UNLV Faculty Discuss Egyptian Artist Rita Asfour on PBS Oct. 13

Tune in to PBS (Channel 10) at 10:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13, to see UNLV professors from the departments of art and dance included in an unique, Rita Asfour: Art Her Way.

Last October, art teacher Robert Tracy curated the “Art Her Way” exhibition including ballet and showgirl costumes in the Peter Lind Hayes – Mary Healy Lobby Gallery of Ham Auditorium. The occasion likewise included a panel conversation with Tracy, dance department chair Louis Kavouras, and dancer and Pilates instructor Dolly Kelepecz-Momot, as well as a really special dance department performance. PBS filmed much of the occasion. College of Art associate dean Sean Clark also is featured in the unique.

Rita Asfour was born in 1933 of Armenian-American heritage. A vibrant impressionist artist, Asfour was trained at the distinguished Leonardo Da Vinci Academy where she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in 1959.

Asfour’s conventional, signature style is motivated by her various journeys throughout Europe, the Americas, and the South Seas. After earning her fine arts degree, she traveled throughout Europe. Supporting her innovative exploits with an effective profession as an illustrator, she worked as a magazine illustrator for five years at a popular Lebanese publication in Beirut. Her illustration work has actually graced numerous magazine covers, kids’s publications, art books, and ads.

Rita Asfour experiments in numerous mediums consisting of oil on canvas, pastel on board, and paper relief. Her emotional oils and pastels enkindle the romantic ambiance of conventional art and, subsequently, keep her constant appeal. Several of Asfour’s works are romantic images of females or children inhabited by simple day-to-day frivolities. She paints life with such comfort and genteel spirit that she negates the distracting truths of today.

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