to operate at the airport, which is unincorporated Clark County. The county’s proposition, in conceptual form, would require an application cost of $45 for a company license, and $50 per vehicle semiannually, according to the proposal from Company License Director Jacqueline Holloway. Holloway stated there’s also exploration of a multi-jurisdictional license.

That would enable business to operate within the limits of the 3 significant cities: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson. They ‘d pay a biannual vehicle charge of $200 instead of $50.

Authorities stressed the steps still deal with approval from commissioners. Department of Aviation Director Rosemary Vassiliadis said that similar to any brand-new undertaking, it will be necessary to see how the transition unfolds. Convention traffic will certainly be closely watched because that impacts the airport’s operation one of the most.

“It’s a brand brand-new type of operation,” she said. “We’re going to have to view it like we do any. We’ll going to need to see the growth; we’ll see the habits, specifically from the conventioneers due to the fact that those are the ones that come at the exact same time and leave at the very same time.”

The airport will make use of an electronic tracking system called “Gatekeeper” that determines the cars as they leave and get in borders within the car motion areas and track information such as the date and time, place, distinct motorist identifier and car license plate number. That will certainly be used for audits of the Department of Aviation’s operation.

Companies will have to pay an initial charge of $46,545 for the Department of Aviation allow to cover the county’s one-time expenses for establishing the operation for transport network companies. That includes the software for the electronic tracking system, signage, video cameras and other overhead.

Business also are required to bring office basic liability insurance with $1 million for each occurrence and auto liability to $1 million for each mishap.

Travelers are taking a look at a pick-up and drop-off charge of $2.45, which totals up to $4.90 a ride, under the proposition. That’s based upon expected annual costs, the county states.

The county will publish the regulation draft and take remarks starting on Friday through Sept. 18. Under the timeline, the county commissioners would present the ordinance on Sept. 15, and decide on Oct. 20.

The licenses would require approval from county commissioners later. That’s projected for Nov. 3.

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