UNLV Dance Announces 2018-19'' s “” A Season Together””.

The UNLV department of dance announces its 2018-19 performance season, “A Season Together.” It features 4 unique performances showcasing works created by UNLV dance faculty and BFA trainees, in addition to cooperations with numerous departments within the UNLV College of Art and a biennial global collaboration with Korea National Sport University (KNSU).

Together 7
Oct. 19-20

The season kicks off with “Together 7,” a biennial concert celebrating the longstanding collaboration between 2 fantastic organizations of dance. In 2006, UNLV dance partnered with KNSU department of dance to produce “Together,” a show of shared dance work. Over the previous 12 years, an extra six concerts developed. Come commemorate our seventh cooperation, “Together 7.”

The project permits 20 dance majors from KNSU to take a trip to Las Vegas, partner with UNLV dance and provide a performance of dance operates at the Judy Bayley Theatre. While at UNLV, there is an exciting week of master classes and a chance to see how the phenomenon of dance manifests itself in each nation. When the performance ends, the journey continues. Twenty UNLV dance majors will travel to Seoul, South Korea, and provide the concert once again; continue to experience the dance of Korea; and indulge in the abundant cultural offerings. UNLV dance has a long tradition of international travel that broadens the visual lives of young artists and absolutely shows that artists are citizens of the world, that the world needs art, and that dance is a powerful language that transcends words and borders.

“Together 7” features an exciting collaborative program of modern, jazz, ballet, and conventional Korean dance with choreography by UNLV dance faculty (Cathy Allen, Victoria Dale, Richard Havey, Louis Kavouras, and Dolly Kelepecz-Momot) and faculty from KNSU (James Jeon, Kim Hyun Nam, and Baek Hyun Soon). “Together 7” will include an unique performance by College of Fine Arts Dean Nancy Uscher of UNLV dance composer Beth Mehocic’s Interactions, and lighting by brand-new UNLV dance design specialist Michael Jarett.

Nov. 15-18

November guarantees an interesting collection of dances from the bachelor of fine arts dance majors. “Synchronicities” presents these works in the Alta Ham Fine Arts Dance Studio One (HFA, Room 111). UNLV has been recognized by Backstage Magazine for its high-caliber choreography program.

Victoria Dale likewise will present an operate in this performance that will travel and represent UNLV at the International Association of Blacks in Dance International Conference in Dayton, Ohio, in January.

Collective Visions
March 1-2

UNLV dance has a deep respect for dance and design. The department of dance is the only dance department in the nation with a dedicated degree program in dance lighting, style, and phase management. “Collective Visions” is a concert where choreographers, visual artists, authors, and design artists work together to produce special dance environments and visual worlds.

Featuring choreography and style by UNLV’s award-winning faculty, Cathy Allen, Victoria Dale, Richard Havey, Michael Jarett, James Jeon, Beth Mehocic, Dolly Kelepecz-Momot, and Louis Kavouras, “Collective Visions” will be presented in the Judy Bayley Theatre.

Unified Motions
April 25-28

The season ends with “Unified Movements,” a collection of works choreographed by the bachelor of arts majors in dance efficiency and choreography. This show will be presented in the Alta Ham Fine Arts Dance Studio One (HFA, Space 111).

Season tickets are now on sale for $60 at the UNLV Carrying out Arts Center box office, located on the northeast end of school connected to the south face of the parking lot. Maps and directionsare readily available online. Private program tickets, available start Monday, Aug. 27, may be bought for $18 over the phone by calling (702) 895-ARTS (2787) or online at the PAC box office website.

Discount rate tickets are available to seniors, military members, all students, UNLV professors and personnel, and UNLV alumni. Marked down season tickets are $32 and individual performance tickets are offered for $10. Extra costs might apply.

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