Uber pays tickets for drivers pointed out at McCarran


This is a view of the parking lot and McCarran International Airport’s Terminal 3 Saturday, June 2, 2012.

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015|2 a.m.

. After the Clark County district lawyer sent out a letter asking Uber and Lyft to stop operations at the airport, the ride-hailing business have instructed their motorists to abide by the county’s order, the two companies confirmed Tuesday, but Uber has actually been compensating drivers who were pointed out.

When the ride-hailing business introduced in Las Vegas last week, without a county business license or permits to run on the county’s airport building, motorists nevertheless dropped off and got travelers at McCarran International Airport. Since then, the county has released a minimum of 87 citations there.

One citation was issued Tuesday to Alfredo Sardinas-Raya, a previous cab driver who was driving for Uber at McCarran. He stated that he notified the business, which offered to repay him the cost of the $100 ticket.

Uber verified that it was paying its motorists’ citations in Las Vegas on a case-by-case basis. Lyft decreased to say whether it was paying its drivers’ citations.

At first, the companies believed they might run at the airport under the approval that they received from state regulators. In a Sept. 15 email, Uber advised its motorists that they “could drop off riders at the airport.” A day later on, the district lawyer sent letters to Uber and Lyft, advising the companies to cease their operations at the airport.

“Uber has actually geofenced the area so riders can not ask for an Uber at the airport and has messaged to drivers that they will certainly get mentioned if they drop off,” Uber spokesperson Eva Behrend stated Wednesday. “We remain committed to continuing conversations with the airport and developing an authorization for [ride-hailing] service at the airport.”

Chelsea Wilson, a Lyft spokeswoman, said the business received reports of motorists being pointed out at the airport recently. She added: “We have actually been in touch with those drivers to offer support and advise them that operations are not allowed at the airport.”

It’s not likely that an airport authorization would be completed up until a minimum of Oct 20., when county commissioners will certainly hold a hearing to go over licensing Uber and Lyft. Among the requirements to operate at the airport is a county company license.

Uber and Lyft continue to run in the rest of Clark County without a county business license. Although county authorities have actually not pointed out any drivers outside of the airport’s jurisdiction, the District Lawyer’s Workplace has been checking out legal options.

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