UK official excuses Harvey Weinstein remark

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017|6:11 a.m.

LONDON– A British Cabinet minister has apologized after joking that being spoken with by a senior BBC radio presenter was like “entering into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom.”

Environment Secretary Michael Gove sent out a tweet apologizing “unreservedly” for making a “clumsy attempt at humor” when the BBC’s John Humphrys, known for his tough interviewing style, asked exactly what it was like to appear on the network’s flagship early morning radio program “Today.”

Gove replied: “Often I think entering into the studio with you, John, is a bit like entering into Harvey Weinstein’s bed room. You simply hope you emerge with your self-respect intact.”

Female U.K. political leaders, consisting of Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, were aghast. Sturgeon tweeted that “women being abused and raped is not a laughing matter. And it doesn’t make us ‘stuffy’ to state so.

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